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Weekly NIFTY50 analysis thread.
September Week4.

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Catch yourself when you say “risks vs. benefits” because you aren’t making a fair comparison.

In @JAMA_current
& podcast

@eliowa @drjohnm @d_spiegel @zeynep @VPrasadMDMPH

Why we say it and what we think is better below...
This building block of clinical decisions biases by framing uncertain harm vs. certain benefits and nudges towards treatment

Written with
@DKorenstein @ldscherer
(Over 2 years, i'm embarrassed to admit)
Clearly, the words physicians use have
a critical function in this communication

Referring to harms as “risks” emphasizes that
the unfavorable outcome may or may not happen,
whereas there is no parallel language that highlights
the equally probabilistic nature of “benefits.”
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I think they believed #Pharma
1st Biopsy, Back of my head.Lump Felt infected.She did a punch.I asked,For Culture?She was snippy,said Pathology! She Thought it was cancer. It was not. I didn’t suspect #Gadolinium. She was close minded anyway.
Next Dermatologist biopsied my left hand, my fingers all tattered,nails all growing straight through digit pads. Said I had OCD-skin picking. I said, I’m a slob, how could I have OCD? 🤦‍♀️ Nice guy. I wasn’t even thinking Gadolinium then.
Third Dermatologist was here. My stubborn thumb the last to heal.Nearly 2 years ago.I told him my suspicions about gadolinium. He said,He’d heard about Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis but I had normal kidney function. I gently persisted (the old nurse in me). He said It’s Possible.
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(In Million) fy11/fy20
Revenue - 60827/334735
R&D - 3313/19736
Net Profit - 18161/69644
EPS - 7.5/15.7

New speciality launche
1) Cequa -Oct'19 (cyclosporine ophthalmic solution 0.09%)in Keratoconjunctivitis sicca(dry eye) for increasing tear productn
2) Absorica LD - Feb'20(isotretinoin) capsules in US for severe recalcitrant acne in patients 12yrs&older

3) Ezallor sprinkle - July'19(rosuvastatin)capsules for 3 types of elevated lipid disorders for patients with difficulty in swallowing

#pharma #StockMarket #Nifty #stocks
4)Drizalma Sprinkle - Oct'19(duloxetine delayed release capsules) in US for oral use, serotonin & norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor for patients with neuropsychiatric & pain disorders in patients who have difficulty swallowing

@SunPharma_Live annual report 2019/20
#API #sensex
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Another fitful night of sleep
Pain indescribable
9 Gadolinium doses 7 years
Study patient
Surrounded by Wonderful Skeptical 🤨 Doctors 🥼
Who #Pharma told, it’s Safe, New stuff even Safer 🤦‍♀️
Mined in China 🇨🇳 Cast off from Computer chip mines
Where can we go? 😢
@EPAAWheeler yes, it’s in our water, too…+ long Version We are not alone...
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Gentle Reminder| #Google Is A #DRUGCOMPANY

#censorship is intensifying & the main focus is on #antivaccine" content. #YouTube has censored tons of videos.

2 subsidiaries of Google’s parent company #Alphabet, market & manufacture vaccines.…
#Genentech’s former CEO, Arthur Levinson, runs #Calico an anti-aging drug company while #Verily teams with Pharma to conduct drug /#vaccine clinical trials.

In '16, Alphabet inked a $715 million deal with Glaxo to create Galvani,

2| Image
... another venture to develop bioelectronic medicines & vaccines & to mine medical information from #Google customers.

Google’s Customer Services President, #MaryEllenCoe, sits on #Merck’s board. In 2016, Google partnered with #Sanofi launching #Onduo,

3| ImageImageImage
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It is Not Fear I have of #gadolinium
It is Dread and Disdain I feel.
It is Disappointment with All the Doctors I’ve shown the Extremely Painful White Ceramic skin deposits I have. Except one Doctor @Wagner_Nephro Who I’ve never met. He hears me. #Pharma is allowing all this. 😢
Microcyclic Macrocyclic I’ve had them both.
9 Doses in 7 years on CombiRx study.
I even wrote to Study people.
Every MRI I complained about no drinking glasses in dressing room. Turns out Hydration Doesn’t help. Chelation a Crap shoot.
Pharma’s Mantra:
It’s Safe.
It’s Safer (now come on, what’s safer than safe)?
So Let’s talk Purity.
Mostly sourced in China 🇨🇳
Is it contaminated?
My suspicion Arsenic and Cadmium.
Seriously,Would China Care?
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@McKinsey_MGI has a report out titled; '#Risk, resilience & rebalancing in global value chains' it holds some good insights into trends in #GlobalTrade...Here are some takeaways...1/4 Large companies has global #SupplyChains w. 1000s of suppliers, disruption risks varies...
2/4 #Globalisation has been changing in the last decade, sector concentration varies between industries, poten. losses from #SupplyChain disruptions can be as high as 42% of 1 years EBITDA..Supply chain #shocks are becoming more frequent & severe...
3/4 Overviews of global production distribution of select industries - #Automotive, #Semiconductor & #Pharma...Concentration can be a key source of vulnerability...#SupplyChains #Risk #Macro #GlobalTrade
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Biologics (Bgs) are produced from living organisms or contain components of living orgs,derived from human,animal,or microorgs by Biotechnology
Eg..vaccines,blood & blood products,somatic cells,gene therapy,allergenics,tissues,recombinant therapeutic proteins
Composed of proteins,sugars,nucleic acids or complex combinations of the above or maybe living entities such as cells & tissues

