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"It is important that people have a reliable route that they can take when they want to expose wrongdoing. An office for the whistleblower might be a potential route."
-@MaryRobinson01 Chair @AWhistleblowing…
#Whistleblower #SDG16
Legislation is needed to clarify that whistleblowing should be viewed positively, like compliance, rather than negatively, like a form of corporate treachery that eventually unravels in costly, exhausting & embarrassing legal battles
-Georgina Halford-Hall
Whistleblowers need one place to go to find out where they stand, get support and advice, source the financial means to fight retaliation and get appropriate compensation for their damaged careers—for most #whistleblowers, whistleblowing is career ending
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h/t @DawnChapmanSTL on the Nuclear issue in the stlouis region school. #SystemIsRigged…? Parents demand action after...
There was a past Documentary on HBO about this Nuclear mess that has plagued the StLouis community called @atomichomefront here are some of the images from this. ImageImageImageImage
Atomic Homefront Official Trailer (2018) | HBO
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#Bundesregierung hat jetzt offiziell Authentizität des von @NachDenkSeiten geleakten internen Regierungsdokuments "Laufende Aktivitäten der Ressorts und Behörden gegen Desinformation im Zusammenhang mit RUS Krieg gegen UKR“ eingeräumt:
Link zum Leak: ImageImage
Am 29.9. hatten ich dargelegt, dass @NachDenkSeiten internes Dokument der #Bundesregierung zugespielt wurde #WHISTLEBLOWER , welches konzertierte Aktion zur Informations-Gleichschaltung bzgl.🇺🇦Krieg belegt, u.a mit Einbindung von Medien wie @derspiegel
Teil 2 des Leaks Teil 2 des
@NachDenkSeiten zugespielten Regierungs-Dokuments zum "Kampf gegen Desinformation" belegt u.a. Einsatz von Jugendoffizieren an Schulen, Instrumentalisierung der Bildungsstätte Anne Frank + Überwachung "systemkritischer Medien":
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BREAKING: @FBI #WhistleBlower #SteveFriend Says,"FBI Domestic Terrorism Cases Are Being Opened On INNOCENT AMERICAN CITIZENS Who Were NOWHERE NEAR The Capitol, On Jan6th, Based On ANONYMOUS TIPS To An FBI Hotline OR FROM FACEBOOK SPYING ON THEIR MESSAGES!…
CONT: @FBI #Whistleblower #SteveFriend Was Confronted By FBI ASAIC #CoultMarkovsky, Who Asked, If J6 Rioters Who “KILLED POLICE OFFICERS” Should Be Prosecuted?
Friend Noted, “There Were No Police Officers Killed On January 6th"
#Markovsky Told Agent Friend He's A “Bad Teammate.”
CONT: @FBI Jacksonville, Special Agent In Charge #SherriOnks, Told #Whistleblower Agent #SteveFriend That He Needed To Do Some “Soul Searching” And Decide If He Wanted To Continue To Work For The FBI, Implying He Should Continue SWAT Raids On J6 People Charged With MISDEMEANORS!
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Was unsere Vorsitzende meint und wo wir uns vom #Bundestag Verbesserungen am Vorschlag der @BReg_Bund für ein #Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz erhoffen, erläutert unsere neue Serie.

Uns unterstützen, #Whistleblower zu schützen – z.B. als Förderer oder Spender: Image
Die Umsetzung der #EURL durch ein #Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz bedeutet Verbesserungen für #Whistleblower, v.a. mehr Schutz vor Repressalien bei Hinweisen zu Straftaten.

Uns unterstützen, #Whistleblower zu schützen – z.B. als Förderer oder Spender: Image
Der Entwurf für ein #Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz schützt weder die #Meinungsäußerungsfreiheit der #Whistleblower noch die gesellschaftliche #Informationsfreiheit ausreichend.
Uns unterstützen, #Whistleblower zu schützen – z.B. als Förderer oder Spender.: Image
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Bloody crying shame this. @athol_williams does the right thing #Whistleblower and loses his home, his job and almost his life.

Please help him.

