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It's easy to include broader impacts in your research with the "coding for broader impact" framework developed by students @TempleUniv in @ESAFrontiers (1/4)…
#DataScience #coding #ClimateCrisis #Sustainability #environmental #RStats
Coding for broader impact addresses key challenges to effective public communication by developing personalized stakeholder reports along side tasks needed for publishing a paper (2/4) #publicspeaking #STEMeducation #peerreview #science #publishorperish
The #rstats coding for broader impact workflow is in this repository (3/4)
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one of those good-to-know-about-functions

I decided to explore it today…

Read on if you've not come across takewhile before…


#Python #coding #100daysofcode

takewhile takes successive items from a sequence for as long as a certain condition is true.

It's the equivalent of using a _while_ loop to _take_ successive items from the sequence until the while condition is not met–hence the name takewhile.

In this example, the challenge is to see how many successive heads I can get when I flip a coin…

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When I trained as a scientist, #programming was a required tool in some select areas of #physics & #maths but not much beyond that…

That's no longer the case. #Coding is rapidly becoming a must-have skill in all scientific fields

Read on…



In recent years, I have introduced #Python #coding to chemists, biologists, psychologists, medical scientists, geologists, well, the list goes on.

Suffice to say that it spans all areas of science.


All of these teams and individuals realise that either they have large amounts of data they need to analyse in all sorts of different ways, or they need to simulate experiments and create computational models.

#Python is often the language of choice in many of these fields.

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The anatomy of a 2D Python game as seen through pictures and videos…

Let's have a look at the steps needed to create this game:…


#python #100daysofcode #coding #2DGame

1 of 12
1. Create the window and game background

2 of 12
2. Create the lunar module

3 of 12
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Happy Birthday 🎂
You're turning 1 🕯️ in a few days' time.

I'm still shocked how almost 20,000 people visit every month just from organic traffic.

A number of posts have done extremely well.

Here are the top five:

#python #coding #100daysofcode

In #5th place:

The White Room analogy that explains a lot of what's happening in #programming using a mental image that everyone can relate to.…

#python #100daysofcode

In #4th place:

This fun project designed to practise using lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets in a fun turtle-based animation.…

#python #turtle #datastructures

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👉 Let’s have a look at the #PythonLibraries that every #DataScientist should know in 2022, to maintain and improve their #Coding journey:…
1. Pandas was created by Wes McKinney in 2008, as a Python library for data manipulation and analysis. Wes McKinney built Pandas based on their need for a powerful and flexible analysis tool.
2. NumPy is another library used for Python, which is used for mathematical functions. It is popular in processing multidimensional array objects, and various derived objects (such as masked arrays and matrices) and is mostly used in machine learning computations.
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"I'm struggling to understand <topic>.
No matter how much I try, I can't get it"

As I've been getting to know the #Pythonverse on Twitter better in recent weeks, I've seen this common theme recur often from beginners

If this is you, read on…

#Python #codenewbie #coding
It's not just you.

This is the norm, not the exception

There are a number of reasons why this happens.

Here are some of them…
You may be learning a topic a bit too early.

Some topics need a good understanding of other concepts before you can fully grasp them.

#ObjectOrientedProgramming is one such area. Many beginners try to learn this topic before they've fully mastered the basics…
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There are many ways to practise using different data structures in #Python

…not many are as fun as this one!

Here's the step-by-step tutorial to work your way towards writing this animation:…

#100daysofcode #coding #learnPython

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In this project, you'll get to use lists, tuples, dictionaries, and sets to set up the grid, colours, and get the balls to bounce and speed across the tiles.

It's fun to write, and fun to watch, too!

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If you don't have the time for this but know someone who does, please do share…

#python #coding

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Languages like Latin and Ancient Greek didn't always have spaces and punctuation.

Code wasn't always written to be readable.

Both things have changed, for the better

#python #100daysofcode #pep8
In the earlier days of computer #programming, there were only a few programmers.

The complexity of computer code was limited primarily by the hardware restrictions on memory and speed of execution.

#codinginthepast #coding
Code was rarely shared and read by others, and teams working on software were small and often consisted of just one person.
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Anyone wants a step-by-step tutorial on creating this lunar landing game using #Python's turtle module?

#coding #programming #100daysodcode #learnPython #LearnToCode
This is not a rhetorical question. I haven't written the article yet, so whether I do or not depends on your responses…
Ok, Ok, Ok, you've all convinced me. Now I just need to stop playing the game, and start writing the article.

Easier said than done…

#python #turtle #game #tutorial
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What's an image made of?

There are many correct answers.

But the most fascinating one is: << sines & cosines >>

Read on if you're intrigued👇🧵🪡

#python #images #fourier
*Any* image can be reconstructed from a series of sinusoidal gratings.

A sinusoidal grating looks like this…

#sinusoidal #grating Sinusoidal grating
It’s called a sinusoidal grating because the grayscale values vary according to the sine function.

If you plot the values along a horizontal line of the grating, you’ll get a plot of a sine function Cross-section of a sinusoidal grating
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A quick introduction: I used to be a physicist, which is where I learnt coding.

As a university academic, coding and teaching were both things I enjoyed.

#coding #python
I always felt that explaining abstract and complex concepts in an accessible way was something I'm good at.

