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🧵JUST IN: 1. From Mon, 6 June, people of 50+ can get an extra #Pfizer #COVID19 vaccine booster 120 days after their previous booster. Technically, you can already get one from tomorrow (Sat), as the #EVDS went live tonight, but you’ll only receive an sms alert from Mon.
2. Can you choose if you want an extra #JnJ or #Pfizer booster? No. For this round, you'll need to take a #Pfizer booster (all SA’s #Pfizer jabs will have expired by the end of Oct, so this is one way of using them faster before then).
3. If you had #JnJ as a 1st dose:
- 2nd dose (JnJ/#Pfizer) = 60 days after 1st shot
- 3rd dose (booster, JnJ/Pfizer) = 90 days after 2nd dose
- 4th dose (booster, Pfizer, the one that kicks on Mon) = 120 days after 3rd dose Image
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FDA limits #JnJ vaccine to only those who can't receive other vaccines due to risk of thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), aka vaccine-induced thrombocytic thrombocytopenia (VITT), aka the rare vaccine clot syndrome we've known about since 3/2021…
The cause of this rare effect is the development of anti-PIF4 antibodies, but the mechanism of that is, surprisingly, still unknown. The same effect is seen in AZ, and J&J is Ad26 while AZ is a chimp Ad, so it's likely common to many-most primate adenoviruses.
It's been suggested Ad capsids bind and precipitate PIF4, triggering an immune reaction against PIF4. However a simpler mechanism that I have yet to see ruled out would be simply the production of antibodies to some Ad capsid protein that in rare cases cross-react to PIF4
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🧵1. Is SA in a 5th #COVID19 wave?
@ProfAbdoolKarim: It’s too early to tell. We don’t have reliable data 2 compare infections of the last 7 days with the previous 7 days. Why? SA = 2 holidays in the past week, so testing nrs = down + can’t reliably be compared 2 the previous wk.
2. Why do we need to compare data of the last 7 days with the previous 7 days?

- For a 5th wave the 7-day moving average would have doubled every 2-3 days (so we would have had 10,000+ cases by now)
- But we’ve seen only a 52% increase: from 3,097 (April 24) to 4,693 (May 1)
3. Does the lower-than-expected increase for a new wave mean we’re not in a 5th #COVID19 wave?

Not necessarily — it could just be that testing numbers are down because of the 2 public holidays in the past week (far fewer people go to test on public holidays).
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🧵1. Until when will you be able to get a #Pfizer #COVID19 jab in SA?

Most likely only until July 31st, says @HealthZA. After that only #JnJ will be available.

Why? SA has received all the doses it's procured from Pfizer and the last batch expires on July 31.
2. How many #COVID19 jabs has SA received?

Total: 60,6 million

- #Pfizer: 39,272,220 (this includes US donations and jabs we got via #Covax)
- #JnJ: 21,333,840 (we also got 500,000 for #Sisonke1 + 250,00 for #Sisonke2)

Full story:
3. How many of the jabs #VaccineRolloutSA has received has been distributed? (Distributed = they've been transported to provinces. All distributed shots have not necessarily been used yet.)

-#Pfizer: 66% of received jabs = distributed
-#JnJ: 42% of received jabs = distributed
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[Thread] Have the new #COVIDV19 jab rules @healthza implemented in Feb resulted in a higher uptake?
- Early data = encouraging (🧵= details)
- What were the changes?
* 2nd #Pfizer jab = 21 days after 1st
* Pfizer booster = 90 days after 2nd
* #JnJ booster = 60 days after 1st
2. When did the changes kick in?
1. #JnJ: 21 Feb
#Pfizer: 23 Feb
2. What happened?
Comparison of uptake on 16 Feb + 2 March (1 wk after new rules):
* Increases:
- EC: 113%, KZN: 64%; LP: 96% (private sites)
- WC: 66% (public sites)
- NC (93%) (public +private sites)
3. What changes did @healthza see in uptake in provinces before and after the new rules?
- Uptake in all provinces increased
- Largest increases
MP: 1.7%
FS : 1.3%
GP 1.3%
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🧵1. How many #COVID19 jabs does SA have?

1. 20 million+ vaccine doses in stock
2. There's been an increase in take-up over the past week
3. But there's still a risk that 100,000 doses that will expire on March 31 won't be used in time + need to be discarded
2. #JoePhaahla:
1. SA is working with #COVAX to take up doses in SA that risk expiry before use and then return them later (so a kind of exchange programme)
2. Programmes right now specifically target the 18-34 age group where uptake is the lowest
3. Nicholas Crisp, @HealthZA:
More exact count of nr of #COVID19 doses in SA: 25 mil doses
- 13 mil = #Pfizer
- Pfizer = more difficult to store than #JnJ - once removed from low temperatures = limited shelve life
- All JnJ doses only expire in 2023
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🧵1. Will SA vax kids between 5 + 11 years @ #COVID19?
- The vax MAC = not made a recommendation 2 @HealthZA. @SAHPRA1 = not approved vax 4 this group yet
- But if they say "yes" = no money 2 buy the jabs. Kids jabs = different from adult jabs. We can't use the ones we've got.
2. Do other countries vaccinate kids between 5 + 11 @ #COVID19?

