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Hex by @yiwen_lin

Tech 🧑‍💻: using math (lots of math), to create hexagons and to fill them with lines of various properties

Looks 🎨: love that even if some hexagons overlap they still look good, even add to the overall depth of the generated piece

Löv by @JuhaniHalkomaki

Tech 🧑‍💻: branch and leaves generation, with p5js

Looks 🎨: the various shapes of the leaves, the colours, how the branches interact with the white box 'wall', it's all VERY beautiful

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We at @BonsaionChain are starting a bonsai NFT project.

We’ve chosen to use #tezos for our initial plans.

We think the #CleanNFT is a great fit for us.

Here’s 3 reasons why.

A 🧵
Tezos offers us three things.

1. Energy efficient technology

2. Low transaction costs

3. Supportive NFT community that celebrates experimentation.

Let’s break these 3 down.
1. Energy Efficient

Tezos is known as one of the most efficient of all the blockchains.

Eth2 may be end becoming more energy efficient, but no one knows for sure when that tech will be available.

This article breaks down the Tez advantage well👇🏻…
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Is #bonsai the original generative art form? Nature plays as big a part in the design of a tree as the artist themselves.

Bringing bonsai into the metaverse has its challenges, but I’m certain NFTs are uniquely designed to help bonsai artists.

Here’s how.

A 🧵 Image
First, we at @BonsaionChain are attempting to bring bonsai into the metaverse. I wrote about the project here. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Unlike traditional art, bonsai trees are constantly evolving. They must be tended to. Watered, wired, fertilized, etc.

It’s time consuming and capital intensive.

Its why the current biz model for bonsai artist such as @EiseiEn @btonight & others depends so much on sales.
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Unbuilt by @jMarkusiewicz

Tech 🧑‍💻: applying sacral architectural rules in code

Looks 🎨: excellent colour choice and doesn't look like a generative output! the name and date underneath the generated layout is a nice touch

Indirection ⤳⤖⇶ by @notlion

Tech 🧑‍💻: using fonts (Unicode Arrows) with algorithms

Looks 🎨: the way the art unfolds and generates the paths makes it really interesting, a nice touch is that few of the arrows are in a different/highlight colour

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This weekend, our team worked together with @Manitcor from @TezTools, @mycodecrafting, and the @pinatacloud team to bring @hicetnunc2000 back online.

This was a watershed moment in #Web3. Here is an extensive technical deep dive at the steps we took.…

Our priority was the recovery of the site. We wanted to ensure that:
- The community knew there was hope
- All exploits, across the HEN frontend, contract, and infrastructure were identified
- The contract wasn't able to remove content
- The data on IPFS was mirrored
Looking at the Twitter, #Tezos was trending with posts about "RIP HEN". People were concerned.

The best response was to go on Twitter Spaces and give people updates and reassurance in real-time.
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The top 4 #NFT on Today's leaderboard are up.

Vote at and don't forget to sign up for a DNS account in case you want to nominate your own NFTs.

Currently on top 4: NFT Artwork by @Pc8417@flynnpnw @honeypepp3r

#dnsleaderboard #HEN #hicetnuncart
@honeypepp3r #2 - FRANCE ON FILM #03 by @honeypepp3r this NFT give us a snap at the sky captured on a Kodak 200.

@Honeypepp3rmint defines his work as sweet & spicy visuals

Vote for this artwork at:
@honeypepp3r Another NFT by @honeypepp3r just climbed to the No. 3 of our list with this beautiful b&w picture.


Vote for this and more of your favorite #HEN NFTs

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Reading up on Tezos's new concensus algorithm.

Short version: @Tezos's upgrade is remarkably fast & innovative. Tenderbake is the largest upgrade I've seen to date. #XTZ

Long version: Tenderbake uses classical style of consensus algorithm to cope vast amount of validators.(1/3)
It differentiates itself from current Nakamoto algorithm and new upgrade entails notable changes: On Tenderbake, a block is considered final as soon as 2 more blocks appear on top of it regardless of network latency. (2/4)
Chain forks - should they occur - finishes after only two blocks regardless of network latency. Synchronous consensus algorithms must render conservative assumptions regarding network speed whereas #Tenderbake does not as because contains smaller block times. (3/4)
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Tezos baking in short terms, a thread.
Please correct me if i’m wrong
#tezos #blockchain #baker
1/9 tezos

The tezos blockchain consists of nodes which communicate with each other peer2peer. Nodes process all transactions and include them into the latest block of the blockchain
2/9 baking

Bakers create the blocks that are appended one after the other every ~30 seconds onto the blockchain. The creation of each block is randomly assigned to one baker. This baker creates the block and gets a reward for doing so.
3/9 endorsing

