Which countries helped the Sri Lankan government in the Sri Lankan civilian war 2009? So as we all know the very First Country will be #India The Indian government’s support for #TamilEelam died with Indira Gandhi.
India’s two primary fears of Tamil Eelam were: 👇🏼Thread
1.Tamil Eelam independence may lead to Tamil Nadu independence, 2.Tamil Eelam, as a de-facto state, proved to be incredibly militarily and technologically advanced compared to other separatists groups and de facto states world wide.
Tamil Eelam, given its advancement, may have become as military structured as Israel and architectural prosperous as Singapore. The success of the Eelam state, exemplified through its brief success during the ceasefire(2001–2006).
India, post-1991, had begun consistently aiding Sri Lanka economically and militarily.
Sonia Gandhi wanted LTTE leader Velupillai Pirapaharan and its intelligence chief Pottu Amman decapitated and pledged all military support to Sri Lanka to achieve her goal.
an Italian vendetta where the assassination at Sreeperumbhudoor was perceived as being the reason for the carnage on the sands of Karaithuraipattru AGA division. #TamilNadu CM, #Karunanidhi, loyal to Indira Gandhi adamantly aided the government in the war against the LTTE.
Karunanidhi allowed TN police to arrest LTTE assets, refused to denounce support for Congress government. Tamil Nadu Coastal Security Group, supported by Karunanidhi, allowed New Dehli to limit LTTE activity in Tamil Nadu, prevent LTTE leaders from escaping to Tamil Nadu.
Politically, India had pressured the international community, alongside the US, to label the LTTE as a terrorist organization while defending the GOSL at UNHRC hearings. It was Indian caucus members of the Canadian conservative party that convinced its leadership to ban the LTTE.
India gave SL a loan of $100 mil also supplied them with fighter jets, attack helicopters, and arms. During the ceasefire, India had provided the SLA with JY 11 3D radars for $5 million, two Indra IN-PC-2D radars free, 13 MiG 29 squadrons and hundreds of flak jackets.
RAW gave the SL access to Indian satellites and drones to observe LTTE operations in the jungles while the Indian Air Force conducted routine airstrikes on Sea Tiger vessels and cargo-ships full of weapons while the Indian Navy in Ind ocean prevented importation of LTTE arms.
The Indian Navy, alone, destroyed 10 of the LTTE’s “floating warehouses”, which considerably weakened the Sea Tigers. The Indian Navy was involved in reconnaissance missions and the provision of intelligence to the Sri Lankan Navy.
Sri Lanka became the single largest recipient of Indian military training, and in 2008, India further extended the annual training slots for the Sri Lankan armed forces.
#LTTE supply ships were eliminated, one by one, with input from Indian naval intelligence, cutting off all supplies to the rebel-held areas…That, in turn, allowed us to make rapid advances and unravel the de facto state - Sri Lankan Navy Admiral, Wasantha Karannagoda.
The Next one we after India would be Sri Lanka’s current Boss #China CHINA donated $7 billion dollars in military funding to the Sri Lankan government . Thread 👇🏼
China gifted SL F7 fighter jets, gave Sri Lankan air force pilots extensive training, ammunition, anti-tank guided missiles, rocket launchers, shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles, deep penetration bombs and rockets. Encouraged its all Pakistan to supply SL and train SL pilots
#China Supplied SL with mortar ammunition, night vision devices, artillery, armor, mortars, security equipment, tanks, jets, naval vessels, radars, and communications equipment(Including €27.8 million ($37.6m) of ammunition)!
increasing its aid to nearly $1bn (£690m) to become the island’s biggest donor, giving tens of millions of dollars’ worth of sophisticated weapons, and making a free gift of six F7 fighter jets to the Sri Lankan air force.
Norinco, a Chinese manufacturing company, provided $200 million US of weapons to the GOSL alone , Poly Technologies, a Chinese arms-dealing company, alone donated 120 mm mortar shells for the army, of which 70,000 rounds were priced at $10.4 million.
