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Early Projects Megathread

Navigating the vast ocean of Web3 can be daunting, but fear not!
This thread is your treasure map, guiding you to the most promising gems emerging in the space. Keep an eye on these sectors 🧭👇:

• NFTfi
• Perps
• Rollups Image
1/🌈 @aerodromefi The central trading and liquidity marketplace on @BuildOnBase

- Ve(3,3) aiming to be the liquidity layer for #BASE
- First mover advantage on Base
- Official partnership with @VelodromeFi

Status: Launch soon Image
2/ ⚖️ @PoundSwap Ve(3,3) with Liquidity Book mechanism

- Ve(3,3) with concentrated liquidity
- Zero slippage
- Dynamic fees

Status: Launch date TBD Image
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Mythenia beckons, adventurers 🌄

You'll soon begin your journey to acquire the 5 elemental crystals of Mythenia.

More than just a shimmering gem, each represents the powers keeping the natural world in balance and imbued with magic ✨

Read on to discover more 👇 #tezos… Crossroads: Myth Elemental ...
💧 Water Crystal 🌊

Water fills spaces & dissolves boundaries, seamlessly joining realms

Dive into Mythenia with the Water Crystal & unlock the power to network, forge ties, & create relationships 🤝

In the sea of connections, find your flow & unlock your full potential.…
🌱 Earth Crystal 🌳

The earth provides the foundation for all, whether big or small, strong or weak

Sink your roots & unearth abilities to grow & foster stronger bonds in a vibrant community 💗

Thrive & nurture deeper ties & build a fertile ground for growth & collaboration.…
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Hi gaming fam! We’ve been hard at work building 🏗 Crossroads: Myth, a browser-based game with its own unique spin of gameplay. Built on #Tezos

Set in the fantasy world of Mythenia, the game is made for all to enjoy — from casual players to serious gamers.

This thread provides…… Crossroads: Myth Banner Image
🎭 Players are encouraged to transact, interact, and form connections with each other, cementing and strengthening their place in Mythenia.

We designed the game with value accumulation in mind. Here, your actions translate into assets and achievements, growing over time and…… Crossroads: Myth Unit Portr...
🌟 In addition to a distinctive look, we are developing the game to provide a fun experience, with immersive game mechanics:

• Action Points (”AP”) are required for in-game tasks and replenishes hourly
• Land is deployed to produce resources, and may be un-deployed to be…… Crossroads: Myth Player Que...
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Last week was particularly eventful for #Tezos! Don't miss out on any of the exciting news.🔥

1/ #TezDev 2023 is back in Paris on July 21! Sign up now and be part of an exciting event packed with workshops, talks, and networking opportunities. Details: Image
2/ May 11th, Quorum was reached for the exploration phase of Nairobi, #Tezos’ latest protocol upgrade proposal…

3/ 'Blockchain weekly by @Marigold_Dev ' #56…
4/ @LezarHouse announced a #Tezos arty session that they're co-organizing with @tezos_fr as #NFC23 side event on June 8th.…

5/ @TeamVitality introduced the @tezos quest. During the Paris Major, 3 QR codes will be hidden in 3 places
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Staking #XTZ provides a way for users to support the #Tezos blockchain network and earn rewards for doing so. @imTokenOfficial wallet supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including @tezos, and offers XTZ staking.

Check out our detailed guide here ⬇️ Image
2/ Go to the official imToken Wallet website ↩️

Install the app, create a new wallet.

Then, top up imToken Wallet. Select XTZ in the list of chains, then click Receive and copy Tezos’ address. buy XTZ tokens from any cryptocurrency exchange listed.
3/ How To Stake XTZ.

Step 1. Go to the Stake Tab

Go to the Main menu. You will see an XTZ account. To start staking, click Stake. In the new staking window press Delegate. Image
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Hey #tezos fam!
We are glad to announce that V2 of our game is now live at! ❤️

What's New?

Keep on reading the thread!

-With love
@tarunsharmaa_ and @Pichkari6 Image
Our V2 features :

- A crispy new User Experience 🤯
- A Demo Mode🪧
- A beautiful Profile page for all your NFTs and stat🎰
- Public Game Rooms🎮


FACT : The first project on @tezos to successfully complete a Bounty from @TezosFoundation 🎯
- Leaderboard 💯

To support the continued development of @teztile and many other Games, a small platform fee of 5% is now added from the winnings.

