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Gaza dibom lagi. Sekitar 3 jam yang lepas Tentera Udara Israel melancarkan serangan udara yang dahsyat ke atas Gaza. Serangan ini dilakukan susulan perarakan peringatan pembakaran Al-Aqsa yang dilakukan oleh penduduk Gaza ke kawasan sempadan. #GazaUnderAttack ImageImageImage
Suasana pengeboman (1). #GazaUnderAttack
Suasana pengeboman (2). #GazaUnderAttack
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For a the 5th time since they declared a unilateral ceasefire in the 11 day war in May in Gaza, Israel once again bombed Gaza.

@naftalibennett and @yairlapid continuie to squeeze Gaza in a manner which appears designed to prolong this appalling conflict.

The new leaders of Israel appear to be determined to continue the war crimes of their Likud predecessors.

It is time for those who believe in a peaceful solution to this multi-generational conflict to once again speak out against this obscenity.
Hamas has indicated a willingness to pursue a peaceful solution. Israel has not. Both sides need international community and media engagement to build towards a resumption of negotiations.
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The Zionist regime demolished a school built in Dahiyat Al-Salam, northeast of Jerusalem.

Source: Quds News Network

Don’t stop spread awareness!😔

They just not destroy Palestinians children’s childhood, they also close the chance for the kids to have education 😢

Source: Al-Qastal Twitter
I don't #loveisrael forever
#israeloftheday koyak ImageImageImageImage
The training atmosphere of the new Izzudin Al Qassam Brigades Phase three at the Palestinian Liberation Front Front Vanguard Training Camp

Palestinians children and teenagers are truly different from others. They have strong heart and undefeatable spirit 🔥
#FreePalestine ImageImageImageImage
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There are some seriously silly statements in this @WashingtonPost, but its still an interesting round-up of the events of the past five days. The Balloons vs Bombs story.

This bit in particular deserves a commendation for use of irony.

U.S. Media has been working hard to downplay the seriousness of the ongoing security issues over Gaza in recent days.
Here is the @nytimes version of the same story published earlier.…
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During the 11-day Gaza war in May the BBC and especially @bbcworldservice did a fantastic job of covering the rapidly escalating conflict.

However they seem to have now dropped the ball now that Israel has broken the casefire. #GazaUnderAttack
The story above completely buries the most important aspect of what is happening now in the Israel conflict.

Had Hamas responded last night with rockets this story would have led the news… and as my linked thread shows for a while last night it was thought they had done so.
Notably the @bbcworldservice’s The Newsroom program - a 24h breaking news service heard all around the world - did not report the 3rd day of bombings at all.

As the thread shows there are numerous hard news angles that could be followed and which justify coverage.
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This is the "innocent" flag march that led to young Gazans attaching candle wicks to balloons and setting them free to fly into Israel. Israel responded with bombs.
Tonight Israel's new Government repeated the bombs for balloons operation, on the eve of a trip by the head of the IDF to America to meet his counterparts in the U.S. Military.

The timing seems intent on provoking Hamas to break their side of a @POTUS brokered ceasefire.
Israel's new 5-day old Government is literally playing with fire. Deadly fire.
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Under this thread are names and photos of at least 66 Palestinian children killed during Israel’s recent attack on Gaza (10 - 21 May).
Starting with these two siblings who were killed along with their pregnant mother in my neighborhood, Zaid, 4 and Mariam 2.
Yazan al-Masri, 2, killed by an Israeli airstrike on Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.

Marwan al-Masri, 6, killed by an Israeli airstrike on Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.

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THREAD: The US support to Israel, summed up in the "Israel has the right to defend itself" statements by US officials, faces heavy scrutiny after #SaveSheikhJarrah & #GazaUnderAttack

Here are a few pieces by our analysts exposing US complicity in violating Palestinian rights:
In this podcast episode just after Biden's election win, Al-Shabaka's @alaatartir warned of the new president's track record of support toward Israel (he's a self-proclaimed Zionist) & his promotion of the antiquated process of "economic peace"…
As the US presidential election campaign was in full swing last year, our analyst @HalahAhmad argued that "Democratic candidates’ views on Palestine and human rights often reflect an inconsistency in their commitment to tackling inequality and racism"…
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Our report shows 500 reports of Palestinian #DigitalRights violations over the past two weeks. Loads of content were taken down, Loads of accounts were suspended, This is the online oppression against Palestinians! #GazaUnderAttack
Check out our report:…
It documents 40 reports that exposed the hate speech & incitement to violence directed towards Palestinians online, including reports of Israeli extremist groups mobilizing lynch mobs on WhatsApp & Telegram. #DigitalRights #HumanRights
Check out our report…
Google also blurred the Gaza Strip and made the area low-resolution on Google Maps, impeding the ability of HR groups to document attacks & demolitions. #SavePalestine #SavePalestinians #Palestine
Check out our report:…
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No More Exclusions Means:

