[Thread]. 1. Where are we at with #VaccineRolloutSA?
* People who had received 1 #CovidVaccine dose by 7 Jun = 1, 524, 589
* Of those, only 31% (479 768), have been fully vaccinated (they got a #JnJ jab via #Sisonke)
* The rest (1, 043 278) have received the 1st of 2 #Pfizer jabs
2. Here’s a summary of our #VaccineRolloutSA figures so far:
* Total doses = 1, 524, 589
* Total #Pfizer 1st doses = 1, 043 278
* Nr of #Pfizer doses given on Mo, 7 Jun = 82 641 (this is the highest nr of daily doses so far)
3. Where do the 1, 524, 589 doses SA had given by 7 Jun place us in #Africa? @mediahackza tracks 51 countries, SA is 4th:
1. Algeria: 2, 500, 000
2. Nigeria: 2, 225, 765
3. Ethiopia: 1, 856, 968
4. SA: 1, 524, 589

Here's more: bit.ly/3x7h6jp
4. Does the fact that SA has done the 4th most vaccinations in Africa mean we’re moving fast enough?


We’re behind. Nicholas Crisp from @healthza told eNCA at our current tempo we’ll have 52% of 60+ vaccinated by the end of Jun (goal = 90%).

5. Why aren’t we on target with our #vaccination goals? The main reason is we don’t have enough jabs. Why not? Mainly, because we haven’t been able to use our #JnJ jabs — we’re waiting for the FDA to let us know if they’re safe to use (so if they’ve been contaminated).
6. How many #CovidVaccines (doses) have we got? 2, 574, 000 from #Pfizer. How many have we used? By Mo, we had used 1, 043 278, so we had 1,530, 722 doses left. The next two batches which are lined up:
1. 14 June: 636 480
2. 21 June: 1, 274, 130
7. If we have 1, 530, 722 #Pfizer doses left + more are coming, why don’t we just vaccinate faster? We run the risk of running out of 1 batch before another arrives. We'd then have to stop + start. Currently we can't do more than 75 000 - 80 000 per day. bit.ly/3xdO6q
8. We also have to first send samples from each batch to the National Control lab to get quality tested. So all the doses we have, can't be distributed at the same time. A batch take between 3 and 7 days to get tested (depending on its size).
9. When will we hear about our #JnJ jabs? We don’t know, but the FDA gave an indication that they will tell us this week. Why do we need to wait for them? Our regulator @SAHPRA1 explains it in this press release. bit.ly/2TNc6SB
10. Will we be able to speed up our #vaccinations if we get our #JnJ jabs? Yes, but to what extent, depends on how many batches we can use, once the FDA has announced which ones are safe. If it's all our batches, @healthza says we can do 2X the nr of vaccinations.
11. What now? We wait to hear about #JnJ + we use our #Pfizer jabs. If we can release our #JnJ jabs, they’re ready for distribution (they’ve been quality checked already, according to Aspen). They’ll be flown to OR Tambo 1st, according to #Mkhize,+ distributed from there.
12. What else can we do? See where to procure more jabs from, also from other brands, but we can only procure jabs that we know work against the Beta variant in SA. Other than that: wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands, don't hang out indoors in large groups.
Sorry, I missed Morocco, so we're 5th: Morocco has done 15, 380, 193 vaccinations. Thanks for pointing this out, @MoshabelaMosa!

