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The #LabourFile reveal the astonishing depth of dirty tricks, hatred and racism by Labour staff who removed Corbyn as leader.

These operatives secretly took over the Labour Party, installed #Starmer as leader in place of Corbyn and purged the party of members they didn't like
The #LabourFiles show how left-wing Labour members were stalked, watched and threated.

Particularly targeted were minority members of the party, the media fed this poisonousness atmosphere which meant #Corbyn had little time for them - something they also used against him.
Corbyn devoted his life to anti-racism but when he becomes leader the media combined to claim he is a racist. It disabled him as a potential PM but these claims were based on lies and distortions.

Starmer, Corbyn's successor, benefited from these allegation.

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Remarks: have viewed

"Labour: The Big Lie"
The Future of the Left.

I'm able to tell you it helps to stitch together the Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) overthrow via entities of various types.

It's not good for Democracy to have this current

state of affairs UK side. Especially, I think, in this political climate which has been developed since. And upon the back of the removal of #Corbyn.

It's my opinion to be UK side and have ready information on this subject. That we ought be savvy to not only that elite

or establishment echelon which works to destroy the Labour left. But to get savvy on how/why/what phenomenon holds the support together for the establishment actions via the person of the Labour leader now.

I'm more worried I believe, about this people-hold that transfixed

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1/ Thread: Why #Starmer's "plan" isn't even close to a solution and will do nothing to tackle the root causes of problems in the energy market or inflation itself. #EnergyCrisis #EnergyPrices
2/ It's only for six months:
There's nothing to stop energy companies immediately jacking up prices once the "freeze" ends. This underlines the problem that the "free market" does not work and cannot work in a natural monopoly like energy. #EnergyCrisis #EnergyPrices
3/ A policy by the establishment, for the establishment:
The plan is simply an attempt to cover over the cracks until the controversy dies down. It's therefore primarily a means of safeguarding the status quo rather than a genuine attempt to deal with the underlying issues.
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1/ Thread on a self imposed predicament faced by the establishment, which consists of 2 main problems:
A) #Johnson
B) #littlekeir
2/ Faced with the possibility of a @jeremycorbyn led Government, the establishment turned to explicitly incompetent and corrupt but reliably populist #Johnson as the one man who could stop #Corbyn. The reasoning was probably this: However bad #Johnson would turn out...
3/ Wouldn't matter all that much because with @jeremycorbyn ousted, the system could go back to normal, with a "competent", if dull, Blairite Labour leader ready to step into the breach with a capitalist B-team should #Johnson prove too embarrassing. #littlekeir seemed perfect.
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1/ There's a real chance that things will get even WORSE for #Labour in the coming months. Imagine #Starmer is fined for 1 or other alleged lockdown breach but isn't challenged 4 reasons set out below. Party wld go into nxt GE as a laughing stock with lame 🦆 leader...
2/ All sensible polling analysis looks at trends. It's now been confirmed that #Starmer has led #Labour backwards in the 2022 local elections. We predicted underperformance. This was easy because of the trend of by-election losses under #Starmer.…
3/ But it gets worse for #Labour. Under #Starmer, the party has consistently performed worse than it did under Corbyn (forget polls, think real elections). According to this trend #Labour doing worse in the nxt GE than it did in 2019 is a real possibility.
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1/ Been an awful week for #Tories in Westminster but in real elections in the real world #Labour has been crashing and burning. OK, so local by elections aren't individually representative of national trends...
2/ But taken together, the results show a clear swing AGAINST #Labour that isn't being picked up in opinion polls between them.
If you have to choose, go by the actual results cast in real elections.
3/ How to explain the discrepancy? Could be that a lot of the Tory "don't knows" who've given #Starmer his lead are in fact voting Tory when they turn out. Of course, young people are traditionally more likely to vote #Labour and less likely to vote in by-elections. That said...
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1/ Thread on why #Labour is on course to lose and what it's current trajectory and strategy suggests for its future:

