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Asterium is going live in ~24h, so I wanted to share some thoughts on the project while we wait :)

Evolving pieces have always inspired me, especially since they really show the versatility of generative art. I've tried experimenting before but...


#genart #nftart #tezos
But never as in depth and complete as asterium. The idea was intially to make it grow forever, getting thinner and thinner as time went on.

But after researching how formations form within space I realised this is not at all how it should work, it should, reach an equilibruim... Original look after 500 days of evolving, not really getting
And it made me think about how we grow, do we grow to become more and more spread out, or do we grow to become more condensed into something we want to become?

Through this question I decided to "curate" a growth timeline, which all the outputs follow. A goal to reach...
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Herbert W. Franke's (@HerbertWFranke) Tribute Surpasses Half a Million Dollars 🎉

In this thread I share:

1. General info & stats: artists, artwork, volume
2. All the participants and their tributes
3. My favorite tributes
4. Artwork available in the primary market

1/13 🧵
This summary took longer than expected because there are ~5k pieces made by +60 crypto artists across #tezos and #ethereum and more than 6 marketplaces

My goal isn’t to have the _exact_ stats but rather an approximation. The actual numbers could vary (always DYOR)

2/13 👇
The volume including primary and secondary is +$460k.

This doesn’t include donated artwork and represents the total volume and _NOT_ the donated amount.

Some donated 25%, 50%, or 100% of the proceeds from the primary sales, and other times from the secondary sales.

3/13 👇
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▶️ Let's check @tezos' Q3 main results.

This thread is based on the @MessariCrypto report ☝️
So, in this thread, we'll take a look into:

- Financial Overview
- #Tezos Accounts Activity
- Network activity
- Ecosystem and Developer Overview
- NFT marketplaces
2/ So, we will start with the Financial Overview

#Tezos recouped some of the losses with a 31% bear market rally. However, the rally was short-lived. As a result, Tezos ended the quarter near opening levels.
3/ Next, let's see the Tezos Accounts Activity

As the report states during Q3, overall accounts activity declined. Cleared accounts, defined as accounts that were emptied, decreased to the lowest level since the start of 2021.
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Hi, #Tezos Community! It's a full October monthly report of the main Tezos updates you need to know!

NFT, games, dev updates, and other info in one 🧵

1 ⚡️ @tezos #XTZ is now on @RobinhoodApp - the world’s most popular trading app!… Image
2 ⚡️ Discover a new #Tezos based project: #Musicstart! What is it? The answer is here:

3 ⚡️ @objktcom launched full support of the @fx_hash_ marketplace: listings, offers, and volume display.

4 ⚡️ Latin GRAMMY Awards and @OneOfNFT Announce Debut NFT Collab. Details:…

5 ⚡️ State of the Art Presented by @tezos at Paris+ par @ArtBasel, occurred last week. Catch up on the event here:…
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1/3) New Drop 🎬
When we are still asking why are we alive? The meaning of life for dogs is to live in the moment.

🎬 Ed. 9/10, 8.5 tz
🎬 Nov 4, 13:30 UTC…

🖼️ RT this post, Get the WL 🧵
#tezos #moviepainting @perutosnovikoff
2/3) Get the WhiteList 🎬
📰 Rules in the picture
✨ 2 methods for WL, and I'll draw one from each.
📸 Snapshot on Nov 3, 01:30 UTC.
🔊 Announce winners on Nov 3, 13:30 UTC

“A dog's purpose” link🔻

#tezos #moviepainting #LOSREYES
3/3) "A dog's purpose" is here:
Owners will get a chance to draw a white list of "Simple Life".

on @akaswap:

on @objkt:…

#tezos #moviepainting
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Tweet storm incomingggg 💣

The team behind @CrunchyTez is thrilled for the upcoming release of

What is is #tezos first fractional #NFT market.

What is a fractional or sliced #NFT?

Sliced (fractional) NFTs represent shared ownership in NFTs. It will be possible to slice up an NFT into millions of fungible tokens

These tokens can then be sold on or supported marketplaces like @objktcom

Why should I care about sliced NFTs?

Dreamed of owning that rare @tezzardz or the latest @zancan NFT, but the price tag keeps it out of reach?

Slicing reduces the cost of entry for those who are normally priced out of Tezos’s blue-chip NFTs and allows all to own a slice

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This week's @Algorand related #TwitterSpaces.

A thread. 🧵
Expand all 👇
Set reminders ✅
Let's chat about life, DeFi, NFTs and $ALGO.

Cross chain NFT discussions with @might_be_genius. #ALGO #TEZOS #ETH. 🌈 🤝…
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Congratulations to the whole #Ethereum community on #TheMerge🎉

Along with #Tezos, Ethereum is now on the list of low carbon footprint #PoS #blockchain, ensuring sustainable growth of #Web3🌐
As a part of #Tezos ecosystem, we are building for the community as well as Investors in it.
#InstaDex by Instaraise is going to be the first Impermanent loss protection #DEX on Tezos, ensuring protection from involuntary token exposure to the liquidity providers.
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Have you seen #videoart on @fx_hash_ before?

