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💉💉💉🧬Please join our vaccine support group for our live broadcast on CHD - Children's Health Defense 🧬💉💉💉
10 am EST
#covidvaccine #canwetalkaboutit #react19 #vaccineinjured #cdc #fda #pharma #vaccinesideeffects #operationtruth #teamhumanity
@JohnBoweActor Hey John can you retweet this? And great job on the film! Yall did an amazing job & and we all appreciate your hard work. I hope you are doing well.
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Fassen wir die Situation für die #deutschen #Kinderkliniken doch mal zusammen:

1. seit Fallpauschalen #drg schreiben >75% der Kinderkliniken rote Zahlen, die Folge:
2. Kinderkliniken werden geschlossen, Stationen geschlossen, Betten abgebaut, Investitionen zurückgehalten

3. es fehlt an Kinder- und Jugendärzte:innen (in den Kinderkliniken und in den Praxen)
4. es fehlen Kinderkrankenpflegekräfte, massenweise! Allein in #nrw waren Anfang 2022 nach #gkind Erhebung 1491 Stellen unbesetzt, in 🇩🇪 sind >3000 Stellen nicht besetzt

5. gleichzeitig haben wir mit der Einführung der #Generalistik die Kinderkrankenpflege geschwächt: ⅓ weniger Absolvent:innen im Vergleich zu 2019! Der Kinderkrankenpflegemangel wird also zunehmen

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#PreMarketCapsule |26th September, Monday | Edition: 43

In the document ⬇️
1. #Nifty Range and Breadth
2. #Banknifty range and Breadth
3. #Sector Breadth
4. #FII Derivative Activity
5. #Summary of the analysis Image
1. Demand Zone 17415 to 17250
2. Initiate short below 17250 only
3. Price trading below TMA is bearish
4. Pullback towards TMA and getting red brick is a good place to go short
#Nifty #nifty50 #NIFTYFUT Image
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#PreMarketCapsule | 6th September, Tuesday | Edition: 35

In the thread⬇️
1. #Nifty Range and Breadth
2. #Banknifty range and Breadth
3. #Sector Breadth
4. #FII Derivative Activity
5. #Summary of the analysis
1. Price trading above TMA is bullish
2. Broke out of recent consolidation
3. Near resistance is 18000
4. Support is 17500
#Nifty #nifty50 #NIFTYFUT
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#PreMarketCapsule | 5th September, Monday | Edition: 34

In the document ⬇️
1. #Nifty Range and Breadth
2. #Banknifty range and Breadth
3. #Sector Breadth
4. #FII Derivative Activity
5. #Summary of the analysis
1. The marked zone in 'Green' is Demand Zone for Nifty
2. Price has traded there for more time than expected near the Demand Zone
3. Price trading near the demand zone is a negative sign and may have weakened the zone

#Nifty #nifty50 #NIFTYFUT
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#NIFTY bottom for the year 2022 is near 15400 - 15100

Mostly will get achieved in month on MAY 2022 only.

After #bottom out #TOP for the year 2022 is near 19100 - 19500 which i am expecting before NOVEMBER 2022

For SECTORAL OUTLOOK check out the thread 🧵
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@valtioneuvosto @TyttiTup #EUarchives The Legal Entity of ‘Greater #Germany’ - The first president of the #Brussels #EU
- Walter #Hallstein, #nazi-German lawyer, chief architect and first president of the Brussels EU from 1958 to 1967, gave this speech in January 1939.…
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ The curious case of “disguise, I see thou art a wickedness” [Viola, Twelfth Night] - PART 1 of 2: <Background>. On 22/Oct/2021 #ClearBank froze the accounts of @theFCA’s notorious #Emoney op #Viola Money(Europe) Ltd “VMEL”, …
2/ citing “financial crime concerns” + informed the slumbering UK regulator (@theFCA). A week later VMEL’s Estonian bank (#LHV) issued 2 months termination notice to VMEL. 4 days later (on 2/11/2021) the FCA finally issued a pitiful ‘1st supervision notice’ BUT astonishingly …
3/ still allowed VMEL to carry out unsupervised ‘individual transactions’ of <£5k (remember this + this date for Part 2). 6 days later astonishingly the FCA reportedly backtracked + rescinded even the conditions of it’s pitiful ‘1st supervision notice’ (#BigLaw no doubt …
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Writing a thread on key learnings from Prabhudas Lilladher’s report on Healthcare sector covering the entire sector & key listed players.

