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[Thread] 1. What is the average nr of daily #COVID19 #vaccine doses #VaccineRollOutSA now administers (average = past 7 days)?
167, 041 doses

Is it lower than last week's average?
Yes, 21, 677 doses fewer (188,718 average)

Data: the fabulous @outlierafrica of @mediahackza
2. What % of adults has SA fully vaccinated so far? 20.2% (8.1 mil adults)

What % of the entire population has SA fully vaccinated so far? 13.4%
3. How long will it take to fully vaccinate the remaining % of adults = 40 mil people?

(@healthza's goal = 35 mil doses by Dec, take note: doses, not people):

1. With #JnJ only: 6 mnths 13 days (1 jab needed @ this stage)
2. With #Pfizer only: 12 mnths 4 days (2 jabs needed)
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NEW: [Thread] 1. #JnJ 2day announced (via a press release:
1. JnJ's #COVID19 jab = more effective when given as a double shot, 56 days - 6 mnths apart (vs. just 1 shot)
2. The efficacy of 1 shot doesn't wane, but a booster shot makes it more effective.
2. When a 2nd #JnJ shot is given 56 days after the 1st one, the 2-dose combo provides:
* 100% protection @ severe #COVID19 14 days after the 2nd shot
* 75% protection @ symptomatic (moderate to severe/critical) COVID19 in the countries where the jab was tested
3. When a 2nd/booster shot of the #JnJ #COVID19 jab was given 56 days after the first shot, trial participants' antibody levels rose to 4-6x times higher than after just one shot.
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[Thread] 1. How are we doing with #JnJ supply?

Here's what @healthza says we've received so far:

4 June – 300,000 (short expiry)
21 June – 1,253,600 (short expiry)
26 July – 1,454,400
9 August – 619,200
6 September – 1,413,600
13 September – 1,360,800
TOTAL – 6,401,600
2. How many doses does #JnJ still owe us?
We procured 31.2 million doses, so:
31,200,000 - 6,401,600 = 24,798,400
3. When will the rest of our #JnJ stock arrive?

Janssen/#JnJ = given @healthza tentative delivery dates for Sep + Oct, but the dates = not public.

But the quarterly delivery schedule is public:
Q3 (July - Sep): 9,100,000 doses
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[Thread] Why has @healthza not procured vaccines other than #Pfizer and #JnJ (so a third option)?
@healthza's Nicholas Crisp:
1. There are 2 vaccines to choose from: AstraZeneca and Sinovac.
2. Both of these jabs have been approved for use by @SAHPRA1.
2. AstraZeneca:
1. We have data that it works @ the #Delta variant.
2. Availability = an issue, we're looking for a supplier with stock. Serum Institute in India = no stock. If we buy from a new manufacturer we need a certificate of good pharmaceutical practice = takes time.
3. AstraZeneca:
* @healthza hopes stock may become available at the end of Sep or Oct
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[Thread]. 1. Want to use a hamburger to figure out if you can trust research data?

@Bhekisisa_MG's #JoAisha (the inseparable @vandykjoan/@A_AbdoolKarim) has done exactly this in their 4-part #SputnikSeries.

Hint: When burger ingredients join forces, each 1's role = amplified.
2. The burger patty

Ground beef is the star of the traditional burger. Its scientific equal = raw data scientists collect.

But you can’t just slap mince onto a burger. You need a binder before you can call it a patty.

In research, a study protocol (rule book) = the binder.
3. What is the #SputnikV jab?
- It's a viral vector jab (like the #JnJ jab, it uses an adenovirus to sneak an unharmful form of the #COVID virus into your body)
- You get 2 doses (they're not the same)
- Sputnik is under review by Sahpra

More here:
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[Thread] 1. How many #COVIDVaccines will SA receive in Aug?
Nicholas Crisp, @healthza:
1. We no longer have a supply shortage
2. The slide below shows delivery dates + doses. It takes a week for doses to get to sites after arrival (clearance, quality testing, distribution).
2. How many adults have registered for #COVID vaccinations?
1. Registrations have been disappointing
2. 9.2 mil (out of 40 mil = 23%) adults have registered
3. 60+ = age group with the largest % registered (3.5 mil out of 5 mil = 70%)
3. Crisp:
1. Vaccinations = slowed down by SA's vaccine shortage 2 wks ago (see slide)
2. We've lost momentum: We now have enough supply, but demand has decreased
3. There will defs be a 4th wave, but we don't know when + which variant will be dominant (could be a new one)
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JUST IN: [Thread] 1. #VaccineRollOutSA stats: Tu, 10 Aug

* 9.3 % of SA adults have been fully vaccinated @ #COVID19 (1 #JnJ jab/2 #Pfizer shots) *

1. Jabs, past 24 hrs: 176, 752 (Last Tu: 191, 721)
2. Total doses: 8, 811, 608
3. Adults fully vaccinated: 3, 719, 508 (9.3%) ImageImageImage
2. How many #JnJ shots did we do today?
Answer: 48, 246 (shots which were entered into the #EVDS, which is where @HealthZA's dashboard draws data from).