Additional imports include 68,000 rounds of varied 152 mm artillery shell worth nearly $20 million besides 50,000 81 mm high-explosive mortar bombs for $3.7 million, all of which the army needs to reinforce its ‘pro-active’ military strategy against the LTTE
The Chinese government pledged $ 2.7 million worth of arms, including a varied range of ammunition like 100,000 14.5 mm cartridges, 2,000 RPG-7 rockets and 500 81 mm airburst mortar shells to the Sri Lankan Navy.
There were also 50 Type 82 14.5 mm twin-barrel naval guns, 200 Type 85 12.7 mm heavy machine guns, 200 Type 80 7.62 mm multipurpose machine guns, 1,000 Type 56-2 7.62 mm submachine guns, 1,000 Type 56 7.62 mm submachine guns.
alongside the donation of several Shanghai-class fast gunboats, which in 2008, made up at least 1/4 of SLN vessels. After the war ended, Chinese diplomats in the UNHRC urged the committee to retract their investigation of human rights violations against Tamil civilians.
The next Country is #Pakistan well thats no surprise. But the surprise is Ind and Pak were competing to help SL. The Pakistani army decided to give the Sri Lankan government over $200 US million dollars in military aid with free shipments of arms.
Pakistani ISI trained Muslim home-guards important role in providing the Sri Lankan government with intel on LTTE activities in the East and some parts in the North from 1990–2009.
The ISI trained muslim home guards also played a significant role in boiling ethnic tensions in the region as well between the Muslim and Tamil(Hindu and Christian) populations.
The appointment of Pakistani Air Vice-Marshal Shehzad Aslam Chaudhry as the High Commissioner to Sri Lanka saw the deployment of 15-17 highly experienced officers in Colombo who had a deep understanding of air combat against insurgency to teach SLAF officers and pilots.
Pakistan agreed to supply 22 Al-Khalid MBT Tanks to the Sri Lankan army and the deal was worth over US$100 mil. 150000 60-millimeter mortar shells and 150 000 hand grenades worth $20 million US was also donated. In April 2009, Sri Lanka requested $25 million worth of ammunition.
The next one is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The US government played an instrumental role in dismantling the peace process and sending arms to the GOSL.
During Ranil Wickremesinghe’s time as Prime Minister in 2002, agreements were signed with the US which allowed Sri Lanka to get assistance in terms of military training, military technology, intelligence, special training in counter-terrorism, and direct monetary assistance.
During the ceasefire(2001–2006), the United States Pacific Command assessment team conducted a study from 12 September 2002 to 24 October 2002, which made several recommendations to strengthen the capabilities of the Sri Lankan Army, Navy and Air Force.
After studying the WEAKNESS of the Sri Lankan military, it was the US who recommended the use of cluster bombs (which weren’t banned until 2010 when Cluster Munitions Convention came into effect) to destroy unarmoured area targets.
The US navy had also donated the SLNS Samudura to the Sri Lankan navy during this time to surveille sea tiger activity and multiple ground surveillance aircraft to the Sri Lankan airforce to surveille LTTE activity in the Vanni jungles, something, the GOSL incapable in the past.
The US encouraged Sri Lanka to resume the civil war in 2006 and has aided and abetted every step of the Sri Lankan military’s operation. The new-found prowess of the Sri Lanka military is due almost entirely to the support it has received from directly or from key US allies.
The Pentagon admits to having provided counter-insurgency training to Sri Lankan troops, as well as intelligence and “non-lethal” weapons. The latter includes sophisticated maritime radar equipment that has enabled the SLN to disrupt key LTTE supply routes from India.
Two weeks after Mahinda Rajapaksa Election victory, then US ambassador, Jeffrey Lunstead, warned the LTTE that if it did not quickly agree to a settlement on the GOSL’s terms it would face “a stronger, more capable and more determined Sri Lankan military.”
The US Navy Pacific Command provided intelligence to the Sri Lankan government during the conflict to hunt down LTTE crews and four ships.
The US had also conducted drone strikes on Sea Tiger vessels and had given the Sri Lankan government access to its military satellites to monitor the LTTE’s activities in the Vanni jungles, Indian ocean, regarding weapons importations and attacks from LTTE Frogmen and infantry.
The US was instrumental in providing the lobbying power to have the LTTE proscribed in the EU and the intel to destroy their weapons supply…the US position changed after President Obama took up his first term at the end of January 2009.