No More Occupation
No More Dispossessing
No More Colonizing
No More Bombing
No More Apartheid
No More False Equivalence
No More Imperialism

#FreePalestine #GazaUnderAttack #SaveSheikhJarrah
No More Air Strikes
No More Drones
More Cease Fire
No More Attempts to Rewrite History
No More Exploitation
No More Genocide
No More Media Lies

#NoMoreExclusions means:

No More Deportations
No More Racism
No More Unconscious Bias
No More Stigmatisation
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Thread: This semester at @MIT, I analyzed over 33,000 @nytimes articles on #Palestine & #Israel using machine learning methods. In a new study, I prove a history of disproportionate bias against Palestinians in the New York Times.… 1/12
The results of this study are now as relevant as ever. Today, the New York Times continues its legacy of Palestinian erasure. 2/12
Headlines from @nytimes misrepresent recent tragedies. They refer to them as the "Israel-Hamas Fight," "Gaza Conflict" or "Israeli-Palestinian Strife" — propagating a false narrative that both sides incite equivalent violence or withstand equivalent strife [1-3]. 3/12
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#BREAKING: Ceasefire announcement with #Israel to be announced in 24 hours, a senior Hamas official tells CNN #GazaUnderAttack
#BREAKING: Several injuries reported during an #Israeli raid on a house in southern #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack
#BREAKING: #German foreign minister says there is a need for humanitarian support operations in #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack
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We stand with the Palestinian people against settler-colonization. We stand against all forms of colonialism and systematic repression by militaries and institutions.

A thread:
To be clear, in response to some feedback we've received from previously shared posts, we stand against antisemitism and all forms of discrimination.
We know that in certain countries the BDS movement may have been co-opted or taken away from its intended purpose.
But as we are based in many countries across the world, we primarily listen to the colonized and oppressed people (in this case, Palestinians especially) on the non-violent civil disobedience actions that they are calling on the rest of the world to do.
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A lot of people hesitating or moralising on Palestine-Israel have some pretty effing deep unexamined issues with Islamophobia and that's all I'm going to say about that.
#FreePalestine #PalestiniansLivesMatter #GazaUnderAttack #SaveSheikhJarrah
Obviously some of them are overtly & rabidly Islamophobic, so cheers to them for being honest. But lots of "both sides, so complicated" camp are unable to recognise systematic human rights abuses against Palestinians because deep down they believe Muslims deserve such abuse. 🤷‍♀️
That this abuse is civilizing, a necessary discipline to teach them not to be such darn backwards Arab terrorists or whatnot. If that's you, in any way, you might want to sit down with yourself and wonder where you would have been on slavery, on civil rights, on the Holocaust ...
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THREAD: As Gaza returns to the public eye amid the latest #GazaUnderAttack, it's noteworthy that it's been under Israeli blockade for 14 years & has suffered 3 major assaults.

Over the years our policy experts have provided valuable analysis on the Palestinian plight there:
Earlier this year our Gaza-based analyst Ali Abdel-Wahab discussed how the consequences of Israeli occupation, political division & the COVID-19 pandemic have taken a heavy toll on the foundations of perseverance amongst Palestinians in Gaza…
In this 2018 piece, our Gaza-based analyst @haidareid argued that the Great March of Return "has the potential to revive the concepts of national liberation & self-determination by addressing the new facts on the ground that Israel created"…
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1/3 Islam Burnat (16 years old), was killed yesterday in cold blood, One bullet in the head was enough to destroy the life of Islam; & his dream of becoming an actor. He is featured in the short film: “The Sound of the Sea”. by Shai Pollak, Music @rogerwaters #SaveSheikhJarrah
2/3 Islam was a child in love with life. Islam, who lived his last days in his sixteenths year, was killed by an Israeli soldier in Bilin yesterday! I know him very well, his smile his soul. Incredible child. We will miss you little angel. #GazaUnderAttack #SaveSheikhJarrah
3/3 Islam was shot in the head, he was not armed, and did not pose a threat to anyone, Islam was only protesting against the settler colonial oppression, occupation and the ongoing aggression against the Palestinian people. #GazaUnderAttack #SaveSheikhJarrah
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An Israeli air strike late Monday knocked out #Gaza’s only #COVID19 testing laboratory, the health ministry said.