@Billbrowder @PeterHain @1Whistleblowers @WhistleblowerNN @Vipey007
Not much, but something at least
@threadreaderapp unroll please
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A #Twitter whistleblower’s allegations that the Indian government forced the company to hire at least one individual who was a government agent and had access to user data, should be taken seriously, warn experts in the #technology and #policy sectors.…
@MishiChoudhary, founder of @SFLCin says that the more someone knows about a user, the more power they have over them. “Personal data is used to make a variety of decisions in and about our lives: jobs, government benefits, relationships & insurance are just a few of them.”
“Personal data can be used to affect our reputations and shape our behaviour,” says @MishiChoudhary

Accusing #Twitter of playing all sides she says, “By filing a lawsuit in Karnataka, it can appease its users, ‘look here, we are fighting for your rights. ’ ”
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@SFLCin has written a letter to @ShashiTharoor and the Standing Committee on IT to investigate whistleblower #Mudge’s revelations.
#twitter #Whistleblower
Through the letter we have urged the Standing Committee, to investigate the impact of these revelations on Indian users and their rights.
Twitter’s former security chief, Peiter
“Mudge” Zatko, recently alleged that the platform misled regulators, and violated security and privacy standards.…
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Immer wieder gibt es #Skandale am Reaktor #Mochovce 3. Trotzdem veröffentlicht die slowakische Atomaufsicht ÚJD heute die finale zweitinstanzliche Betriebserlaubnis. Das bedeutet, der Reaktor könnte jederzeit in Betrieb gehen. #dontnuketheclimate (1/6)
#Whistleblower melden regelmäßig technische Probleme in vielen sicherheitskritischen Bereichen: GLOBAL 2000 deckte bereits 2019, durch Informationen eines Baustatik-Ingenieurs, unkontrollierte Bohrarbeiten in den hermetischen Kammern des Reaktors auf. (2/6)
2021 machten #Whistleblower auf schwere Fehler des Managements bei Inbetriebnahme-Tests öffentlich, die zu massiven #Rostschäden am Primärkreislauf des #Reaktors führten. (3/6)
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1/Thread abt COL @YVindman

Military Officer. Attorney. Lawful Whistleblower. American Hero.

Our effort to have @POTUS issue waiver to allow retirement in grade has been blocked. One must ask why?

Why allow proven retaliation by Trump WH be continued?…
2/COL Vindman (brother of @AVindman), who challenged Pres Trump's actions re: #Ukraine, retires on 8/31 aft 25+ years active @USArmy. Not by choice. Following stellar career ruined by Trump NSC, #Army put him out to pasture in position usually filled by junior officer. Why?
3/In Nov 2021, COL Vindman requested @POTUS allow him to retire as COL (only has 14 months in grade instead of normal 3 years). Given unique circumstances, it is appropriate to reward, rather than punish, an individual who stepped forward & successfully challenged US President.
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Some key context missing from this WaPo article by @PostRoz, @DevlinBarrett, @CarolLeonnig, @jdawsey1 & @hsu_spencer.

THREAD: 1. On May 31, @ChuckGrassley wrote to @FBI about WFO Assistant SAC Timothy Thibault's political bias.
2. Shades of Peter Strzok.

Here are some examples and background, as described in the letter.

See highlights where Thibault even attacks @RepLizCheney ("Your dad was a disgrace"):

3. Then, on Monday, Grassley revealed that several #whistlelowers had come forward to detail how systemic political bias infects the @FBI and @TheJusticeDept through gatekeepers like Thibault and others who decide what gets investigated and what doesn't.
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“Murderers, torturers and war criminals will be toasting the British home secretary, Priti Patel, tonight. Her decision to approve the extradition of Julian Assange turns investigative journalism into a criminal act,.."Peter Oborne - The Guardian Friday 17th June 2022
The ultimate international whistleblower is to be handed over to the US,where he will get anything but justice, for his ‘crimes’ of exposing the US for murder and incarcenation of innocents breaching internationally upheld laws to protect the most basic human rights.
If investigative journalism is now a crime,we have turned a very dark corner in a post truth age.
A Tory government colluding is hardly surprising but what are citizens going to do? Accept & fail to maintain standards of human rights we assert as the basis of our civilisation?
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It’s official.

Rebekah Jones, the fired Florida Department of Health dashboard designer, is NOT a whistleblower.

The walls have closed in.…
In response to her defeat, Rebekah Jones records a video while she's driving.