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6 Jun
[Thread] 1. Why did the #FDA not make an announcement on Friday about whether SA can release its #JnJ jabs from Aspen in Gqeberha? bit.ly/3uXc6wr
2. The FDA needed to do a final inspection of Emergent BioSolutions, the company which makes #JnJ's key ingredient. Why? In March, they found 1 batch of ingredients to be contaminated + stopped all production. The company needs to pass an inspection before production can resume.
3. What were the jabs contaminated with? With ingredients of the #AstraZeneca jab. How? Emergent Biosolutions also made the key ingredient of the AZ jab — they produced the #JnJ and AZ key ingredients in one factory + weren't careful enough. That's how the contamination happened.
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4 Jun
[Thread]1. When can a province start to vaccinate people of 40+? When 70% of people of 60+ in a province had been vaccinated, @HealthZA said in a presentation this week. #VaccineRolloutSA
2. How many people of 60+ are there? About 5 mil. How many have we vaccinated? We only know we had given 713 584 #Pfizer jabs by Wed, @healthza hasn't given a breakdown of how many are #HealthWorkers and how many are people of 60+. #VaccineRolloutSA
3. What do we know? We have a breakdown of registration figures. 2 247 753 people of 60+ have registered on the EVDS, so about 45%. We've given 713 584 (that's 14% of 5 mil) shots so far (some = HCWs), so we've got a long way to go before we've reached 70% of people of 60+.
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4 Jun
[Thread] 11. LATEST #VaccineRolloutSA figures:
1. The total nr of #JandJ + #Pfizer 1st (of 2) shots by Wed: 1 193 352
2. Nr of #Pfizer shots on Wed: 1 193 352 - 1 117 569 = 75 783 (on Tue 72 456 shots were given).
3. Total nr of Pfizer shots: 637 801 (Wed) + 75 783 = 713 584
2. Can we do more than +/- 75 000 shots/day?
@HealthZA's Nicholas Crisp says no, not until we get our #JandJ jabs (or additional Pfizer/other brands). Why? Otherwise we run the risk of using up the jabs before the next #Pfizer batch arrives, and will have to stop and start.
3. How many #Pfizer jabs have we got?
* By Jun 1 we had 1,937,520 doses
* Of the 1,937,520 doses, 1,294,020 have been distributed to sites (we had used 713 584 of the 1,294, 020 by Wed)
* The batch of 636,480 of 31 May is still under quarantine
* Next batch: 636 480 on 7 Jun
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3 Jun
[Thread] 1. When will we hear if Aspen can release SA’s #JandJ jabs from their Gqebera plant and why can’t the country itself just give the go ahead? @healthza’s Nicholas Crisp says the #FDA has told him they’ll make an announcement on Fri (tomorrow).
2. The FDA can decide:
1. Our #JandJ jabs haven’t been contaminated + can be released.
2. Some batches are fine, some not. Only some can be released.
2. All jabs = contaminated +can’t be used.
3. Our jabs can't be used the US, but Sahpra can decide if we can use them in SA.
3. Why is the #FDA making this decision and not SA? Because Aspen has a contract with #JandJ and a US factory which manufactured the key ingredient (API) for our jabs is being investigated by the FDA.
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1 Jun
[Thread] 1. SUNDAY #VaccineRolloutSA figures:
* Total #Pfizer doses by end of Sun: 490 680 (everyone still needs a 2nd shot, 42 days after the 1st one)
* Pfizer doses given on Sun: 2 129
* Pfizer doses from 24 May (Mo) - 30 May (Su): 318 820 (vs. the previous week's 171 860)
2. What's the total number of #CovidVaccinations we've done so far?
* #Pfizer: 490 680 (these people aren't fully vaccinated, they still need second shots)
* #JandJ (via #Sisonke): 479 768 (these #HealthWorkers are fully vaccinated)
* Total nr of Pfizer and J&J shots: 970 448
3. How many #Pfizer doses do we have? @healthza's Nicholas Crisp says:
- 1.3 mil have been distributed to sites
- We had used +/- 500 000 by Sun, so we had +/- 700 000 left
- We got 636 000 more on Mon. They can only be used in a wk's time after quality testing had been done
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30 May
1. #CyrilRampahosa: 67% of health workers have been vaccinated. IN total: 960 000 people in SA have received 1 #COVID vaccination dose (either #Pfizer or #JandJ). Over the next days, we would have administered 1 vaccination dose to more than 1-million of the most vulnerable SAs.
2. #CyrilRampahosa: SA has secured enough vaccines to cover all adults:
* 31 million #JandJ doses (this is a single dose jab)
* 20 million #Pfizer doses (this vaccine requires two doses, 42 days apart)
3. #CyrilRampahosa: SA's #JandJ jabs have been delayed because of a lack of adherence to proper standards at a US factory. We're waiting for these issues to be resolved before our J&J jabs can be released from Aspen in EC. We are in constant contact with the relevant authorities.
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