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It might be shocking to people to learn that the original #LymeDisease vaccine, #LYMErix, was so bad & the diagnostic tests so inaccurate, that the surveillance case definition of #Lyme was changed to make them both seem effective. Not a theory; the FDA devoted a whole meeting. Image
It’s probably most shocking to the people who got LYMErix & experienced AEs, & people with #LymeDisease who have been tortured for years or decades without treatment because the “experts” who were in on the scam still control the dialogue to this day.
They’ve trained a whole new crop of gullible, easily indoctrinated, sadistic egoists to carry on for them. Any #LymeDisease “experts” coming out of Yale, UConn, Harvard, NYMC, Hopkins, Stonybrook, UMinn should all be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism.
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Alan Barbour is an old-school bioweapons scientist who made his name with #LymeDisease. He was studying spirochetes at NIAID’s Rocky Mtn Labs before Lyme was named Borrelia burgdorferi, for his colleague Willy.… Image
This is the “Barbour” from “Barbour-Stoenner-Kelly (BSK) medium,” a medium they developed to more effectively culture spirochetes. He also owned the original patent for recombinant OspA, the antigen in the original #LymeDisease “vaccine” and the new one being developed by Pfizer.
For the record, OspA is not a vaccine, does not induce immunity, and is a *cause* of #LymeDisease. Barbour knew all that but licensed his patent to SmithKline & Yale anyway, resulting in the failed #LYMErix which harmed many people before it’s withdrawal after 3 years.
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A common myth about #LymeDisease is that serological tests work better after 3 weeks of infection because antibodies develop slowly. This is true for only about 15% of cases—those who have the HLAs needed to produce a strong & broad immune response.…
Notice the date: 1990. CDC’s #LymeDisease group knew this when they manipulated the case definition a few years later. They implemented a diagnostic scheme that only IDs that minority of highly seropositive cases.
That means #LymeDisease tests are *only* very accurate (especially after a few weeks) if #Lyme = a genetic predisposition to a strong immune response against Borrelia antigens.
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One thing about the failed #LymeDisease #vaccine#LYMErix—that has always been sort of a mystery is what the heck SmithKline @GSK meant by “definite #Lyme disease” and “asymptomatic infections,” the latter of which they claimed their 💉was 💯effective against. 🤔
I mean…

“If you are one of the few people at risk of having zero symptoms from #LymeDisease infection, take our #vaccine to make sure you are 100% protected from an illness you wouldn’t have known you had, if you had it!”

Quite the sales pitch.
I just happened to be skimming some of my #LymeDisease library and noticed this blurb from the October 1997 ACIP meeting.

“In year 2, there were 13 cases of asymptomatic seroconversion, all in the placebo group, for a #vaccine efficacy of 100%”

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Currently @pfizer is injecting 1000s of unsuspecting victims with their #LymeDisease product that definitely isn’t a #vaccine. Bacterial lipoproteins don’t confer immunity & #Lyme spirochetes are a moving target. This 🧵contains stories from victims of the prior vax, #LYMErix.
“Patients are suffering because doctors don’t want to deal with Lyme let alone the vaccine.”

Real patient stories submitted to @US_FDA after #LYMErix injuries. @pfizer is trialing a near duplicate #LymeDisease product right now. Expect similar horror stories.
“I am able to live at home *only with support * from family and friends, and a paid nighttime caregiver.”
#LYMErix victim
@pfizer is looking to cause more of this kind of suffering.
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“VLA15…uses an established mechanism of action for a Lyme disease vaccine that targets the outer surface protein A (OspA) of Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that cause Lyme disease.”…

What’s wrong with this statement?
Yes, Borrelia burgdorferi cause #LymeDisease but more specifically, it’s the outer surface proteins that cause the disease. Including OspA. So, injecting OspA made in a lab is a really, really bad idea.
Also, anti-OspA antibody level is not a valid correlate of protection. Borrelia evade immunity through a mechanism called antigenic variation, in which they secrete outer surface proteins (Osps) and replace them with Osps that promote their survival under varying conditions.
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#LymeDisease diagnostic tests were designed to detect cases of *late Lyme arthritis*, a condition associated with certain genetics and which usually manifests as a single arthritic knee. This is the visual CDC uses ⤵️
People who have the genetic makeup for susceptibility to *late #Lyme arthritis* tend to produce a strong antibody response to #LymeDisease infection, but it builds over time. That’s why CDC & IDSA say “don’t test in the first 3 weeks.”
According to CDC & IDSA, #LymeDisease is *defined* by this small subset of people who are able to test positive by serology (antibody tests).