Teleport Looper is my genesis💫

Mint opens:
Sept 13th / 15:50 UTC

Follow this thread ! 🧵#fxhash #tezos
#creativecoding #p5js #generativeart #CleanNFT

There are 30 .mp4 files available to be randomly chosen by the code ~

~ videos per iteration:

[3], [4] or [5]

~ color inversion effect may be applied to:

[ one video ], [ none (rare) ] or [ variable (super rare) ]
All videos are part of my audiovisual research and were recorded from 2016 to 2021 in Brasil, Chile and Canary Islands ~

They're all short and looped in Teleport Looper project, just like moving photos:
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Protocol Kathmandu is locked in! What’s so special about the latest #Tezos upgrade? 🧵
1.) In case you’re unaware, 2022 is the year of scaling for #Tezos. With an emphasis on roll ups and layer-2 side chains like Deku from @Marigold_Dev, scaling is happening.

2.) That said, Protocol Kathmandu introduces several features to the #Tezos network.

⁃Smart Contract Optimistic Rollups (SCORUs)
⁃Event logging
⁃Validation pipelining

And more…
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1) This is a thread to track my journey through the #tezos universe and I'll update it every time I add a new piece to the pickle jar! This is a PURE art 🧵
2) This piece is literally called "#2" and was my first purchase in the #Tezos ecosystem. I scooped it off @objktcom because it reminds me of these abstract wooden clown sculptures my grandmother had when she was alive. Spooks the hell outta me but I love it 😂

Artist: @Tlapz01 Image

This piece kicked off my obsession with loops and animated trippy horror shows. LOVE THE EYES. If you're tired, change the colors ;).

Artist: @jordigandul
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Buying and Selling Art on Tezos: a 🧵 about my experience the last 7 months.
I don't consider myself a "flipper" but I do buy extra editions or sell a piece for a good value if the opportunity arises- I can use it to support more artist and pieces that I love....
(Cont). Image
2. The last 7 months since I started collecting on #Tez I've spent 81.1k on 4067 editions an average of just under 20 #tezos per piece. I buy a lot on secondary, I'll pay more for a piece that seems drastically undervalued many times over, mostly just going by my aesthetic taste. Image
3. I've managed to sell 120 editions (just 3% of total collection) of those 4k for a total of 13.5k. An average of 112 a piece. Every day I've spent around 380 #tez on 924 artist, that feels like a lot for 212 active days- almost 5 new artist per day 7 months straight. Image
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There's a general consensus in the #Blockchain industry about the long-term viability of L2 scaling solutions...

#Bitcoin embraced lightning network

#Ethereum & #Tezos embraced rollups

And #Cardano focuses on Hydra

A thread on #Hydra & how it measures up to a zk-rollup: 🧵👇 Image
If you look at the broader #blockchain landscape

#Cardano is more similar to #Bitcoin

than to any other #blockchain out there

• Ledger models (UTxO & E-UTxO)
• L2 scaling approach (Lightning & Hydra)
• A similar approach to "Inclusive accountability"

#Cardano aspires to be a better #Bitcoin, offering smart contract capabilities

Without compromising on the basic principles #Satoshi believed in

So let's take a look at the scaling approach of #Cardano through Hydra
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In case you missed it, #Tezos $XTZ was the coin of the day today!

But Why? What does this achievement even mean?

Time for some #LunarCrush #Alpha insights in the 🧵👇
The LunarCrush Coin of the Day™ is rewarded to whichever coin has the best performing #AltRank™ and #GalaxyScore™ in the previous 24 hours.

By combining these key metrics together, we get a coin that outperformed the market & against its own history.
It’s actually quite an achievement!

And it often signifies that the coin’s price will be experiencing significant increases in volatility.

Therefore, this particular insight can be useful to traders who seek to trade volatility in the markets 🚀
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Something cool is happening in the underbelly of #Tezos defi and I want to tell y’all about it.

So I look at probably too much on-chain trade data.

Since SpicySwap’s release there’s been one king of contract-level arbitrage…

Their arb contract is heavily obfuscated and I call them “test11 guy”. If you have a DEX, test11 guy is arbitraging it lol

But recently there’s been a new kid on the block underneath Tezos DeFi with a VERY sophisticated bot & contract setup.
What I’m noticing is that these guys are doing straight 1v1s in arbitrage battles all day trying to grab profits from eachother

Sometimes test11 guy wins but the new arber is bringing some serious heat with their contract.

