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LIVE: Press conference on the Emergency Committee meeting on new #coronavirus (2019-nCoV)…
The Emergency Committee on the new #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) considered that it is still too early to declare a public health emergency of international concern given its restrictive and binary nature
The Emergency Committee on the new #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) urged to support ongoing efforts through a WHO international multidisciplinary mission, including national experts
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The 🌍 needs 9 million more nurses & midwives if it is to achieve #HealthForAll.

January 1 marks the beginning of the Year of the Nurse & the Midwife & global effort to highlight an acute shortage of these crucial #HealthWorkers. #SupportNursesAndMidwives
We are delighted that Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge has recognized the value and importance of this work, sending a letter of appreciation to all midwives:

📷 @KensingtonRoyal #SupportNursesAndMidwives
@KensingtonRoyal Nurses & midwives are the people who devote their lives to:

-caring for mothers & children

-giving lifesaving immunizations & health advice

-looking after older people

-meeting everyday essential health needs #SupportNursesAndMidwives
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It's Universal Health Coverage Day!

Universal Health Coverage means that ALL individuals & communities receive the health services they need without suffering 💰 hardship.

| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
(\__/) ||
(•ㅅ•) ||
/   づ
Universal Health Coverage includes the full spectrum of essential, quality health services:
🏥 Promotion
🏥 Prevention
🏥 Treatment
🏥 Rehabilitation
🏥 Palliative care

It`s time for #HealthForAll
Universal health coverage is a political choice to strive for equity and justice in health. It means building health systems that put the poorest and most marginalized communities first, leaving no one behind

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"Today, in more than 1 in 3 countries, more than 90% of #HIV-positive pregnant women are receiving anti-retroviral therapy"-@DrTedros addressing @OAFLA at the #ICASA2019Rwanda
@DrTedros @OAFLA @WHOAFRO @RwandaHealth @FirstLadyRwanda "Eastern & southern Africa are leading the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of #HIV with an average of 92% pregnant women are receiving anti-retroviral therapy. 1 in 3 is still nowhere near good enough. We have a lot of work to do"-@DrTedros

@DrTedros @OAFLA @WHOAFRO @RwandaHealth @FirstLadyRwanda "#HIV, Hepatitis B and syphilis are all endemic in Africa.
All three can be maternally transmitted; are devastating; take a heavy toll on health systems, with catastrophic expenditures for families leading to poverty in our communities.
And all three can be prevented"-@DrTedros
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WHO Director-General, @DrTedros, today visited #healthworkers affected by recent armed attacks on #Ebola response staff that killed four outbreak responders and injured seven others in the eastern #DRC. 👉
.@DrTedros called for improved security in the region to protect #HealthWorkers trying to contain #Ebola 👉
“There can be no more callous act than to target health professionals working to heal the sick & care for those in need. Every time an attack happens, it disrupts efforts to contain the #Ebola outbreak & puts the health & wellbeing of local 👨,👩&🧒 at greater risk”-@DrTedros
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Today is the 7th consecutive day that #Ebola response operations have been paralyzed in Beni & Oicha, #DRC where there are active chains of transmission. Teams were unable to vaccinate anyone in those areas yesterday, only 1/4 of people at risk were checked by health teams.
We have moved some staff from Beni, 🇨🇩 who are able to work remotely, but the majority of staff remain.

When teams are unable to safely access communities affected by #Ebola, they arrange contact follow-up by phone and remotely guide local #healthworkers.
The #Ebola response continues in other locations.

800+ WHO staff are currently in #DRC working on the outbreak.

Since August 2018, @MinSanteRDC & partners conducted over 5 million contact follow ups, vaccinated over 255 000 people & set up over 30 treatment or transit centres.
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Today is the International Day to End Violence against Women.

