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FEAR: Some media & public health officials concerned Americans aren't fearful of COVID now. But the vaccines & therapeutics DO WORK. If we can't celebrate biomedical advances & imbibe their effectiveness (we have better tools for COVID than flu), what is point of developing?
In HIV medicine, when therapies came out, we didn't say to people- stay fearful; make this the controlling principle of your life. The book #Endemic I wrote (coming out July 11, 2023) hails these biomedical advances & the age we are in to fight pandemics to reassure the world
This is a rather brilliant summary of the issue from @benryanwriter
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Recently, we asked you to guess the species through a riddle. Almost all of you were spot on! It is the Malabar banded peacock!
#riddle #protect #india #butterfly #malabar #malabarbandedpeacock
The Malabar banded peacock, Papilio buddha, is a swallowtail butterfly, endemic to the Western Ghats. This extremely swift butterfly is one of the most exquisite butterflies on the planet. It is primarily found between southern Goa and northern Kerala.
#butterflies #endemic
The wing's periphery is black, with a central blue band. The wings have different colours depending on the incidence of light. The wings' undersides are black.
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Imperial College professor Neil Ferguson: 'It’s a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought… and then Italy did it. And we realised we could.' (December 25 2020)…
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Over two years into what started as the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, a supposedly specific novel strain of coronavirus, now expanded to any random #endemic coronavirus variant with an ever expanding list of random symptoms, ensuring cases will surge without end.
The WHO has changed its description of “pandemic” to one which would encompass any annual seasonal influenza. On that basis there could be perpetual “pandemics”.…
European Medicines Agency wants "frequent boosters" for some reason and is trying to figure out how to make them "feasible" without "tiring out" the peasants. Their solution is to tie them to "onset of the cold season in each hemisphere".…
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“The Sonoma County Sheriff has officially opened a criminal investigation into the charges of MURDER and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY regarding the Covid injections” 🔥

- Michelle Ford

(Post 1 of many) ⬇️

#Covid #Covid19 #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Michelle Ford:
(Part 2 of many)

“after I petitioned them to stand up for the PEOPLE and enforce the law. 
We have a case number!!!!

So similar to the UK we can now place ads in papers in local Nextdoor listings - essentially EVERYWHERE and

#Covid-19 #Fraud
(Part 3 of many)
Michelle Ford:

“ask anyone who has experienced adverse effects to the injections that they can now report it as evidence OF A CRIME.  

I need help creating an action team ASAP to help get this information OUT TO THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA

#Scam #CovidScam
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Perché dire che COVID19 diventerà un’endemia non significa che il virus sarà meno pericoloso. Ecco un thread bellissimo da leggere di @ArisKatzourakis su @NaturePortfolio. Ve lo riporto qui! Scusate la lunghezza ma ne varrà la pena. Let's go! 1/n 🧵
#COVID19 #virus #endemic
La parola "endemia" è diventata una delle parole maggiormente utilizzate in maniera impropria. Per un epidemiologo, un'infezione endemica è quella in cui i tassi complessivi sono statici, né in aumento né in calo. 2/n
Più precisamente, significa che la proporzione di persone che possono ammalarsi bilancia il "numero di riproduzione di base" (R0) del virus, il numero di soggetti che un individuo infetto infetterebbe, ipotizzando una popolazione in cui tutti potrebbero ammalarsi. 3/n
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1/ Going to slowly do a set of threads on the history of #polio itself, & then on the #PolioVaccines. This is for various concepts, including endemicity, epidemicity, risk calculation, & so on. Polio is an ancient disease. Here's a 3,400-year-old depiction thought to be b/c polio Image
2/ The first really important point is that polio has been around as long as humans have written, and it has been *everywhere* where humans are, in the New World AND the Old World before the Columbian Exchange, *everywhere* with humans.
3/ The next really important point is that polio epidemics — waves — were practically unknown before the 20th century. Yet polio itself was known & described before the 20th century. So what happened, why the big change? Why epidemicity, rather than... endemicity?
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What happens if we allow #SARS2 to become endemic? What’s going to happen to us & what’s going to happen to the virus?

If we allow it to become endemic—and some would argue that it is already endemic—this does not mean that it is going to attenuate, not whatsoever. 1/
It is not true that more transmissible versions of #SARS2 will be more benign. What we are seeing is more aggressive, more transmissible versions which are creating more severe illness. And the virus is still adapting to our physiology. It’s doing it at a fantastic rate 2/
What we’re going to see is that it will continue to work against our immune systems, meaning become more immune evasive. It’s going to become more chronic as an infection. 3/
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Below is a response I made (to someone else's comment) on the "Charles McVety Report" FB page, under the post I shared on FB a couple of days ago:

[See thread below.]