- Just over a quarter of kids between 5 + 11 = vaxxed in the US
- UK = vaxxing vulnerable kids (for now)
- Sweden = only vaxxing kids vulnerable to respiratory diseases
- Full story: Image
3. What about our current #COVID19 vax stock?
- In total we've got 27 million doses
- 400,000 #Pfizer doses will expire on March 31
- 7 million #Pfizer doses will expire in June/July
- Full podcast:
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From Wed, 23rd Feb, you can:
1. Get a 2nd #Pfizer jab 21 days after a 1st jab (previously = 42 days)
2. Get a Pfizer booster (3rd jab) 3 mnths after a 2nd jab (previously = 6 months) or choose 2 have a #JnJ booster after 2 #Pfizer shots (boosters = only for 18+)
2. From TOMORROW, Mon, 21st Feb, people of 18+ who received 1 #JnJ jab can:
- Choose to have a #Pfizer booster (instead of a 2nd #JnJ shot [booster] after 1 JnJ shot), in other words, you'll be able to "mix and match"
3. What should you do if a site has only 1 brand of #COVID19 vaccine available?

1. You should go with the same jab that you got 4 vaccination as a booster (or look for a different site)
2. Homologous boosting (booster = same as your other doses) = preferred
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1/4 LATEST #VaccineRollOutSA stats: Fri, 18 Feb

1. Jabs (doses), past 24 hrs: 71,787 (Thu: 73,097)
18+: 52,958
12-17: 18,829

2. How many new people were vaxxed in the past 24 hours?
- Pfizer 1st shots: 21,281
- JnJ 1st shots: 9,857
- Total: 31,138 (43.4% of all shots)
2. Fully vaxxed (#JnJ = 1 shot; #Pfizer = 2 shots)?
All of SA: 28.3%
SA adults: 42%
Teens: 3.3%

3. Adults, 1 shot: 47.1%

4. Teens, 1 shot: 19.3%

5. All of SA, 1 shot: 33.4%

Population stats = Stats SA, 2021:
SA pop: 60,305,416
Adults: 40,121,520
Teens (12-17): 6,447,073
3. What % of fully vaxxed adults has had boosters?
5.2% (877,227)

(Adult population = 60,305,416 - Stats SA, 2021)
(Fully vaxxed adult population = 16,833,007
(Boosters = 877,227)
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BREAKING [Thread] @sahpra1 has registered the Chinese #COVID19 jab of #Sinopharm 4 people of 18+:

1. Internationally, the jab = known as Sinopharm/ BBIBP
2. It was originally developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products
3. It’s given as 2 injections, 2-4 weeks apart
2. Who applied for @sahpra1 approval?
1. International companies can’t apply directly to Sahpra 4 authorisation. They have to use a local company
2. #Sinopharm (a Chinese state-owned company) partnered with MC Pharma, a SA pharmaceutical company
3. Don’t get confused: Two local companies have applied with @sahpra1 for authorisation use of #Sinopharm’s #COVID19 vaccine:
1. MC Pharma (this is the application that’s been approved)
2. LHC Pharmaceuticals (this application has not yet been approved)
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Q & A thread (questions asked on #Twitter):
1. When will SA start 2 vax kids between 5 + 11?

1. No jab has been registered for 5-11 in SA
2. @SAHPRA1: #Pfizer (they have a jab for 5-11) hasn't yet applied 4 authorisation, but has indicated an intention to apply
2. Can we use our current #Pfizer stock if Pfizer gets authorisation for vaxxing kids between 5-11?

1. No.
2. Why not?
@healthza: "Kids between 5-11 get a different dose than people of 12+, so we'd need to order those jabs/vials."

More here:
3. Will you get an sms from the #EVDS 2 tell you it's time 4 your #COVID19 jab booster?

