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#Breaking: Palestinians are burning tires again at the #Gaza/#Israel border!
#Update: Some more pictures of Palestinians are burning tires at the #Gaza/#Israel border!
#Update: A video of Palestinians exploding some chemical on the tires at the #Gaza/#Israel border.
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Je lis pas mal de bêtises et mensonges sur un soit disant "pink washing" de la part d'#Israel. Je voudrais expliquer quelques vérités sur les #LGBT dans le pays, basées sur ma propre vie de papa gay en Israel.
Merci de partager ce thread: ⬇️ 🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈
(Oui, c'est moi sur la photo)
1. J'ai 2 enfants, nés de #GPA à l'étranger (la GPA est réservée aux hétéros en Israel). Dès la naissance les deux ont obtenu la nationalité israélienne.
2. Sur leur état-civil sont notés leurs deux pères, sans distinction biologique ou non ⬇️
(Non je ne suis pas sur la photo)
3. A l'inverse, 3 ans après leur naissance, je galère encore (le mot est faible) pour qu'elles obtiennent la nationalité française, sans parler de faire reconnaitre le conjoint comme père sur l'état-civil...
4. En #Israel nous avons eu congé paternité, réduction d'impôts etc.⬇️
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By @FrPinillos
Guterrez Secretary General of the UN affirms that by decision of the majority of the UN Assembly & its Security Council can only recognize Nicolás Maduro as legitimate president of Venezuela
How should be
📢📢Video Extremely important📹. ‼️I advise everyone to watch this video‼️.🧐
👉🏼It explains very well the attempted coup in Venezuela by the US do not start now, it started a few years ago👈🏼😲😠😡🤬
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#Breaking: Red rocket alert in #Israel one rocket landed in an open space in #Eshkol region.
#Update: In these areas are now Sirens sounding in southern #Israel.
#Update: Reports of #Israeli warplanes entering #Gaza airspace and hovering over the border of #Israel/Gaza!
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#Breaking: Just in - Israeli Defence Force directing citizens living near the border of #Gaza in #Israel to enter their shelters. As multiple missiles attacks will be possible this night at the border of Gaza/Israel. Rocket sirens going of to warn everyone living near the border.
#Update: Some pictures of reported airstrikes launched earlier today in #Gaza. from #Israeli airstrikes in that region.
#Breaking: Israel is reportedly keeping hitting #Gaza with airstrikes right now in the Israel/Gaza border.
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How #Egypt tried to kill a "60 Minutes" interview

During President El-Sisi's coup to power, 800+ protesters were killed in the streets, but that's ok, he serves #Israel's interests thus Egypt continues to be the 2nd largest recipient of #US Foreign Aid 🤨
#Egypt tried to stop #60Minutes from airing El-Sisi's interview
#ScottPelley & #RachaelMorehouse say such request never happened before(to them)🤥
#Israel's Amb #MichaelOren is confronted by #BobSimon,why he tried interfere to STOP this episode WATCH👇#Christians in the #HolyLand
2012 - #Israel's Persecution of #Christians in the #HolyLand. - CBS News
#Palestine is documented in this very special #60Minutes episode.
WATCH how Israel's Ambassador #MichaelOren is confronted by Bob Simon, why he tried interfere to stop this episode
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#JohnBolton👇also board member of the Jewish Institute for Natl Security Affairs (#JINSA),a think-tank actively advocating military action against countries #Israel perceives as threatening. Saddam Hussein's #Iraq was one such example; #Syria & #Iran are others
Soon After 9/11, 2001 Jewish Institute For National Security Affairs (#JINSA) statement how the #US should proceed, in 2002 #Syria was included to the axis of evil.…👈LINK
Early 2006 the #US formed The #Iran #Syria Policy and Operations Group (#ISOG) co-chaired by #DickCheney's daughter:…👈

#JINSA #AIPAC #PNAC #JohnBolton #Iraq #Libya #Afghanistan #Syria #Sudan #Iran
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🇺🇸are illegal in Syria. 🇺🇸haven't been invited by President Assad nor do they have any UN mandate. Who has to protect the Kurds is the Syrian government. There is already an alliance between Syrian government & Kurds. 🇺🇸only serves to destabilize #Syria
Yankees Go Home @POTUS @RandPaul @SecPompeo @UsCongressnews1 @CENTCOM @USArmy @CIA @usairforce @USNavy 🇺🇸Out of Syria NOW!!!
All the evil that the US-led coalition has done in Syria is coming. US-Led Coaliation, this is your legacy in #Syria. Enough is Enough. 🤬 MF 💣💥🔥
@POTUS @RandPaul @SecPompeo @UsCongressnews1 @CENTCOM @USArmy @CIA @usairforce @USNavy @IntlCrimCourt
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I love following mega-popular Gaza teenage vloggers, sisters Maraam and Hayaa (nearly 1.7m subscribers). They update new fun vlogs every few days. Here they are doing some shopping for Eid, back in June 2018. They started with some chocolate.
The #Gaza you don't see on the news
Then they bought some cakes.
The #Gaza you don't see on the news.
And finished off with some decorative knick knacks.
The #Gaza you don't see on the news.
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A Day, a Life: When a Medic Was Killed in #Gaza in June, Was It an Accident?
NYT's in-depth prosecution of #Israel. Only deep in article do we read:
"Three medics down, all from one bullet. It seemed improbable. But The Times’s reconstruction confirmed
2/ "The bullet hit the ground in front of the medics, then fragmented, part of it ricocheting upward & piercing Ms. Najjar’s chest. It was fired from a sand berm used by Israeli snipers at least 120 yards from where the medics fell."

