#HiddenCorruption #HappyDanes #SaveOurChildren
The Tvind Empire!
Little known political Danish founded & controlled cult operates WW in guise of "charity"! Connections to both Clintons, Ted Turner, China, Deep State powers.
Check in below tweet for link w/ many details:
For over 25y an investigative reporter, Frede Farmand, has attempted to alert people (Tvindalert)!
Since 2018, I've tried to alert here on twtr (prior no one listened anyway). It's Danish - heck, how sinister can that be, most say? Believe me, it goes beyond your imagination!
Modern windmills? Originate from Tvind (1st built modern wind-mill, still functioning in Ulfborg, Denmark) - raised by all volunteer work.
Leader, Mogens Amdi Pedersen - founded Tvind & Teachers Group (TG) w/ focus on communion philosophy based on communist ideology.
Well, "communion" is so-so - all within TG sign & commit to lay all personal earnings in "yellow bucket"(Tvind fund), to commit their lives to promote & serve the Tvind manifesto, to acknowledge that Tvind fund board (5 people) distributes monies in fund on behalf of Tvind.
Official foundation is "charity-based" (tax-exempt).
But most of their businesses are profit-based (small letters on their recycling bins for example).
World wide, there are for profit businesses, e.g. plantations. Your non-organic bananas likely come from a Tvind plantation!
Here's a list of some of their plantation:
The timber business in Malaysia is run by Simon Lichtenberg, Trayton Group (HQ in China):
Here is a longer list of articles & doc-links gathered by "Cult Education" from various sources providing good idea of how Tvind works, what it is, & the power a few people have through global business:
In 1996, DK authorities discovered/realized embezzlement & tax fraud within Tvind org misusing DK gov allocated monies. Distribution to set amount of Tvind based schools was stopped. In 2001, DK authorities seeked info from US to have Amdi extradited:
Long story - Amdi Pedersen & few other minions were arrested, extradited, cleared in 1st instance in DK, passports returned, within 2 weeks DK court appealed, at which time Amdi & his accused minions had left country except Poul Jørgensen (his 1 financier), who was sentenced.
Tvind org (incl their 'schools'/institutions) in DK 'just' had to prove, they were no longer connected to Amdi Pedersen & poof, Tvind in DK could continue all their actions (including money-distributions as hitherto)!
Amdi & a few others have stayed out of public view!
Tvind HQ shifted from Zimbabwe (where it was for over 20y) to now TG Pacifico, Baya California, Mexico - temple was completed in 2010. Flw link is long, but very informative of the workings:
Despite being in headlines w/ case from 2001, Tvind manages to continue & expand their business. Occasionally, promised funds from orgs are withdrawn (their business exposed), yet they rebound & gain ground. Flw link shows how renowned (yet exposed):
Past few days, @AreYouAFren @PatriotGrace17 have been joining in to connect dots from Clintons, Ghislaine, Epstein , Maersk-shipping etc w/ Tvind Empire. In rest of thread, tweet-convos w/links are collected & Grace's thread connecting dots to keep more in one place.
More on Scott Borgerson, Maersk etc:
More on Marie Lichtenberg (sister of Simon), CGI connection, & links to Terra Mar, Epstein etc:
Further on Marie Lichtenberg - her abilities to gain access to gov officials etc:
Re the organizational structures within Tvind (how to hide connections & avoid scrutiny) - 1 example:
Simon Lichtenberg(bottom left), owner of Simli Manufacturing Limited (center of image). Each part may then divide further!

• • •

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#ClintonCrimeFamily #UnderTheRadar #DeepState
Supposedly scrubbed - here link to docs:
An alternative link of the 1998 case with details:
Lisa "Barsoomian, with her boss R. Craig Lawrence, represented Bill Clinton in 1998."
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From HW, #MeToo, Harvey Weinstein to Jerry Sandusky, from Omaha to Colorado, from UK to Pakistan, from Haiti to Epstein to Ghislaine Maxwell - uncountable victims world wide!
Common denominator for all - victims are rarely believed; it's often dangerous to expose perpetrators!
“…..sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter...how much evidence you have….."
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31 Aug
#TruthMatters #Justice
Wow, Oz! You sent me off on wild-goose chase😄! A good one, mind you (albeit, it paused me in my other research, I had started)!
This podcast brings extra, important details/truths on 9-11, I wasn't aware of, and I've gathered pieces to add!
The 1 being interviewed is Kirk Wiebe!
I didn't know abt Wiebe, nor him being both a friend of as well as fellow whistleblower to @Bill_Binney!
Here Wiebe is in 2014 interview, explaining abt insider culture of gov.-intelligence agencies+THINTHREAD
The other being interviewed is FBI-whistleblower Mark Rossini, who brings forward more interesting points abt 9-11 as well, underlining marker of Bush family close relation to House of Saud, procrastinating 'search for bin Laden' STRONGLY.
MR's website:
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