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@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB Let's wrap this up, this should be sufficient info:
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 1/31
3 No forks -> big risk mitigated for STO’s
8 Swift evolution
10 LPoS
12 Most decentralized PoS
13 Institutional grade smart contracts
14 NYX
15 $ for years
17 1st decentralized blockchain used by authorities
20 Formally verified smart contracts
21 Dev community
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 2/31
23 Overview
24 NYX standard
25 Tokensoft partnership
26 $3 bill STO’s announced so far
28 Tezsure
29 Coase
30 StakerDAO
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 3/31 #TEZOS #XTZ This should be sufficient info:
A lot of factors give Tezos value. The absence of forks is definitely something that adds value to Tezos’s. It caters interesting parties that want to apply use cases like STO’s.
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 4/31 Equisafe:
11:59: “Actually when we started we knew that Ethereum was some kind of sandbox [playground] it’s good for developing, it’s good for putting in production an mvp (minimum viable product), it’s not really good for the long term goals of the company.”
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 5/31
12:30: “There is a big risk on ETH, the hard-fork risk. And with the evolution aspect of Tezos [No hard forks due to governance model of Tezos] we limit this risk, which is probably the biggest risk for me in the digital financial space/ blockchain.”
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 6/31 Tokensoft: “Upgradability - Tezos includes a formal mechanism by which stakeholders can upgrade the protocol. This enables Tezos to smoothly adopt new technical features and stay at the cutting edge."…
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 7/31 Elevated Returns and Securitize switching over to Tezos: “Originally issued on Ethereum, Aspencoin is now switching over to Tezos stating the blockchain is superior for asset tokenization.”…
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 8/31 Tezos:
On-chain governance and swift evolution: Anyone can propose an improvement, apply for funding and insert the finalized proposal on-chain, after which nodes (bakers) can vote on-chain for/against implementation in a set timeframe.
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 9/31 This makes decision-making swift. People delegating XTZ to bakers can influence voting, adding to decentralization of XTZ development. This type of government makes XTZ evolve more swift and smoothly to future demands. Slow evolution is a big threat to decentralized projects
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 10/31 Staking economics and incentive to run nodes. LPoS is unique and not to be confused with DPoS. In LPoS delegating doesn’t mean your coins are “stuck”, you can spend them whenever you want. This is very convenient for exchanges to offer delegating service to their clients.
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 11/31 Ever wondered why XTZ is the only product so far that is offered as an ETP with staking rewards on a stock exchange? (Swiss SIX stock exchange)…
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 12/31 For staking (Baking) you only need modest comp power. Low threshold —> lots of nodes —> decentralized. (4x more nodes than BNB and Cosmos)…
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 13/31 Institutional grade smart contracts. Formal verification makes it possible to formally verify the contracts in advance. Also, where ERC-20 falls short for regulatory compliance, Tezos offers the options needed to build in the limits financial law demands.
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 14/31 Tezos is already leading the standard here, but the XYN standard will optimize Tezos even more, see here:…
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 15/31
- Enough funding for years. 600 mill + will last for years and ensures Tezos ecosystem to grow exponentially.
- Billions of STO announced by STO issuers. What ICO’s did for ETH, seems to be happening for XTZ in the coming years.
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 16/31 STO's are even in an earlier adoption phase than cryptocurrencies. The important difference here, that STO's are the tokenized version of something that is already being traded in enormous numbers. The future might be brighter than expected.
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 17/31 Tezos is the 1st decentralized blockchain to be used by authorities. French authorities (Cybercrime unit and Europol) implemented a smart contract on Tezos. Their dev commented:
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 18/31 “With michelson I know exactly what each instruction is going to do, I can then use proof assistants like Coq to prove the correctness of my program.
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 19/31 I don't see how one could develop secure applications in a high level language like solidity, I'd always have the nagging feeling that I don't see the whole picture. With michelson I'm absolutely confident that my code does what it says it does.“…
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB 20/31 XTZ is formally verified & written in the functional programming language ocaml
This allows XTZ smartcontracts to have a higher level of trust & credibility. It’s basically ETH built properly
#TheDAO bug wouldn’t have executed on XTZ. It would’ve given an error.@jessecouch
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB @jessecouch 21/31 Tezos targets to train 1000 devs through training programs in 2019. In august, @AMangiero said there are over 800 #Tezos developers who have been trained or are being trained.
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB @jessecouch @AMangiero 22/31 Adding to that, Tezos Southeast Asia has partnered with Tribe, which is Singapore’s first government-supported blockchain ecosystem platform. Tribe will run it’s training program for developers on the Tezos blockchain.…
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB @jessecouch @AMangiero 25/31 Tokensoft (Creator of the ERC-1404 token) partnered with Tezos. It expects that 25-35% of it’s clients will launch STO’s on Tezos in 2020.…
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB @jessecouch @AMangiero 27/31 USDTZ, an on-chain-Tezos stable coin, with optional revenue and on-chain-lending.…
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB @jessecouch @AMangiero 28/31 Tezsure: Insurance Simplified. An insurance platform on Tezos.…
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB @jessecouch @AMangiero 29/31 Coase builds a strategic card game on Tezos: it makes more sense than you’d initially think.…
@Spotonparts @AndersenIot @oaks00 @chadgoe @CitezenB @jessecouch @AMangiero 30/31 StakerDAO will build it’s tokens (STKR) on the newly developed GOV.1 token standard on Tezos.…
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