It's tiny lead is declining, suggesting, as many of us have explained previously, support is soft. The softness of #Labour support is a feature of "strategy"...
2/ #Starmer wants to win over former #Tory voters alienated by #Johnson's more than usually explicit corruption. As #Corbyn was aware (and demonstrated more effectively than Miliband and Brown) , winning an election requires expanding #Labour's supporter base...
3/ But this isn't what #Starmer is doing. His strategy seems to be based more on out of date 1990s dogma than actual electoral politics. It assumes that swing voters won't be attracted to #Labour if they percieve it to be "too left wing"...
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1/ thread on why the @jeremycorbyn situation has backfired massively on #Starmer and #Labour generally. #Corbyn
2/ Firstly, to understand how this has happened requires an understanding of #Corbyn himself, who has been woefully mischaracterised in soft left accounts of his period as leader, perhaps most notably (for the left) @OwenJones84's "This Land"...
3/ #Corbyn is not "indecisive". Thankfully he's not a weathervane either. When making a decision he considers a range of views before determining the correct course of action. When comes to a view he sticks to it firmly and usually he is right.
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I was thinking about this earlier. The problem with getting people to see the realities on #MMT is this fundamental question’ “How are you going to pay for it?”
It’s a question that used to trip up anyone proposing a progressive manifesto such as #Corbyn in 2017 & 19. It’s a
question that’s laced with an unspoken caveat “because don’t expect us to be happy to cough up bigger taxes”. Tie this in with ‘repaying the deficit’ myth, it’s the perfect storm to derail in most people’s minds a concept like #MMT . We’re bought up to believe that nothing is
free so the concept of #MMT that anything purchased in the countries own sovereign currency is only limited by physical resources is difficult to believe.
It’s not that we don’t pay for it folks, we just don’t pay quite like they tell you. We spend then tax, not #TaxToSpend
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1) #MondayThoughts We have to face facts: the Labour Party leadership has now indisputably been taken over by the Centre-Right #Blairite faction who undermined #Corbyn's leadership & deliberately conspired to lose the 2017 & 2019 General Elections in order to get rid of Jeremy.
2) Yes, this may change in the future but I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it to happen. Added to that the UK Westminster Parliament, so-called "representative democracy"- is hopelessly corrupt and appears impossible to reform.
3) Reform of our current political system "from inside" is impossible because of the profound right-wing bias of the Mainstream Media & determination of the current self-serving privileged elite to cling to power at all costs.
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#Corbyn suspendu pour ses accointances et sa complaisance envers l’antisémitisme. Exactement comme je l’avais prévu dès 2015, lors de son élection à la tête du #Labour. Au prix d’un déluge de railleries façon « mansplaining » et commissariat politique. ⤵️
A l’époque, il fallait entendre le concert d’éloges sans nuances... J’étais l’une des rares, peut-être la seule, à oser évoquer cet aspect du personnage. Il me semblait représenter un danger pour la gauche anglaise et un cadeau pour les Tories.…
Mon papier du HuffingtonPost va tout particulièrement agacer le correspondant du Monde, Philippe Bernard, qui vient de couvrir la campagne sans évoquer cet aspect de #Corbyn.…
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1/ Starmer in September. A summary of the Brylcreemed shite hawk. [A THREAD].

September arrives and Parliament returns. The Gov't makes the quiet but extremely significant announcement that it's reviewing the judiciary system...
2/ They want to review if “executive decisions should be non-judicable”.

Basically, they want the Gov't to be above the law.
3/ Good job Starmer is opposition then. The former legal eagle, QC, and Director of Public Prosecutions should be dead against this attack on democracy and see the parallels of Germany's rise to fascism in the 1930s...
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Much to the chagrin of @jeremycorbyn, the @UKLabour Party has agreed to pay ‘substantial damages’ to seven #whistleblowers over ‘defamatory and false allegations’ regarding a @BBCPanorama investigation into the party under his leadership.
Propagating the false allegation that ‘#Jewish wealth and power’ are somehow the source of social injustice is nothing new. The #Nazis employed it, figuring that there were enough fools in pre-war #Germany to be taken in by the lie.
Sadly, (and at the cost of 6 million innocent #Jewish lives), they were right. Joseph #Stalin then adopted the idea, on the basis that ‘socialism of fools’ was a good thing, because fools are common.
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It's hard to get the tone right on this, but let's remind ourselves of why #Corbyn is having to go: he was a complete disgrace from start to finish. /THREAD
First and foremost, he made #Labour a frightening and unsafe place for Jews. He was so arrogant he invented a new meaning for the word 'Zionist' and then divided Jews into good and bad. Sinister and frightening.
He turned Labour into a site of hatred, threats and misogyny. His staff covered up and lied, and then covered up and lied some more.
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As the #Corbyn era comes to an end, it's important to pause for a minute and remember how intolerable he made Jewish life in this country. It's impossible to list all his repulsive views and extremist friends, but here's a selection:
1. Corbyn accepted a free trip to meet the butcher of Damascus, Bashar al Assad, paid for by a Palestinian group which blames Jews for the Holocaust.
2. Corbyn called Ewa Jasiewicz "a very good friend", the activist who desecrated the last remaining walls of the Warsaw ghetto – where an estimated 92,000 Jews died – with pro-Palestinian graffiti.…
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Is @UKLabour's current leader @jeremycorbyn also a closet homophobe as strange as it may first appear? Thread on what his preferred people to align with are all on board with, why he has never condemned them over this human rights issue & no this time it's not #Antisemitism. 1/7
We all know @UKLabour is institutionally antisemitic, but is its' current leader also something else too, now what do all of his "heroes" from Che Guevara who wanted gays sent to re-education camps or dead right through to the modern day Iranian regime all have in common? 2/7
#Corbyn supported the IRA - which targeted two pubs in Birmingham that were well known for their gay community and he never once condemned this atrocity even though the IRA held very strong anti-gay views and many members of Sein Fein still do. 3/7
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#BernieSanders is now the front-runner to be the US #Democratic challenger to #Trump. He is popular because, like #JeremyCorbyn, he is serious about social democratic reforms #ForTheMany at the expense of the billionaire class... /1
...serious action to address the #ClimateEmergency & reigning-in US military adventures. For the same reasons the US ruling class are out to destroy him politically, either in favour of one of his #Democrat rivals or, if that fails, if favour of #Trump. /2
Like the campaign against #Corbyn they are using every smear & dirty trick available to them. However #Sanders has shown he has learned from Corbyn's mistakes in capitulating to his dishonest critics:
"His campaign has also been rather sure-footed in the..." /3
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"The Jewish Labour Movement believes antisemitism is a serious problem in the Labour Party." The Jewish Labour Movement is an organisation that allows anyone from any political party to join (Think about that) it members do not have to be Jewish.
So anyone with an agenda against #Corbyn or genuine ethical socialism can join. April 2019 Mike Katz JLMs Chairperson made it clear the group would be selective in supporting candidates at the General Election who supported Corbyn. So in whose interests do they serve?
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Nasty things hydras, cut off one head, it grows back. Soon you're overwhelmed.