Not reflected, are the paper record doses (some sites do these), which will only be added in the coming days or weeks. Image
3. Have we used the +/- 50 000 #JnJ doses we had this morning and that will expire at 23:50 tonight (Tu)?

We don't yet officially know, but we've likely come close:
50 000 - 48, 246 = 1 754 (doses left, but these could be paper record doses not yet entered into the #EVDS).
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[Thread]. 1. Our first batch of 1.5 million #JnJ doses expires today (Tuesday) at 11:59pm. How many doses were left by this morning (Tuesday)?

@HealthZA says: Just under 50 000
2. Will we be able to use all of the about 50 000 #JnJ leftover doses today (Tuesday)?

Most likely — we used about 50 000 JnJ doses per day last week.
3. What happens if we can’t use all of the #JnJ doses which expire at midnight today (Tuesday)?

@HealthZA says: The doses will have to be destroyed, as they would have expired, but we won’t have to pay for unused doses.
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[Thread] 1. Glenda Gray, co-lead investigator, #Sisonke:

We now have results to show the #JnJ jab provides significant protection @ the #DeltaVariant in SA.

What is Sisonke?

The Sisonke study used the #JnJ jab to look @ the effectiveness of the jab among SA #HealthWorkers
2. Gray:
1. #Sisonke vaccinated 477 234 #HealthWorkers
2. 122 sites were used to vaccinate health workers
3. Gray:
#Sisonke researchers used three sets of data to analyse the study's results:
1. 2 sets of data from medical insurers were used and one set of provincial persal data
2. Today Gray is only reporting on two sets of data
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LATEST #VaccineRollOutSA stats: Thu, 5 Aug:

[Thread] 1. We've fully vaccinated 8.6% of adults in SA

1. Jabs, past 24 hrs: 181, 096 (Wed: 185, 949)
2. Total doses: 8, 377, 606
3. Adults fully vaccinated: 3, 447, 380 (8.6%)
2. How many adults were fully vaccinated in the last 24 hours? 111, 205 (most of these vaccinations happened in Gauteng, KZN and Limpopo)
- #JnJ: 60, 464
- #Pfizer: 50, 741
3. Cool new @healthza dashboard feature: Breakdown of vaccinations by age and gender:
1. % of men: 39.77%
2. % of women: 60.23%

Vaccine doses administered per age group:
60+: 4, 469, 450
50-59: 1, 658, 651
35 - 49: 1, 851, 896
18-34: 392, 869
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[Thread] 1. When will our new vaccine stock reach #VaccineRollOutSA sites?

@healthza says:
#JnJ (1, 454, 900 doses released by Aspen last wk): Tu onwards
#Pfizer (1,5 mil doses we bought; arrived on Sun): Thu onwards
Pfizer (2.8 mil US donated doses; arrived on Sat): Next week
2. When will our new #Pfizer doses expire?

@healthza says:

Both the 2.8 mil donated #Pfizer doses and the 1.5 million procured doses expire on 30 November 2021
3. When will our new #JnJ doses expire? 31 May 2023

When will our current JnJ doses expire?
11 Aug

How many of the old JnJ doses have we got left?
@healthza's dashboard says we had used 1, 053, 862 by 1 Aug
1, 500, 000 - 1, 053, 862 = 446 138
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[Thread] 1. What's happening with our #VaccineRollOutSA doses — will we have enough and are we reaching the right people?

