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Let's talk cybersecurity #jokes while we still can.

You probably don't take on a company like @McAfee or a person like @CybersecuritySF like *I* do. But most of you DO enjoy a joke that uses #sarcasm, #burlesque, #irony, and/or #satire to make its point……
…and that's something I've done in our industry for three decades. PC Magazine columnist @THErealDVORAK labeled me "a comic provocateur" for using the comedian's tools of the trade. My "#antivirus industry persona" predates The Colbert Report. I was…
…blogging about the #antivirus industry before Google's formation. My 120+ "audio rants" predate YouTube. My website visitors routinely crippled what you know as Mae West. I got snapped up at *the* apex of the Internet bubble and I laughed all the…
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Welp, Twitter is dying and I just poured my first Yukon Jack snakebite to celebrate!

So, let me tell you about the time I (a Master Sergeant) argued with the aircraft commander (a major) to divert his C-130 to avoid a missile attack in Iraq!
It's 2003 and BUFFALO 28 is flying 40 soldiers to Kuwait for a funeral ceremony. It's part of a two-ship with BUFFALO 30 carrying seven caskets. ⚰️

Wing commander Col (BGen select) Gibson has stopped BUFFALO 28 on the runway so I can board as Historian.…
BGen-select Gibson understands the gravity of the situation and he's tossing me aboard to document the mission. As the only 3H0x1 in Iraq, I'm something of a diplomat to the other military services when we do casket transfers. Our presence lends the commander's gravitas.
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If only armenians had preserved the Old City of #Yerevan, it would benefit civilization so much. Too bad they didn't want any turkic/muslim heritage present in their capital...
Out of dozens of mosques in Yerevan alone only one, Blue Mosque, was spared. ImageImageImageImage
Sad fate also awaited the once magnificent Palace of Sardars, residence of the rulers of Irevan Khanate. Known for its pavillion and mirror room richly decorated with ornamental and thematic compositions, murals and frescoes by #azerbaijani painter Mirza Kadim Irevani.

#Yerevan ImageImageImageImage
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In a facebook discussion of the crappy Mormons who felt entitled to stiff a 15-year-old girl who babysat 7 kids for 9 hours because they went to the temple, someone pointed out that this is a clear example of "moral licensing." 🧵1/

Moral licensing is the psychological phenomenon wherein humans feel that doing something they perceive as good--say, working out at the gym--gives them permission or license to do something they perceive as bad, or at least less good--like having an extra large smoothie. 2/
Those immoral #Mormons justified the moral evil of cheating & lying to a minor who cared for their children all day because they perceived doing a temple session as so righteous that it canceled out any fraud & deception they might have committed. 3/
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Good morning, and it's time for a new horror film history thread - number 68 - another nightmare from the postwar home front, the destabilizing noir of THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE! (1946)
Fans of these threads know that I think that noir is an essential taproot of American fear in this period - anxiety about what lies beneath the veneer of civilized humanity, something at play in what they'd seen across the Atlantic, and that would blossom closer to (our) home...
in the noir-inflected grotesqueries and monstrosities (literal and metaphorical) of EC comics (and films like PSYCHO, of course, which I'll argue, in a bit, has EC bones, too.) But for now, we're off on something less fantastic - but, of course, amazing.
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The Jones trial continues:
Shroyer thought it was horribly unfair that Megyn Kelly edited her interview of Alex Jones to fit a narrative.

Shroyer is on the stand because he aired a bunch of selectively edited clips to make it look like the plaintiff (a Sandy Hook father) had lied about holding his dead son who had been shot in the head.
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️is again venturing into the moldy root cellar of UCP pension policy. I will bring you some odds and ends that were triggered by Dr. Bob's fantastic paper "Can AIMCO be fixed". #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
In reality, the question is more can Travis and the UCP be fixed?

According to Joe Ceci, joint sponsorship for pensions would take “the politics out of pensions” (Alberta Hansard, 29th Legislature, 4th Session, 2373).

Then @ToewsforAlberta said "hold my beer". #AbLeg
As my loyal army will remember, Travis procured a bill that destroyed the trust with plan members and employee associations that is essential for pension plans to operate. Not public money.

