Different groups have FOIAed this #Lyme crooks email over the years. On the surface it is appalling, but what does it really mean? “This battle cannot be won on a scientific front...we need reinforcements from outside our field.”

In short, it means they’re guilty. Of what? 🧵
They rigged the #LymeDisease case definition to conform to diagnostics that were designed to detect a small minority of cases that are genetically predisposed to produce a strong antibody response.
Allen Steere had done a ton of research on the association of various HLAs with different antibody responses in #LymeDisease. Everyone knew by the early 1990s that the people with an arthritic knee had a strong immune response but weren’t very sick.
The CDC even published in their Jan ‘91 #LymeDisease Surveillance Summary that it was all backwards and the sicker people had lower titers.
So, why did they throw the sicker patients under the bus?

• Politics. They knew #Lyme was an immune deficiency disease. See HIV.
•They knew industry was headed toward MABs & wanted to reap those profits.
•They thought they could disappear it w/ a vaccine & #CFS & #fibro deza
Consider how HIV/AIDS, #Lyme Wimminz Hysteria Syndromes aka #CFS #fibromyalgia all became prevalent at the same time. I shudder to think what *actually* was going on in government labs. Some books & films like Lab 257 & Wormwood give us hints, but we’ll likely never know for sure
Re the MABS: this was the next frontier in medicine. One of our #Lyme crooks, Dave Persing, bought a startup that made a cancer treatment and set up shop as Corixa in Seattle & Hamilton, MT, right next to NIH’s Rocky Mtn Labs—where, lol, they study tick-borne diseases.
Persing was from Mayo Clinic. He and some buddies developed a #LymeDisease diagnostic to distinguish *actual disease* from people who had received the soon-to-be OspA vaccine.
So, Persing knew the disease was immunosuppressive (which would lead to cancer), that the vax was bogus, and he thought it would be cool to profit on both ends. Here’s what happened with #Corixa. BTW:
Anyhoo, back to this #Lyme crook email. “We can’t win on a scientific front. We have to #lymewash the whole thing.”

I’d be surprised if this was the only email of that sort. These shenanigans go all the way back to the founding of ALDF in 1990.
Can you feel the seething rage of #Lyme crook Lenny Sigal calling for his colleagues to rise up against the terror of decrepit, disabled, immune systemless #ChronicLyme victims? Lol. Psychopaths, all of them.
These MFers KNEW they didn’t have a scientific leg to stand on. All they could do was try to make a buck while trashing their victims and using psyops to disappear #LymeDisease altogether. The latter was to be accomplished via vaccine.
That’s where #LYMErix came in, and that’s why they had to falsify the case definition. If only ~15% people can ever test positive, then the vax will appear very effective, save for a few breakthrough cases.

They *only* looked for arthritis. All the usual symptoms were dismissed
They needed the diagnostics to be bogus for vaccine trials so they could throw out all the actual sick people and pretend that injecting OspA creates immunity. We know now that OspA & the other outer surface borrelial lipoproteins are what cause #LymeDisease.
And we know this thanks to a brilliant scientist named Kathleen Dickson. She used to work as an analytical method validation chemist at Pfizer. She was disabled by #LymeDisease and started one of the first support groups, @ ground zero in Connecticut.
.@KMDickson started getting calls from people who got #LYMErix and suddenly “had Lyme again.” As a scientist, she wondered, “what is in that vaccine, to cause symptoms identical to the disease itself?”

Turns out it was OspA.
Kathleen ended up speaking at a Jan 2001 FDA meeting where the safety of #LYMErix was discussed. She exposed the scientific basis for the vaccine’s failure and function in making people sick. Then she was railroaded by the crooks, falsely imprisoned & had her life destroyed.
It was 2006 that she discovered an illustration of the lipid moiety of OspA in a Korean chemistry journal. At that point she could understand the structure-function of OspA, and suddenly it all clicked. She told everyone. She was relentless in deploying #truth.
And that’s when the attacks got really bad. Notice the date on the #Lyme crook #RICO email: 2007. @KMDickson exposed the lie that an immunosuppressive lipidated #Lyme antigen could be called a “vaccine.” It was ludicrous, and these crooks knew they were busted.
And look: What year is it now? Their #LymeWash has been a resounding success. #LymeDisease victims—chronically ill with an acquired immune deficiency—are among the most hated groups in society. We’re targeted for hate by #MedTwitter.
I’ll close with a few links.

Dr. Eugene Shapiro of @Yale training MDs in gaslighting #Lyme victims:

My 501(c)3 nonprofit: truthcures.org

The video I made with @KMDickson 4 years ago that earned me psyops attacks:

• • •

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9 Nov 20
In the late 1980s #LymeDisease started getting out of control—in terms of both its spread and the government/public health apparatus’s ability to maintain their desired messaging about it.
By 1989 Lyme was known to be a chronic, neurologic disease of immunosuppression for which antibiotic treatment failed in 1/2 cases. It was spreading quickly across the NE, upper Midwest & W Coast. SmithKline was was performing 2,500 Lyme tests per day at its Philadelphia lab. Image
1988, SUNY-Stonybrook:
“On Western blot analysis, the level of immunoglobulin reactivity against B. burgdorferi in serum from these patients was no greater than that in serum from normal controls.”
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18 Jun 20
More than two decades after assaulting Czech children with lipidated OspA “vaccines,” UConn declares, “It’s the lipids, stupid!”

“Chemical removal of the lipid portion of purified M. pneumoniae lipoproteins eliminated VED...”[vaccine-enhanced disease]

WHY do “scientists” still think it’s cool to inject lipoproteins (especially of the highly acylated variety)? WHY is UConn suddenly saying, oh, isn’t it amazing how we solved the mystery of the century! WHY???

Because #LYMErix.
We had a #Whistleblower for that, and she, @KMDickson, got the standard whistleblower treatment so the #pharma criminals wouldn’t have to answer for their crimes. And here we are 20+ years later, with one of the same institutions involved in the OspA scam telling us #lipidsbad 🤬
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30 May 19
Refrigeration at the doctor’s office is moot if #vaccines have already sat out for 2 days to be labeled and packaged.
“In their efforts to improve the cold chain, pharmaceutical manufacturers have largely focused on storage and shipment. However, there’s a period during the packaging process when vaccines are routinely out of the cold chain for up to 2 days.”
If it is true that #vaccines are routinely left at room temperature for up to 48 hours before they even leave the manufacturing facility, they should be destroyed on the spot. They should NEVER be injected into a human.
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