(1) There was a M6.0 #earthquake today in Antelope Valley, California. It was 4.6 miles deep and in a low population area close to the CA-NV border.

I've been through many >M6.0 quakes here in NZ. It's damn scary, for starters.

Best US info source: earthquake.usgs.gov
(2) I tend to ignore #earthquaketwitter whenever there's been a shake below M4.0 in CA. I seldom even notice one that small, tbh.

But when there's a decent-strength EQ there, it's another chance to promote safety and #prepping.

Visit ready.gov for the best info.
(3) As a health and safety / disasters geek I have bored many a person over the years.

Others listen and learn, which is why we all keep doing what we do. I prefer hurricanes to earthquakes, because you get some advance warning of them.

(4) Many people in the US think earthquake is only a major risk in CA.

Most people in the world are under-educated about tsunami and volcano.

I will try to keep this brief so the focus is on the biggest hazards.
(5) Wherever you live in the world you should make it a priority to learn about the relevant hazards where you are.

You should also do this before traveling to another state or country.

NZ is a sought-after vacation destination. But you need to know some things first.
(6) If you have a personal injury by accident (including death) while in NZ you or your estate cannot sue for damages like you can in the US and other countries.

Since 1974 a state-owned accident compensation scheme has provided modest cover, in exchange for the right to sue.
(7) It is absolutely insane. Especially because IMO foreign visitors to NZ are not adequately warned about this before traveling.

Please purchase high quality accident (& other) insurance when planning a trip to NZ.

OK, back to the US, my other favorite country...
(8) I urge you to find out about your local natural & other disaster hazards. Esp. if you are responsible for others eg kids, impaired adults, employees, customers, pets, livestock, public water supply etc.

(Worldwide) Earthquake & tsunami hazard info:

(9) Once you know a bit about your local hazards you can plan how you're going to do enough prepping, balanced with the time and resources you have.

ready.gov is a truly awesome website IMHO. And it's not just natural disasters. Everything is covered there.
(10) The main things to remember about seismic hazards are:

>learn and regularly drill the best ways to protect yourself indoors during an earthquake. It is NOT by sheltering in a doorway.

#DropCoverHoldOn to sturdy furniture. Here is why:

(11) Trust me, I've been there.

In a massive earthquake you will have to fight your instinct to get in a doorway or run outside.

By physically drilling safer ways to protect yourself you can increase your chances of remembering what to do.
(12) A tsunami occurs after an earthquake at sea. So,

(2) if you are on the coast and you feel an earthquake, if it's #LongOrStrongGetGone.

(1) (Deliberately reversed.) Before you visit the coast, learn tsunami evac routes, & have sturdy shoes & a flashlight with you.
(13) You might be old enough to remember the horrific and deadly Indian Ocean / Indonesia tsunami on 12/26/2004 local time.

If not, please at least glance at this:

(14) I'm here to tell you than even a small tsunami can cost you your life. It doesn't have to be 50 to 100 feet high. A 1 foot high tsunami can (and should) trigger an evacuation. There are sciencey reasons for this, which I will spare you.

Read more at ready.gov/tsunami
(15) Common tsunami myths include the idea you can drive out of a small town to higher ground.

You can't.

Because everyone else will be on the roads & you'll have to abandon your cars and walk/run.
(16) Now, if you are not physically able to walk or run up a hill in the dark or for 30 minutes on flat ground then you should plan your visit to the coast carefully.

Please do not buy a home by the beach where tsunami are a hazard if you may have mobility problems.
(17) A strong, tall building is a possible tsunami refuge. Again, just consider how you will get into it and upstairs in a hurry.

Nearby hills are good, but have a drill, in the dark, with your emergency backpack & time yourself.

The other option is to go inland, far enough.
(17) Most tsunami give more warning time than the scenario described above. But there are places in the world with a "perfect storm" of seismic & topographic factors, eg one suburb of Napier, NZ.

Online tsunami warnings are often generated, but don't become complacent.
(18) Now, about volcano hazards. I've run out of space and energy for now. Just do not go near an active volcano (yes, I have to say this.) And, respect a less active volcano that could wake up quickly.

(19) In 2019 several foreign & local tourists, incl. some Americans, were killed or severely injured by a volcano in NZ.

I wrote threads about it. Lots of political reasons why it should not have been allowed to happen. At all.

And, it reminded me about the insurance issue.
(20) There's a (pretty accurate) saying about Australia, that everything is trying to kill you (regarding the wildlife.)