Making a nearly impossible job for Evan at @aimcoinvests. #clientshateyou
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Zelensky's Adviser, Oleksiy Arestovych, confirms that a full-scale war with Russia was pre-planned and desired by the Ukrainian regime for the purpose of joining NATO as far back as in 2019 when this interview was conducted:

#ukraine #russia #nato #zelensky
Full video here:
Demonises Russia with zero credibility;
Lies about the costs of neutrality;
Rejects any notion of building peace in Donbass;
Categorically supports major wars with Russia;
Hallucinates about NATO support & regime change in Russia

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The European Union is conducting bizarre experiments in international law. If you live on the planet Earth, you are subject to EU laws, and therefore, to malicious prosecution from those who have more money than you.
I mean, I've been railing about how bad the EU cookie law is for a long time. The EU cookie law has probably tricked more people into accepting push notifications from random websites than any other imaginable tactic. And seriously harmed consumer privacy in the process. #irony
What the EU is doing to the world is reminiscent of how California exports its zealous laws to the rest of the country (e.g. car emission standards). While California's laws are arguably a good thing in many cases, the EU is just writing fucking disastrous law.
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1/ It wasn't a conspiracy theory, it was a #CrimeAgainstHumanity...and it came from Florida. 🧵

The GOP started lying about COVID when Trump called it a "hoax". THAT lie has cost hundreds of thousands of American🇺🇲 lives. It also made them and their friends billions $$.

2/ Trump said it was a hoax on Feb 27, 2020. Community transmission was being confirmed in multiple cities in the US. Around the world, case numbers were increasing exponentially everywhere one was found, and economic disruptions began roiling global financial markets.

3/ Four Republican Senators on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee who knew how bad the virus was, sold their stocks ahead of a market collapse which saw equity valuations plunge up to 40% worldwide in a matter of weeks.

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まあ「感染防止」対策なら有効……鼻マスクも偽りの安心の空間除菌も🙄 ImageImage
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"The Prime Minister and the Canadian delegation traveling to the UK and Belgium will follow strict public health protocols and procedures during their visit, while in-transit, and when they arrive home."…
@JustinTrudeau : #DoAsISay
...and #irony that the above seen was about the same time they were arresting @MaximeBernier
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What if I say ... the Story Of Air India -Ganga .. May have been planned & executed .. with careful planning by Our agencies to fool the ‘ Pakistanis ‘ 😉!!
1. In January 1971 already East Pakistan ( now Bangladesh) was Boiling and India was determined to Fracture Pakistan .
2. Hashim Qureshi along with his cousin Ashraf Qureshi hijacked this Indian Airlines plane on 30 January 1971 (Ganga) en route from Srinagar to Jammu and brought the plane to Lahore, Pakistan🤔
3. Now comes the Twist in the story ...
‘Ganga ‘ was one of the oldest aircraft in the Indian Airlines fleet and was already withdrawn from service but was re-inducted just few days before ‘the hijacking ‘ 😎!!
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HAPPENING NOW: House @EnergyCommerce holding a hearing with tech CEOs including Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Follow along with us, right here!
Watch it here: ⬇️

Chairman expects this hearing to go beyond 3 hours.
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1/ With the epidemic of Medical Establishment-induced hemorrhaging of Black physicians, particularly, Black Women, from academic & clinical medicine, what better time than Black History Month for the entire establishment to turn the mirror on itself & ask the question:
2/ “Why are we like this?”
3/ I’m talking the same degree of root cause analyses conducted on a case of Catheter Associated UTI or Hospital Acquired decubitus ulcer. A thorough internal and external investigation to why the system is chewing and spitting out Black women physicians needs to be conducted .
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When my Twitter account, along with that of @ShivAroor and others, was blocked by Congress/UPA under draconian Section 66A, several 'journalists' supported Govt's order. A senior UPA Minister told me some of them had collaborated with Govt in drawing up the list. 1n
More. A digital free speech activist, who receives handsome foreign funds, sat in on meetings to help Congress/UPA Govt justify its patently unjustifiable ban. Later, he had the gumption to tell me how he had fought tooth and nail. Which, of course, was bunkum. I told him so. 2n
When confronted about the ban in Washington, DC by prominent mediapersons and lawmakers, India's then Ambassador to US brazenly justified the ban. The diplomat's colleagues in MEA were appalled. 3n
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Good morning everyone. As a representative of team ADHD I would like to tell you about ‘executive function’ because you’ve probably lost a lot of yours. It’s temporary. (Ours is permanent so - we know what we’re about.)

Executive function is the ability to stay on top of things.
Executive function is like a little butler in your brain. It knows where your keys are. It knows you have a meeting after lunch. It reminds you to buy milk when you’re at the shop. Usually, this takes almost no energy.