1. No, not yet.
2. Why not?
@heatlhza: "We have sent over 300 million sms's and need to move some budget for this next lot. It costs 16c per sms + 32c if characters run over to a 2nd sms."
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JUST IN [Thread] 1. @SAHPRA1 is reviewing 6 #COVID19 #vaccine applications for emergency use authorisation (called Section 21 approval), including new applications for #Sputnik Lite (1 shot of the 2-shot #Sputnik V jab) and #Novavax.
2. Four of the 6 #COVID19 #vaccine applications are for 2 of the same jabs. So different companies applied 4 approval 4 the same vaccines:
1. #Sputnik (Dr Reddy's Labs, Lamar International)
2. #Sinopharm (MC Pharma, Lamar International; Lamar also applied for Sputnik Lite)
3. On 18 Oct @SAHPRA1 rejected Lamar International's application 4 #Sputnik because of concerns that it might increase HIV negative people's risk of #HIV infection. The application remains open. Lamar needs to submit data to prove the jab is safe.

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JUST IN [Thread] 1. Early findings from 2 SA studies suggest #Omicron has a much higher rate of asymptomatic "carriage" (#COVID19 without symptoms) than previous variants and this is likely an important reason why the variant spreads so fast.
2. Which studies are findings based on?
1. Ubuntu: A sub-Saharan #Africa study that measures the effectiveness of #Moderna's #COVID19 jab in #HIV+ people (all initial sites in SA)
2. A sub-study of #Sisonke, conducted among SA #HealthWorkers, that measures #JnJ's effectiveness
3. Neither of the studies = designed 2 look @ asymptomatic infections specifically, rather 2 measure breakthrough infections, immunogenicity + effectiveness of jabs in HIV+ and other groups, but they do give useful info on how #Omicron's spread differs from other variants.
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JUST IN #VaccineRollOutSA stats: Thu, 6 Jan

1. Jabs, past 24 hrs: 65,204
18+: 49,307
12-17: 15,897

2. All doses (since the start of the roll-out in May 2021): 28,233,512

3. SA population = fully vaccinated:
15,783,311 (26.2%)

(SA pop = 60.14 mil, Stats SA, 2021)

1. How many adults (18+) have been fully vaccinated (1 dose #JnJ/2 doses #Pfizer)?
15,737,760 (39.2%)

2. How many adults (18+) have been vaccinated (1 dose of JnJ/1 dose Pfizer)
17,957,898 (44.8%)

(18+ pop = 40.12 mil, Stats SA, 2021)

1. 12-17, #Pfizer (teens can only get Pfizer so far)
All doses: 963,184
1st dose: 917,633
(So 14.1% of the 12-17 population = vaccinated)

2nd dose: 45,551
(So 0,7% of the 12-17 population = fully vaccinated)

(12-17 pop = 6.5 million, Stats SA, 2021)
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LATEST 2022 #VaccineRollOutSA stats: We, 5 Jan

1. Jabs, past 24 hrs: 64,724
18+: 49,784
12-17: 14,940

2. All doses (since the start of the roll-out in May 2021): 28,164,339

3. SA population = fully vaccinated:
15,744,496 (26.2%)

(SA pop = 60.14 mil, Stats SA, 2021)

1. How many adults (18+) have been fully vaccinated (1 dose #JnJ/2 doses #Pfizer)?
15,702,030 (39.1%)

2. How many adults (18+) have been vaccinated (1 dose of JnJ/1 dose Pfizer)
17,926,267 (44.7%)

(18+ pop = 40.12 mil, Stats SA, 2021)

1. 12-17, #Pfizer (teens can only get Pfizer so far)
All doses: 947,167
1st dose: 904,701
(So 13.9% of the 12-17 population = vaccinated)

2nd dose: 42,466
(So 0,65% of the 2-17 population = fully vaccinated)

(12-17 pop = 6.5 million, Stats SA 2021)
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[Thread] 1. Will @HealthZA achieve its latest #VaccineRollOutSA goal by the end of 2021 (today)?


What's the goal?
Vaccinating 70% of people of 50+ with 1 shot of #Pfizer or #JnJ by midnight, 31 Dec 2021.

Where are we at? 64.08% (so 5.92% short of the 70% goal)
2. Is 64.08% of people of 50+ vaccinated the final figure for 2021?

No, we'll get the vax figures for today (31 Dec) tonight.

But it's unlikely to make much of a difference to the overall %, as we're currently doing fewer than 50,000 doses per day.
3. What's the breakdown for the different 50+ age groups (for 1 jab per person)?

60+: 66.08% (we've covered 3.6 mil out of a 60+) population of 5.5 mil)
50-59: 61.78% (we've covered 2.9 mil out of a 50-59 population of 4.8 mil)
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JUST IN [Thread]:
1. @HealthZA disagrees with the US government's CDC's decision to recommend #mRNA jabs above #JnJ (because of rare side effects) - we'll continue using JnJ
2. The US = abundance of jabs (100 mil + ready for use), so they can afford 2 be choosy.
2. How safe is #JnJ?
1. @MRCza analysed safety data from the #Sisonke study (which uses #JnJ)
2. Serious side effects were rare and occurred in only 129 out of about 500 000 #HealthWorkers in the study
3. What does #Sisonke data tell us about mild #JnJ side effects?
1. The commonest side effects = headache, body aches, pain @ injection site, fever
2. Most side effects = occurred within 48 hours of vaccination
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BREAKING [Thread] 1. @SAHPRA1 has approved a 2nd dose of #JnJ and heterologous (mix/match) booster for adults:

1. If u had a JnJ jab, u can get a booster @ least 2 mnths after 1 JnJ shot
2. If u had a #Pfizer jab, u can get a JnJ booster @ least 6 mnths after a 2nd Pfizer jab
2. Does @SAHPRA1's approval mean you can have a #Pfizer booster after a #JnJ shot?