A completely unique, completely faulty, and all-inclusive "case definition" (aka "inclusion criteria" for data) was invented for CV-19 that no other respiratory virus has ever had.

and… )

"Hospitalizations", "ICU Admissions", "Deaths", etc. are all just subsets of the total number of "cases" (aka "positive" test results) - and as such are subject to the same "case definition".

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1. #Travel #Holidays #ClimateChange #Sustainability

Over the years I have tweeted about various aspects about how we travel and its affect on the #environment and the world around us. Through those years I've become more conscious of the travel decisions I make and it hasn't... Image
2. #Travel #Holidays #ClimateChange #Sustainability

...always been easy. In my small way I'd travel for business by train rather than car, using rail to travel to #Brussels #Paris, offsetting my #CarbonFootprint when travelling by air. Now I'm looking to #EV, 2replace my car... Image
3. #Travel #Holidays #ClimateChange #Sustainability

A couple of years ago whilst I was in #London, I decided to visit the #ExtinctionRebellion protest in #Whitehall where I managed to speak with one of its members, talking about the #Climate and Travel:
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1. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

During this #COVID I am going to create a rolling thread about key issues and articles of interest, just so as you can see the evolution toward a return to normality in 2022, 2023, 2024 or 2025; according to predictions by #Aviation!
2. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

Interesting article about #staycations and their price!!

The attitude of some UK h/makers, is I'm afraid, a common feature found in holidays abroad. I've heard many a tale about the Master vs Serf behaviour of some Brits!…
3. #Travel? #Holidays? #COVID19?

It's not done with us yet:

"...hard to anticipate what the timeline will be for the expected shift of COVID-19 to endemicity..."…
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India is now in the endemic stage of Covid-19, according to WHO. How is this different from a pandemic?

Here's an easy explainer of what it is different, and what that implies. ⬇️ #Endemic
What is endemicity?…
How is an endemic different from a pandemic?…
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The #Delta is winning, for the moment, & the Global #coronavirus map shows that we’re failing to fight it. But the #pandemic will be over one day—but the way there is different now 1/
The virus will almost certainly be a permanent part of our lives, even as #vaccines blunt its ability to cause death and severe disease. Most people will meet the virus eventually; we must ensure that as many people as possible do so with two doses of vaccine in them 2/
The vaccines are working and working well. Vaccinated people are indisputably safer than unvaccinated people. But although vaccinated individuals are well protected, highly vaccinated communities can still be vulnerable, for 3 reasons: 3/
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Ontario Canada: "The world's longest #lockdown will come to an end next week" (Step 3, July 16/21).

No. It's not over.

New chief medical officer of health, Dr Kieran Moore makes clear #endemic state will emerge in fall w/ Ont. "doing all the due diligence to prepare." Image
Let's explore numbers behind "world's longest #lockdown", Ont., Canada. Gov't of Ontario website updated July 11, 2021.

"Active cases" in Ont. as of July 11 2021 under 20 yrs of age: 0

Deaths under 20 w/ #COVID19 - 3.

Estimated pop. of Ontario: approx. 14.73 million people. Image
Under 20 yrs:

Jan 15 2020 to July 11 2021:

Resolved cases: 68, 280

Active cases: 0

Deaths (WITH #covid19): 3

[Keeping in mind that Covid tests are inaccurate (false positives) & largely meaningless as testing positive can mean mild to no symptoms whatsoever.] Image
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Happy 130th Birthday to us!

The TTFNC was founded on July 10th 1891 in order to: “...give pleasure to its members by observation of animal, insect and plant life in Trinidad”.

This thread will revisit some key milestones in our long history! 1/n #130yearsofTTFNC Image
In 1892, the first issue of our peer-reviewed journal was published as an outlet for our members to publish interesting and novel #NaturalHistory observations. It continues to this day as "Living World, the Journal of the TTFNC".… 2/n #130yearsofTTFNC Image
The first issue of our journal included J. E. Tanner's breakthrough discovery that #leafcutter #ants (locally known as #bachacs) cultivate fungus & feed it to their larvae, rather than eating the leaves directly as previously thought. 🐜🌿🍄3/n #130yearsofTTFNC ImageImage
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A few hours ago, the @OttawaCitizen posted an article entitled, "Face to Face with COVID deniers in the ICU."