Diff betn Chemical/Biological drugs

Produced by chemical synthesis,low molecular weight,well defined chemical structure,stable
Completely characterised, mostly non immunogenic

Produced by living cells cultures,high molecular weight,complex structure,process dependent,impossible to fully characterize,unstable,sensitive to external conditions,immunogenic
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Why is MSF calling on #Canada to ensure public spending on medical R&D is used for public health and not private profits? Because we have seen how it can save lives. A thread about #Ebola, Canadian science and the failure of the private sector. 1/12
#DidYouKnow that Canadian government scientists first developed an #Ebola vaccine as early as 2001 — but that it was still not available more than a decade later to help end the West Africa Ebola epidemic that killed thousands of people between 2014-16? Here’s why not: 2/12
Canada’s #Ebola vaccine was developed with public funds, but the medical R&D system is organized around creating commercial products for #pharma companies. So Canada didn’t test or trial its vaccine. Instead, the government left it to the private sector. This was a mistake. 3/12
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DD Thread.

@RadioSilentplay's charts on this one indicate a potential bullish flag breakout - his chart tweets are included in this thread. I've done the DD so that you know what you're buying. These are facts guys, make of them what you will. Enjoy :))
- is the symbol for China Pharma Holdings, it trades on the NYSE American.

-It was founded in 1993 and owns (REMEMBER THIS NAME...) Hainan Helpson Medicine & Biotechnique (HHMB for short :)).

-HHMB do drug R&D, production and sales.

-Located in Haikou, Hainan, CHINA.
HHMB is held by . This is where the VALUE is.

- make & market generic medicines for China. These can be prescription drugs, OTC drugs or nutrition products.

-They focus on cardiovascular, CNS, infectious, and digestive diseases.

#Pharma plays are hot rn.
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I support #MedicareForAll. It's why I supported @berniesanders. It's why I co-authored "Medicare for All: A Citizen's Guide" w/ @micah_johnson_.

And it's also why I agreed when Bernie asked me to join the Unity Task Force on healthcare.

A thread:

Joe Biden isn't Bernie. He does not support #MedicareforAll—we deeply disagree on this.

But he does support universal coverage, expanding public coverage, reining in Pharma, & health equity—things we DO agree on.

Our Task Force recommendations build upon these aims.

Our Task Force worked hard & I'm grateful to the team & Co-Chairs @PramilaJayapal & @vivek_murthy.

We didn't agree on everything, but we came to recommendations that will yield one of the most progressive Dem campaign platforms in history-tho we have further yet to go.

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Our #FutureOfPharmacy started with a few key tenets about how we believed the future might evolve
As we explored trends and research and discussed it with different thought leaders, another key issue was the role of the pharmacist. We saw three future roles
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1) Scare tactics- second wave is more testing! Stats tell the story. Even if they fudge the covid-caused deaths, AS PROVEN THEY ARE DOING, proper all cause analysis, and covid specific stats show the deaths ARE TRENDING LOWER, despite more asymptomatic “cases” they use for fear.
2) Just another snapshot as to where things are going...The first graph shows weekly Covid assigned deaths. The second graph shows all-cause deaths by age per week. As stated earlier, the numbers we are presently recording, are tracking lower than the prior years deaths,
3) during the same weeks. We are never going to have weeks where no one dies.
In 2017 an AVERAGE of 7,708 people died each day
In 2018 an AVERAGE of 7,779 people died each day
To conservatively account for population increase we can extrapolate
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More than two decades after assaulting Czech children with lipidated OspA “vaccines,” UConn declares, “It’s the lipids, stupid!”

“Chemical removal of the lipid portion of purified M. pneumoniae lipoproteins eliminated VED...”[vaccine-enhanced disease]…
WHY do “scientists” still think it’s cool to inject lipoproteins (especially of the highly acylated variety)? WHY is UConn suddenly saying, oh, isn’t it amazing how we solved the mystery of the century! WHY???

