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Macron Regime Forces swarm #Paris ahead of the 45th #GiletsJaunes protests today.

People are already being arrested.
The threat of Police Violence is heavy in the air

Vive les #GiletsJaunes for their fortitude & endurance
Vive la France!
Macron Regime Forces raid Saint-Lazare train station searching for anti-government protesters.

This isn't Caracas or Hong Kong - this is the middle of #Paris!
France isn't a Democracy - it is a #PoliceState

People chanting #GiletsJaunes slogans - "En est la", near the Arc de Triomphe, are moved on by Macron Regime Forces.

Macron has banned the wearing of Yellow Vests & protesting in the #ChampsElysees, to suppress the #GiletsJaunes.

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El ataque con drones a #ArabiaSaudita ha supuesto un impacto importante en la infraestructura petrolera del país, pero no debemos exagerar el impacto sobre el suministro.

Abro hilo:
1) Arabia Saudí es el país con mayor capacidad y producción excedentaria de la OPEP. Es solo cuestión de tiempo que pueda restaurar la producción.

Fuentes de Aramco confirman un impacto máximo del 5% de la producción mundial.
2) La influencia de la OPEP en el mercado del crudo es cada vez menor. La IEA ha bajado a 28,3mbd la necesidad de crudo OPEP, 1,4mbd menos que su producción de agosto 2019
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It's #Irony dat urban educated fools in both d religions r creating hatred & communal disharmony in India if u compared 2 rural illiterates; Rural people used 2 spend their entire day in earning bread&butter,dey don't get time 2 hate each other like urban educated hate mongers!!!
Privilege of money, life standard and easy access of SM,these educated elite fools r creating unnecessary and unwarranted communal disharmony in the great peace loving country of India.
If these elite educated fools don't able to earn proper basic necessities like rural Indian people then forget about tweeting these people will not get money to pay their mobile bills!
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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Thread: clearly, as Bart Ehrman says, Peter was an Aramaic speaking peasant.

He knew no Greek.
He came from Bethsaida (John 1:44), which became a Greek polis (city) around AD 31 but studiously avoided learning Greek.

He traded in fish, but made sure he only sold to Aramaic speakers.

He lived in Capernaum on an international trade route, but avoided talking to foreigners.
He fished on the Sea of Galilee, but if in the middle of this little lake his boat met boats of fishermen from the Greek-speaking Decapolis on the far shore he made sure only to use Aramaic or sign language.
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So much on #Godse, rightly so.
Now my simple questions -
1. No postmortem in Gandhi ji. Why?
2. No investigation of 4th bullet. Why?
3. Madanlal Pahwa confessed to plot to kill Gandhi ji 7-10 days earlier when he hurled crude bomb. Why no security to Gandhi ji?
-Who exploited Gandhi ji Assassin and benefitted from it? Nehru & Congress. Milking it even today.
-Who suffered most? #RSS, #Savarkar, cause of #Hindutva.
- Worse -all of this even after police, courts, enquiry commission gave clean chit to RSS,Savarkar
#Irony died 1000 deaths
Why was Gandhi ji not taken to hospital but put in a room to bleed to death?
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New Q! (12 May 2019): I've said it before and I'll say it again! I like big BOOMs and I cannot lie!

Those who commit treason must...and punished accordingly.

Sleeping much, traitors?
2. Last wk @seanhannity asked @RepDougCollins re: 53 other closed-door testimonies.

