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America showed us after Sandy Hook they don't mind children getting killed!

Abolitionists just want to abolish some shit and we are not scary.
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They should still be here. #Buffalo 🕊 Each of the victims of buffalo
They should still be here. #Uvalde 🕊
They should still be here. #Orlando #Pulse 🕊🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
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Michigan v. Sitz

A thread on how I believe we can curb gun violence and the prevalence of guns in America. HINT: sobriety checkpoints. #Uvalde #SandyHook #SandyHookPromise

About 21,000. That’s the number of gun-related deaths/year it is going to take before Americans find the cultural & political backbone to “do something.” About 21,000 people were killed in the United States in 2020 in a gun homicide, unintentional shooting, or by police.

So it seems we’ve reach the essential threshold, especially if you add the 24,000 Americans who ended their lives by gun in 2020.

Why 21,000? Because in 1982 about 21,000 Americans were killed in drunk driving accidents.

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Dear #LaborMovement: it’s time for us to wake up. Just about every single mass shooting, of course, happens in *somebody’s* workplace - whether perpetrated by a former colleague, a deranged terrorist or anyone else. (1)
Imagine the world we could live in if we’d joined hands and followed where @rweingarten tried to lead us after #SandyHook: a world where responsible gun owners could still take their teenagers hunting and protect their homes, but very, very few had access to weapons of war. (2)
A world where children didn’t have to practice hiding under their desks. A world where a coworker might be fired, but nobody worried that they would return to the office with an AR-15. A world where people went grocery shopping and were confident they would come home alive. (3)
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A list of #GunControl bills Democrats introduced after shootings, which Republicans blocked:

#SandyHook, 2012. 21 killed.

Congress proposed bipartisan bill expanding background checks, a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines.

Blocked by Republicans.
Charleston, South Carolina, Dylan Roof kills 9 people in a Black church.

Democrats tried to eliminate what became known as the "Charleston loophole," which allows people with incomplete background checks to purchase guns after three days.

Blocked by Republicans.
#SANBERNARDINO, 2015: 14 killed, 22 injured.

One day after the shooting, Senate Republicans blocked two gun control proposals introduced by Democrats on background checks.
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Porqué no se puede controlar el tráfico/comercio de armas en USA 🇺🇸

Va más allá de la 2a enmienda. Es simplemente por dinero

Los lobistas (coyotes trajeados) de la National Rifle Association NRA «compran a los políticos»

Hay mucha información. Trataré de ser breve
Después de la tragedia de la primaria #SandyHook cuando asesinaron a menores y NO PASÓ NADA investigué

Aquí pueden leer las cantidades de dinero que los políticos han recibido, principalmente republicanos…
Encabeza la lista el mormón «profundamente religioso» Mitt Romney con 13,647,676.00 dólares. Sip mas de 13 millones de dólares

Después de 2016 4 demócratas reciben dinero de la NRA
Sanford D Bishop Jr GA
Henry Cuellar TX
Collin C Peterson MN
Tim Walz MN…
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Wanna see how bad it is ?

Tree of life synagogue 27/10/2018

11 killed 65 days left of the year > 6+5 = 11

The suspect were 46 years old. > 10+27+1+8 = 46

Continues (important numbers) >
1+0+2+7+2+0+1+8 = 21 = 7+7+7 > qabalah.

10+27 = 37


Twin prime.^ #treeoflifeshooting. #ar15
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In 2012, #SandyHook happened.

Twenty children in an elementary school were killed by a a terrorist with easy access to guns.

America did nothing.

It is 2022. And this will keep happening.
Even over 2 dozen dead in an elementary school in idyllic prosperous rural Connecticut in 2012 didn't move the "Pro-Life" Party from its avowed position to be shills for gun companies.
14 children gunned down for the Second Amendment, which even in the "originalist" reading, wasn't meant to mean guns for everyone no questions asked.

While courts and conservatives focus on a woman's genitals

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Two students are reported to have been killed and 13 others injured in a shooting that apparently began close to an elementary school in Uvalde, #Texas.…
More on the mass shooting between San Antonio and Del Rio, #Texas:…
A 10-year-old girl is among the dead, reports @KENS5. #GunViolence #Texas
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#WhiteSupremacy Ted Nugent Rittenhouse trend with Buffalo Tops Shooting: The real issue is the easy access and carrying of guns and cheap ammo, high-capacity magazines and high-power guns that fit in backpacks, etc. #GunSense #2ndAmendment #2A
2/ #2A US Constitution #FederalistSociety "original intent" folks: I’m okay if you own arms if you're serving in a well-regulated militia with 18th Century rifles, muskets and pistols. Meanwhile, another #massshooting in #Buffalo w/ 10 dead, 3 wounded.…
3/ A #massshooting is defined as four+ victims. #Benghazi had four dead. #2ndAmendment people think Benghazi was bad but think anyone should have guns. ALL gun transactions MUST require a background check including gifts. FBI background checks are weak. #GunSense
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On Gun Legislation ( a thread):

Our Children Should Not Have to Suffer and Die to Pander to the Machismo Fantasies and Cowardly Fears of a Minority.