Here is the reply I posted:

- It is OK to believe that some people will get really sick...and some with die from COVID-19.

- It is OK to realize that the vast majority of those patients are elderly, have at least 3 comorbidities (affecting heart, lungs, immune system), AND live in a cohorted care setting - such as LTC.

- It is OK to realize that smoking is a HUGE risk factor for respiratory infections - and one that is often forgotten or discounted by patients, the health care system and media.
(Still looking at vaping and CV-19...)

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We knew QUITE early on who & where the high risk population was.

Our previous plans ALL included focused protection...
AND mitigating the impact on the rest of society.

BUT...@fordnation & @celliottability caved & threw all that...AND US, out the window.

The #CollateralDamage to our children, education, health care, cancer care, mental health, small businesses, families, job loss, bankruptcy, etc. - is mind-numbing!

The virus is now both #endemic & part of the #seasonal mix.

The rest of the world is opening up & Ontario will be left behind in the dust.

BUT, BUT,...BUT...we MUST INSIST that #reopening is NOT conditional!!!

NOT conditional on masks, vaccination status or social distancing.

Time to start living!
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A few hours ago, the Ottawa Citizen posted an article "Front-line hospital workers say they feel betrayed by the province."
(… )

However, this (clearly) union-fueled article completely missed the mark.

Yes, we are feeling worn down and betrayed by the Governments of Ontario & Canada.

But we are feeling worn down and betrayed NOT by the pandemic (aka the disease itself) - but by the governments' response to it:

1) that has:

- riddled our children with fear,

- riddled our patients with fear,

- riddle our employers with fear,

- paralyzed those outside our hallowed halls with fear...

2) that has lead to myopic, singular-focused government & public health policy - that has:

- undermined democracy,

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Hey #Ontario

8 things to think about as we head into a new week:

1) Reminder: "Hospitalization", "ICU" & "Deaths" are all subsets of the total number of "Cases" - & are subject to the same case definition.

- The case definition only requires...

...a recent "positive" test result (NO symptoms required).

- This means that neither "Cases", "Hospitalizations", "ICU" nor "Deaths" require the person to actually have COVID-19 symptoms to be counted.

2) #BREAKING: Viruses do NOT care about your feelings or how important your task is (or you feel that it is).

- If a virus so contagious and/or dangerous that the only way to protect yourself is to take precautions - then the level of risk does NOT...

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Ultimate victims of media induced fear & politically correct #posturing will be our #children. "hygiene hypothesis: "when exposure to parasites, bacteria, & #viruses is limited early in life, children face a greater chance of [] allergies, asthma, & other #autoimmune diseases..." Image
Dec 10, 2020, Nature: "'#Children are very much adapted to respond — & very well equipped to respond — to new #viruses,' [] even when they are infected w/ #SARSCoV2, children are most likely to experience #mild or #asymptomatic illness." Image
"These children’s #immune systems see the #virus & mounts this really quick & effective immune response that shuts it down, before it has a chance to replicate to the point that it comes up positive on the swab diagnostic test",

Natural #Immunity is not a conspiracy theory.
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Unprecedented #coercion.

#Trudeau & Theresa Tam (chief public #health officer of #Canada) continue to insist a min. 75% of all Canadians must be injected w/ 1st dose of experimental #vaccines, & 20% w/ 2nd dose- before deadly #lockdowns will be lifted.…
Many Canadians (on stolen land) believe that if they take experimental jab, #lockdowns will end.

Wrong. This is just the beginning - of a #permanent program.

May 8 2021: "Tam warns that full #vaccination does not equal full protection from #COVID19"…
May 8 2021, CBC:

#COVID19 to becoming #endemic "meaning a base level of infection remains within Canada's borders & may show up annually like the #flu. That situation speaks to the need for booster #shots to adapt to any #variants..."

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The government declared #COVID-19 as a “notified disaster” under the #Disaster Management Act, 2005. As per Section 10 of the Act, the Health Ministry has directed National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority to regulate the price and availability of #sanitizers and #masks. (1/n)
The prevention of fake news over social media is also being controlled by the #government.
It is for the first time that under Section 6(2)(i) of the Act, a national lockdown was declared by the National Disaster Management Authority and implemented in the States u/s 38. (2/n)
This affects the freedom of movement and assembly of citizens with the exception of provision of essential goods, but is required for the prevention of the spread of #COVID19. Hence, the police are permitted to book violators of the lockdown under the provisions of the IPC. (3/n)
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