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Pretty major update to my #TacticalVoting guide, incorporating the latest @remainutd recommendations, and also for the first time adding seats in Northern Ireland…
The headline:

There are still only 10 seats (of 650!) where tactical voting is both important and it is unclear how to best do it

And in the vast majority of cases the tactical voting sites give good recommendations!
In 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 & 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

1️⃣ All 5 tactical voting sites agree in 437 of the 573 seats

2️⃣In 75 of the 573 seats, the sites disagree, but it does not matter as these are safe seats

3️⃣ In 61 of the 573 seats the sites disagree, and more care is needed...
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Press office account of the party in Govt intentionally changes display name to #FactCheckUK during first #GE2019 debate to mislead.
Actor mocking Tory party's press office account by changing his display name to "Conservative Press Orifice" after the above happened.
Twitter has long since been known for double-standards in applying rules, but this takes the biscuit in a really bad way. /end
PS: and this too:
Author mocking an account that itself is masquerading as something it actually isn’t?
🤯 🤯 🤯 That’s like double-standards on steroids.
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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon:

"For Scotland, the question the #ITVDebate posed is this - why should we be content for either of these men [Boris Johnson/Jeremy Corbyn] to run our country and shape our future? We can do so much better than that."
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon:

"All elections are important but this election really, really matters. At stake is not just the next five years.

The future of Scotland is on the line at this election."
Nicola Sturgeon: "I doubt there is anyone in Scotland who is not heartily sick of Brexit and the chaos we’ve seen played out at Westminster night after night.

But if Brexit goes ahead, all that will turn out to have just been the warm-up act."
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Ex-Tory chairman, Brandon Lewis, currently dying on his arse on @BBCNews attempting to defend the #FactCheckuk/Tory debacle.

"Good morning Mr Lewis, let's start with the top story of the day...."

"I don't agree this should be the top story...."
@BBCNews The Brandon Lewis diaries, a thread....

20/11/2019: 'A bastard of a day'

"This shouldn't be the top story.... the fact we were calling out the facts, highlights the fact that the facts are out there. Nobody has a monopoly on the facts. "



The Brandon Lewis diaries....

20/11/2019: 'A bastard of a day'

2. The Russians.

Erm, I'll just say something about purdah... we can't publish it because of, erm, purdah..... Nobody knows what purdah is. I think.

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Boris Johnson is using his executive power to suppress the report into Russian interference in our democracy until after the election. Why? #releasetherussiareport #ge2019
The report is based on analysis from Britain’s intelligence agencies who approved it for publication following a long clearance process. Is Johnson suppressing it because nine Russian oligarch donors to the Conservative party are named in the report?
One of the nine donors is Alexander Temerko who has donated £1.2m to the Conservative party in the last 7 years. Though he now says he wants the report released
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Audience from #ITVDebate: 6.7 million. Yet received wisdom is it won’t have changed a thing. Hmm.
Anyone who has spent time talking to voters in #ge2019   knows how many are undecided and how many have the slipperiest of attachment to to their current voting intention. You don’t get get so many watching, in an election with fine margins and it not make any difference at all.
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OK let's get done with this "anti-democratic despite wanting to revoke Brexit without a 2nd ref"
If Jo Swinson is elected -on the promise to stop Brexit- then what it means is that she'll have a very totally democratic mandate to honor her election promise to stop Brexit.
End of.
Also let's remember here that Leave voters who still want to leave DO NOT want a 2nd referendum as they consider it anti-democratic. Yet if Corbyn is elected (and stick to his promise) they will get an anti-democratic right to use their pretty democratic right to vote.
Last, people who want to use their democratic right to elect a PM who wants their democratically elected representatives not to be able to represent them can vote for Tories
May I point out that *this* -tho the media fail to tell you- is the ONLY anti-democratic stance in #GE2019
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Live on @Newsnight Tory party co-chairman, James ‘not so’ Cleverly, has cleared up the ‘Cons - FactCheck’ scandal.... he tells @maitlis it was his responsibility.

