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1. Today's 🧵 is inspired by/focused on one of the smartest people I have encountered, Dr. Len Horowitz. His presentation is here from which this thread is entirely based:

👉 👈
(ignore subtitles - other links on YT)

Kindly wait to unroll until I say 👍
2. If you don't want to watch it on YouTube, you can find it on Amazon too. Im sure there may be other places but this is my references for those of you reading this thread. Here is what

#DNAPiratesOfTheSacredSpiral by #DrHorowitz looks like on Amazon

3. Before I go into the presentation slides that I am literally posting from the above referenced material, all credit goes to this genius and honest man.

God bless him every day for his courage, his time, his life work. There are not many like him. 🙏💗🇺🇸 Thank you Dr. H 🙏
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2016: The CIA tried mind control to create the perfect assassin… - this article talks about brainwashing #MKUltra to create killers would be have no recollection - effectively "amnesia" - but that's also a #Symbolism code. What do I mean? #Logic #Qanon
Direct Answer: Brainwashing is employed through cultist families that sacrifice a child into the system. The family and nearby agents including children of other cultists are in on it to brainwash a child: family, psychiatrists, "friends", & enemies are all in on it. #MKUltra
Being betrayed by family and "friends" in the most traumatizing way that can be engineered - giving new friends that are also in on it to encourage a specific set of actions - giving them drugs to further encourage compliance = you can make anyone do anything. #Qanon #MKUltra
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@debnantz @DarlaShine @donlemon "2.3% of the women receiving
Gardasil and 2.3% of the women receiving the AAHS Control or Saline
Placebo (the “combined control group”) reported developing a systemic autoimmune
disorder - the vaccine was deemed safe and licensed by HHS" This is incredible!
@debnantz @DarlaShine @donlemon Do they know that autoimmune disease is passed on from one generation to the next? Do they know that autoimmune disease is increasing in each subsequent vaccinated population? Do they know that autism is an autoimmune disease and occurs more frequently in families with autoimmune
@debnantz @DarlaShine @donlemon disease? Do they know that vaccination is designed to cause an abnormal immune response ie interferes with natural immune response and that this altered immunity is passed on via immunogenetics to subsequent populations as autoimmune disease? Vaccination by its very design is ...
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Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
The @EnergyCommerce Health Subcommittee hearing is now underway
Led by @RepAnnaEshoo
#healthpolicyvalentines #ACA #Obamacare
.@RepAnnaEshoo on Trump's short-term "junk" insurance plans:
We know these plans do not cover #preexistingconditions.
#ACA #Obamacare
.@michaelcburgess: What good is health insurance if you are afraid to use it b/c you can't afford the deductible.
This is the issue I would like to see us tackle.
#ACA #Obamacare
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I will now proceed to go on a #tweetrant / #tweetorial with regards to #Pharmaceutical #biotech pricing (focus on #cancer).

Very timely, also see @WSJ… on price hikes.

For the record, no #COI / #FCOI. Feel free to contribute to this discussion.
Lets look at the problem from the @PhRMA / business perspective. And lets suppose you are a wonderful company, started by wonderful people who just want to make the world a better place (I know, not real, but stay with me for a minute).
You start with a great idea / or pipeline platform and start selling this concept to #VC #VentureCapital, and lets assume that this is actually a really good idea. What is the needed return on investment to make this worth while. A: further R&D must exceed the cost of capital.
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Plusieurs des 124 signataires de la tribune contre l'#homéopathie (les "no #FakeMed"), volontiers accusateurs s'agissant de @DemonceauxA, entretiennent des liens d’intérêts avec l'industrie #pharma : au moins 55 000€ d'avantages. On fait les comptes dans ce thread ⬇️
#1 Céline Berthié, médecin généraliste en Gironde et no #FakeMed :
💰 1418,00 € (par @AstraZenecaFR, @BMSFrance, @Lundbeck, @MSDFrance, @novartis_france, @PierreFabre, @SanofiFR et d'autres)
Le détail ici 👉
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#2 Pierre-Marc Lallemand, cardiologue dans la Somme et no #FakeMed :
💰 +2679,00 € (par Bayer Healthcare, @bostonsci, @MSDFrance, Mylan, @novartis_france et d'autres)
Le détail ici 👉
Sous-total = 4097,00 €
A suivre...
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@TorniAlan @RobertKennedyJr @CapitalJon @mektronik 1. As a lawyer I would call it “coming to the nuisance”: #Bayer knew about the challenges against #glyphosate (#Roundup). They exist in the #EU, in Africa, in #Asia & the #US: Bad news for Bayer - In the US you have to pay huge damages! Good for the consumer! #Monsanto
@TorniAlan @RobertKennedyJr @CapitalJon @mektronik 2. I would love to see what the due diligence report stated during the #Monsanto-takeover - It seems that #Bayer underestimated the risk-impact of #glyphosate somewhat! Many concerns on #Roundup existed for years! There is also a reason why #Monsanto was called #Monsatan...
@TorniAlan @RobertKennedyJr @CapitalJon @mektronik 3. Never understood why a 150 year old #Pharma-company, with good brands,a very decent goodwill and high margins would expand further into #CropScience (never did well for #Bayer) with a company like #Monsanto (soso reputation, lower margins & obvious risk)!
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