Not a directed, intentional murder by sniper.
3/ The NYT's indictment of #IDF is 5,500 words long & accompanied by 17 minute video! When was the last time NYT spent so many manhours & millions of $ on an investigation?

Not since Warren Commission on JFK's assassination have I seen such research, stopped frames, diagrams.
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1/15. #Rouzan al-Najjar.
2/15. @NeilCollier and I first met #Rouzan in May, during a reporting trip to Gaza. She was the first woman to volunteer as a medic at the weekly Friday protests.
3/15. Weeks later, while at my desk in NY, I received this message from my colleague in Gaza @abuheweila: #Rouzan was killed by Israeli gunfire.
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53 journalists have been killed in line of duty worldwide this year.

Read their names and stories in the following thread. #pressfreedom
Unknown assailants on January 13 killed veteran journalist Carlos Domínguez Rodríguez (77) while he was driving through the city of Nuevo Laredo in Mexico’s Tamaulipas state near the Texas border.

Suspected source of fire: government officials…
Jefferson Pureza Lopes was assassinated on the night of January 17 in #Brazil’s Goiás state, located southwest of Brasilia.

Lopes was at his home in Edealina, a town of around 4,000 people, when 2 men with motorcycles shot him dead as he was watching TV.…
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We do all what we can to help families without shelter in winter, and children who deprived of their rights of living a good life.
We, as well as you, will not let them suffer alone, because our humanity oblige us to do so.
We need a lot but every little bit helps.
We do all what we can to help families without shelter in winter, and children who deprived of their rights of living a good life.
We, as well as you, will not let them suffer alone, because our humanity oblige us to do so.
We need a lot but every little bit helps.
We do all what we can to help families without shelter in winter, and children who deprived of their rights of living a good life.
We, as well as you, will not let them suffer alone, because our humanity oblige us to do so.
We need a lot but every little bit helps.
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I noticed that Hamas is trying to whitewash its crimes while using the #WhatsHamas.
In this thread I will try to show only a glimpse of what what Hamas is really about.
On the 16th of April , 1993 a Hamas terrorist had detonated a car bomb near Mechola junction in the Jordan valley , killing himself , a Palestinian civilian bystander and injuring 8 IDF soldiers.
On the 6th of April 1994, during Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day, a Hamas terrorist detonated a car bomb near a bus in the middle of a street in Afula.
8 civilians were murdered and 55 were wounded, mostly schoolchildren returning from Memorial ceremonies.
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"To call #Israel's democracy'#Apartheid' is an insult to all those who really experienced it."👈TYPICAL CRUEL & DISINGENUOUS LIE‼️
DEBUNKED BY #NelsonMandela & #SouthAfrican Freedom Fighters ON POSTS THAT WILL FOLLOW NEXT BELOW⏬
(Israel's Apartheid Laws:…)
#NelsonMandela Speaking on #Palestine, #YasserArafat [Extracts]
"We identify with the PLO, because just like ourselves, they are fighting for the right of self-determination."
1990 Town Hall Meeting with Nelson Mandela on #Palestine, #Cuba and other issues
👉#SouthAfrica compares #Israel to Nazis,cites Rabbi in #UNHRC #Gaza debate
"Mr President, S.Africans under #apartheid have experienced what we're witnessing happening in Gaza,we had a govt at war with its children & bend in dehumanizing African ppl ..."👏
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70 years ago today, the UN General Assembly passed Resn 194 (III) which resolved that, "the refugees [from Palestine] wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date &… >
> "& that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible." 70 yrs ago! Note that >
> this Palestinian #RightOfReturn was not made conditional on the attainment of a peace treaty or any other political development. It was proclaimed as absolute, for all refugees "wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours." In the 70 years since, >
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Since demonstrations vs Israel’s blockade of Gaza began in March, Israeli snipers have targeted one part of the body more than any other- legs.Of 10,511 protesters treated at hospitals and field clinics, at least 60%, have been struck in the lower limbs…
“The upsurge in violence has left a visible mark on #Gaza that will likely remain for decades to come. It is now common to see young men walking through dilapidated streets on crutches.“
Mohanad al-Khawas, 20, was selling coffee and tea from a push cart at a protest when he was shot in the right leg. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana) #Gaza
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#Hezbollah on full alert in #Lebanon and #Syria, calling its forces to be ready for war if #Israel initiate an aggression on Lebanon.

