Northkoreas foregin policy,

Most important Nortg korea follows its 주체(Juche) ideologi, wich in short means self-reliance (Independent for itsself) based on historical inavsions by other nations, China,Japan,USA. Causing a genral hostlitiy against US allies.
-Good relations can be saied are
1.China wich is the life source and only one who can curb North korea, but China is in need of North korea as China dosnt want the USA via South korea at its border and so China dose everything to maintain the status of NK. China cant comdem NK
2014 China condemed NK for a nuclear test wich was btw recorded as a 5.3 earthquake. But at that time Kim Jong-un had to show strength to get full controll of the army and curb rivals. NK gets everything needed via China also its the cause of always possible collaps with news.

Russia also wants to avoid more US troops at the border and esspecialy in its weaker east but Russia sees in NK a good buyer for missles and gives so sometimes its save veto in the UNSC. All sanctions were due to nuclear tests Russia couldnt prevent without losing face.
Russia and North korea etablished a special industrial cone ar its 18km long border in Rizon for a cooperative production as Russia sales the good and gives money to the Northkorean regime. Kim also visited Putin already in Wladiwostok. Russia buys many minerals from NK.
-Comunist states and Venezuela

The other comunist states and North korea defacto have a non written agreement in cooperatioms as North korea can build resturants and buildings there to generate money and even museums with wich NK makes money. A example Cambodias national museum.
North korea sends resutrants personal with slave wages and there familys kept hostage in North korea in that way no one trys to escape otherwise there family would die but NK makes so much money. Northkorea also sales it minerals to them and give them the free work forces.
-Not much intrest into African but into dictatorship nations.

But North korea knowsit has to smuggle via corrupt African countrys, esspecialy North African countries to trade its drugs under wrong flag in gigantic masses. A example was 2003 at the coast of Australia,
A north korean ship got destroyed the Pong Su wich had loaded 125KG (276Ib) Heroine as the ship used the flag of Tuvalu. A gram Heroine costed in the US alone $307 on a street. Estimated $38 million.

Iran and North korea etablishing every year better relations as Iran wants North korea to share with them part of the military technology esspecialy in terms of rockets and nuclear bombs. It is known that Iran has students and scientists in NK under good condicens.
As Iran gives NK also the needed Uranium and weapone Uranium as Iran has huge ressources of it. Northkorea how ever gets parts of its oil from there as well North korea can send ressources to Iran. Iran and North korea seeks to cooperate in their actions against the USA.
One of the most known Hacker groups Lazerus sits in North korea wich has a high professional hacker group wich also attacked tve USA and Israel under payment of Iran. China is a bit of mediator between both
-Pakistan / India

Both did seek help for there nuclear weapones from North korea but more or less keep scilend relations to Northkorea but still Northkorea sells weapones to both countries and sometimes even the Russian weapones wehre the heritage is unkown.
Europe /West

Its Northkoreas piggy bank NKs Room 39 is very active. Room 39 is the generator of foregin money with all possible legal and illegal ways. All ambrassadors in the western country's have only one purpose to use tve imunity, clean money, send this via hidden channels
to North korea. NK send as earlyer mentioned cheap slave workforces wich are supprisingly very much arround in North korea. How ever North korea dosnt tolerate any direct influence from them or any other countries with exception of China. Room 39 is observing all the activity.
North korea is even producing with wrong heritage product heritage for Chinese producers for clothing as example wehre the heritage is sayed in China but is produced in NK due to cheaper wage. The wages are up to 100 times cheaper. And those are selled by worldwide brands too..
Northkorea has diplomatic relations with 164 countires but also only 3 bilateral agreements, Palestine, Western Sahara and the EU. In Pyongyang are only 24 embassys represented these are: Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Czechia, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran,
Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Syria, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Vietnam. North korea has relations with Israel but dosnt recognize it and has very bad relations. Some embassys are remained after colaps of the UDSSR,
as example the East German embassy wich is now the German embassy. North korea has only a single not North korean who works for the regime in the UN. He is from spain and its name is Alejandro Cao de Benós de Les y Pérez, or short Alejandro de Benós.
He is special representative for North Koreas Foregin ministry. He has also a spanish citizenship. He self declears himself also a Special Delegate of Northkoreas Comitee of Cultural Relations with foregin countrys.
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