The content of the same is as follows:
-Overview of Healthcare Industry
-Investment rationale
-Key sectoral risks
-Company Analysis

India's healthcare industry has shown remarkable growth in the recent past and the momentum will certainly continue in FY23 with improvement in occupancy, better case mix and sustainability of current ARPOB.

#Pharma #Healthcare #Investment
Beyond FY23, we believe hospital companies will be more focused on growth as they are
- adding new capacities largely through brownfield expansion for faster operationalization of beds & lower startup costs
- scaling up other ancillary businesses to tap further opportunities.
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I’m always listening
As long as my Google search of #MultipleSclerosisCauses yields “Possible” Causes, question every word, every Doctor.
Next tweet is more thoughts about your ideas Martin 😎🖖🏼
Of course if You Follow Me, You know I am fighting #MultipleSclerosis
War in #Ukraine
Partisan Hate Speech/Censorship allowed by @paraga @Twitter with #Section230 Protection Racket by Lawmakers 🇺🇸
Pondering 🤔 our complex vascular system.
#pharma is a drug
Martin, started using @Apollo_Neuro and @ouraring September 2020.
My HRV never as low as Pre-Apollo. Gets me thinking about my years as an ICU Nurse. Blood Flow, Perfusion, that Pause during heartbeats that sends blood to the heart, takes toxins away.
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Ik ontdekte dit vanaf het begin & kritiseerde de #Voorspellingen + 't HELE #Beleid. Nù nóg❗️

KabinetsBeleid Corona:

>400 LOCKDOWN dagen
30.000 #DODEN
100.000 #LongCOVID via @NOS
3 - 4 #BOOSTER PRIKKEN / jaar =

>45 Miljoen #mRNA-prikken
#Miljarden €€ naar de #Pharma-#Maffia.

+ (👇👇) 23 DODEN per miljoen prikken:
45 x 23 = 1.035 #Prik-#Doden & >5.000 Ernstige #Bijwerkingen.

Dood door Schuld / Wanbeleid / OPZET ⁉️
Minimaal 2-4 jaar.
#MinderCOVID of #ZeroCOVID-#Beleid
versus het #FALENDE:

"Laat 't #Virus #Rondrazen tot de #IC's overstromen en trap dan pas op de #LOCKDOWN #Rem" #Beleid.
"#Groepsimmuniteit" door #Vaccinatie te midden van 'n #Pandemie creëert HONDERDEN #Mutaties.
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Unfortunately for some reason, Our Worldwide group of suffering people is not having any influence on Doctors who Develop, Sell, Prescribe & Love those Images all glowing like my first. I saw Christmas trees lights all over my Brain. I almost passed out seeing #MultipleSclerosis
I’m not sure when it was I started suspecting I Might have Gadolinium Retention. I still have no diagnosis, my medical Doctors Skeptical, labeled “Skin Picker”. My kidneys work so “Nephrogenic” Gad retention isn’t it. Realized with Me, it should be coded Iatrogenic Gad Retention.
Once I suspected #Gadolinium Retention I met other like minded people here on Twitter like @Wagner_Nephro @sennasthunder @lambertdebb @Gadolinium_MRI @SandiTitus1 @planetd1 and more. I looked at FDA warning ⚠️ in Disbelief. They Know we Retain in Brain, Bone, & other Vital Organs
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Deaths WITH #Covid19 age 0-19 yrs as of Jan 21 2022:


Reported/accepted #vaccine adverse events age 5-17 yrs (#Pfizer Comirnaty authorized Nov 19, 2021) as of Jan 14 2022 (56 days)


(w/ 291 categorized as serious in 12-17 yr old group)

Prior to intro. of user fees in 1994, #HealthCanada was solely funded by tax dollars - therefore accountable to the public. By 2018, approx. 50% of #HealthCanada’s budget came from #Pharma. Quietly announced in Oct 2017 was intention to increase to 90%.
On May 27, 2021, Dr. Patrick Phillips was asked if the data in Canada's adverse event system can be trusted. He replied "absolutely not" & suggested #VAERS may be more reliable. However, "HHS’s own studies indicate that VAERS may be understating vaccine injuries by OVER 99%."
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#MAGA has nnnnnnever been about 1 dude.