Sometimes they share the arb which is cute too lmao
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1/7 An interesting aspect about #Tezos tickets is that they will allow for the creation of more decentralized tokens bc the a) storage will be decentralized and the b) “ownership” will be at the protocol level not the smart contract level. Image
2/7 Which is a theme for Tezos. The motto for #Tezos could almost be “Protocol level all the things” — Its leaping ahead of other blockchains bit by bit doing this. And its the Tezos governance system that pushes this forward
3/7 With #Tezos-type governance you can get really granular in your protocol decision making. With Ethereum and Bitcoin governance you have to be more general because that is already difficult enough to get consensus with no formal measuring system.
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Great blog by Marigold about #Tezos tickets such as how they differ from #Ethereum erc-20 tokens or other ethereum tokens.…
You can observe that with tickets things like ERC-20 allowance “hacks” would be much harder to pull off bc tickets are not living in a smart contract, instead they are first class citizens like eth or tez
Ever notice that when interacting with an ERC-20 token you may pay waaaay more in gas than when using eth? thats bc ERC-20s live on a smart contract and must go through expensive computations unlike eth. Tezos tickets can do away with that disparity if designed right
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🔥🔥 1 500 000 000 $ANTI burned 🔥🔥

20d ago, @smartlinkHQ launched a new token, thereby launching a new token standard for #Tezos ecosystem

Welcome Fungible Deflationary Asset (FDA) 🤗 #ANTI

A lot has happened lately 😈

This thread is intended to help you catch up quickly 🧵
What is $ANTI ❓A reward token across the @smartlinkHQ ecosystem

Why #ANTI ❓To stop the selling pressure previously coming from the rewards distributed in #SMAK

Why a new token standard ❓To include an auto burn mecanism on the token…

#DeFi #Tezos
Indeed, FA1.2 standard requires sending tokens to a burn address manually & transferring a specific portion to our treasury

The FDA automates the entire process🔥

This make $ANTI special among #DeFi token, often either inflationary either manually burned...or both #CAKE

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#tezos 101: The self amending blockchain

Here's everything you need to know about Tezos, the open source, Liquid PoS chain that's self amending.

A thread🧵👇 $XTZ Image
2. #tezos is a public open source PoS blockchain that is energy efficient and low power cost.

Tezos incorporates a self amending governance system, which allows for regular updates and improvements while leaving the mechanisms intact.
3. #Tezos eliminates hard fork problems and proves code safety through formal verification.

BTC and ETH have a couple of problems. Hard forks are very complex and have a lot of risk, PoW is energy intensive.
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🧵It's been a while I wanted to take the time to make a thread to expose you why I'm very bullish on @Dogami so here are my TOP 10 reasons to buy and HOLD #Dogami (& $DOGA that's coming soon) 🌌

#Tezos #NFT

1/ @Dogami is the first-ever mass-market #P2E #NFT game powered by @tezos #XTZ

#Dogami has secured $6M in capital from @Ubisoft,@animocabrands & @TheSandboxGame co-founders durint their private sale…
2/ The community is very large & strong

@Dogami started to built its community since August last year...

While mostly every project would have lose the hype after so many month, they succeeded to keep the hype real high & they still impress #Tezos fam by keeping it high😳

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Newcomer to the #Tezos ecosystem?

Heard about Tezos because of its eco-friendly, upgradable chain with low gas fees and thriving community?

Here's a list of some beginner @tezos resources and tools to use:

A thread 🧵
🖼️NFT - The largest NFT marketplace on Tezos - NFT marketplace with vibrant community of creators - Generative tokens as NFT's - Multichain NFT marketplace
XP.Network - Cross-chain NFT bridge - Green NFT platform built specifically for the music and sports community. Featured @pitbull, @DojaCat, Whitney Houston, @officialKeef, @ChiefKeef, @cordae, The Grammy's, @thegame, amongst many others!
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If you only had one thread to read today, this should be it.
Advice: Bookmark this tweet.


#Tezos Image
How many Dogamí NFTs?
🐾 8000 NFTs

What price?
💰 50 XTZ

OG Dogamers (lucky you),
Mint your Dogamí on February 22nd for 24h.

🐾 2 NFTs max per wallet.
👀 The mint link will be revealed on our discord.
🚨 Reminder: never click on a link sent via DM.
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For #Crypto People stuck in
#CardanoADA #Bitcoin #XRPCommunity #Ethereum #DOT #Solana #Binance #tezos and all #ERC20's

Tired of getting #REKTED and making excuses? While tokens like $OSMO, $ATOM, $JUNO, $SCRT, $LUNA pump hard?


There is multiple reasons for this: One, it is the best technology and the standardized way Blockchains can communicate with one another using the #Cosmos SDK

Well what is #IBC?
IBC is an interoperability protocol for communicating arbitrary data between arbitrary state

machines. IBC can be used to build a wide range of
cross-chain applications, including but not limited to
token transfers, interchain accounts (delegate calls between two chains)
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Here's the full reveal of my "Celestial Beings" collection.

February 9th, 5pm EST
3x 20e/10tez
Collectors of all 3 will receive a special airdrop

Visit… to view the whole project.

full artworks in the thread bellow 👇

#CleanNFT #objkt #tezos
/ˈsɛrəf/, "the burning one"; plural seraphim /ˈsɛrəfɪm/

Revelation 4:8
4:8“...had six wings and was covered with eyes all around...”

Original Audio by Jonas Pfeiffer…
/ōp̄ān/, “wheels”; plural ophanim /ʿōp̄annīm/

Ezekiel 1:15-21
1:16“...the appearance and structure of the wheels.”
1:18“...and all four rims were full of eyes all around.”

Original Audio by Jonas Pfeiffer…
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