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When we started this @ideocolab Hackathon, our goal was to challenge ourselves to move quicker and integrate #Tezos into our product. We never dreamt of winning! How could we? Our team based in Cameroon had to face regular electricity outages, unstable internet connection, ...1/
...very limited financial resources but we had for us : an unwavering faith that we are building a platform that will revolutionize the way African people invest and save, a deep support from our community, useful advice from friends in #Tezos community, our passion & grit 2/
We are very honored to have won this prize and very humbled by the task ahead of us. Today is a celebration 🎉 day and Tmrw we continue our hustle. Should you think you can help us in any way to bring this product to life, please reach out🙏🏾🙏🏾 3/
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(1/5) Here is a little update on what we have been working on: To make the #tezos developer experience better, we made a tool called Tplus
(2/5) Tplus lets you manage any number of Tezos nodes for use with mainnet, or alphanet, as well as
sandbox environments used for local testing and (smart contract) development
(3/5) In addition to a tezos-node, each environment can contain "Plugins" that make life for
developers easier, like @CryptonomicTech's conseil and arronax, or @TezosBakingBad's netter-call-dev, or other block explorers and tools
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There is a small bug in #Tezos Babylon. What do we do? Fix, resubmit, and start the whole vote process over adding many months to the update or fix the bug and promote a modified code version on the current schedule? (1/x)
Core question: How do we treat this issue type in the future? This situation will come up many times going forward & the outcome of Babylon will set the precedent. This means we may need to fundamentally amend the protocol upgrade process flow. Are we willing to do this? (2/x)
Does bug fix change fundamental reason why people voted ”yes” or is it a true code glitch? If Yes, start over on a new protocol proposal. If no, fix the bug & start testing phase over again. No code should ever pass the testing phase without 100% success from the start. (3/x)
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1/ Putting Bitcoin into the hands of kids has always been a huge goal of mine.

2 of my 4 kids are Bitcoiners.

Anyone who hangs out with 12 year olds & up knows that they know a lot more about $ than most of us assume.

Many of them already earn, save & lend.

2/ To 12ylds & 16ylds alike, Bitcoin is no more complicated to learn than our current archaic financial system.

'QT' is not easier to grasp than 'fixed supply'.

Knowledge of 'credit card charge backs' & 'pending transactions' is not something you're born with.

3/ To that end, we are designing a full student program at #MassiveAdoption - to allow young people, mostly from underprivileged backgrounds, to not only learn about Bitcoin, blockchains & digital assets, but to receive some BTC sats to start on the BTC path.

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0/ The #crypto/#blockchain space is starting the week off strong! Many projects continuing to develop at a commendable rate. Let's see what's been going on over the 24 hours or so, shall we? 17 parts to this bad boy, let's do this 👇
1/ 🗳️ @WillWarren89 (CEO, @0xProject) announced an upcoming vote on #ZEIP23 which, if approved, would provide “0x with native support for trading any arbitrary bundle of ERC20/ERC721.” If implemented, ZEIP23 would be 0x's first-ever “hot upgrade.”…
2/ 🎨 @ColemanSMaher (Partnerships, @OriginProtocol) unveiled the Origin-enabled, a feeless, peer-to-peer marketplace for #art.

A number of artists signed up at launch, including @TrevorJonesArt, the first Scottish painter to incorporate AR into his work.
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0/ We're finishing the week with a head of steam!

Keep reading for a 26-part thread covering the latest happenings in the #crypto/#blockchain space from the past day or so.
1/ ⭕️ @Opera has launched its #crypto-enabled Android mobile browser!

Includes a built-in #cryptocurrency wallet, support for #Ethereum/Web3, and interactivity with dApps such as @AxieInfinity and @CryptoKitties. What an achievement!
2/ 🔃 @MakerDAO's $MKR and $DAI are now live on the @Wanchain_org [ $WAN ] mainnet!

The Dai #stablecoin will utilize Wanchain's cross-chain functionality, allowing for #bitcoin [ $BTC ] to be exchanged for Dai in a decentralized manner.
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1/ One of my biggest pet peeves is when crypto people talk about on-chain governance blockchains and act like they're all the same.

In reality, nearly every on-chain governance system has a different implementation {thread 👇🏼}.
2/ To illustrate this point, let's discuss two of the most thoughtful teams building blockchains with on-chain governance: Decred and Tezos.

Both teams have stake-weighted voting systems but they differ greatly in terms of proposal scope and overall mechanics.
3/ Starting with #Decred. $DCR holders can vote for two types of proposals:

🔘 Proposals that aim to establish voter support for a course of action (e.g. adopting or changing some policy)
🔘 Proposals that commit to spending the Project Treasury
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0/ Coming in HOT today with a thread devoted to a bunch of #crypto- and #blockchain-related events that took place over the past 24 hours or so. Here we go!
1/ ⛽️ I wasn't joking about that 'hot' thing, for @GetGitcoin have introduced Gas Price Heatmaps (

Assess the price vs. speed tradeoff vis-à-vis @ethereum gas. Super useful!

Built by @FrederikBolding. It's a visual representation of @ETHGasStation data.
2/ 🆕 Asia's top full-suite digital asset trading firm, @QCPCapital, became the first #OTC trading desk to set up a 'Space' on @AirSwap [ $AST ].

Launched last month, Spaces enable unique environments geared to support connections among groups that trade.
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0/ The latest @epicenterbtc podcast discussing #Tezos with @ArthurB and @breitwoman was fascinating. Here were some of the most compelling arguments they presented as well as some of the key highlights for me 👇🏽
1/ In a world where SC platforms use transactional throughput as a "mark of beauty", Tezos believes the best way to scale (for now) is with L2 solutions. They're still working on L1 upgrades, but this approach is a major departure from most SC platforms and IMO a refreshing view.
2/ The Breitmans don't agree with the narrative that scaling is holding dapps back from becoming successful. According to them, the reason that dapps haven't gone mainstream is due to product-market fit, plus the fact that decentralization is only useful in specific cases.
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1/ as you may already know, i love developing new frameworks around various matters in #crypto and drawing analogs to existing concepts in traditional finance (recovering consultant, I know 🙄)

my latest target: the @tezos experiment and token holder activism
2/ full disclosure: I'm a #tezos token holder and will be delegating my stake to the baking crew at @tezzigator (what up josh and bo)

Here's why:…

now what is "baking" you may ask? a great place to start it turns out.
3/ where #bitcoin has Proof of Work and mining, #Tezos has (delegated) Proof of Stake and baking. in tezos, “bakers" participate in consensus and earn the right to create blocks when a tezos "roll" (10,000 $XTZ) that they own or manage is randomly selected to create a new block
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0/Here’s a quick #Tezos update for those wondering what’s happening with one of the biggest projects in the space:
1/Legal troubles persist: a second lawsuit has been filed against the company:…
2/Dispelling FUD: @breitwoman has been quite active on r/Tezos posting updates and responding to the community’s criticism…
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