Because #LYMErix.
We had a #Whistleblower for that, and she, @KMDickson, got the standard whistleblower treatment so the #pharma criminals wouldn’t have to answer for their crimes. And here we are 20+ years later, with one of the same institutions involved in the OspA scam telling us #lipidsbad 🤬
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My colleague @ISOcertified & I recently wrote in @Diplomat_APAC on diversifying supply chains in the wake of #COVID19. A few commentators have brought in some skepticism on India’s ability to cash. We're fact-checking some commonly pointed concerns (1)..…
Skeptics commonly point to restrictive trade regime, labor, land, tax uncertainties & lack of investment strategy. GOI has overcome some of these problems. Due to this reform trajectory, we believe #India is more closer to attracting manufacturing investments than ever before (2)
Some major reforms for which govt doesn’t get enough credit: bridging production cost difference between #India & SE Asia. GOI is bridging through some sector-specific policies. Ex: MeitY's trilogy of manufacturing schemes to provide production, capital & land/infra incentives(3)
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March 17 2020: "#Gates has proved there is a far easier path to political power, one that allows unelected billionaires to shape public policy in ways that almost always generate favorable headlines: #charity."
"Describing his approach by turns as "creative capitalism" and “catalytic philanthropy," Gates oversaw a shift at his foundation to leverage "all the tools of #capitalism" to "connect the promise of #philanthropy with the power of private enterprise."

#Microsoft #Pharma
The #Gates Foundation has made over the last two decades, ...close to $2 billion in tax-deductible charitable donations to private companies—including some of the largest businesses in the world, such as #GlaxoSmithKline, #Unilever, #IBM, & #NBC Universal #Media."
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Wid lot of buzz on #pharma sector, spoke to Sailesh Raj Bhan n Aditya Khemka

Top 10 takeaways

1.Pharma always outperformed broader index till 2015. Frm 2016-2019 it underperformed

2.Export to US & pricing issues, IPM growth slowdown led to sub optimal return ratios
3. Excluding #COVID__19 last 12-18 months earnings started to improve

4. Leading cos showed high single digit volume growth n 13-15% earnings growth in last 5-6 qtrs

5. Domestic business share improved from 30% in 2015 to 50% plus giving stability
6. Most global & competitive sectors in India. Sells in over 100 countries, branded presence in 20. 40% of Oral generics sold in US r manufactured in India, so are 20% of all injectables

7. US-after a double decline in prices for 2 yrs,decline is now 3-4% implying stabilization
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.@SecAzar on all the morning network shows making the same false claim that "We have & always have had the capacity to test anybody who's suspected of novel coronavirus."

And @GStephanopoulos doesn't challenge him on that.

#COVID19 #coronavirus
'It's Just Everywhere Already': How Delays in Testing Set Back the U.S. Coronavirus Response… #coronavirus #COVID19 @nytimes
How the Biogen leadership conference in Boston spread the coronavirus… @BostonGlobe

#COVID19 #coronavirus
Today, a number of #COVID19 hearings on Capitol Hill, including @OversightDems w/ #NIH/ #NIAID Fauci, @CDCDirector @PHEgov Kadlec @DeptofDefense Rauch & @USGAO Currie…
#coronavirus #CDC
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‘If you watch cable news for more than a few minutes, you’ll quickly be inundated by ads from big pharma, Wall Street, and other corporate advertisers who are terrified that their profits would suffer under a progressive administration.’

This is Intercept’s political coverage.
the big #pharma ads are the most atrocious ads, prefaced by a long list of warnings to shirk responsibility from the #toxic effects of these drugs on human health -
- in view of #singularity science the drugs are developed by inept scientists, who are out of touch with reality..
all these problems American society faces are a result of a larger problem: massive illiteracy..

#illiteracy is a comorbid condition within predatoryNT - it is not hard to convince the right wing voters that gun rights are legitimate human rights.. and Medicare is not..
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@BernieSanders No, you want vaccines by #pHARMa forced by govt.
Americans want freedom not fascism.
@BernieSanders #pHARMa pushes vaccines to Seniors at state levels (state statutes allowing pharmacists to administer vaccines) in order to bilk federal Medicare NOW
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The name Marijuana has a “reefer madness “ association.
I’ll use the name Cannabis.
Cannabis has THC and CBD along with other therapeutic properties I find very effective for relief of Pain and Misery of #MultipleSclerosis Unfortunately Federal government says it’s like heroin 🤨
In Vermont, it was initially legal to buy #MedicalCannabis with a $50 card and note from my Doctor, a Board Certified Neurologist who said she’d rather I use Cannabis than use #opioids for my extraordinary pain and suffering. Every year $50 and a note saying I have MS.
Meanwhile, down at the Dispensary, the nice bud tenders laid out the 3.5 gram packages. $50 each. I was stunned. “A nickel sack?” The kid didn’t even know what I meant. I relented, bringing cash because the bank wasn’t allowed to be used due to Federal regulations.
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