The most insidious thing. The beast will distract you putting a head in harm's way to be sacrificed and as you take your swing, so another eats you from behind.

McCluskey and the Dump on #Corbyn plan
It is the case in my experience that those in power rarely attribute failure to themselves. But once they can no longer deny it, they then grasp for others to blame.

Before you know it, they're talking themselves into making all the same mistakes again because they weren't wrong
Catastrophes aren't one man. Delusion and stubborn adherence to a plan need a hydra.

Keep them, the hydra will grow back.

Our country deserves modern solutions to social justice. Not old fashioned socialism sold by old fashioned men still solving old problems from 50 years ago
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For what it's worth, as wounds from #Brexit and #GE2019 are licked, this is what I think needs to happen (and not happen) next (THREAD).
1. It's crystal clear that you can't win an election in modern Britain if you're to the left of where Blair & Brown were. The argument #Corbyn wasn't Brexity or left wing enough is barely worth dignifying with a retort. Look at history post 1979, and the new electoral map.
2. It's also clear that the #LibDems will only ever, at best, be in a position to hold the balance of power, like a DUP. Our flawed electoral system means they will never break through beyond that.
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🇬🇧🗳️ Résultats presque définitifs des élections au #RoyaumeUni :

Conservateurs 43,6% (+1,2) / 363 élus (+47)
Travaillistes 32,2% (-7,8) / 203 élus (-59)
LibDems 11,5% (+4,2) / 11 élus (-1)
SNP 3,9% (+0,8) / 48 élus (+13)
🇬🇧🗳️ En termes de voix, c'est la meilleure performance des conservateurs depuis 1979.
🇬🇧🗳️ La principale évolution d'un point de vue électoral, c'est l'effondrement des travaillistes dont l'électorat est parti de tous les côtés :

➡️partis pro-#Remain (LibDems, Verts, SNP, PC)
➡️partis pro-#Leave (Brexit Party, Conservateurs)
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If Jeremy #Corbyn becomes PM on Friday 13th, here's my rundown of 13 of #Labour’s worst policies which will hurt many, not just the few.

PS. I could have chosen a completely different 13, and these are in no particular order… (thread)

1. Expropriating up to 10% of the value of corporate equity. Employee share ownership is usually a good thing, but dictating the terms would deter job creation and investment, and encourage firms to relocate overseas. More explanation here...…
2. Rent controls. Almost all economists agree that these are a bad idea and, like many of Labour’s policies, would actually end up hurting the very people they are supposed to help. And before replying ‘well, it works in Germany', read this……
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@Peston @jeremycorbyn @Schofe @hollywills Rabbi made a malicious and vicious attack timed & designed to help #BorisJohnson win. Why is there no mention of rabid & explicit Islamophobia from Johnson & #ToryRacism or he doesn't care about all hatred & racism? It's about the election & #Corbyn criticism of Israel. See pics:
@Peston @jeremycorbyn @Schofe @hollywills Here are #JohnsonTheCoward's vile Islamophobic and anti-Muslim comments. Any word from the #ToryRabbi?

And how many more times should Jeremy Corbyn apologise?
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Last night after an incident in London in which members of the public were killed #FrancesBarber took the opportunity to link #JeremyCorbyn to the act of terror! In her eagerness to smear #Corbyn with the charge of #Antisemitism she herself made antisemitic comments
You may perhaps think that this is just a one off Jibe but it is not.
#Antisemitism & #Racism needs to be rooted out wherever it raises its head. Unfortunately #FrancesBarber is not really concerned about #Antisemitism rather she likes to focus her hate on #JC4PM Corbyn's actions would suggest not! @threadreaderapp "Unroll"
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