My undergrad students agreed…

And now, so do my coding students, young and, er, not so young…

#teaching #learning
Now I spend my time:
—> running @codetoday_
—> teaching coding to kids & adults
—> writing articles and books on #coding and #Python
—> creating and running Python courses and workshops (coming soon…)

You can read my articles on:
º @realpython
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What frustrates you most when learning to code from books, tutorials, or video courses?

I’ll start… 🧵🪡

#coding #python #learntocode #100daysofcode
1. The instructor cannot understand what a beginner knows and doesn’t know, and assume some things are basic when they’re not for a beginner.
2. “It clearly follows that…”
When following a tutorial, key steps are skipped which are not trivial for a beginner.
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Who's Monty & what's a White Room got to do with *truly* understanding concepts in #Python #coding?

What’s more challenging in the early days when you learn coding is to join the dots between various topics you learn, viewing them as a coherent set of tools

#100daysofcode Image
Here's The White Room analogy in brief:

I call the computer program Monty.

Monty is the one who’s busy doing things, performing all the actions required in your computer program.
But Monty/the computer program needs some infrastructure to be able to operate.

This infrastructure is the White Room: an empty room with white walls and white ceilings–a blank canvas.
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One of the best ways to understand a new topic in many non-computing fields is to write a computer program using that topic.

One of the most recent examples for me was drawing using the two-point perspective technique…

#python #drawing #twopointperspective #coding Image
I don't know anything about art or drawing.

My son asked about perspective drawing, so we found some YouTube videos.

They sort of made sense, but…

it's only when I wrote a Python program to draw using two-point perspective that it *really* made sense.
I'm writing a blog to document this learning process, and to go through the code I wrote.

So stay tuned...

#drawing #python #coding
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Why is a solid-state drive (SSD) fast?

“A solid state drive reads up to 10 times faster and writes up to 20 times faster than a hard disk drive.” [1].
“An SSD is a flash-memory based data storage device. Bits are stored into cells, which are made of floating-gate transistors. SSDs are made entirely of electronic components, there are no moving or mechanical parts like in hard drives (HDD)” [2].
The diagram below illustrates the SSD architecture.

Step 1: “Commands come from the user through the host interface” [2]. The interface can be Serial ATA (SATA) or PCI Express (PCIe).
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If you live in Detroit or the Twin Cities OR WILLING to relocate for a Full Time role as a Software Engineer, here's a FREE @Hackbright SWE bootcamp!
👩🏽‍💻Programming/DS/Algo/Web Dev
⚠️Apply by 5/10
💰100+ Scholarships ($13K)

#coding #100DaysOfCode

Links for Women/Gender Diverse

25 Scholarships in Minneapolis/Twin Cities…

25 Scholarships in Detroit… Image
Links for everyone!

25 Scholarships in Minneapolis/Twin Cities…
25 Scholarships in Detroit… Image
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The #Google #JavaScript code style guide is a popular reference used by #developers to improve their #coding standards in just about any project. ✨

Here's how to easily implement it with Codacy:…
1. Why should you care to follow a code style? 🤔

No two developers write code the same way, but when you have hundreds of developers working on a large codebase, individual preferences make it very hard to read, manage and maintain!
2. How do you make sure your enterprise sticks to the Google style guide?

Once you configure the rules with Codacy, no commit or pull request will go unchecked. You can even block merging PR until they pass the Codacy quality gate. 😉…
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🔹Best 6 Websites for Coding
➀ Free Cpde Camp
⇥ Bset for beginners learning to code. start here if you're at step zero.
➁ Scrimba
⇥ Interactive way to learn to code. code alongside your instructor
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💡#coding tip
Enhance your problem-solving skill by asking Questions.
Here's how👇
1⃣ What information is given in the problem?
- This question will help you to know the problem in depth. You may write bullet points of those info for further reference.
2⃣ What do I know about those information?
- This will help you to know the context of your problem. For instance, the problem may need you to know a mathematical theorem or a programming concept to be solved.
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10 design tools every developer and designer must have✨

Save 10+ hours on research

Part 8️⃣🎉

A thread 🧵👇

#design #designer #developer #frontend #webdev #webdeveloper #coding
1️⃣ DB Designer

Design your database for free online
2️⃣ UI Bakery

Create full-fledged web apps visually
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#Python 🐍 3.10: has a "Switch" like statement.

But it's not a switch, it's called "Pattern Matching."

Pattern matching is way beyond the "Switch Statement"
👇 python Pattern matching is like Switch Statement
The pattern matching takes a value following match and allows us to write out several potential cases, each defined by case. Where we find a match between the match-case we will execute the respective code. #programming 👇
Even though it is not a "switch", it can be used as.👇
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The Ruby language is much intuitive, yesterday I've been doing a @codewars 7kyu-Kata in JavaScript, and I just did it again in Ruby, and I have decided to show everyone in here how I proceeded, starting to talk about this lovely programming language! a thread🧵

I have not practised Ruby for a while, my rank for Ruby on @codewars is 5kyu, it's fine... the lowest level is 8kyu, then, the lower is that n-kyu number, the higher is the level, after level 1kyu, there are four mastery levels: 1dan, 2dan...etc.
I'll link to the Kata at the end of this thread, inside this box (see photo), you find a method definition, this method is called: high_and_low, it takes a string of space-separated numbers, the string is called: numbers, something like: "1 2 3 4 5" (including the quotes!) Caption from
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