What I always think of is the analogy with cars.

People don't generally go around committing mass murder with autos. Sure, people get killed in auto accidents, but it is not intentional. And we all *need* autos for daily tasks, errands, and work (unlike guns) ... so if it is an "evil" it is a necessary one ... daily!

2/ #FBR
Yet, what of cars? We require registration of them, of the driver, licensing, and training. Why are guns exempt from safety concerns? Why? I'll tell you why ... bc of rednecks who need them to feel "manly" (i.e., machismo)...

3/ #FBR #resist #SandyHook #2ndAmendment #resistance
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#AlexJones Tx S. D Bankruptcy Court hearing live at this

Audio is separate:
Dial-in Telephone No: 832-917-1510
Conference Code: 590153

Multiple motions to dismiss separate parties. Live tweeting now stay w thread.
2/Alex's family attnys are around $600/hr. How many thousands of dollars are being spent today defending Motions to Dismiss?

Lawyer on-screen suggests fast-tracking Mx. to Dismiss...

"Bankruptcy for the honest but unfortunate debtor... doesn't look like an honest debtor (sic)"
3/"Unworthy, abusive purpose... one of my clients held his son with a bullet hole in his head, &Alex Jones called him a liar..." (sic).. "delaying their day in court.."(Sandy Hook Plaintiffs' counsel)

Judge Lopez offers to hear public comments via meeting link
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Public show with synthetic #SandyHook characters 2/15/22 was odd. No judicial input on the docket regarding FALSE REALITY settlement. Legit world, settlement agreement invalid if made under fraud. Connecticut & #AllTheRest need to defund governments. Criminals have usurped power.
Does settlement mean you're guilty?
Legally, no — in fact the court rules and rules of evidence encourage parties to settle matters whenever possible, and neither offers of settlement nor actual settlements themselves are admissible as evidence of guilt or wrongdoing. #SandyHook
So essentially, what the criminals, playing #SandyHook court, are saying is that all "evidence' for trial that would have had to be approved as admissible by a judge can now be used as propaganda. Real Attorneys in this game? #IDoNotThinkSo #SandyHook
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HAPPENING NOW: We're hosting a live town hall about gun violence prevention with @jerrytjordan, @fred_guttenberg, @abbeyclements & @rweingarten at 6:45 p.m. ET.

Follow along in the thread below, and watch live here:

.@rweingarten: The last few days have been really difficult, with the anniversary of #SandyHook and the recent shooting in Oxford, MI. #EndGunViolenceNow
.@rweingarten: I wish say this is going to be our last town hall about preventing gun violence. But with the filibuster rules in the Senate, with the NRA, with the vigilantism growing in our country, we'd argue that gun violence is getting worse, not better. #EndGunViolenceNow
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A court if law has ordered me not to post anything on social media that would “embarrass” Alex Jones.

Might this unconstitutional content-based prior restraint injunction against me also infringe on Twitter’s 1st Amendment/ protections/privileges?

#legaltwitter? 👇
Question simplified:

Can the court of impose terms of service (“TOS”) on a private corporation that has its own TOS?


1)Twitter’s terms TOS do not incl the vague, unconstitutional bars on my #FreeSpeech imposed by the court.

2) Corporations’ protections seem to apply.
Another Question:

Does alerting the public that Alex Jones has unconstitutionally infringed on my #FreeSpeech by having non-considered orders entered in secrecy & under seal “embarrass” him?
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Any other dad in Travis county whose employee plead guilty to #january6 charges, who was posted on the Internet in this pose, who promoted drugs & alcohol on broadcasts would be under supervised visitation & ordered to substance and/or alcohol abuse treatment. Not #AlexJones.
*pled. Also, any Dad whose wife facing 2nd DUI charge, this time BAC <.15, any Dad facing Federal charges, any Dad regularly talking about being killed or arrested, any Dad not paying child support, any dad doing this OTHER THAN #AlexJones would’ve been stopped by a court of law
& any dad found liable for defaming the memory of murdered school kids, whose settled other defamation cases is impeached, as is his perjury a crime. Course of conduct matters towards character. #SandyHook cases will likely be further delayed by more frivolous/vexatious appeals
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#ShillsRUs carrying on about #SandyHook WHAT SHOULD PISS YOU OFF is court use to #DefraudAmerica & #Fact #BadMovie #Graphics Initiated as FDA began to approve generic psych drugs. Pretext to get more psych evals on kids so could drug 'em for profit. Images existed before event! ImageImageImageImage
If you cannot tell the difference between a media created illusion & reality, you have work to do. It is a high tech world; anything can be faked. You have been to the movie theater. Multibillion $ news industry no different #SandyHook #CreatEDCharacters
That filet minion cartoon tells the criminals how much of the population incapable of logic. The disinfo shills use sour cream & chives. You are capable of thought beyond the level of a baked potato. STOP letting criminals make you look stupid. #SandyHook
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I'm sure this is a graphic I would enjoy. 136 people so far clicked "like." If you can explain it to me, I'd be grateful. The context is a tweet about the #SandyHook lawsuit against Remington.