COLLINS: "Yes. Get ready for that...Just stay close Twitter, stay close the next few weeks. We will be releasing the rest of those."…
3. POTUS has been prep'ing the public for what's about to be revealed re: traitors who tried to oust our duly-elected President. The Enemedia will get their 4am talking points tomorrow to shape public perception that (my guess) POTUS is attacking political opponents as payback.
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Almost certain Barr violated 6(e) when he shared #MuellerReport with subject's attorneys. Where is Mueller on this? Barr should be looking at order to show cause in DC district court. @TheJusticeDept Office of Professional Responsibility must open case on all attorneys involved.
Under attorney discipline rules you generally have to self report & report other attorneys you know violated the rules. Failure to report others is common grounds for attorney discipline. Barr's staff need to report Barr who must recuse. @FBIWFO @SpeakerPelosi @RepJerryNadler
Was Barr dumb enough to have discussed an open grand jury with a subject/target? Barr on St Patrick' Day @CSPAN…🍀🕵️‍♂️😎
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2. Today I'm going to share stories of thousands of people whose future was stolen by the failed policies/oppression/corruption of🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷mafia states I urge all nations to support the democratic aspirations of all 🌍& not let🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷continue with shit policies!
1. Today I'm going to share stories of thousands of people whose future was stolen by the failed policies/oppression/corruption of🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷MafiaStates I urge all nations to support the democratic aspirations of all🌍& not let🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷continue with shit policies!
By @PressTV
US airstrike kills 14 members of one family in #Afghanistan
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1. (Thread) Someone commented under my 100,000 mile @Tesla post with “Yet you drove in a sport that uses gasoline #irony” and I felt compelled to respond that I am thankful for my racing career and I will tell you why:
2. My race program allowed me to protect over 1500 acres of rainforest, give away 30,000 vegan cheeseburgers, 1000 DVD copies of The Cove at Daytona, hundreds of Blackfish DVDs at Talladega, show my electric car and...
3. my portable solar system trackside to tens of thousands of race fans, work with veterans on Capitol Hill who are fighting for clean energy - all while promoting things I care about: renewable energy, veganism, documentaries spreading awareness, and energy independence.
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Listening to a fascinating presentation by @EmmaLBriant at @columbiajourn discussIng SCL Group and Cambridge Analytica and importance of understanding history of SCL’s defense work with US and UK governments and for NATO
In early 2015 as Cambridge Analytica was working on early stages of the US presidential election and Brexit was gearing up SCL was providing training for NATO on countering Russian propaganda @EmmaLBriant #irony
A nice shoutout from @EmmaLBriant on the chart @annmarlowe and I created that shows the complexity of SCL and Cambridge Analytica business structure
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I was at #EMH2019 yesterday and today but couldn't live-tweet 'cause there was no wifi. #irony
.@CREST_BD has a great summary up from yesterday:… #EMH2019
My biggest takeaways probably came from the conversations with other attendees. Learned about harm-reduction apps for sex work in Ontario: sex workers can give peers on the app information about a date. They use the app to check on each other and call for help. #EMH2019
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I learned yesterday @indystar will no longer carry my columns. Budget cuts and whatnot. Six years, 315 columns, and lots of reader emails. Thanks for reading.
BTW, I'm not looking for sympathy. Reserve that for those people who lost their full-time jobs. I'm fine. Financial fragility is real. And for those former @indystar journalists who've recently had their jobs eliminated, I'll gladly help you through this for free. Hit me up.
My last column for the Star, which won't run now, was about Financial Fragility. I'll tweet storm it to you right now. #irony
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So I'm rewatching 300 to see if it's appropriate for use in my classroom (the point will be deconstructing its problems and stereotypes, examining how modern retellings change the past). Already seeing a lot of potentially fun problems, so here's a series of tweets on the issue
We start with Leonidas as the example of the agoge system of Spartan "education" when the firstborn son of the king is literally the only Spartan who does not go through the agoge.
Although the complex situation of Leonidas' succession means he probably didn't qualify, he also would not have been hailed as king then on his completion of the agoge
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This Leave vote IS split! That's the point!
52% voted to Leave the EU. That means they wanted a different relationship with the EU.
If that "different relationship" doesn't have the support of at least 48% of the UK, then being an EU Member is still the most popular relationship.
Our relationship with the EU is defined in the treaties. Our new one has no treaty yet. So until you can find a specific path of leaving that has the support of 48%, the Will of the People is for our current relationship.
"Yeah but the EU is going to become a federal superstate" so our relationship will change.
European Union Act 2011 says there can be no transfers of power to the EU without a UK referendum.
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With the upcoming Neil-Gaiman-orchestrated "Dreaming" line at DC comics, I thought it might be time to revisit Neil Gaiman's wonderful "Sandman."

(Sandman: Overture #1.)
It's funny, I was just thinking today about the late sixties paranoia about cultural psychosis and insanity.

Modern pop culture is similarly fixated on the idea of insanity rippling through the popular unconscious.

"Legion", "Westworld", etc.

(Sandman: Overture #2.)
It's almost surprising that it took as long as it did for Gaiman to write for "Doctor Who."

Gaiman's abstract/symbolic cosmos is very much in keeping with Russell T. Davies' approach to concepts like "the Time War."

(Sandman: Overture #2.)
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Without further ado, threading of a family miracle. 👇🇺🇸⛵🛐
A few years before the bicentennial, my grandfather, George, had an idea for one of his favorite eating establishments, ‘The Sign of the Beefcarver’.
My grandparents and my mother made several crafts on display there, Betsy Ross and minute men figurines; crafty nick-nacks for the wall and mantle keeping with a colonial theme.
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My son Henry has had the #privilege of playing with the @RBIIndy all stars team #MLBRBI
The #MLB @MLBRBI program stands for Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities and focused on player and character development
It has given me a new view on what #privilege looks like in #youthbaseball
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The actaul 'bitchiest little cunt' on Twitter has reveled themselves 👇 #irony
Odd it seems this tweet in particular set her off...
She seems so nice...
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1/ Whenever I ask for evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, I get this circular-reasoning response:
How do you know that there was no collusion?
My answer: I'm NOT claiming there was no collusion, but I see #ZEROEvidence that Trump colluded. SHOW me your EVIDENCE!
2/ If I were to claim that you murdered someone, I would need to provide evidence of this. My claim does not make it have some sort of merit. If you insist you did not do this and want me to stop pushing such as accusation in public b/c it really did not happen, that makes sense.
3/ Would an innocent person remain silent in the face of a massive campaign by those who don't like that person making unsubstantiated claims? Would they not want to put an end to it? If I were #Trump, I would want this thing shut down too as it looks to be a witch hunt.
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Companies in Technopark and Infopark, Kerala are hiring massively, especially freshers. Unable to find candidates even remotely employable.
Had a lot of discussions with HR friends and such, Kerala, Bangalore. There are some things that need to be known about kids these days.
Most Btech graduates are unemployable. Most even can't speak a proper English sentence. But we all know that. What we don't notice is that +
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