DW we pay our own gas for the fee transactions⛽

PS : Confirmed integration with @blockborn on Mainnet launch🚀
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Almost 90% of #Ethereum's L2 TVL is on rollups such as #Optimism & #Arbitrum

Which lack critical safety measures & are governed by multisigs

putting billions of user funds at risk

Here are the reasons why these rollups are ticking timebombs,

waiting to go up in flames🧵👇 Image
Primary factor hindering #blockchain's widespread adoption & competition with Web2 solutions is its lack of scalability

Currently, #blockchains are in a phase where they are exploring ways to scale

while maintaining decentralization & security

That's where rollups come in Image
Rollups are L2 solutions designed to improve blockchain performance & capacity

by processing transactions off-chain,

"THEORETICALLY" utilizing the security & #decentralization of L1 protocols

This is why #Ethereum developers have completely shifted their focus to rollups Image
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⚠️Collection in #tezos

"Mare Serenitatis"

8 pieces - see in the thread🧵

Description in the random text 👇

#MareSerenitatis #objkt #NFTCommunity #ArtificialIntelligence

Home page: "Mare Serenitatis"...
Mare Serenitatis #001

"The ocean of the soul, where the waves of thought caress the beach of being."

5/5 - 5 $XTZ

#MareSerenitatis #tezos #objkt #NFTCommunity #ArtificialIntelligence

🔗… Image
Mare Serenitatis #002

"The horizon of tranquility stretches out before you, inviting you to explore its depths."

3/3 - 5.5 $XTZ

#MareSerenitatis #tezos #objkt #NFTCommunity #ArtificialIntelligence

🔗… Image
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📢 We are thrilled to officially announce the launch of Batcher on Tezos mainnet 🚀💪🎉

💡 #Batcher is a batch processing orderbook DEX by @Marigold_Dev.

Curious about what makes it different and how you can make the best out of it? 🧵

#tezos #defi Image

Read the full announcement blog post here:…

#Batcher is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that offers batch clearing without the use of a liquidity pool.
It enables swaps between $tzBTC and either $USDT or $EURL at a fair price with bounded slippage and almost no impermanent loss 💎
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Hello everyone! There have been many exciting developments in the #Tezos community lately. Check out the top updates in this thread!

Keep reading! ⬇️

1/ Take a look at @MessariCrypto's report on the State of @tezos for Q1 2023.… Image
2/ Nairobinet is live! Remember, you will need Octez v17.0~beta1 to join Nairobinet. All the info to get started is here.…

3/ If you're in Austin for #Consensus2023, meet some #Tezos folk with @TezosTexas & Austin Tech Collective!…
4/ Watch @tezos Q2 State of the Ecosystem record with @ArthurB, @EdwardsMason & @romanschnider!

5/ Check out the Winners of the Tezos Community Rewards Program for March by @TezosCommons!…
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Welcome to week 15 #tezos wallet collection. For those that don't know, each week I share works I have collected with a few thoughts from my perspective. I hit the 1500 follow mark & very grateful for each of you. Please ♻️retweet ♥️love🫂share & support artists. Here we go.
🧵👇 Image
HEN Alley from ceox.tez
Loved discovering this piece. the scale creates a feel like I'm inside a machine. Great use of light brightness levels to make the visual effective.
Non-objective Cliche 169, 256. 323 @BRUTALISTI @RexFlexasaurus
I had minted all three of these beauties from @tezvendmachine Very pleased with these pulls. Color, shapes, movement within the works, as remarkable algorithmic art. Love each display. ImageImageImage
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Ok, we are all very excited by the recent introduction of Smart Optimistic Rollups in #tezos. But do we really understand what they do and why we need them? Yesterday i spent some time reading about them and i thought it would be good to summarize what i learned in a thread.
Why are they called Smart Optimistic Rollups?
They are Smart because they are like smart contracts. They are programs that interact with the blockchain. They can receive inputs (messages) from the tezos blockchain and return outputs that could be executed in the main chain.
They are Optimistic because their outputs are not automatically verified. We are optimistic and assume that the people in charge of the rollup are good guys and will never manipulate the program outputs. Is that realistic?No. But i will explain later how we can fight the bad guys
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1/5 "The 1st one we're working on with them is a digital version of their multi-billion dollar Money Market Fund...We're also working with them on a range of #crypto ETP" 17:50
@simonbarnby CMO @ArchaxEx about the partnership with @abrdn_plc
@hedera $HBAR
2/ "The custody solution supports around 20 different #blockchains, but in terms of where we're seeing usage, I mean still a lot of people are using #Ethereum, #Polygon, #Tezos, #Algorand, #Hedera, #Avalanche. I guess they're kind of the main chains" 15:35… Image
3/ "We're driven by client demand as to, you know, what chains we support. At the moment it's kind of #Ethereum, #Polygon, #Tezos, #Algorand, #Hedera, #Avalanche. I mean, they are frontrunners and those are the ones we're focused on for custody" 44:30… Image
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⚔️ Blockchain battles - introducing the refutation games.