#Trump was really powerful and exactly what we needed, when we needed it. I standby most of his presidential decisions as well as my 2020 vote for him.. I mean, with all that #Biden's doing/not doing, who couldn't? 🙂

But if you've listened to Trump over the course of the last year, he has not been what we needed, when we needed it. Though purported to be anti #VaccineMandate and #VaccinePassports, he only says so as a dismissive, quiet afterthought.

In his speeches/appearances, he spends 5 minutes talking about how amazing the vaccine is and how he/it has saved millions of lives, then gives a quick vibe of, "oh, yeah, but it should be up to, I guess, or whatever.... but it's a miracle of modern science!"

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#Impfstoff“-Chargen-LOTTO: Mit etwas Pech gewinnst Du eine #Charge m. bis zu 3000x #Toxizität mit vielen #Hospitalisierungen/#Todesfälle|n… 70-80% Chargen sind clean, 1 von etwa 200 aber FATAL! Nachvollziehbar bewiesen durch BigData-Auswertungen von VAERS/Chargen-Nr./Meldungen. ImageImage
#MikeYeadon (Ex-head Research #Pfizer): „Turning to your discoveries from smart analyses of batches in VAERS, the descending series of batches/adverse events for the Pfizer #vaccine is without doubt the most frightening & disturbing figure I’ve ever seen. …patterns have meaning“
#VAERS database provided the batches in time sequence, and has records of all the #adversereactions associated with each batch. So it was a simple task to create a graph showing how #toxicity of the #batches varied with time over the entire year of #2021.
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@StefMeijer3 @neutrinoide @guidoweijers @blckbxnews Welkom terug beste volger.
We praten je bij.
1. Wij vertegenwoordigen de #Occupy beweging in #Schagen.
De strijd tegen de groeiende #Rijkdom & #Macht
van de 1%:
de 0,00001% #Miljardairs +hun hielen likkende Elite.
In dit geval 't #BioTech Industrieel Complex
-De #Pharma Maffia
@StefMeijer3 @neutrinoide @guidoweijers @blckbxnews >>2. Waarom #PCR-Testen #GOED bruikbaar zijn
om mensen die #Besmet zijn of waren
met #COVID19 / #SARS_CoV2 te #VINDEN,
de bron van de infectie te #TRACEREN
& #ALLE besmettingen in een #Uitbraak-Haard te #Isoleren tot ze beter, of dood zijn ?
Géén verhaal maar #Feiten.
@StefMeijer3 @neutrinoide @guidoweijers @blckbxnews >>China werd overrompeld in dec. 2019 / jan. 2020
- als 1e land (zoals Media ten onrechte schrijven) -
in #Wuhan, 'n miljoenenstad + knooppunt van snelwegen.

Ze determineerden het Genoom van 't #Coronavirus (#RNA) & begonnen daarmee de #PCR-Testen massaal uit te voeren.
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Information Thread


