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15 Jun, 33 tweets, 15 min read
A few hours ago, the Ottawa Citizen posted an article "Front-line hospital workers say they feel betrayed by the province."
(… )

However, this (clearly) union-fueled article completely missed the mark.

Yes, we are feeling worn down and betrayed by the Governments of Ontario & Canada.

But we are feeling worn down and betrayed NOT by the pandemic (aka the disease itself) - but by the governments' response to it:

1) that has:

- riddled our children with fear,

- riddled our patients with fear,

- riddle our employers with fear,

- paralyzed those outside our hallowed halls with fear...

2) that has lead to myopic, singular-focused government & public health policy - that has:

- undermined democracy,

- undermined ALL health care by stubbornly refusing to change gears once we learned (QUITE early on!) who was most at risk - and essentially shutting down our entire system - instead of instituting focused protection in LTC-type settings,

- undermined cancer diagnosis, treatment & prognosis - by halting surgeries, diagnostic imaging, clinics, cancer screenings, & moving both primary care & specialty care to a virtual model,

- undermined the social development of children - by shutdowns, closed schools, stay-at-home orders, & social isolation that has caused them to miss VITAL social-development milestones - that are NOT just made up - but will lead to LONG-TERM mental-health issues,...

lack of social confidence, lower education, higher drop-out rates, abuse, criminal behaviour, suicides, etc.

- undermined family stability due to job loss, family stress as MANY children are not learning nor coping with virtual learning, family bankruptcy, abuse, etc.,

- disadvantaged lower income individuals/families whose finances & living situations might not be conducive to working/learning at home & on-line purchasing - due to lack of internet, poor internet/bandwidth, insufficient devices, no private space, & no credit cards,

- undermined our economy by shutting down 100s of 1000s of small businesses (MANY permanently) through shutdowns, lockdowns, supply chain disruption, bankruptcy, & the governments' (seemingly random) determination of what in our society AND OUR LIVES is "non-essential".

3) The governments' abysmal failure to recognize that the majority of resources AND restrictions should be placed where the highest risk individuals are, is utterly mind-blowing.

We had evidence-based, well-researched, well-tested, & well refined pandemic & emergency preparedness plans federally & provincially throughout this country - that ALL recommended:

- focused protection on highest risk segment of society (once determined),

- continuing to focus on the TOTAL health of society...NOT just a singular focus on one disease,

- a STONG emphasis on mitigating the impact on the rest of society, health care, the economy, & all individuals not directly impacted by (or high risk from) the disease,

- the long-standing practice (as with most other reportable infectious diseases) that a "Case" is someone who is "SICK" (aka symptomatic). In diagnostic medicine - without clinical correlation...a "positive" test result is only as good as the paper it is written on.

All of this time-tested, collaborative, multi-disciplinary planning was thrown out the window when SARS-CoV-2 reared its ugly head.

Fear is blinding, and fear is contagious - and there was a clear bandwagon-effect & incredible pressure among governments and leaders...

...and no one wanted to be the one standing on their own if the doomsday, apocalyptic predictions came true - despite early & clear evidence that they would not.

The fear created by our governments & perpetuated by the media - that focused on daily "case counts" - as well as "Hospitalizations", "ICU Admissions" & "Deaths" that ALSO only required a "positive" test result....

...THAT is why we are feeling worn down & betrayed!!!

4) The utter arrogance of @fordnation & @JustinTrudeau as they legislated exemptions to restrictions for the #NHL - & not only allowed exemptions, but attended protests, marches & vigils that they support (while condemning those they don't)...tells us that they either:

- think that they are endowed with magical abilities that can lower both transmission & risk at events they deem to be noble, OR...

- they realize that relative risk to the general public is low - especially this far in when the virus is clearly both #endemic & #seasonal

To add insult to injury...despite assurance on the PMO website that the Prime Minister would strictly adhere to COVID-19 precautions, they fact that he:

- attends INDOOR meetings with no mask,

- attends crowed cocktail parties on a patio with elderly members of the Royal Family sans mask, AND...

- prances around & poses shoulder-to-shoulder with super models...sans mask...

...THIS...tells us that he in NO way considers there to be any relative risk. Meanwhile, he and Doug Ford continue to flog us with fear & guilt about "doing your part" - while they continue to strip us our hope & anything we have left to enjoy in life.

5) The charade is up!