Watch and suffer... #FactCheckuk #ToryLiars #GE2019

We'll just leave this here...
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Never forget what @Conservatives did tonight in their attempt to spread their #GE2019 party messages: they chose to change the look and name of their party press office account on Twitter to “factcheckUK”. Here is the verdict of the “fact check” — party propaganda. #LeadersDebate
They will claim innocence, I’m sure, and say they are clear about it in their bio and banner. That’s not visible when following the #LeadersDebate hashtag though, and even looking at the profile page it’s only small. The fact they are verified makes it even worse in this context.
This is sinister and we have to stand up to it. Had Labour done this we’d be in total meltdown now. For the upcoming debates TV channels may have to come up with some rules, and media outlets have to keep an eye out. This should not be happenig in a Western European democracy.
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Hi @suzanne_moore,
As an EU citizen I have no vote in #GE2019 even though its outcome impacts my future directly. The same is true for millions more. To effectively encourage people not to vote when millions are disenfranchised—that takes a special kind of privilege & ignorance.
Sorry if you think that’s harsh, but I really cannot even begin to tell you how irresponsible and wrong I think it is to spread this when so many have *no say at all* — and may well be stripped of their remaining voting rights as well if Johnson wins.
Note: I’m deliberately not sharing the actual article.
✅ And now #RegisterToVote if you haven’t already. You can do so via the link below.
✅ And then PLEASE GO VOTE on 12 December.…
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Quite the moment tonight. Never before in the history of our democracy has there been a head to head debate between the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition. As such, it’s very difficult to predict what impact it might have. #GE2019
The PM has most to lose, Corbyn to gain. Expectations will be high from voters for Boris Johnson. In many ways they still don’t know much about him but expect him to be funny and witty and dominant. But he really wasn’t stand out in the Tory debates earlier this year.
Corbyn meanwhile is good in these sort of debates, he’s had plenty of practice given the number of leadership challenges/hustings/tv debates he’s had to fight. So long as he keeps his cool.
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And really, ALL the #GE2019 #tacticalvoting sites have deficiencies.

@BestForBritain leans towards the Lib Dems, because its model makes more use of polling and recent elections, and less use of General Elections
@peoplesvote_uk has no transparency whatsoever, so we have no idea how it even works really

@remainutd is probably the best of the bunch, but updates its data and does not tell us how or what changed
@votetools leans in my view too heavily on the results of the 2017 General Election, and hence makes some wrong calls - but they at least kick ass in terms of transparency 💪
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🚨 Scoop: Boris Johnson set to be replaced by Rishi Sunak in seven-way BBC #ge2019 debate next Friday

PM very unlikely to attend, sending chief secretary to the Treasury in his place.
Sunak, widely seen as a rising star in the Tory party, is the frontrunner to stand in for Mr Johnson on November 29.

Conservative campaign insiders describe him as “a very ample TV performer” who is “intellectually dexterous”.
The Tory campaign is keen to downplay the importance of the seven-way debate. Insiders describe it as "not a top-tier TV event”, which may explain why more senior cabinet ministers such as Sajid Javid and Priti Patel have not been put forward.
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Last time I was in Peterborough, for the by-election, this square was full of stands and activists, from every party. Today nothing but early Christmas shoppers. A key marginal. This election is so weird. #GE2019
Interesting. Ran into quite a few Conservative 2017 voters who can’t decide between the Brexit Party and the Tories.