US pressure was critical in getting Canada, the states of the European Union, and other countries to proscribe the LTTE. These bans have deprived the LTTE of financial support from the hundreds of thousands of Tamil Diaspora chased from their island homes by the civil war.
#GenocideSriLanka According to Sinhala academic, Jude Lul Fernando, the UK-US axis is primarily responsible for the Tamil Genocide in 2009, stating:
The Washington conference, hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved and the peace talks could have been successful and thus, ethically and politically, the United States is as blameworthy for the 2009 massacre.
The US colluded in destabilizing the successful peace talks, in a 2005 leaked document handed over to the Sri Lankan Secretary of Defense by US military officers which stipulated that Trincomalee Harbor would have to be captured from the LTTE to win the war.
This military and strategic advice from the US an international actor in the peace process–came at a time when neither the Sinhalese or Tamil polity were ready for war.
A leaked Email from Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State(2009–2013) written on May 4, 2009, stated: “There was a meeting held with Geitner asked for and led by the IMF, They told him you were intruding into his domain by ordering/telling IMF to suspend funding to Sri Lankan gov
My take is that the people on the ground both with World Bank and IMF believe the Tigers need to be completely defeated and any collateral damage inflicted on private people by SL govt in the process is ok” .
The next country in the least is of course the US’s formidable ally and a arm supplier to SL GOV since the 1980s. You might a have guessed it already yes its #Israel ! 👇🏼
Israel offered advice to Sri Lanka as it built its Sinhala-only armed settlements in the eastern province, which aimed to create buffer zones around Tamil-majority populations. With permission from the United States,Israel has donated SriLanka consignments of Kfir jets and drones
During the entirety of the war, Israeli Shayetet 13 commandos partook in routine training programs to enhance the combat abilities of Sri Lanka’s STF commando unit. Also 7 IAI Kfir Fighter Jets Super Dvora MK II-class patrol boats and Shaldag attack crafts were gifted to SL.
Particularly noteworthy, was the SLAF’s Squadron 10, established in 1996, which was entirely composed of Israeli Kfir fighter jets and French Mirage attack planes. In 2006, pilots of the division had undergone extensive military training and proficiency in Israel.
The airforce was also strengthened through the acquisition of several MIG-29 fighter jets, which like the Kfirs, supported ground operations in the Vanni, limiting the LTTE movement.
Israel’s provision of Blue Horizon UAV’s in 2006, allowed the SLN to pinpoint Sea Tiger activity and played a vital role in the 1300 SLAF operation, between 2006–2009, against Sea Tiger vessels.
Israeli Bleu Horizon UAV’s are a fully integrated weapons system that allowed SLN commanders to capture and report intelligence data 24/7 in any climate, with day-night operations over pre-determined LTTE target zones.
Israeli Dvora and Shaldag attack crafts, alongside the intel collected from Blue Horizon UAV’s, played an instrumental role in the SLN’s successful counter-operations against the Sea Tiger’s famous Swarm Tactic.
#Iran came in the scene a bit late but did play a good role in assisting GOSL. after a successful commando raid on the Anuradhapura Air Base raid by the LTTE’s Black Tiger commandos, which destroyed 20 military aircraft, costing $40 million dollars in damages 👇🏼
The GOSL approached Iran for loans at low interest to afford Sri Lanka’s purchases of electronic surveillance aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.
As such, Iran agreed covertly to issue the loan and also invited selected Sri Lankan officers to train in Iran Analysts have termed Iran’s aggressive courting of Sri Lanka’s military capacity as a geostrategic implication of Iran’s “Look East” strategy.
Iran provided $1.05 billion worth of crude oil to the SLA in 2008 Alone in 2007, Iran agreed to an arms deal worth up to$140.9m They also agreed to lend a military facility to the SLA for free for months while they exported ammunition and weapons to the army.