(And please check for replies before replying or I will be swamped. Thanks.)
OK after an hour it still bugged me so I did an image search and found this:…

Folk were laughing about the "Filet Minion" meme.

Am I the only person here that is over the age of 10?😉 Image
Pre pandemic I was more likely to take a light hearted approach on Twitter. I still do that, sometimes. And offline, I remain my usual bubbly self.

Existential fear is a great leveler. My reasons to fear are personal & political. Most of them will stay private.
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What evidence do we have that a legislative branch that did nothing after 20 6yo’s were murdered at #sandyhook will do anything substantive about #January6th? The playbook has already been actuated. 1/
First, some will condemn the event and place accurate blame, but others will give passionate speeches that stop short of identifying or admitting the root cause, and still others will remain silent. #ThoughtsAndPrayers will be offered. 2/
This will be followed by a period of various forms of delay - slow responses, meetings, congressional schedules, legal maneuvers, etc. - to allow raw emotions to quell, and inurement to do its work. 3/
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My undergrad major was the history of science: we learned how politics impacts data collection; power structures can silence truth; & science denialism isn't new.

Which is to say: This #covid19 moment isn't unique.

Take a journey thru history with me, towards hope:


The theories of Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler (placing the sun at the center of the universe) eventually resulted in Galileo's excommunication.

And ps, Bruno (an early advocate of heliocentrism) was burned at the stake.…
But Galileo is no longer excommunicated, and we all (almost) accept that the earth is not at the center.
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Seven years ago today, I stood at my kitchen counter in Indiana and created a Facebook page that became @MomsDemand. I never imagined we'd become one of the largest grassroots movements with hundreds of thousands of volunteers and, as part of @Everytown, 6 million supporters.
@MomsDemand @Everytown In the last seven years, @MomsDemand volunteers have passed more than 300 gun safety laws, including background checks in 21 states, red flag laws in 17 states, and laws that disarm domestic abusers in 28 states.
@MomsDemand @Everytown Every year @MomsDemand volunteers also defeat hundreds of @NRA-backed bills, with a win rate of over 90 percent against the gun lobby for five years in a row. These bills include arming teachers, forcing guns onto college campuses, Stand Your Ground, and permitless carry.
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1. Today, on the 7th anniversary of the #SandyHook shooting, my dear friend sent me the following drawings from her 6 year old daughter, who I'm a God father to. ImageImageImage
2. In case you can't read the drawings, she writes:

"One day I was writing a story about robots and I heard an announcement that...THERE IS A LOCKDOWN!!! We went to the back of the class. I was scared. Finally the lockdown was done. I was happy. I went back to writing."
3. This is what our absolute inaction in passing laws that would make firearms harder to get is doing to our children all across this country.

It's been 2,555 days since the #SandyHook shooting, and still nothing.

We deserve so much better.
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I’m joining gun violence prevention advocates in California today to remember #SandyHook victims and survivors - and all victims and survivors of gun violence - at the Third Baptist Church in San Francisco at 2pm. These are my remarks...
Seven years ago, the Sandy Hook shooting rocked our nation. I sat in my Indiana home – heartbroken and angry. Gun violence ripped through an elementary school, killing 20 first graders and six educators. My heart broke for the families devastated by this senseless tragedy.
And when my heart broke for Sandy Hook, it opened my eyes to the reality of American gun violence. As a stay-at-home mom of five, I had been living in a bubble. I hadn’t seen the trauma that other communities, particularly communities of color, had been living with for decades.
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7 years ago today:

Charlotte Bacon, 6.
Daniel Barden, 7.
Rachel Davino, teacher.
Olivia Rose Engel, 6.
Josephine Gay, 7.
Dawn Lafferty Hocksprung, principal.
Dylan Hockley, 6.
Madeleine Hsu, 6.
Catherine Hubbard, 6.
Chase Kowalski, 7.
Nancy Lanza, mother.
Jesse Lewis, 6.
Ana Marquez-Greene, 6.
James Mattioli, 6.
Grace McDonnell, 7.
Anne Marie Murphy, teacher.
Emilie Parker, 6.
Jack Pinto, 6.
Noah Pozner, 6.
Caroline Previdi, 6.
Jessica Rekos, 6.
Avielle Richman,6.
Lauren Rousseau, teacher.
Mary Sherlach, school psychologist.
Victoria Soto, teacher.
Benjamin Wheeler, 6.
Allison Wyatt, 6.

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