#Gematria #Sorcery #Deception #Pharma
'The $ system'
The caduceus
Given that the caduceus is a symbol of commerce, many health-care professionals disapprove of this practice.
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1) An uninformed, pharisaical condemnation of an industry providing, w/regularity, life-saving, less invasive medical options at huge R&D cost:
2) The tweeter has a campaign against #Pharma, an imperfect industry, as all human endeavors are. She blames Pharma for poor nations, though it has provided millions of free doses. It escapes her that graft often frustrates the administration of those helps. We are blessed...
3) our nation to enjoy market freedoms in which to exercise and profit from our industry and invention. We elect Gov't to hold business accountable and citizens who can organize and sue both. I won't broadbrush a grim picture of an industry that, though imperfectly,...
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@ProfPCDoherty 1/- The TGA - I have no confidence. Coercion is beyond belief.
State Governments mandating are in breach of the Constitution section 51-23A No medical civil conscription authorised.
10,000 DAEN entries have no age in the report lists and a snapshot of adverse events is shocking.
@ProfPCDoherty 2/- #HerdImmunity can’t be achieved with a narrow epitope systemic v@x that doesn’t stop infection or transmission especially with viral mutations. May need turbo boosters ad-Infinitum. Natural immunity adjunct with anti-viral drugs, broader epitope memory based mucosal immunity
@ProfPCDoherty 3/- Professor Robert Clancy
Need of efficacious #Covid19 drug protocol therapies, keep people out of hospital and vaccines. Traditional antigen based vaccines Novavax recombinant spike, Chinese inactivated virus clinical trials appear safe,no adverse evt…
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Fake COVID-19 vaccination #certificates sold for Rs 5,500 on Telegram | Sep 16
- the black market for fake vaccine certificates has expanded globally, now selling certificates in 29 countries, including India, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.
Millionaire offers $1.2 M reward to anyone providing an isolated sample of the COVID-19 virus | 04/17/21
- “By proof, he means the isolation of the virus according to #Koch’s postulates. To date, no one has been able to win Eckert’s challenge,”…
Since viruses are fictional make believe organisms, virologists have to invent a make believe full genome in the computer, which they call ‘in silico’, aka computer simulation, genome like this paper.… Image
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1/2 GIDS psychiatrist Dr Dinesh Sinha FRCPsych was 'judgemental and punitive' to *child safeguarding* lead & whistleblower Sonia Appleby.

& that majorly contributed to £20k damages & a massive #PR dent for @TaviAndPort. Image
2/2 Another FRCPsych on the Tavistock board is Professor Bhugra, past president of @rcpsych & @WPA_Psychiatry. Openly gay, & works for #Pharma on the side. He co-wrote a 2014 @lancet piece saying that patients reporting Pharma harms had 'bizarre' symptoms.… Image
3/4 The chair of @TaviAndPort is @PaulBurstow, who claims to be 'independent' in his Twitter bio. But is he?

A former @LibDems junior health minister, he was still supporting them as a member in 2019 & has not stated any change.
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2/ #GhostManagement #TechnologicalCapture
"Companies’ connections are like a plate of spaghetti. They have licensing agreements with each other; they even promote each other’s drugs in a number of instances."
3/ #GhostManagement #COI #ProfessionalCapture
"Conversely, doctors who take money from one drug company anticipate getting money from other drug companies—and typically that’s the case. We’ve got doctors who’ve taken money from about 15 different companies in a single year."
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As we are on the cusp of authorization of a 3rd dose of #SARSCoV2 #Vaccine for immunocompromised, I think its time for the entire Transplant Community begin focusing on some important questions that this entire situation has brought up

1. Transplant patients have reduced protection from all vaccines compared to healthy controls, so the poor response was predicted. Why wasn’t there an a priori plan to study this? Many advocated for studies, but there were no @NIH or #Pharma funding mechanisms

Lack of investment in focused research funded by @NIH or #Pharma for COVID-19 in immunocompromised patients was consistent across the spectrum of disease. We need to better advocate for #TID-focused funding mechanisms.

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There seemed to be some confusion about (the use of) words in @CommonsHealth Committee yesterday morning, so here's a [Thread] to try to clarify.

First "#commercial". It is of course the case that many parts of the #NHS use commercial providers, e.g. of software, whether that... @Microsoft365 for word processing, spreadsheets & e-mail; or IT systems to handle patients' records in hospitals (e.g. @CernerUK) & General Practice (e.g. @TPP_SystmOne, @EMISHealth, @CegedimHS); or software to drive complicated equipment like #MRIscanners, etc.

This is...
..entirely normal use of #commercial software & software services, for which the #NHS body is the #DataController. Apart from when that software goes wrong, I don't believe many would have concerns about this.

Then there are #commercial providers of #NHS services, about which...
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