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Arab social media celebrates the murder of the 2 Israeli civilians by a Palestinian terrorist today under the hashtags #بركان #عملية_بركان
Sweets are distributed in the streets right now, to celebrate the murder of Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hagbi

#Barkan #Israel
This Arab tweep tells his followers he made sweets to distribute in the street, to celebrate the murder of 2 Israelis by a Palestinian terrorist today:

#Barkan #عملية_بركان #Israel #Gaza #Palestinians
Hadeel, a Palestinian resident of the town Salfit, posted the wedding pictures of Kim, while laughing at her murder. Hadeel's Palestinian Facebook friends liked her post.

#Barkan #Israel #Palestinians #Gaza #عملية_بركان
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The hit song among Palestinian units at the #Gaza border right now. Song is in most of the infiltration and incendiary/explosive balloon videos.

“Today we are coming back to our land and we start by cutting this barbed wire to pass.”


“G-D willing, we will go crawling, we will cut the barbed wire and return with victory. This land belongs to us and our ancestors. We will get our land back. It is the source of our dignity and our pride.. G-D willing, we will get inside and trap them.”
3/3 The entire video, it’s 9 minutes long.
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On one of the very first Gaza vlogs I shared, we saw two guys who went for a pizza in Gaza City after buying a new tripod for their cellphone camera...
The #Gaza you don't see on the news.
When I saw this, I was like, whoa they have pizzerias in Gaza. Who knew? I didn't know back then that Gaza is full of thriving restaurants. Turns out the pizzeria in question is a well-known Gaza establishment called Pizza a-Taboon بيتزا الطابون.
Pizza a-Taboon in Gaza City بيتزا الطابون serves pizza (duh) and other things.
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1.@SenTomCotton and 46 other traitors penned an unhanded letter to #IRAN that sparked #47traitiors

They went behind the back of @BarackObama by signing an informative letter to #IRAN that nuclear deal won't stand and will be reversed

@SenTomCotton @GOP #Iran #47Traitors
2.This is the letter sent by @SenTomCotton and 46 of his Fellow Traitors from March 9th 2015 letter attached

#47Traitors @SenTomCotton @GOP #Iran… … … … …
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JUST in : #Trump administration announces end to financial aid for #UNRWA - #Palestinians…
#Trump Administration Implements #MEF Plan to Sideline #UNRWA…
The U.S. #taxpayer contributed $364 million in 2017, about one-third of the total #UNRWA budget, almost triple the #EU contribution and by far the most from any single UNRWA donor.
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Jewish Voice for Peace - Health Advisory Council #WeeklyHumanRightsHero & Violation Aug 19, 2018
Violation: Israeli gov. use of health & health care as a weapon of war - this serious human rights violation comes in conjunction w/ a statement by JVP HAC:…
Whether through denying entry of many essential medications and medical equipment/technology used for serious medical conditions including cancer treatment or the denial of exit visasfor critically ill patients to receive care outside of the Gaza Strip...
...Israel is increasingly making it impossible for patients to get the life-saving care they need. Ex: "Suddenly, a Palestinian Breast Cancer Survivor Becomes a 'Security Threat'" by @Hass_Haaretz:…
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1. As @DanielBShapiro notes, this is a hostile act to ... Israel. And of course the Palestinian people. The US is ceding space to #Hamas in #Gaza. No security professional recommends an aid cut off in Gaza - none.…
2. To the doubters, those without facts @tanstaaflpnw Read the GAO report on @usaid assistance to the Palestinians.…. @USAIDWBG had the highest level of accountability, results and integrity in @usaid. Clean @USGAO audits are the gold standard.
3. Name other operating units anywhere in the USG where year in and year out IG and @USGAO regularly report clean audits? Fact of the matter @USAIDWBG is the best in the business. @jdgreenblatt45 @USAIDMiddleEast
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If the Crimes #Turkey & mercenaries commited in Efrîn this week were committed in #Gaza, world would have been 2 small. This week alone dozens of kidnappings, civilians tortured to dead, pregnant women raped till they loose their child etc etc But it's Efrin so silence Only
A report even came out abt a slaughterhouse jail where Turk backed mercenaries under Turk Control torture men & women 24/7. Where people are SHOT on video to extort money from their relatives...A report came out abt horrible situation of Efrins Refugees💤🙈🙉🙊💤
But when YPG says we will never give up the fight to free Efrin from Occupation. Efrîn will be returned to its rightful inhabitants, idiots who are silent abt ANY & EVERY #TurkishWarCrime there scream: YPG threatens our NATO Ally.
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This is Avera Mengistu, a Jewish Israeli of Ethiopian descent who suffers from mental illness. He turned 32 today.

His family & friends can't celebrate his birthday with him: He is being held captive in #Gaza by Hamas in violation of international law and basic human decency.
Four gears ago, #Hamas took Avera - an innocent civilian - as a prisoner. Since then, his family have heard nothing from him. They have no proof that he's even alive, as the International Red Cross has been denied access to him.