She cries, falsely says that the report confirmed some of her allegations, falsely claims that the original investigator was fired, and promises to file a lawsuit anyway.…
Rebekah Jones claims that she will sue the Florida Department of Health, a government agency, into bankruptcy. Image
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I’m putting together a video diary of my experiences as a #Whistleblower and #FirstNations person. Over the weeks I intend to discuss the racism I’ve personally experienced in Australia and the corruption I’ve witnessed from @AusFedPolice @actgovernment and ACT “just-us” system
Good morning everyone it’s #ReconciliationWeek again, and I’m posting the second instalment of my video diary. As I’ve often mentioned before on Twitter I’m a member of the stolen generation(s) and a whistleblower into corruption in the Government Solicitor’s office and Treasury.
It’s the #ReconciliationDay Holiday in the ACT today, and day that drips with hypocrisy. The ACT has the highest per capita rate of #FirstNations incarceration in the country, it’s had the highest growth in FN incarnation in the country. The ACT has structural racism issues …
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I just have to laugh at how pathetic #Bannon is, esp his attempted knowledge of what "treason" means. 🤣 I'm a "liberal attorney"? I prob rep more conservatives than liberals in my career, sue every WH & have always been registered independent.…
I'm quite proud to rep both @AVindman & @YVindman. As well as @EzraACohen, @LTGHRMcMaster, @Cliff_Sims, @RepWalterJones, Secretary of Defenses #MarkEsper & #ChrisMiller, IC #whistleblower, #KatieArrington, #BrianMurphy & #ChelseaManning.

All these cases pertain to #RuleOfLaw.
Here are some good background articles on my legal career…
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1st - ASTONISHING: Did you know that the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), the (alleged) most prestigious medical journal, DOES NOT ANALYZE THE DATA of the studies they publish? (1/7)
This was admitted by its EDITOR IN CHIEF, Eric Rubin, in an email he sent me. After months holding our manuscript on proxalutamide) and knowing the results since the beginning), they rejected arbitrarily and were not able to provide an explanation. (2/7)
When I asked Eric Rubin, he said that THEY DIMPLY DON’T HAVE THE CAPACITY to ANALYZE THE DATA, as you all can see in the email sent in June 15th, 2021, in the print attached to this tweet. (3/7) Image
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Publishing in highly prestigious, massive impact factor scientific journals means NOTHING about the quality of a study. That’s now my opinion. That’s a fact. I’ll prove why. It is time to start bringing out to public the #EditorialGate .
I’ll publish one by one, slowly, so everyone can digest the unbelievable things you will all read in the upcoming weeks. Follow me in the next posts.
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Today @StateDept formally announced that violence perpetrated by Myanmar’s military against the #Rohingya constitutes genocide and crimes against humanity. This should bring renewed attention to the role of Facebook @meta in fuelling the #Rohingya genocide. 1/6
It has been 5 years of promises from @meta to “do more” and “do better.” So, are they? No. @Global_Witness had 8 ads with explicit hate speech about #Rohingya approved for publication. 👎👎👎AP News: 2/6
This negligence is unacceptable. I saw this behavior over and over from Facebook - it ultimately led me to become a #whistleblower. @meta chronically underfunds and understaffs the teams responsible for keeping us safe — especially in the most vulnerable places in the world. 3/6
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1. Saisonnalité de l'épidémie dans les îles avec >95% d'adultes vaccinés
❄️Hémisphère Nord : Islande
☀️Hémisphère Sud : Nouvelle-Zélande
🌴Zone équatoriale : Brunei
Nette, non ? ImageImageImage
2. A noter que l'échelle des décès est logarithmique et donc qu'on a dans chacun de ces pays une croissance exponentielle :
Doublement du nombre de décès toutes les 3 à 5 semaines😨
3. We beg you, #Iceland #Íslands :
Time to play #whistleblower as you did with finance!
Nous avons besoin de lanceurs d'alerte !
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Fred Whitehurst remains a #whistleblower hero. @KKCWhistleblow is honored to have represented Dr. Whitehurst since he walked into our office almost 30 years ago.

If you read Fred’s story in his own words you will begin to understand why.…
“I blew the whistle on the fbi for 7 years, an effort which has freed many innocent individuals from prison who were convicted based upon false and misleading testimony from fbi laboratory agents…”
- Frederic Whitehurst, FBI #whistleblower … continued
Continued …

“Along the way I realized that I would be sent away from my fbi family. Without employment to support my own family, I set about reengineering myself.” - Frederic Whitehurst, FBI #Whistleblower
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Potential Insurance Industry Bust Over Excess Pandemic Deaths Part 2 - A mindblower for red-pill-hesitant plebes as former Blackrock portfolio manager & hedge fund maverick calls out the next big short - by @TraderStef for #CrushTheStreet #AdverseReactions… Image
#Disabilities #ExcessDeaths #AdverseReactions #InsuranceIndustry #LifeInsurance ‘Mass disability event’ warning as huge numbers diagnosed with long Covid…
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Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
I joined @Twitter on January 17, 2009 to track the progress of and to amplify support of #Whistleblower reforms that were proposed in the Obama administration. There’s been many ups and downs.
The promise to pass reforms to allow federal employees to file #Whistleblower retaliation cases in federal court and get jury trials was a cruel hoax. In the end the Obama administration killed jury trial reforms and said improved administrative processes will suffice.
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