The Qatari Red Crescent said a strike damaged one of its offices in the enclave.…
The rate of positive coronavirus tests in Gaza has been among the highest in the world, at 28 percent. Before Israel began its airstrikes on #Gaza, Doctors Without Borders were warning of an alarming increase in #COV19 cases…

"People in the Palestinian Territories, including health care workers, remain in urgent need of vaccines. Only about five percent of Palestinians had been vaccinated against COVID-19 by the end of April. Many health care workers have not even received their first dose of vaccine"
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🚨 The Palestinian people have declared a 48-hour general strike across the whole of historic Palestine starting today ✨This is a moment of unprecedented popular resistance, as Palestinians unite as one✌🏽 🇵🇸

Here’s how you can support - a thread 🧵

#GeneralStrike #Palestine
Grab some friends & family and hold a local vigil, dabke circle, teach in or banner drop - be creative!

#GeneralStrike #Palestine #GazaUnderAttak
• Put up supportive posters/banners in your home or office windows

• If you’re in the UK haven’t already, email your local MP & demand action by the UK govt to stop Israel’s occupation & systematic discrimination against Palestinians

#GeneralStrike #Palestine #GazaUnderAttack
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Saat ini sedang terjadi eskalasi krisis kemanusiaan di Palestina, berawal dari krisis panjang di perkampungan Syeikh Jarrah, bentrokan di Al Aqsha, dan berlanjut dengan perang di Gaza.

Bagaimana peta percakapan publik di Indonesia tentang krisis ini?

Bagaimana netizen di Indonesia menyikapi konflik Israel-Palestina ini?

Keyword settings:
1. Palestina
2. Palestina AND Hamas

Perkampungan Sheikh Jarrah di Jerusalem Timur banyak dihuni oleh warga Arab Palestina. Mereka dipaksa meninggalkan rumah oleh Israel. Konflik meluas ke Al Aqsha, dan sekarang perhatian penuh ke Gaza.
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Gaza Berdarah Lagi 2

• Pengeboman udara besar besaran berlaku sebelum azan subuh tadi.
• Ramai menyangka malam ini akan berlalu dengan tenang, tetapi tentera Z10n1s melewatkan serangan untuk berikan kejutan.
• Dalam masa kurang 20 minit lebih 60 pengeboman udara dilakukan.
Serangan udara tidak berhenti di kawasan timur dan utara Gaza lebih daripada 20 minit.
Serangan mensasarkan seluruh kawasan Gaza.

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I am grieving hard. I’ve fallen ill with grief. Now watching how they’ve come out to silence us and even gaslight us. People getting threats from their editors. Lobbyists are at it again as always. Please do not be silenced. Please do not waver. #SaveSheikhJarrah #GazaUnderAttack
Schwartz Media is outright denying there’s ever been a Palestine blackout because they were pressured into covering it for the first time this week. No. You do not get to pretend that wasn’t the case and cover your asses.
I have been watching this unfold and happen to me over the years. To some of my former colleagues. They want us to shut up. They want to keep us quiet and they keep threatening our livelihoods and careers. Please don’t be silenced. They will never truly have the upper hand.
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The thread concludes (after I had a close look) that actually yesterday the dam broke on the #GazaUnderAttack story on US Cable TV yesterday, most shows covered it, many mentioning the bombing of the @APNews / @AlJazeera building....

Thread below with reasoning.
Also I omitted to mention @MSNBC's @chucktodd (@MeetThePress*) who actually led his segment with a piece on #GazaUnderAttack and CNN's @camanpour who has, as is her way, been on the case all the way through. So as far as #USSundayPolutics is concerned there was a full court.
Some of the components deserve additional commentary. The ever affable @johndickerson's interview with Netanyahu was I think almost accidentally brilliant, as it provided Bibi with an opportunity to hang himself in his own delusion, it was very Trump.
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The time has come for @CNN @MSNBC and @FoxNews to stop hiding and start telling the story of what is happening in Israel-Palestine in a manner that is consistent with professional journalistic norms.
Maybe they don’t want to, or can’t tell this story through the rich lens of the humanity it is so redolent with.

That’s OK.

It would be suffice to tell it straight up and down in the manner of @bbcworldservice…

But radio silence is not acceptable.
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Gaza Berdarah Lagi

- Serangan udara besar besaran. Terbesar sejak perang dimulakan.
- Lebih 70 serangan udara telah dilakukan.
- Serangan disasarkan pada seluruh kawasan Gaza; timur ke barat, utara ke selatan.
- Disasarkan bangunan awam, jalan jalan utama, bangunan kerajaan. ImageImageImage
Serangan menggunakan bom yang highly destructive dan explosive.

Bom ini sepatutnya digunakan untuk bangunan tentera yang kebal dan bukan bangunan awam.

Aktivis di Gaza menyifatkan serangan adalah terlalu agresif.

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