Locked up in #Gaza for the crime of being Jewish.
Is this "freedom fighting"? Is this "resisting #occupation"? No and no. This is depraved, wicked, brutal and utterly wrong.
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Twelveth anniversary of the divine victory. #Lebanon #Hezbollah #Israel
Here he is. #Nasrallah
The crowd is chanting 'Abu Hadi'.
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Meet #Israel's #Hasbara, which means #Propaganda, MSM Censorship Application👇🤨
This app came out about last year, and it is still on the iTunes store.
The app posts daily missions & TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO SAY
#Trolls #Palestine #Gaza #BDS #JeremyCorbyn #JC4PM
6yrs ago #Jerusalem, #IDF Rep:
"we are now located in the SAME building where the Foreign Journalists are,we have close working relationships w/ hundreds of journalists. In addition we launched media project working in many platforms,twitter in Arabic, Russian, French & English."
How #Israel-i Propaganda (#Hasbara) Works: #TheLuntzDocument
If you want to understand how the #propaganda works you need to read the Luntz document -- "The Key," Luntz says, "is the Claim that the Fight is Over Ideology, Not Land. About Terror, & Not Territory."
#Palestine #BDS
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Yonatan Shapira-#Israeli AF helicopter pilot: I never shot anyone-was flying rescue missions-I realized I was part of a #terrorist organization
I organized a group of 27 AF pilots who publicly refused to continue be part in the oppression of #Palestinians…
Yonatan Shapira-#Israeli AF helicopter pilot: I’ve been active in struggling against #Israeli occupation & #Apartheid. I am a member of Boycott from Within–#Israeli citizens who support the #Palestinian call for #BDS
This is my 4th attempt to break the #Gaza blockade from the sea
#Israeli pilot Shapira message to #Israeli soldiers:
“Refuse to take part in war crimes-Refuse to continue murdering people locked in the worlds' biggest prison-I was once 1 of U & I know that among U there are some who can still think-Refuse to be the guards of the #Gaza ghetto”
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This is what a #Hamas ceasefire looks like 👇🏼
#BREAKING: In response to over 36 rockets launched from #Hamas-controlled #Gaza, #Israel responded with air strikes. This press release describes what happened. 👇🏼
#BREAKING: At this point some 70 projectiles have been fired from #Hamas-controlled #Gaza today.
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Another #Gaza escalation that will probably (hopefully) end in hours after both sides made their point and Mladenov makes a few phone calls. Meanwhile Netanyahu stuck between what he knows is a good ceasefire deal for Israel and his fear of looking weak in the eyes of his base >>
Hamas leaders facing a similar dilemma. They know the deal is good for #Gaza and crucial to improving life there but they don't want to go with something they can't present as a victory.
Netanyahu's base will be dissatisfied anyway because he's not about to do what they want and order major strikes on Gaza (just the usual sand dunes bombing). Bibi is a pyromaniac domestically and risk-averse crossing the border. So we can expect more incitement against "the left"
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#Gaza Freedom flotilla Al Awda pirated in international waters by #Israeli navy who slammed Captain Herman’s head against the wall again & again while threatening to take him to the ship belly & finish him off-a fist in the face of Arne, the old mechanic…
-#Israeli commando slammed Captain Herman’s head against a wall again & again & threatened to finish him off
-A fist in the face of old mechanic Arne
-Electrocuted 1st officer Charlie's head
-Electrocuted cook Juergen & 60 year old chair #NewZealand trade union/HR activist Mike
"Let’s keep in mind-Had we been #Gazan fishermen or children approaching the #Gaza fence, they could have simply put a bullet in the head of each of us & that’s it"

Yonatan Shapira aboard the #Gaza Freedom flotilla in in international waters when it was pirated by #Israeli navy
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2 #Dutch researchers were detained, subjected to humiliation & abuse, then deported by #Israel earlier this month

Their experience is part of #Israel’s policy to isolate #Palestinians from the outside world & obstruct the work of human rights defenders…
#Israeli forces detained @LydiadeLeeuw for questioning immediately after arrival at #BenGurion airport on 20 July
Over four hours, de Leeuw was strip searched, deprived of her phone & other property & denied access to the #Dutch embassy or legal assistance before her deportation
@LydiaDeLeeuw's #Dutch colleague Pauline Overeem experienced much severe treatment.
#Israeli forces detained her for 24 hours during which she was “handcuffed & subjected to verbal abuse, including threats that the #Israeli authorities would use force against her”
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1.@SenTomCotton and 46 other traitors penned an unhanded letter to #IRAN that sparked #47traitiors

They went behind the back of @BarackObama by signing an informative letter to #IRAN that nuclear deal won't stand and will be reversed