The number of "cases" (aka people who happen to have a "positive" test result) is falling rapidly.

Clearly, @JustinTrudeau, @fordnation, or @cafreeland can NOT argue that limits on our freedoms are "justifiable and reasonable",...

...NOR applied in "good faith" - if they do NOT adhere to those same limitations themselves.

This virus is #endemic & has become part of the #seasonal mix.

The raw data on "Cases", "Hospitalizations", "ICU" & "Deaths" has been completely corrupted by an unprecedented faulty inclusion criteria (aka case definition) - yet is being used to continue to apply unwarranted limits on our freedoms, our rights, & our joy of living.

At least 32 states in the U.S. are now FULLY re-opened, and like #Florida & #Texas, saw ALL numbers drop AFTER re-opening - and PRIOR to a high % of their population being vaccinated.

Most of the remainder are re-opening this week or by the end of June.

#Canada generally, and #Ontario specifically, are the MOST restrictive & locked-down jurisdictions in North America currently AND over time.

We are very quickly going to be left behind in the dust due to @JustinTrudeau's & @fordnation's incompetence, arrogance & pride.

Living is more than just existing - yet that is all they are allowing us to do.

It is time that we take back our lives and start existing again!






[***Please consider sharing this with your elected officials (federal, provincial, & municipal), your local public health unit, & your local media. We need to end this madness NOW!]

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16 Jun
We knew QUITE early on who & where the high risk population was.

Our previous plans ALL included focused protection...
AND mitigating the impact on the rest of society.

BUT...@fordnation & @celliottability caved & threw all that...AND US, out the window.

The #CollateralDamage to our children, education, health care, cancer care, mental health, small businesses, families, job loss, bankruptcy, etc. - is mind-numbing!

The virus is now both #endemic & part of the #seasonal mix.

The rest of the world is opening up & Ontario will be left behind in the dust.

BUT, BUT,...BUT...we MUST INSIST that #reopening is NOT conditional!!!

NOT conditional on masks, vaccination status or social distancing.

Time to start living! ImageImage
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14 Jun
Hey #Ontario

8 things to think about as we head into a new week:

1) Reminder: "Hospitalization", "ICU" & "Deaths" are all subsets of the total number of "Cases" - & are subject to the same case definition.

- The case definition only requires...

...a recent "positive" test result (NO symptoms required).

- This means that neither "Cases", "Hospitalizations", "ICU" nor "Deaths" require the person to actually have COVID-19 symptoms to be counted.

2) #BREAKING: Viruses do NOT care about your feelings or how important your task is (or you feel that it is).

- If a virus so contagious and/or dangerous that the only way to protect yourself is to take precautions - then the level of risk does NOT...

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13 Jun
Most have invoked Orwell when raging against draconian lockdowns & mask mandates.

It is easy to see the parallels:
Militaristic enforcement to ensure compliance, censorship, Newspeek, etc.

However, I think that we also need to consider Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".
Brave New World was published 17 prior to "1984" - yet has many parallels to our current culture - and to our government's overzealous, oppressive & unscientific response to CV-19.
Beyond Huxley's brilliant portrayal of a dystopian future obsessed with sexual gratification, mindless pop-culture entertainment, & technological advancement...
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12 Jun
"The Prime Minister and the Canadian delegation traveling to the UK and Belgium will follow strict public health protocols and procedures during their visit, while in-transit, and when they arrive home."…
@JustinTrudeau : #DoAsISay
...and #irony that the above seen was about the same time they were arresting @MaximeBernier
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7 May
1000's of variants have been waxing & waning in North America for MANY, MANY months.
This is normal & EXPECTED in error-prone RNA replication.
...BUT, BUT BUT!!! It is MUCH more academically fascinating than clinically significant.
Too bad the #OST hasn't figured that out!
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6 May
My Dream Team to take over Ontario's (& Canada's) COVID-19 response (& investigation):
David Redman & @OnCall4ON @dockaurG @ashkaur @strauss_matt @JeanmarcBenoit @DrP_MD @GilNimni @erdocAA @mdlangdon1 @RidaKMirza @cold_steel_17 @doc_turek @DonaldWelsh16 @Metabo_PhD
Ontario politicians who are taking a stand against the imposed draconian measures: @Roman_Baber @BKarahalios @randyhillier @NewBlueON

Be sure to follow everyone in the 3 tweets in the thread above.

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