Shows a) Farage standing in Lab target seats still costing Tories voters, could be decisive b) that Cons are lucky he stood down in the south.
Admittedly BXP had strong run in Peterborough in by election in June, so possible they are in the bloodstream here more than in most places.
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So my #TacticalVoting #TacticalVote #GE2019 guide is now up to Version 4:…

The gist of it - now as before - is *how* to vote tactically is pretty clear in the vast majority of cases! 💪
In 500 of 632 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 constituencies how to vote tactically is crystal clear

In 86 of 632 which party is best placed to come 2nd is not clear, but tactical voting is unlikely to work

In just 46 of 632 there are ⁉️, or something is unusual - and even there clarity is emerging
Amongst the 46, according to my analysis:
1 is a special case
1 is a free choice Labour/Lib Dem
3 it's better to vote for the Independent candidate
21 it's better Lib Dem
10 it's better to choose Labour
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THREAD: @TheGreenParty have proposed 10 bills for the first 2 years of the new Parliament.

This 👇 is how we will deliver climate justice🌱, a people's vote 🇪🇺, and a transformation of our democracy 🙋‍♀️.

Pledge 1: Climate Justice💚

@TheGreenParty will demand a Green New Deal that will decarbonise energy, housing, and transport, while providing millions of jobs. We would be carbon neutral by 2030, and we would start now. #GE2019
Pledge 2: People's Vote🇪🇺

@TheGreenParty are the party of Remain & Transform, recognising the EU's great potential in helping tackle the climate crisis and improve the lives of workers, low-income families, and refugees. #GE2019
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#GE2019 #GeneralElection2019

Are you still #undecided?
Are you thinking of voting #LibDem? Think very hard: your vote may get you a very bad #Brexit.
You want to #Remain & that's why you're voting #LibDem?
But the #LibDems can't #RevokeArticle50 unless they win the election. In 2017 they won 12 seats. They need 326 MPs to win. How many do they need to claim a mandate to #Revoke?
Maybe the #LibDems can form a minority government?
Could a minority government #RevokeArticle50? Even for that the #LibDems would need at least 200 seats. And what other parties would they then need for success? The #SNP might vote to #RevokeArticle50, but would they be enough?
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Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson was asked about a viral hoax on LBC radio this morning. First Draft has been monitoring the spread of this hoax online for the last two weeks #GE2019. Here's what we know:
The hoax appears to have started life in a tweet shared on November 2. It used a very convincing fake of a Daily Mirror article to claim Swinson had been filmed shooting at squirrels with a slingshot
The original was shared nearly 1,000 times and it was reshared hundreds of times more with many people appearing to believe the claim was true.
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Join @GuitarMoog and me as we take @CakeWatchCast on a centrist unicorn hunt:
Episode 64 is all about tactical voting in #GE2019: why it's the right thing to do, how to do it, what the outcomes might be. For practical info and advice, @jonworth provides a one-stop-shop on his blog so please go and take a look and do your research:…
@jonworth Steve also mentions @NetworkVote who are working to get the "unheard third" of voters to register and vote on the day - give them a follow and support their work.
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Happy International Men's Day to all our members and friends! As #IMD2019 falls in a UK general election this year, we ask for your support today by sharing the questions below, and putting them to your own election candidates, on Twitter, by email or on the doorstep. (Thread)
To general election #GE2019 candidates everywhere, we would greatly appreciate your replies and responses to the questions below, or as many as you feel able to. If you'd like any more information about any of the issues raised, please get in touch. Happy #IMD2019 (Thread)
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One of the jobs of political parties in representative democracies is candidate selection

Then came #ge2019

Problem after problem after problem
I can’t remember an election where the main parties have messed this up so often and so many times

A thread of the most ridiculous and serious cases follows
1. Amjad Bashir
Tory, Leeds North East

Problems: anti semitism, was in UKIP

Status: still a candidate…
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OK, so it had to be done (or @syrpis prompted it!)

Using the #BrexitDiagram tech to make a #TacticalVoteDiagram!

If you want to vote tactically at #GE2019 this is what you need to do!
Note that this is done independently by me - it is not associated with any tactical voting site or recommendation!

As ever with my diagrams feedback is most welcome!

(But if your reaction to tactical voting is 🤬 then save your rant for some other time)
As ever all of this is designed for sharing and re-using!

High res PNG of this:…

Scaleable PDF:…

Blog post with the tactical vote guide and all the files:

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