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12 May, 4 tweets, 3 min read
I have a son around this age. This Palestinian boy is saying goodbye to his dad, killed in #Gaza.

It’s unbearable to watch, but if we can’t watch it, how can we ever fight for justice for these people.

They are human beings like you and me. #Palestine
There’s nothing ‘anti-Semitic’ about opposing this grim right wing Israeli government, or ‘anti-British’ about opposing this grim right wing U.K. government.

Jews aren’t ‘a specific government of Israel’ in the same way climate isn’t ‘weather’ & Muslims aren’t ‘the Taliban’. 🤯
A lot of Israeli people all over the world intensely dislike what is done in their country’s name. This is too often overlooked. #GazaUnderAttack #gaza #Palestine #Israel
“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

(Archbishop Desmond Tutu)
#Gaza #Palestine #Israel

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22 Mar
How to write a contrarian right wing article - a tips thread. 

1. Start by saying how awful whatever has just happened is (a murder, racist incident, etc). 

2. Say many of your friends have also been murdered/subject to racism, etc.

3. Add some faux anger and indignation - 'I therefore won't be lectured by [insert celebrity]'on said problem. 

4. Cite some dodgy statistics from another country to show how actually there is less of this problem now than there used to be, and how it was (n't) dealt with.

5. Cite some anecdotes based on precisely zero empirical evidence (e.g. 'my son's school friends all tell me that...')

6. Attack the people who are concerned about the issue and distort reality (e.g. 'they are part of a campaign group funded by x', even if they aren't)

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20 Mar
Thatcher was livid with the Archbishop of Canterbury for declining her 🇬🇧 jingoism after the Falklands War, and that his sermons thanked God for the end of warfare, not victory, and mourned the Argentinian dead.

They briefed he was ‘unpatriotic’.

Runcie had won the MC in WW2.
I interviewed Robert Runcie as a student for a radio station. He had pulled men out of burning tanks as a tank commander in the Second World War. Including a German foe. He didn’t need lessons on patriotism or anything else from any flag waving clowns.
Presumably this former RAF officer who served in WW2 would also now be deemed unpatriotic. Bet he didn’t have flags all over his house. #FlagShaggers
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19 Mar
I almost don’t dare ask this, but given those of us who find flag waving embarrassing and slightly weird are accused of being ‘unpatriotic’, what it is we are meant to feel so proud and patriotic about that would make us want to brandish a 🇬🇧?
*Turns off internet* #flagshagger
Best answer so far.
So basically the 2012 Olympics (fully agree they showed our best but alas they were 9 years ago), sport in general, and humour.

In my view none of those things warrant the faux patriotism of the nationalists running us now, and all long predate them. I won’t be waving any flags.
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15 Dec 19
For what it's worth, as wounds from #Brexit and #GE2019 are licked, this is what I think needs to happen (and not happen) next (THREAD).
1. It's crystal clear that you can't win an election in modern Britain if you're to the left of where Blair & Brown were. The argument #Corbyn wasn't Brexity or left wing enough is barely worth dignifying with a retort. Look at history post 1979, and the new electoral map.
2. It's also clear that the #LibDems will only ever, at best, be in a position to hold the balance of power, like a DUP. Our flawed electoral system means they will never break through beyond that.
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