@SenTomCotton @GOP #Iran #47Traitors
2.This is the letter sent by @SenTomCotton and 46 of his Fellow Traitors from March 9th 2015 letter attached

#47Traitors @SenTomCotton @GOP #Iran… … … …
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Here’s how Abbas will get Palestinians killed: He is again claiming something HE KNOWS is utter bull$h*t, this time about Islam’s holiest site in #Jerusalem. His brainwashed population will riot. #Israel will defend itself. Abbas, like #Hamas, has to go.…
Even more cynical is that while Abbas will foment riots in #Jerusalem based on his own lies, he will take US funding to rebuild #Gaza - because from America’s point of view, it’s better to have a corrupt thug ruling Palestinians than it is #Hamas.…
Even better, Abbas’ PLO discusses severing ties with #Israel as it mulls accepting a US financial handout to strengthen it in #Gaza, while lying to the Palestinian people in the West Bank to spark a riot in #Jerusalem. I think we’ve had enough.…
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‼️STOP THE LIES - "Palestinians must come to the table for talks"
Reminder👇😡👉 Mar 16, 2015
#Netanyahu Says NO Palestinian State While He's In Charge!
He also plans to continue building #WestBank settlements in #Palestine.
#BoycottIsrael #BDS #Occupation #ICC4Israel #Gaza
#Israel-i voters endorse #Netanyahu's policies
March, 2015 Bibi said he wouldn't allow the creation of a Palestinian state.
He explicitly stated that the reason creation of settlements is to block #Palestinians access to #Jerusalem & the establishment of a continuous state
What #Palestinians Think Of #Netanyahu's 'No #Palestine' Statement👇
Benjamin Netanyahu made a promise to never allow a Palestinian state if he was elected. That played well with a significant portion of #Israel-is – but what do Palestinians think about his bold statement?
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.@UN report concludes Israel is a racist state that has established an apartheid system persecuting Palestinian people
❌Now ACT on your “conclusions” before thousands more Palestinians are murdered & displaced❌
➤ Indonesia has denounced Israel’s blatantly Apartheid “Nationality Law” which claims Israel as a Jewish only nation, rightly acknowledging ࿐
“The passing of this law has dismissed the rights of Palestinians”
❌Tunisia condemns Israel’s racist ‘nation-state’ law
➤ Ministry also demanded protection for Palestinians & that Intl communities/UN Security Council must put an end to Israel’s “abhorrent” policies
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#Christians and #Muslims in #Jerusalem describe life under Israeli occupation
Mar 3, 2018
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre closed its doors in protest of #Israel's new tax laws, learn from Christians in the Old City of Jerusalem the realities of living in a Jewish state. #BDS
2012 - #Israel's Persecution of #Christians in the #HolyLand. - CBS News
#Palestine is documented in this very special 60 Minutes episode.
WATCH how Israel's Ambassador #MichaelOren is confronted by Bob Simon, why he tried interfere to stop this episode
#Jerusalem: Jewish settler hate crime in #Israel increasingly targets #Christians
May 27, 2014
The Old City is divided into four quarters: Muslim, Christian, Armenian Orthodox and Jewish. It's believed here #Jesus was #crucified,
#BoycottIsrael #BDS #Palestine
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#Report #Thread
This young man is Muhammad Sharif Badwan. He was killed East of #Gaza City at the Karni crossing after being shot in the chest by #IDF gunfire on Friday afternoon. #Israel
Many news sites refer to Badwan as either a protestor or a demonstrator who was shot and killed by the #IDF. The photo on the left, from the DailyMail, states Badwan is a protestor. The photo on the right from CGTN states Badwan is a protestor as well.
The problem is Badwan wasn’t there to protest in the way most people think. This video was taken Friday afternoon at the Karni crossing where Palestinians were clashing w/ #IDF soldiers. At the end, you can see Badwan being evacuated after getting shot by the #IDF.
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“Hamas chose to escalate the security situation and will bear the consequences for its actions,” says #Israel military following another airstrike on #Gaza.
Update: An Israeli soldier has died -- the first such casualty in the recent months of violence.
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From the beginning, Zionists advocated a "Jewish State" not just in #Palestine, but also in #Jordan, southern #Lebanon, and the #GolanHeights as well.
As it will be proved from the quotes below:
#ICC4Israel #EthnicCleaning #Occupation #BDS #Gaza…👈
#Palestinians are not indigenous to #Palestine👈This propaganda has no other purpose than 2 further dehumanize Palestinians & justify #Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing & murder
In #BenGurion own words👇😡you'll see how that outrageous claim is far removed from historical reality
“We must expel the Arabs and take their places…”~#DavidBenGurion
Born in 1886 as David Green (Gruen) in Plonsk, #Poland. He is considered one of the three founding figures of Zionism beside #ChaimWeizmann & #Herzl.
#ICC4Israel #BDS #Palestine #Gaza…👈
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