Well, in NZ, the earth itself is trying to kill you. And arguably, the whole Pacific ring of fire is, too.
(21) Americans, Canadians, Aussies, and Kiwis are all in this together.

"The best time to prepare for any disaster is before it happens." - ready.gov
(22) In closing (brevity is, evidently, not my thing):

On 6/24/2021 when I heard that a Surfside, FL condo had collapsed, I instantly recalled NZ's 2011 CTV bldg collapse. I started a thread, then another & now there's 8 of them. Handily linked below:

(23) Those Surfside threads contain a huge amount of info about a huge number of topics, incl. my own M6.2 earthquake experience. Thank you to all those who have responded, it means a lot to me.

Let's all keep trying to stay alive.

>Inserts earworm:

• • •

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9 Jul
Main reason I want healthcare workers with access to me to have to show their vaccine status? Tells me whether or not they understand science enough to be qualified for the job.

I will #GetVaccinated soon (NZ is slow.) Folk like me don't have a "99% chance" of survival. Image
BTW, I highlighted diabetes as a COVID complications risk factor but there are many other medical reasons I am in this category.

This is why I've taken Covid seriously since Jan 2020 when I first heard about it. I was also predisposed to trusting scientists over politicians.
People with health or disability issues (esp when long term) have to learn about medical science in order to stay alive. We have to educate everyone around us who could help increase or decrease our survival chances, often including healthcare workers who should know better.
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8 Jul
(1) I'm just glad to finally answer the question #WhereIsMelania?

She avoided being near DT on his 75th birthday. (And if she was there, she didn't make it known publicly.)

My hunch: In 2017 she used threat of not moving into the WH to get a GOOD deal. NB I don't support her.
(2) Whenever I talk about the Trumps I have to point out at the start I don't support them - bc of the inane replies I sometimes get.

If any of them can be tried in the criminal jurisdiction for anything they've done, then I want them to be.

Meantime, I watch the spectacle.
(3) If Melania agreed with DT's version of the past 8 months then she'd make that known in public.

Anything could happen, & your predictions aren't necessarily more accurate than mine.

eg divorce or not, indictments or not, the Trump legacy is in tatters. Worse than tatters.
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7 Jul
I'm sure this is a graphic I would enjoy. 136 people so far clicked "like." If you can explain it to me, I'd be grateful. The context is a tweet about the #SandyHook lawsuit against Remington.

(And please check for replies before replying or I will be swamped. Thanks.)
OK after an hour it still bugged me so I did an image search and found this:


Folk were laughing about the "Filet Minion" meme.

Am I the only person here that is over the age of 10?😉 Image
Pre pandemic I was more likely to take a light hearted approach on Twitter. I still do that, sometimes. And offline, I remain my usual bubbly self.

Existential fear is a great leveler. My reasons to fear are personal & political. Most of them will stay private.
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7 Jul
(1) Thread 3: Storm #Elsa

Forecast has swung back & forth between Tropical Storm (TS) & Cat 1 Hurricane this week.

Currently 65mph max sustained winds, with a chance of re-intensification. So, the H warnings remain.


(2) By the way, the next names on the Atlantic storms list are #Fred and #Grace. This season is forecast to be above-average in number and intensity of storms.

For now, #Elsa is the only hurricane-ish storm near the USA.

It has not yet made landfall but that's expected today.
(3) As always, excellent coverage on the Weather Channel:

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7 Jul
(1) A small request if you can help me collate and translate these Latin phrases increasingly used by the far right in the US. First one:

"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" or, if you want peace, prepare for war.

Sounds innocuous, doesn't it? Nothing could be further from the truth.
(2) One place to find these phrases is on the social media profile pages of far right activists. That's where I am seeing them.

They're not preparing to lawfully defend their home.

They are preparing for escalating civil unrest and violence, started by the far right.
(3) The evidence for this is abundant, and the process has been ongoing for several years, not just since Trump ran for office, or even the Tea Party movement.

Some say the far right never stopped trying to make this happen, and I think there is some strength to that claim.
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6 Jul
(1) I'm terrible. I can't resist commenting on this viral Lake Lanier video in historical and political context. It's also not particularly hard on the eyes.😉

(2) People enjoy videos like this because of the schadenfreude, especially when college-age kids are involved. A further subset of the schadenfreuders are those who enjoy the misfortune of white people, esp. in GA. Now, hear me out...
(3) I'm just a commentator. I have no axe to grind on behalf of white or black people, or for / against GA. I'm not on the Democrat or Republican side in these things. My focus is always on saving lives. And I don't mean any drownings were likely. It's broader than that.
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