To be sure the baker created a correct block, several other bakers revise this block and confirm its correctness. Those bakers get a small reward as well.
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@HeyTaiZen @Cardano @ethereum @solana 1/9
Those leaders do not have the capacity to oversee the total picture. They're just humans. #Tezos is a true decentralized organism that utilizes an ever growing group of absolutely top-class developers. Anyone is equal and can insert an improvement that will be voted on.
@HeyTaiZen @Cardano @ethereum @solana 2/9
With all the academics working on Tezos, it has peer review built in. And it shows. Transaction costs decrease, speed and capacity increases and it runs smoothly for over 3 years. More complex smartcontracts can be built, more languages added.
@HeyTaiZen @Cardano @ethereum @solana 3/9
Adoption rate has been growing exponentially for over 12 months. Then there's tenderbake that will take people off guard. Will be live Q1 2022. No chain evolves as fast and smoothly as Tezos. Your blockchain is our testnet. Tezos executes that slogan.
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#xPLENTY is live on 🎉

➡️Stake $PLENTY and receive $xPLENTY

Your stake is continuously compounding staking rewards and trading fees starting October 4. ⌚
The #xPLENTY token is flash loan resistant and will be used for governance.

Need more info? Give our new docs a read! 📖 ⬇️

#Tezos #DeFi…
Is #xPLENTY not showing in your wallet? Import the smart contract address directly. Find all the @PlentyDeFi smart contracts here.⬇️…
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🎊 xPLENTY goes live this Friday!🎉

Stake your $PLENTY and receive $xPLENTY on💰

Rewards distribution starts on Monday October 4 🤑

#Tezos #DeFi
#xPLENTY is a flash loan resistant token and will be used for governance.

Furthermore, xPLENTY is continuously compounding staking rewards and trading fees starting October 4.

#Tezos #DeFi
For every swap on @PlentyDeFi, 0.09% of the swap fees are distributed as $PLENTY tokens to the staking pool, which are distributed among the holders proportionally to the amount of their staked tokens and stake duration.

#Tezos #DeFi
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1/ Up next in #cryptothoughts, in which I take a closer look at some of the projects in the crypto/blockchain space that have me beyond #bullish, is @tezos, which recently recorded 600,000 transactions in a single day, representing over 50% of #Ethereum's daily trade volume.
2/ There's so much to love about #Tezos, which has really emerged as one of the fastest-growing, top-tier ecosystems for all things #DeFi, #NFTs, #Gaming, & more. Tezos scored a gigantic coup last month when pop sensation @DojaCat dropped the bombshell that she'd be releasing a
3/ set of eco-friendly #NFTs on the #Tezos blockchain, causing the price of Tezos' native token, $XTZ, to skyrocket in value. Attracting a big-name star like #DojaCat to the ecosystem should only help Tezos lure in even more talent down the line, especially as celebrities &
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Important announcement⚠️

It is very unfortunate for us to notify that starting Oct 1st, 2021 #Giganode cluster will be sunsetting!

All tools and projects that are currently using us shall switch to other solutions as soon as possible!

There are two reasons for such decision:

1. We are becoming a too big risk of a single failure. The team behind the project is committed to decentralisation and wants to consciously avoid situations when the #Tezos network and user experiences are harmed by one RPC provider.
2. We are unable to scale our human resources internally. The exponential growth of the #Tezos network forced us to scale the cluster to some levels that we can't manage efficiently with the staff in place anymore.

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#Homebase is live on @Tezos mainnet!
🎞️ Instantly spin-up and manage DeFi and NFT DAOs

🎆 Powered by BaseDAO, the first common core framework to create DAOs on #Tezos

📣 Projects using Homebase include @BenderLabs_ and @hicetnunc2000
👥 Homebase is a user interface that enables developers and communities to launch DAOs on #Tezos and participate in the governance of those DAOs.
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So my fukkr said he wanted to learn more about #Tezos so I sent him on an educational trip.