For Iran’s assistance, Sri Lankan minister Wimal Weerawamsa said that: “Iran has never let us down, even when many other countries in the world refused to back us. The county as a whole is very grateful for this brotherly treatment”. #GenocideSriLanka
#UNITEDKINGDOM is the next in the list , #UK / #Britain was giving military training to Sri Lankan Armed Forces since the 1980s British SAS officers were the founders and trainers of Sri Lanka’s special ops unit, STF, and LRRP. 👇🏼
In 2001, Britain added LTTE to its list of terrorist organizations. They never gave a valid reason for doing so and prevented 300,000 Tamils in the UK from donating to the LTTE, which crippled the LTTE’s budget during Eelam war 4.
At that time, the #LTTE wasn’t even declared a terrorist organization in Sri Lanka Strange that the LTTE was banned even when Prabhakaran was repeatedly trying to bring the abhorrent Sri Lankan government to the negotiation table and it was long before the 9/11 attacks.
After the successful LTTE commando assault on Bandaranaike International Airport, the damages cost the GOSL $358US million and drastically ruined the countries image to tourists Britain was Sri Lanka’s largest financial aid after the assault.
Maj. Gen Ulf Henricsson, Swedish Military officer who was head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Missionslammed Britain and the US for disturbing the peace process and giving pressure to other countries to ban the LTTE.
In 2008 alone, the British Government approved the sale of £4 million of military equipment, including sonar detection components and military communication equipment, and £3million in small arms.
In total Uk Government approved the sale of 600 assault rifles,650 rifles, 100 pistols, and 50 combat shotguns to the Sri Lankan army.The sales also included £330,000-worth of ammunition and £655,000 in body armor. Between 2006–2009, the UK exported at least £12million in weapons
Russia 🇷🇺 is next in the list. Russia The Russian armed forces provided training on battlefield tactics to the SLA. They donated a total of $300 million US worth of arms between 2006–2009.
n the UN, Russia has supported Sri Lanka in nearly every resolution brought forward against them. The most notable one was during the final stages of Sri Lanka’s civil war in 2009 when European nations along with Canada and Mexico brought a ceasefire bill against Sri Lanka.
Russian weapon donation includes Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27, Antonov An-32, Mil Mi-17 jets used by the Sri Lankan Air Force, T-54/55 battle tanks, BTR-80 APC’s used by Sri Lankan Army and Gepard-class frigates worth US$ 158.5 million for the Sri Lankan Navy.
United Nations #UN shouldn’t be left out for what they did , this guys were worse. Contrary to popular belief, the UN did absolutely nothing to ensure the safeguard of Eelam Tamils, and directly aided the Sri Lankan government, politically, with their military offensive.
The UN expressed very little concern for Tamil civilians in the conflict zone. Unlike the Israeli-Gaza conflict during that time, and the Kurdish-Turkish conflict today, which was abruptly ended before the respected armies could complete their goals, due to strong UN condemnation
LTTE cadres and officers who surrendered were tortured and executed, civilians were continuously subjected to fire and shelling and the UN continued to stay silent, contrary to the UN’s re-assurance to Prabhakaran that the opposite would happen.
When the war came to its bloody end, UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki-Moon, spent less than 30 minutes in the former warzone, didn’t visit any Tamil IDP camps, and minimized the killing stating that only 7000 Tamils were killed during the Wanni Operation.
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, also expressed minimal concerns for innocent Tamils victimized by the state, also iterating her strong anti-LTTE stance.
The Next one would be European Union(28 countries including military powers France and Germany) Due to severe amounts of pressure from India, the US, and the UK, the EU banned the LTTE in Europe in May of 2006. #EU #GenocideSriLanka Thread 👇🏼
Maj. Gen Ulf Henricsson, Swedish Military officer who was head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission on EU’s mistake in banning LTTE said “if you should list the LTTE, list the Sri Lankan government too” !
Despite advocating for human rights, in 2007, EU members Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Poland have donated a combined €4.09 million in arms to the Sri Lankan government.
EU members began arresting LTTE financiers in their respective countries, helped give intel on Sea Tiger activity(Ex. France, Germany, Poland, etc), and as previously mentioned, donated large caches of arms to the SLA.
In 2016, a top EU court gave signals that LTTE was wrongly banned and it clearly showed that Britain, the US, and India had “twisted its arm” used its influences to get LTTE banned in Europe.

• • •

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