1 in 3 👩🏻👩🏿🧕 around the 🌍 experience physical or sexual violence by:
A husband
A boyfriend
An intimate partner
A lover
A parent
A relative
A colleague
A boss
A stranger

We must #ENDviolence against 👩‍🦰 & 👧!
@WHO_Europe @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO Violence against 👩🏻👩🏿🧕 has devastating costs and consequences on individuals, communities and societies. It is a major public health problem and a violation of women’s human rights.
#ENDviolence against women. #16days
@WHO_Europe @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO Violence can negatively affect women’s physical, mental, sexual, and reproductive health, and may increase the risk of acquiring #HIV in some settings.
#orangetheworld #16days
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Global leaders pledge US$2.6 billion to #EndPolio at the #RLMForum in Abu Dhabi.

Countries & partners announce commitments to vaccinate 450 million children against #polio each year and to overcome barriers to reaching every child 👉
@DrTedros @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHOAFRO @antonioguterres @UN @UN_News_Centre This pledging event comes on the heels of a major announcement last month that the 🌍 has eradicated two of the three wild poliovirus strains, leaving only wild poliovirus type 1 still in circulation.

@DrTedros @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHOAFRO @antonioguterres @UN @UN_News_Centre #Nigeria – the last country in Africa to have cases of wild #polio – has not seen wild polio since 2016 and the entire @WHOAFRO region could be certified wild polio-free in 2020 👉
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"There are few greater gifts we can give future generations than to eradicate a disease. We ourselves know what that’s like. #Smallpox was only officially declared eradicated in 1980 – less than 40 years ago. And yet already, it is becoming a distant memory"-@DrTedros #RLMForum
"Every year, over 1 billion people are treated for a neglected tropical disease, & last year 8 countries eliminated at least one NTD.
In the mid-1980s there were almost 3.5M cases of guinea-worm in 20 countries. Last year, there were only 28 cases, in just 3 countries"-@DrTedros
"Onchocerciasis has been eliminated in 4 countries in @pahowho;
Lymphatic filariasis has been eliminated in 16 countries;
Trachoma has been eliminated in 9 countries;
The annual number of sleeping sickness cases has fallen from over 7k in 2012 to less than 1k in 2018"-@DrTedros
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"Advances in science and technology are opening up new horizons in public health that were considered science fiction not so very long ago"

-@DrTedros #Innov4Health #HealthForAll
@DrTedros @WIPO @wto @WTODGAZEVEDO "CRISPR tools enable us edit the human genome, potentially transforming the treatment of #cancer.
Robotic surgery is improving precision & making complex procedures easier.
3-D printing means orthotics & prosthetics can be tailored precisely to the individual"
@DrTedros @WIPO @wto @WTODGAZEVEDO "Virtual reality is being used to train #HealthWorkers.
Wireless brain sensors are giving us new insights into our most important but most mysterious organ.
Telemedicine & mobile health are helping us deliver care in people’s homes, instead of in hospitals & clinics"

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#HealthWorkers 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ are more powerful than you think! They get sick people back on their feet and back to work. They keep businesses succeeding and economies growing.

But the 🌍 is facing a shortfall of 18 million 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ by 2030. It’s time to invest in 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️!
18 million additional #HealthWorkers 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ are needed to achieve #healthForAll by 2030 👉
@pahowho @WHOAFRO @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @DrTedros @WorldHealthSmt DYK: Investments in education, skills and the creation of decent jobs in the health and social sectors can improve well-being of people living in low income countries. This would also help address the world’s 18 million #HealthWorkers shortfall.
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Live on #WorldPolioDay: Declaring eradication of the wild poliovirus type 3 with @DrTedros. #EndPolio…
@DrTedros 👏👏👏 This historic #WorldPolioDay sees wild poliovirus type 3 declared eradicated 🌎🌍🌏.

Wild poliovirus type 2 was eradicated in 2015: just one strain remains. #EndPolio
@DrTedros "Today we are celebrating another milestone on the road to a post-polio world – the global eradication of wild poliovirus type 3. This is a great achievement, and shows us the tactics are working"-@DrTedros #EndPolio
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Today is #WorldPolioDay.

#Polio is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus. It invades the nervous system, and can cause total paralysis in a matter of hours.

Thanks to vaccines 💪, polio cases have decreased by over 99% since 1988. #EndPolio

It’s #WorldPolioDay.
No child anywhere should suffer from a vaccine-preventable disease. Help us get closer to #polio eradication. Let’s #EndPolio!
#Polio is a distant memory in most parts of the world but it’s still present in some places - mostly affecting children under five. Let's #EndPolio!
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Health is a human right.

