As I've read the entire report on HQ, it is now time to look at the inevitably biased media coverage. This biased article is written by @EwinHannan. A thread. ⬇️⬇️

#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism…
I thought the @australian was a National Newspaper? It's hard to believe that as the article doesn't mention the Federal Government once. This is despite the fact that the report mentions their errors several times. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
Coate clearly declares in her report that she couldn't confirm whether the ADF was available for front-line enforcement in HQ. Given that, this entire paragraph is terrible journalism.
#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
Coate also states that even if the ADF was used, she believed that Private Security would still have been required.
#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
We also know that @DanielAndrewsMP's request for #ADF was denied but @EwinHannan makes no mention of this.
#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
The article focuses entirely on Private Security. It makes no mention of time restraints, the inadequacy of hotels, nor that that Fed Government had no plan for quarantine. The report mentions all of that. Did @EwinHannan read the report? #auspol #springst #thisisnotjournalism
Speculated entirely by the #Newscorpse Media. Just because Murdoch wanted it, that doesn't make it news, nor legitimate speculation. What a pathetic sentence.
#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
Given the time restraints and the fact we know the #ADF was not on offer and that @VictoriaPolice didn't want to do HQ, what other choice was there?
#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
Naturally, the article does not mention that other states used Private Security, including #GoldStandard NSW who also used one of the same companies as Victoria.
#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
Again, only 36 hours and the other states went for private security also.
This childish headline is only addressed in the final sentence of the article. Does @EwinHannan know how to title an article correctly?
#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
It will not take him out? Is this what journalism has come to? Lines like this? Take him out? You are pathetic @EwinHannan. Are you and Rupert Murdoch still crying as the report makes no findings against @DanielAndrewsMP?
#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
In summary, this entire article is a @newscorp whinge fest about Private Security as the report makes not findings against @DanielAndrewsMP. A real headline would be "Coate Inquiry Clears Andrews". #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism #MurdochRoyalCommission

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So, @Melbchief will you correct this article and point that that.
1) Other states used Security Guards.
2) The ADF was NEVER on offer to run / provide security?

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One of the biggest problems here is that there is an evaluation on the card that @Anne_Ruston doesn't have yet. Despite this, they are going to vote in 50 minutes. Ridiculous. #saynostirling #CashlessDebitCard #auspol
Known racist and piece of shit @PaulineHansonOz is now having a whinge about Labor & Greens querying whether the card is racist. Piss off. #PaulinesWarOnBattlers #SaynoStirling #CashlessDebitCard #auspol
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