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Thread: So @ukhomeoffice @UKHomeSecretary - thought you might like to hear this. An 80-year-old UK citizen (my dad) is on day 6 of a hotel quarantine stay at the Courtyard @Marriott at Gatwick: cost £2400. Both him and my mom have been vaccinated. Two negative Covid tests. /1
They are being fed btw 9pm and 9.30 despite requesting dinner at 7pm. Walks are hit and miss. They have had vegetables twice so far. Chicken the only protein 6 days in a row. Curry for 4 out of 5 options, including kids meals. Fruit salad: see pic (full portion). @ukhomeoffice Image
This is diabolical treatment - quarantiners are not here on holiday, and are being detained in disgusting circumstances, and at great expense. Why is this acceptable? Why are they being treated like detainees? @ukhomeoffice @MarriottIntl Image
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(1/20) Is Canada a 1st or 3rd world country?

Here’s a thread on my girlfriend’s experience in the mandatory quarantine hotel. #LoveIsNotTourism #LoveIsEssential #HotelQuarantine ImageImage
(2/20) Ignore the fact that she had to pay for a PCR test in the states as well as book her flight here (1000$) as this is expected and respected during these times of a pandemic.
(3/20) Ignore the fact that she had to be on the phone for 5 hours and and book a mandatory hotel stay at a designated government approved hotel. (1300$)
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Here's a full thread of all the #QuarantineFashionHistory

I decided to recreate a look from every decade of the 20th century using only the clothes, accessories and makeup I had in my luggage during mandatory 14 day Australian #hotelquarantine, after 10 months stuck in Britain.
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Decade 10 of #QuarantineFashionHistory and the final look - the 1990s.

I caught a serious case of black Lycra in the 90s, one I've never quite shaken, so I went with it. This is inspired by high fashion looks, especially Gaultier, Galliano and Lacroix

Many thanks for inspiration also to Christy Turlington, Yasmeen Ghauri, Versace, Hervé Léger, Anneliese Seubert, Cleo Glyde, Madonna circa Like A Prayer and Dick Tracy, Kevin Aucoin,Tori Amos, and the Springwood Hippy Shop.

That's one of the best selfies I've ever, ever taken
This one is very much for my teenage self, with all her incredible insecurities and big dreams. I've tried very hard to sort out the former and live out the latter, and I think she'd be proud of me. We dreamed of looking like this!
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Decade Nine of #QuarantineFashionHistory - the 1980s.

The decade my hair has been waiting for. I have to wrest it back from the 80s every morning so finally, I let it run. There were so many options for this one! In the end I did what the hair told me.

#hotelquarantine ImageImageImage
I first became conscious of clothes and fashion and make up in the 80s, so this is an homage to the women in magazine pages I used to tear out and stick on my wall as visions of glossy glamour, plus the accompanying make up instructions.
Clothes: trousers and bodysuit from H&M, Witchery handbag, same belt, necklace and earrings as for the 1910s (context is key), and three pairs of sports socks to make shoulder pads! Image
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As I've read the entire report on HQ, it is now time to look at the inevitably biased media coverage. This biased article is written by @EwinHannan. A thread. ⬇️⬇️

#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism…
I thought the @australian was a National Newspaper? It's hard to believe that as the article doesn't mention the Federal Government once. This is despite the fact that the report mentions their errors several times. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
Coate clearly declares in her report that she couldn't confirm whether the ADF was available for front-line enforcement in HQ. Given that, this entire paragraph is terrible journalism.
#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #thisisnotjournalism
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1/ My summary of the HQ Report if you don’t want to read a 100 comment thread or the entire report. A thread 🔽🔽🔽#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine
2/ .@ScottMorrisonMP and @AusBorderForce are directly responsible for letting COVID19 into Australia. They allowed a traveler from Wuhan into our country. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine
3/ .@ScottMorrisonMP and his Government had no plans for hotel quarantine. This resulted in a delegating the quarantine response to the states with only 36 hours notice. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine
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HQ inquiry thread:
This is naturally a long document. I'll be commenting below relevant sections of the report as I read it throughout the day. A thread 🔽🔽#auspol #springst #hotelquarantine #COVID19
The report makes it clear that National Cabinet and the Federal Government had no plan for hotel quarantine. 36 hours to set up HQ after the National Cabinet meeting. @ScottMorrisonMP and @GregHuntMP are pathetic. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine
Hotel Quarantine was a rushed decision forced on the states from the Federal Government. @ScottMorrisonMP had no plan, the Federal Government contributed nothing. The travelers had arrived before HQ was even announced. Pathetic. #auspol #springst #hotelquarantine
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HUGE misinformation coming from News Corp this afternoon, I will correct it. The #HotelQuarantine Judicial Inquiry *has not handed down findings* today. Earlier News Corp's Samantha Maiden posted claims the Inquiry had made its findings. This is not true. #ThanksDan
The Judicial Inquiry is expected to deliver its findings in November 2020. Maiden has since deleted the tweet (below) and the story has been changed since these errors were pointed out. Check out the before/after headline and summary below.
Samantha Maiden's tweet (which she has since deleted).
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Questions media should ask @danandrewsmp about #HotelQuarantine today, but probably won't (but will instead bay for more blood):
> Will Victoria bring up with national cabinet the need to establish consistent national standards and procedures for HQ programs?
#covid19aus #auspol
> How should we revamp the organizational chain of command of the HQ program to improve communication and accountability?

> What measures can be taken to ensure quarantine can be made more humane, with allowances for outdoor time?
> With unrestricted travel unlikely to occur until 2022, does the government see a role for purpose built facilities instead of hotels?

> With uni sector crippled, are there plans to maximise quarantine capacity for arrival of overseas students on track for sem 1 2021?
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If Scott Morrison followed the exemplary accountability standard set by Jenny Mikakos, at least 8 fed ministers would be out of a job. It takes courage to be accountable. Morrison lacks courage in spades, presiding over the most corrupt government in Australia's history. #auspol
Thank you @JennyMikakos for your courage & integrity. Anyone who's ever been a manager, let alone a minister, knows too well the struggle of owning mistakes which were beyond your control. Victorians thank you for giving everything you had to keep us healthy and save our lives.
Most Victorians will know this move is about lancing the boil created by News Corp. #HotelQuarantine only became news when 'horny security guard' stories were spread like wildfire by Herald Sun, which has never explained the origin of those false stories, or apologised.
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Final day of #HotelQuarantine Inquiry hearings. Where we're at: Media/Libs say rejection of ADF running hotels caused outbreak, but couldn't prove the offer was made -patient zero likely hotel staff anyway. Andrews takes the stand today. #HappyFriday everyone! #DanWonMurdochsDone
Virtually everything dominating the news was inaccurate and often simply made up. People switched off, leading to media screaming louder with even more absurd claims, resulting in Victorians tuning out altogether. The daily pressers helped reveal the absurdity of the media.
We also saw polls being hijacked with bots and bots driving negative sentiment on social media. All polls (both major and online) showed strong support for Andrews and were either dismissed or ignored by the media. Victorians were accused of suffering Stockholm Syndrome.
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