NO. It’s only the other way around (a #JnJ booster after a 2nd #Pfizer shot) that has been approved as a “mix and match” booster.
3. Why does @sahpra1’s “mix and match” approval not allow for a #Pfizer booster after a #JnJ shot?

Pfizer hasn’t submitted data to Sahpra for approval (#JnJ submitted the data 4 a #JnJ booster after #Pfizer).
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What is happening with #COVID19 vaccine boosters + when will SA start?


Nicholas Crisp, @heatlhza:
1. #Pfizer boosters = given 6 mnths after the 2nd dose (that's what Sahpra approved)
2. 1st person = qualify on 28 Dec, @healthza = on that day/shortly thereafter
2. Nicholas Crisp:
1. People who got vaccinated 1st will get boosters 1st because of the 6 month period that need to lapse after the 2nd dose
2. So if you're 50 and went for your Pfizer vaxx before someone who is 60, you will get your booster before the 60 year old person
3. Will SA shorten the 6 month period for a #Pfizer booster after the 2nd dose like some other countries?
1. Sahpra has approved 6 months (not shorter)
2. But Sahpra is looking into data for shorter periods, will announce decision when there's clarity
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1/3 Nicholas Crisp, @healthza:
1. SA finds the US government's CDC's decision to recommend #mRNA jabs (#Pfizer/Moderna) above #JnJ strange
2. The incidence of vaccine-related blood clots = extremely rare
3. SA = not considering prioritising Pfizer jabs above JnJ jabs
2/3 More about the CDC's decision and concerns about blood clots:…
3/3. How common are blood clots as a result of #JnJ vaccination?…
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[Thread] What's happening with #COVID19 vaccine boosters in SA?
Nicholas Crisp, @healthza:
1. #Pfizer boosters (3rd shots) = approved this week for 6 mnths after a 2nd shot
2. The 1st group of people = vaccinated on May 17 (start of rollout) + would qualify 4 a booster on 28 Dec
2. Nicholas Crisp, @healthza:
1. @healthza needs a recommendation from the vaccine MAC before it can start with a booster rollout
2. If approved, the rollout will start in early Jan (not on the 28 Dec when the 1st person technically qualifies)
3. Nicholas Crisp, @healthza: When will people who got jabbed with #JnJ get boosters?

1. #JnJ applied for @SAHPRA1 booster approval on Thu
2. Sahpra = review application over the weekend + make a recommendation next week
3. #JnJ + #Pfizer boosters = rolled out simultaneously
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[Thread] 1. From TODAY (1 Dec) adults in SA with certain conditions that weaken their immune systems can access an additional #COVID19 vaccine dose. How do you get a dose? Your doctor/nurse needs to fill out a form. Download it here:
2. You need to register on the #EVDS for an additional dose and take the form that your doc/nurse filled out with you to the vaccination site. Here's how it works:
3. Which conditions qualify?
1. Haematological or immune malignancy
2. Moderate to severe primary immunodeficiency disorder
3. HIV infection with CD4 count < 200 cells/µL within the last 6 months
4. Asplenia

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#COVID19SA #JnJ Aspen Pharmacare Senior Executive, Dr Stavros Nicolaou, says a deal to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines from a drug substance supplied by Johnson & Johnson, is a big win for the continent. KB
#COVID19SA Aspen will produce coronavirus vaccines branded - Aspenovax. KB
#COVID19SA Nicolaou says “the agreement provides Aspen the licensing rights, the intellectual property, for the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine. “KB
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[Thread] What is the significance of the license agreement #JnJ will grant @aspenpharma to fill and finish an Aspen brand of #JnJ's #COVID jab?

Aspen will be able to sell their jabs to African countries. Currently they can't, they have to hand the jabs back to JnJ to sell.
2. #JnJ is essentially giving Aspen a voluntary license to make (fill and finish) its vaccine and sharing the intellectual property rights with Aspen to do this.
3. Africa imports 99% of its vaccines from outside the continent. Having an African manufacturer (to fill and finish) that will only supply #COVID19 jabs to Africa will increase access to supplies on the continent.
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