Nicholas Crisp, @healthza:
We crossed the 7 mil mark for vaccine doses administered this week, but we're not yet reaching enough 60+ (most vulnerable).
2. Crisp:
1. 80% (4, 416, 391) of 60+ have been vaccinated with at least one dose
2. 15% (727, 839) of 50+ have been vaccinated with at least one dose

@healthza's goal for Aug: 1 out of 7 vaccinations has to be for 60+
3. Crisp:
We're not reaching the desired public/private mix for jabs: there is far more capacity in the private sector than what we're currently using

Below is a screen grab from @healthza's dashboard that shows a breakdown of the % of jabs done at pub/priv sites on Thu
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[Thread] NEW #VaccineRollOutSA stats: Thu, 29 Jul:

* We've done 4 x more Pfizer (5, 838, 267) vs. JnJ doses (1, 459, 645), but more people = fully vaccinated with JnJ because it only requires 1 shot *

1. Jabs, past 24 hrs: 215, 066 (Wed: 194, 891)
2. Total doses: 7, 297, 912
2. Adults fully vaccinated: 2, 835, 930 (7%)
* #Pfizer full vaccinations = 1, 376, 285
* #JnJ full vaccinations = 1, 459, 645
3. Why are we not yet doing 300 000 jabs per day?
Shortage of jabs:
- We received fewer Pfizer doses in July than June, but we vaccinated more people
- Our 1.49 mil JnJ jabs that Aspen released to JnJ on Mon haven't yet been handed over to @healthza (hopefully on Fri morning)
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[Thread] 1. Are the 5.6 mil #Pfizer doses the US gov is donating to SA in addition to the Pfizer doses we've already procured ? YES (confirmed by @healthza)
2. How many #Pfizer doses has SA received up until now (so doses we've bought/paid for)?
@healtza figures:

Pfizer (bilateral deal): 6, 606, 990
Pfizer via #COVAX: 1, 392, 300

TOTAL: 7, 999, 290
3. How many #JnJ doses has SA received so far (without #Sisonke's JnJ research doses)?

@healthza figures:
1, 553, 600
(1, 49 million doses will be at clinics next week — these are the doses released by Aspen to #JnJ on Monday)
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[Thread] 1. What % of SA adults have now been fully vaccinated + with which jab?

Fully vaccinated adults (people of 18+) = 6.1%
- 3.1% have been fully vaccinated with #JnJ (they had 1 shot)
- 3% have been fully vaccinated with #Pfizer (they had 2 shots)

(3.1% + 3% = 6.1%)
2. How are provinces doing with full vaccinations?
Limpopo (8.5%), KZN (7.5%) and the Eastern Cape (7.2%) are leading the way, proportion-wise.

But when it comes to numbers, Gauteng (549 421) and KZN (543 580) have the highest number of fully vaccinated adults.
3. How do you work out how many people have been fully vaccinated? @healthza has a dashboard:

Total full vaccinations =
#JnJ shots (1, 242, 236, you need 1 shot) + #Pfizer 2nd shots (1, 194, 931, you need 2 shots) = 2, 437 167
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[Thread] 1. @aspenpharma is releasing 1.49 million #JnJ doses from its Gqeberha plant for use in SA today (Jul 26) — all these doses will be distributed to #VaccineRollOutSA sites. But when will they actually reach the sites?
2. Stravos Nicolaou from Aspen says this morning Aspen started to pack the 1.49 million #JnJ doses in special refrigerator containers which are temperature controlled. This is a delicate process and takes a while.
3. The pallets of #JnJ jabs will today be loaded into trucks and handed over to JnJ. Tomorrow, the jabs will be flown to OR Tambo airport, from where the vaccines will be transported to a warehouse in Midrand.
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[Thread] 1. NEWS about #JnJ DELIVERIES:
1. SA will receive a consignment of 1.4 million #JnJ doses this coming week (confirmed by @healthza)
2. The doses will be rolled out at #VaccineRollOutSA sites from the week of Aug 2
2. What are we doing with our current #JnJ doses?
1. Initially, we only used them for essential workers, e.g. teachers
2. But the doses expire on Aug 11, and we now know more JnJ stock is coming, so @healthza has moved some doses to sites for use in the general roll-out.
3. What will happen to essential worker programmes?
@healthza will complete the current programmes as soon as possible and then move onto to prioritisation based on age only (because essential worker programmes require time-consuming admin which causes delays)
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[Thread] Glenda Gray, @MRCza:
1. The only way to bring the #COVID19 pandemic under control, is to vaccinate a large % of SA
2. Everyone needs to be vaccinated, not just 20%/30% of the population
3. Only 1.1% of people in low income countries have received one #CovidVaccine dose
2. Glenda Gray:
1. The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the occurrence of side effects
2. Severe side effects, such as rare/unique types of blood clots associated with #JnJ and heart inflammation associated with #Pfizer are very uncommon
3. Glenda Gray: How rare is rare?
1. For #JnJ, rare blood clots = 3 cases for every mil doses among adults
2. For JnJ, Guillain-Barre syndrome = 7.8 cases for every million doses among adults

* What is Guilain-Barre syndrome? Find out here:
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[Thread] 1. What % of SA adults have been fully or partially vaccinated?