But yours has stopped working properly.
Now all those things are either a) forgotten or b) take a *huge* amount of energy. You struggle to remember the milk, you have to keep reminding yourself, loudly. The bill didn’t get paid. You’re forgetting things. You can’t concentrate.
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One year ago, @JerryNadler made false statements that then Rep. @DNI_Ratcliffe endorsed foreign interference in US elections.

In an exclusive interview w/ Ratcliffe he foreshadowed those words were going to backfire on the Dems #Irony

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.@KanganaTeam is a metaphor, a symbol of the descent of this country since 2014. A thread. 👇
Eight years ago, I interviewed @KanganaTeam for the cover story of @BazaarIndia. I found her a “spunky, free-spirited Manali girl” on the brink of finding her voice, living a “modern-day fairy-tale Mumbai story with a powerful woman protagonist”.…
I have watched her since—first with amazement, as she blossomed after Queen and her study stint in New York (2013-14-ish); then, with increasing disgust and horror... So much has changed since our interview.
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I so seldom disagree with Jean that it pains me to do so here & now.

Here's MY take:

"You'll always get unsolicited advice. Only *ask* someone for advice when you commit in advance to follow it. You need a Herculean excuse to turn down any advice *you* asked for."
First & foremost: you must undeniably TRUST the advisor whom you ask for input

Second: you must undeniably OWN the responsibility for acting on your advisor's input

Third: you must unconditionally THANK your advisor for their input regardless the outcome
Still, though, I ♥️'d @jeanqasaur's tweet because she offered it to us in all sincereness

I would that everyone tweeted advice with the sole desire to make the world a better place

(and yes: I subtweeted myself, you don't need to point out the #irony to me)
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In God we trust,
In #machine we believe,
In #data we live,

We are the next-generation human being.

Sadly we don't trust humans, we don't believe in them and we have almost stopped living.
Religion, folklore, mythology and history agrees on one interesting statement.

Humans were created in image of God.

Aren't we repeating the same thing with #AI? Aren't we creating AI in image of ourself?
Don't believe, look around see with what it is compared.
Sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic.

Same way, sufficiently advanced #AI is indistinguishable from #god.
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Narrative tht out f 5 lakh kps thrown out,deez 5 odd thousands still living dere r d REAL 1s.Rest wanted 2 go 4 PICNIC,leaving their ages old culture,history,ancestry fr 500 Rs & 9 Kgs of rice, on d call of Jagmohan.
Tht all doz men of EMINENCE like Prof KL Ganju
DSP C L Shalla,Director AK Raina wr INFORMERS ,hence killed
Tht Girja Tiku ws CUT in BAND SAW as she ws AGAINST AAZADI.
Tht Nadimarg Carnage ws done to take Aazadi to its Logical End
Tht Hari Parbhat is originally Koh-e-Maran
Tht SHANKARACHARYA is basically
Tht Kmri Pandits r NOT d ABORIGINES of Kmr
Tht 1989-90 ws NOT d 7th MIGRATION of Pandits
Tht 90% Mandirs wr broken & burnt by Pandits themselves
Tht Pandit Teachers & Doctors never helped any of their Muslim baradari.@rjvraina @VikasInExile
There r thousands such NARRATIVES
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A senior member of SANS acting *on his own* raised a concern over the tweet below.

I'm the computer security industry's first full-time salaried #critic and I've >20yrs experience dealing with concerns like this.

I assembled a panel of three to judge the tweet...
One is a computer security #critic in their own right who long ago judged Vmyths' works at my request.

Another is a respected member of the #cybersecurity community who has not before judged my works.

The third is a longtime reader.

Each judged the tweet independently.
I told the complainant the panel's majority would "guide my action... I offered them no defense; the tweet must live or die on its own merits."

The complaint was that my tweet tied SANS to #racist police when in truth they've run a mature "LE" program for over a decade.
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Eric Capuano makes a vital point in the tweet below

1/6 So let's review my 2009 column to learn *why* I continue to #critique the cybersecurity industry "at a time like this." In it, I barked "computer security experts lack focus on Twitter":…
2/6 I often retweet folks who just want to read about #cybersecurity issues from the cybersecurity experts they follow -- not about their hotel rooms or airplane food or the politics of the day. Those folks want non-cyber to go on a personal account:
3/6 More to the point -- I insist THIS really is the perfect time to view #cybersecurity through the lens of real-world events!

SFAIK I'm the ONLY person in this entire global industry who compares #computer virus panic to all the COVID19 virus #panic:…
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