Or how the #tezos #mumbai upgrade brings trust in the optimistic rollup world. A 🧵
To succeed, blockchains need to scale. Monolithic blockchains won't support millions of TPS.

The solution? Separate execution into its own layer - a rollup. Rollup node operators process lots of txs and push block hashes into the layer 1, making them immutable. Problem solved?
Not so fast! You need to trust rollup node operators to publish valid commitments. The layer 1 can't tell just by looking at the hash.

In fact, prominent rollups on Ethereum work under a "multisig", meaning that a set of actors vouch for these blocks.
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So why is Farming with Kord.Fi on #tezos by borrowing #tzBTC so attractive now and why you should give it a try? A thread:
Liquidity baking on tezos is already a pretty good deal in itself but with Kord.Fi you can also borrow additional assets to add leverage to your positions.
We allow the borrowing of both #tzBTC (#Bitcoin wrapper for #tezos blockchain) and #tezos.
As mentioned above, #tzBTC is a one to one version of #BTC that is issued on the #Tezos blockchain and backed by actual #BTC.
By borrowing tzBTC and adding it to the liquidity pool, Liquidity Bakers (Farmers) can substantially increase their potential returns from LB activity!
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Welcome to week 11 #tezos wallet review. I hope you stay for the journey as this appears to be a bigger week in the collection count. Photography was a heavy focus it appears. Please be sure to show artist love with ♥️. Retweet to support the thread & the arts ♻️Tag frens 🫂
🔗👇 Image
Overlap 37 @unsleeping_ik
Another creative p5.js generation. Always enjoying coded design. This mint has earthy tones & reminds me of the original tube screen savers from the 80's. The final result (shown here) captures the appearance of arrows from the strech of lines. Image
IDEA @fersassali
Just consistent work. Always creative pencil drawings both color & B/W. I feel I am always searchign for my IDEA. This work is so relatable for me and beautiful demonstration of linework & shading. Image
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Welcome to Week 10 #Tezos Wallet Collection Review. Throughout the week artists of new discovery, known favorites, #AI, #photography, code pieces...just never ending talent. Come read along. Like♥️ Retweet♻️Tag a fren🫂 Find a new piece. Enjoy the review. #art
Out 20 @celloteli
Images that have light movement, action inside the work, and create an immersive experience are always engaging. This piece allows the viewer to be part of the surrounding. Great work.
Jair Souvenir @glauberbnunes
A new discovery artist for me. Clever design with haunting visuals. The chain rotates perfectly. A unique effect in the centerpiece appears to have a trapped moment or individual in fear or anger. Not sure I have seen this concept before.
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Week 9 #Tezos Wallet purchase review. Please take a minute and take a look at the remarkable talent, 'culture' CCO , & early work gems from others. Please like♥️ retweet♻️tag a friend🫂Thank you🙏
🐰 #1 from @dorasmeng
This work was a surprising gift in my wallet. Thank you so much. A wonderful AI creation celebrating the Year of the Rabbit. As the characters obeserve the celebration, they also look to the future. Great imagery of new year celebration!
Andromeda as a collaboration @S8S888S8S1 &
soapbox1965.tez A surprise gift that is a beaut! Love the fantasy cosmic feel. Reminding of a storybook tale to a child. AI collabs are clearly an engaging concpet. Great pattern and colors. Thank you for this!
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Week 8 #Tezos Wallet Review
A day later than normal. Thanks for joining in & following along. Each week I review NFTs I have collected, providing my thoughts, appreciation, & recognizing artists. Time to get started. #NFT #TezosNFTs #tezoscollector