1. Fully vaccinated: 4.7% (Limpopo = 6.2%)
2. Partially vaccinated (1 #Pfizer dose): 9.1% (1 dose provides 94% protection @ hospitalisation as a result of infection with the #DeltaVariant)
2. Is #VaccineRollOutSA scaling up? Yes. Here’s the timeline for every 1 mil doses recorded on the #EVDS (data = @healthza dashboard):

1 mil: 28 May
2 mil: 16 Jun (19 days)
3 mil: 30 Jun (14 days)
4 mil: 8 Jul (8 days)
5 mil 16 Jul (8 days)

Graph = @mediahackza/@Bhekisisa_MG
3. What does the 1-mil timeline in the previous tweet tell us? We now take 8 days to administer 1-mil jabs. Initially we took between 14 + 19 days. If we reach #Ramaphosa’s goal of 300 000 jabs/day, we’ll get close to 1 mil jabs every 3 days (we’re now doing about 220 000/day).
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[Thread] 1. On Mon we did 223, 969 daily vaccinations — by far the most daily jabs since the start of #VaccineRollOutSA. How many #COVIDvaccine doses have we got left?

Answer: By the end of Mon, we had 2.8 mil doses (#Pfizer + #JnJ) left (confirmed by @healthza).
2. Where do 2.8 mil #COVIDvaccine doses leave us?
1. If we use 220 000 doses/day, we have 12.7 days of stock
2. We start with full w/end vaccinations on Aug 1
3. 12.7 days takes us to +/-Aug 3 (if we don’t count 24, 25, 30 Jul = w/end days + work with 20-30k jabs/w/end day)
3. So will we run out of jabs on Aug 3?
Answer: NO.

Why not?
Because we have consistent weekly batches of #Pfizer stock arriving.
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[Thread] 1. JUST IN: @The_DSD essential workers be vaccinated from Mon, 19 July:
1. Early childhood development (ECD) staff
2. Social workers (also auxiliary workers and students)
3. Community development practitioners
4. Frontline @The_DSD staff
2. Which other essential workers are also currently being vaccinated?
1. School staff (teachers, etc)
2. Inmates and correctional services staff
3. Army (SANDF)
4. Police (SAPS)
3. Which #CovidVaccine is used to vaccinate essential workers? #JnJ

Do essential workers' vaccinations happen at normal sites?
Mostly not, but when they do, there are separate queues, as they're vaccinated with JnJ + not #Pfizer, the jab that's currently used for our roll-out.
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[Thread]. 1. Why has @HealthZA not published a list of KZN #VacccineRollOutSA sites that are open? Because they're concerned such a list might get used by looters to decide where to go next.…
2. 90+ pharmacies (some = vaccination sites) have been looted in #UnrestSA. How many #CovidVaccines have been stolen? We don't know the exact amount, but @healthza says it's a small number, as smaller sites mostly receive daily stock from warehouse.
3. Will @healthza reach its target of 250 000 jabs/day this week? No, it's unlikely because of #UnrestSA. Most urban KZN sites are closed (under normal circumstances they do about 40 000 daily jabs, now they do 4000). They can only reopen when it's safe.
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[Thread] 1. What proportion of vaccinable people in SA has fully been vaccinated?

Vaccinable people = people of 18+ (no #COVID19 jab is registered for use by anyone younger than 18).

Answer: 3.4% of vaccinable people in SA has been fully vaccinated.
2. Which provinces have fully vaccinated the largest proportion of their 18+ population against #COVID19?
1. KZN (5%)
2. EC (4%)
3. Limpopo (3.8%)
4. WC (3.3%)
5. Free State (3.2%)
6 + 7: Gauteng and NC (2.7%)
8. NW (2.6%)
9. Mpumalanga (2%)
3. Which province has vaccinated the largest proportion of its 18+ population? KwaZulu-Natal.

Which province has vaccinated the smallest proportion of its population? Mpumalanga (largely rural province for which #JnJ sites = mostly planned; no JnJ doses for use at sites yet).
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[Thread] 1. #CyrilRamaphosa: The AU has reached an agreement that will improve the supply of vaccines in Africa and SA. Aspen in Gqeberha will deliver of 17 mil #JnJ vaccine doses (fill and finish) over the next three months starting in July.
2. This number of vaccines produced (filled and finished) by Aspen, will double monthly from October. Initial stock will be released in SA and other African countries from July.
3. #JnJ is committed to adjust the current arrangement so that we can produce JnJ under license in SA rather than under contract. That means we will have more control over the allocation/distribution of vaccines.
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