If you are a Tezonian, you already know the cities I sent him to. 😎

I am telling you, this fukkr is going places 😏

Check the pics:

#XTZ #Tezos #Upgrades #Tezzardz
Increased gas limit per block and reduced the roll size from 10,000 ꜩ to 8,000 ꜩ
Introduced a more robust version of the blockchain’s consensus algorithm (Emmy+); simplified smart contract development; refined the delegation process.
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@GGDiversificat1 @CitezenB 1/9 Interesting how you mention you doubt safety without mentioning what aspect you "feel" isn't safe and why.
Also interesting to see how Swiss cities feel #Tezos is safe enough to distribute COVID relieve funds to their citizens.
@GGDiversificat1 @CitezenB 2/9 And French cities feel #Tezos is safe enough to use a Tezos based voting application which is tested by 80 universities. And how the cybercrime division of the French military police feels its safe enough to deploy an accounting app on.
@GGDiversificat1 @CitezenB 3/9 And how a US city is building a DAO on #Tezos because they feel its safe and secure. And how several UN organizations feel it's perfectly safe to deploy identity solutions on Tezos.
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@kevinrose @tezos #Tezos is the only blockchain with a robust and efficient on-chain governance system for forkless upgrades. Protocol upgrades are voted on by bakers (validators who help power and govern the Tezos network), giving the community the power to build the future of Tezos.
@kevinrose @tezos In #Tezos, the consensus mechanism is known as Liquid Proof-of-Stake (LPoS). Tez holders can delegate their validation rights to bakers (validators) without transferring ownership of their tokens.
@kevinrose @tezos There are currently more than 400 bakers on @tezos, EPIC decentralization! When delegating, your tez (XTZ) are completely liquid. You are free to move your tokens anytime as there are no freezing periods when delegating to a baker.
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Time for a long thread. On-Chain metrics are continuously breaking ATH’s monthly w/o any indication of slowing down. Why? #Tezos $XTZ…
2./ If it was not already apparent, grass roots NFT platform @hicetnunc2000 has rapidly begun to surpass all existing ones across the entire blockchain space in just 3-4 mos (in terms of DAU and TXN’s). This isn’t artificial, it’s completely organic.
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This is a thread of links to resources which I have found useful while learning smart contract development on #Tezos

Even if you're not interested in coding, these links are helpful for comprehending decentralized technology and deciding which projects you believe in.
CRYPTOVERSE WARS (@cryptoversewars)

Interactive learning platform for the SmartPy programming language.
In my opinion, the best way to begin SmartPy.…
Also, their "Basics of Blockchain" module teaches some non-coding content.
TEZOS ACADEMY (@tezosacademy)

Interactive learning platform for the LIGO language.

I prefer SmartPy for now, due to my prior knowledge of Python. But I do want to understand LIGO syntaxes someday, and I plan to use Tezos Academy for that.
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I made quick calculations comparing Crypto Reddit growth vs price variation.

Results below 👇👇👇👇
1/n Reddit Followers Growth since 31/12/2020 :

#Ethereum grew from 510k to 921k
#Cardano grew from 94k to 433k

#Dogecoin grew from 172k to 1.8M
#Pancakeswap grew from 50 to 32k
#Tezos grew from 31k to 45k
#Litecoin grew from 218kt to 323k
2/n Price growth since 31/12/2020

#Ethereum grew 422%
#Cardano grew 1204%

#Dogecoin grew 11334%
#Pancakeswap grew 5087%
#Tezos grew 205%
#Litecoin grew 144%

Do do you see a pattern ?
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1/ Proof-of-Work vs. Proof-of-Stake

Today: decentralization of miners/validators.

The number of entities that control >50% of block production in Proof-of-Work is frighteningly low:

#Bitcoin: ≤ 4
#Ethereum: ≤ 3
#Litecoin: ≤ 4
2/ This number only gives an upper bound. We can be sure it is not more, but it could be less.

Remember: Back in 2014, a single pool (Ghash) briefly controlled a majority BTC hash rate.
3/ In any case, it is relatively certain that >50% of Bitcoin miners must obey one single jurisdiction.
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It's time for us to talk about all our @Tezos work again. Check out our 2021 Q1 update at…! #Tezos

Some highlights:
Nautilus Cloud, our AWS for Tezos, now supports billing and metering for power users.
Galleon works nicely with Tezos apps like @hicetnunc2000, @tzcolors and @stakerdao which use Beacon.
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Some fresh #Tezos $XTZ chain statistics, tz1dBU7YAkrviDyUvZN5aeTZJ9YrmtaDADMG account is a prolific user of most contracts in March:
Top balance recipients? Unsurprisingly, it's the exchanges.
Same with top balance senders.
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(1) Recent new attacks that compare #Cardano to new #EOS or #Tezos are insane.

For some bizarre reason many people think that lack of massive success of some of these chains have something to do with the fact that, e.g. EOS has dPOS and Tezos has smart contracts(not in Solidity)
(2) IMHO lack of massive success of EOS or Tezos has nothing to do with those things! These are technical solutions but actual failures in my view were in totally different places - away from technology!
(3) EOS had only 11 validators (centralized), very hard to use wallet that required some other person to send tokens and smart contracts that you would need to write in C++, later on came Solidity support. There was also no vision, no mission and no governance component.
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