BESTIARIUM #0 - DE LEO from @Polygonist
This work stood out in the reflection of painting style image. The feline face is magical in the look of a great story book. Enjoyable in the look of a fable.
Seize the Factory Line @markcotton
Love the concept and playful reflection on works from a culture in web3. Ideally this assembly line factory is not the production method.
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🚨 Thread alert! What is DipDup and why it was created? Read about the #Web3 indexing stack used by @rarible, @SpruceID, @youves_com, @StakeNow, @Mavryk_Finance, @versumofficial, @tezotopiaio and many others. (1/5)
DipDup is a #Python framework for creating selective indexers and featureful backends for decentralized applications. It eliminates the boilerplate and takes care of indexing-specific things allowing developers to focus on the business logic, reducing time-to-market. (2/5)
While #Python framework is a kind of an "indexing frontend", DipDup "Verticals" act as the "indexing backend". Vertical is a set of indexers written with @golang SDK or DipDup framework itself (recursion!) working on top of each other and wrapped with a common API facade. (3/5)
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Happy Sunday! GM ☕️
Week 7 #Tezos Purchase Review. 13 Wins this week. Not too shabby. Some great names, pulls from @tezvendmachine, grab from weak hands, and new discoveries. Gotta love the artist! Let's get started. Please ♥️Love♻️Share🫂Tag frenz. Be sure to check out artists.
@lulucool GM Fam
A new discovery artist for me. Part of my lucky pulls from the vending machine. I love the vibe of this. Looking at the artists other works I see wonderful reflection of the character to the art. Glad to have this piece and will be watching for more!
Speedway on Easter Island from @Earl__Reno has an interesting motion of lights. This was another pull from the vending machine. Great discovery! This creation feels like photography yet lighting repetition is rythmic. Great stuff.
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SuperBowl Sunday #tezos purchase review. Thanks for viewing the week 6 of 2023 post. Looks like we have 10 in total with a repeat artist in the bunch. Posts & shares on twitter for @objktcom artists have been skant & few as ppl pushing into other ecosystems it seems after the $$$ Image
@RedruMxNFT and The Uncommon Story of a Red Canvas was a great grab if I say so myself. Red is a gifted visionary and this earlier work is a sample of what was to come. The surreal environment and high tone red illustrates the passion of art. Image
I tried something new & exploratory. @tezvendmachine was a roll of the dice. This is a beautiful piece from @FAICmag Gaia #05 - FAIC that is a wonderful reflection of fashion creativity through #ai generative works. The floral texture & generative models are brilliant. Image
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Welcome to week 5 of my #tezos purchase reviews. Please show love♥️ share♻️tag/comment🫂& buy $xtz what connects. @_bsprouts @oMoCommunity @AlipanahFarham @AILA_Community Lets get started. Image
Nyhavn from @DVKtheartist
What can be said? DVK is one of the most talented I can find. His attention to detail is something to aspire toward. This work presents clarity throughout the work from mast lines to subtle water lighting. A gem in the collection. Image
Here for the art by @assprintz
I loved the simplicity. This is a wonderful expression of simply sketching and giving affection for hte art itself. Image
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1)在上一篇貼文裡,我介紹了 #tezos 以及 #genart 的獨特性,而在這一篇貼文中,則是要有系統的教會大家,如何欣賞生成式藝術。時間回到1896年,當觀眾首次看到盧米埃爾兄弟的『火車進站』電影時,他們嚇得驚慌失措而逃離,而這正呈現新媒體的特質,人們必須習慣新的敘事方法後,才能開始理解其內涵。
2)生成式藝術在區塊鏈的推波助瀾下,跟過往的(2021年前)的型態很不同。早些年前,生成藝術因其可複製性,我們在創作時較重視表演性, audio/visual 的形式,是市場主流;嚴格的控制frameRate、與其他媒材的協調性(聲音、光線),然而當區塊鏈讓生成藝術固定型態後,一切的發展又都不同了。
a.演算法美學(perlin noise、cellular、fractal..
c.迷因文化擴張(pepe、pixel art、ape..

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