It should be the other way around: Define the disease, then establish testing that accurately diagnoses >95% of cases meeting criteria.
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*FDA did not find #LYMErix increased arthritis.

They only reviewed arthritis complaints b/c the crooks running the trials had redefined #LymeDisease & rigged testing to only DX arthritis-susceptible cases.

Not gonna find dangerous AEs only looking for swollen knees.
Oct 2021 I told FDA investigators, in person, that current #LymeDisease #vaccine trials must be halted.

There is no valid diagnostic so there is no way to determine efficacy.

Plus, it’s not a vaccine.
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Here’s how #LymeDisease testing is rigged.

1. Allen #Steere discovered a genetic association between strong immune response & arthritis.

2. Only about 15% of people fit that profile

3. SmithKline needed to *not* diagnose #LymeDisease for their #LYMErix #vaccine trials

4. So they convinced the feds to rig the disease definition so a case of #Lyme = #LymeArthritis ONLY

5. This is why #LymeDisease diagnostics are like antibody bingo—rigged to ID only the highly reactive arthritis-prone cases which represent a small minority

6. #LYMErix looked super effective in phase III because the tests would never DX more than 15% of cases!

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There is a lot of confusion about what #LymeDisease tests under the #CDC #twotier standard are actually designed to diagnose. I’d like to elucidate for all but am feeling kinda lazy, lol. Let’s see here. 1/x
Some think #lymeDisease diagnostics are geared toward #earlylyme only, while some say #latelyme or #LymeArthritis. It’s more specific than that & there is a reliance on timing & interpretation of results to exclude as many cases as possible. 2/x
First of all, one must understand that #LymeDisease & diagnostic test outcomes vary based on people’s genetic makeup, among other factors. People with certain HLAs (studied in-depth by #AllenSteere) tend to have a stronger immune response. 3/x
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Let’s discuss #LymeDisease #vaccines.

The topic is getting a lot of play lately, and I’m seeing people who have been socially programmed to hate “antivaxxers” jumping on the “antivaxxers killed the Lyme vaccines” propaganda short bus.

First of all, the #Lyme vaccines killed themselves. Let’s just be clear on that, once and for all. OspA in any form is not a vaccine. It is one of many lipoproteins expressed on the surface of Borrelia, the organisms that cause #LymeDisease. #LYMErix was recombinant OspA.
You can’t inject these lipoproteins… because…why would you do that when the ticks are perfectly capable??? 🤦‍♀️
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Different groups have FOIAed this #Lyme crooks email over the years. On the surface it is appalling, but what does it really mean? “This battle cannot be won on a scientific front...we need reinforcements from outside our field.”

In short, it means they’re guilty. Of what? 🧵
They rigged the #LymeDisease case definition to conform to diagnostics that were designed to detect a small minority of cases that are genetically predisposed to produce a strong antibody response.
Allen Steere had done a ton of research on the association of various HLAs with different antibody responses in #LymeDisease. Everyone knew by the early 1990s that the people with an arthritic knee had a strong immune response but weren’t very sick.
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More than two decades after assaulting Czech children with lipidated OspA “vaccines,” UConn declares, “It’s the lipids, stupid!”

“Chemical removal of the lipid portion of purified M. pneumoniae lipoproteins eliminated VED...”[vaccine-enhanced disease]…
WHY do “scientists” still think it’s cool to inject lipoproteins (especially of the highly acylated variety)? WHY is UConn suddenly saying, oh, isn’t it amazing how we solved the mystery of the century! WHY???

Because #LYMErix.
We had a #Whistleblower for that, and she, @KMDickson, got the standard whistleblower treatment so the #pharma criminals wouldn’t have to answer for their crimes. And here we are 20+ years later, with one of the same institutions involved in the OspA scam telling us #lipidsbad 🤬
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