It’s time for Universal Health Coverage for everyone, everywhere.

Support #HealthForAll 👉 #IPU141
Q: What is Universal Health Coverage?
A: Receiving health services you need, when and where you need them without facing financial hardship.
It’s time for #HealthForAll!
Universal Health Coverage:
-Enables people to make good health decisions
-Brings life-saving services to rural communities
-Builds networks to provide affordable, local treatment
-Provides more sophisticated services at hospitals
#HealthForAll #IPU141
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Over 200k people have been vaccinated as part of tireless efforts to stop the current #Ebola outbreak in #DRC.

Saving lives with an experimental vaccine is one thing done differently, compared to the 2014 West Africa response.

Here the lessons learnt 👉
@WHOAFRO @OMSRDCONGO @DrTedros @MoetiTshidi The implementation of the #Ebola vaccination strategy in the #DRC has been possible thanks to the training of over 4000 Congolese staff supported by 45 researchers from #Guinea and other African nations 👉
@WHOAFRO @OMSRDCONGO @DrTedros @MoetiTshidi @MinSanteRDC The devastating 2014–2016 #Ebola epidemic in West Africa resulted in over 11000 deaths. It prompted changes in the way the 🌏🌎🌍 responds to outbreaks: putting research at the heart of the response 👉
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It’s #WorldBreastfeedingWeek!

Being a parent is the most important job in the world. Parents need time to give their child the best start in life. #Breastfeeding is one of them!

Support mums breastfeed anytime, anywhere!
It’s #WorldBreastfeedingWeek!

Mothers need time off from work to recover from birth and get #breastfeeding🤱🏻 off to a successful start.

Support mums breastfeed anytime, anywhere.
@WHOAFRO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO Majority of women still face obstacles to continue #breastfeeding their babies when they return to work. Workplace support is a major factor that influences a woman's decision to quit or continue breastfeeding.

Employers – let's make breastfeeding work!🤱
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Tomorrow, 1 August, marks one year since the Government of #DRC declared an #Ebola outbreak in North Kivu province. @DrTedros, @UNReliefChief, @unicefchief & @WFPChief salute the heroic efforts of the #healthworkers on the front line 👉
In the last year, there have been 2,687 #Ebola cases in #DRC, including 1,803 deaths in parts of Ituri & North Kivu provinces; 771 survivors and patients under care.
#Ebola is a disease of close contact. It passes from mother to child, husband to wife, patient to caregiver, from the dead body of a victim to the mourning relative.
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WHO-@UNOCHA high-level event on #Ebola in 🇨🇩 is about to start.


The event provides an opportunity for the #DRC Government, @UN, donors & partners to take stock of the status of the outbreak, response & actions needed to end Ebola.
The #Ebola outbreak in #DRC is occurring in a densely populated region with internal displacement, ongoing conflict, and a weak health system. The affected communities are also facing malaria, measles, cholera and high levels of food insecurity.
Disease outbreaks in #DRC:
- #Ebola: 2489 cases, 1665 deaths since August 2018
-Cholera: 13100 cases, 279 deaths reported in from January-June 2019
-Measles: 115 000 suspected cases, 1 981 deaths since January
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On the eve of #IWD2019 it is a joy to digest the groundbreaking @GlobalHlth5050 #EqualityWorks Report findings, released in #AddisAbaba earlier today

See thread below ⬇️ for summary of key findings

#GH5050 #TimesUp #BalanceforBetter
1. Gender equality. Do the Right Thing

- #Genderequality = #humanright AND prerequisite for achieving universal, sustainable social, economic & environmental progress #UHC

- Gender equality benefits everyone: men, women and gender diverse people

#GH5050 #EqualityWorks #IWD2019
2. Organisational commitment to #genderequality on the rise

- 70% (143/198) #globalhealth orgs in review publicly state commitment to gender equality in mission
- This represents improvement from 2018
- Orgs also ⬆️recognition that gender equality benefits everyone (men, trans+)
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