This measure came following Israel launching “Operation Northern Shield” to "destroy Hezbollah tunnels on the Israeli border."
#Hezbollah believes war is not imminent but mobilised its Special Forces already present in the south of #Lebanon.

#Israel said its ops is expected to last weeks, declared Northern Israel a military zone and sent its Israeli special forces.

I don't think @netanyahu, unwilling to continue a war with #Hamas, will engage in a foolish adventure against #Hezbollah in #Lebnon.

#Israel real message behind it? Could be to divert the attention since its PM is facing legal procedures.

We wait & see

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Following the suspected Israeli strikes in #Syria, Hezbollah released a rare video threatening to retaliate against any Israeli attack in #Lebanon
The video depicts a series of targets, including several air bases, the Kirya (Israeli Military HQ in Tel Aviv) refineries in Haifa. #Israel #Lebanon
This is nothing new, and it's clear that Hezbollah's effort to build up its precision-guided missile arsenal is meant to try and overwhelm #Israel's air defense systems, and hit key infrastructure
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I am devoting this THREAD to #WorldChildrensDay / #UniversalChildrensDay, which is today.

My key message is that ALL children - #Israeli & #Palestinian - deserve better future, but Hamas & PA is preventing this. This is #NoWayToTreatAChild!

cc. @UNICEF @nmladenov @hrw @amnesty
@UNICEF @nmladenov @hrw @amnesty @UN_HRC @UNHumanRights @UNRWA @nadplo @Palestine_UN @KenRoth @IntlCrimCourt @EUpalestinians @ICRC_ilot @IsraelinUN The #UniversalChildrensDay marks the adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child by @UN General Assembly in 1959, marked annually to promote, improve and strengthen children’s rights and welfare. 1/
@UNICEF @nmladenov @hrw @amnesty @UN_HRC @UNHumanRights @UNRWA @nadplo @Palestine_UN @KenRoth @IntlCrimCourt @EUpalestinians @ICRC_ilot @IsraelinUN @UN Yet, when the int'l community talks about children’s rights, one group of children that tends to be perennially neglected, is that of #Israeli children to live in peace and free from terror, a right that must be unequivocally and unquestionably afforded to every child. 2/
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We’ve just come out of #Gaza for a quick trip to see how things are after this week’s fighting. A couple of observations:
Hamas are buoyant about how this went down. News of Lieberman’s resignation is being blasted from all media channels as a sign of victory. Their leaders are going in front of bomb sites to do TV interviews etc.
People we spoke to were a) relieved there wasn’t a war b) basically supportive of Hamas and other factions’ decision to shoot rockets. They saw it as a legitimate response to the Israeli commando raid and felt pride that the factions fought Israel to a ceasefire.
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One failed #IDF covert ops in #Gaza caused:
- The return of the "Axis of the resistance" stronger than ever, recovering losses caused by the war in #Syria
- The embarrassment to Arab states rushing towards #Israel
- A positive push to the Arab population
- the fall of Lieberman
The #US and #SaudiArabia plan to "sell the Palestinians" failed by a failed #IDF covert ops in #Gaza. @realDonaldTrump is tasting his first defeat in #Palestine.

The performance of #Gaza showed that #Israel is not ready for war against #Lebanon too.
#Israel should have limited itself to talk about its power rather than use it and fail.

Now we hear: #israel Iron Dome is not hermetic.

400 rockets launched and only 120 intercepted. How about 150,000 rockets and missiles launched by #Hezbollah?

#Lebanon can be tranquil.
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#Israel showed its limitation in comparison to what #Palestinians can do:
1. No logo on al-Alam IED flag indication a unification of Palestinian groups against #Israel
2. Revealed possession of Guided anti-tank missile Kornet: Israel's nightmare in Lebanon 2006
3. #Palestinians fired 400 rockets knowing how difficult is to smuggle these into #Gaza. A #Hezbollah exchange of experience, using a small part of its capability and wait for development
4. Palestinians used a new rocket revealing more capability


5. The cause of #Palestine is back on its track. #ISIS kidnapped the world attention for 5 years and #Hamas lost its main cause during the world attempt - but failed - to change the regime in #Syria.

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Graphic: The militant group Al-Nasser Salah Al-Din Brigades releases video of explosion by a trapped Palestinian flag that injured 4 #IDF soldiers in February of 2018 at the #Gaza border. #Israel
**Booby trapped
For our English speaking followers, here is a translation of the video.
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