$BTC Analysis
Case 1) TR Jupiter / Radix Venus conjunction in Pisces is temporary transit and might loose its strength until 29th July which is exact date for back into Aquarius.
Case 2) Jupiter RX into AQ might bring bull market and "crypto hype" back to masses. #astrology #btc
Lets dive into this it looks like time to revise bearish ideas because I was expecting more deep fall rather than 29K but things can change with time.
Glossary of terms
➡Radix (R) #natal placement
➡RX #retrograde motion
➡AQ #Aquarius
➡TR transiting
➡PROG progressive
Disclaimer: Astrology will never say you exact things except some cycles and transits, it is just probabilities in time/space. (imo)There are exact things that cannot be changed and there are things that you can change. All is self. This is holistic approach to Astro Logos.
Case 1- If market will go downside after 29th July, that means effect of transit was temporary and it was a mini-bullish rally. Maybe a relief rally, dunno. When Jupiter starts to go back and forth in Aquarius, we'll investigate it in a deeper sense. #astrology #BTC #Bitcoin
This is related with TR Jupiter conjunction R Venus of $BTC's natal chart. God of Abundance aka Jovis, giving the exact expected output to exalted Venus in Pisces. Term of Venus is itself. Very powerful placement in the house of money especially others' money. #astrology #bitcoin
I'd like be clear before saying this is proper reversal, until 41k is broken this is not true reversal but for now it seems demand is high and market is going reversal. But there is one problem, this transit might not recover as expected by masses because of RX
RX planets are actually not going backwards, it is a illusive thing because we are sitting at the Earth and looking to planets via geocentric view and sometimes their speeds are higher than earth's rotation and this causes "going backward effect" in human eye.
Case 2a) Jupiter RX will continue to bring value back until retrograde ends which we need to analyze that time periods until October 21st. Also 30 December 2021 is the key date, Jupiter Pisces Ingress date. I'll deep dive to this analysis when the time is right for it.
There is beautiful tool in #Ganntoolbox for analyzing retrograde periods on price charts, here is 7th Jupiter retrograde period and 6 of it is reversals. Good amount of data and cycles to consider. #astrology #cryptocurrency #Bitcoin
Overall, my bearish ideas were right until 21st July, was expecting more at 24th but didn't happened.. Jupiter changed my mind a lot, but still waiting for confirmation to say that this is bullish reversal and we are going to moon. #astrology #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #btc

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26 Jul
New Analysis of $BTC,
Uranus line is sitting at major selling point, so there might be a two scenarios a rejection or break if we consider actual market. You cannot know what Uranus will bring as outcome of it. (exactly) thanks to #GannToolbox and @Nasser_Humood for this view Image
Uranus line is orange line with dashes and solids. Every time price goes up there in bear market there were major rejections. It must be considered. #astrology #bitcoin #btc $btc #cryptocurrency
Uranus is the known planet but effects of it is still unknown by many astrologers, it might be most unknown planet in terms of prediction. Surprises as always! #astrology #bitcoin #btc $btc #cryptocurrency
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24 Jul
Big news! Here is my first innovation in financial astrology with the great help of brilliant software engineer @TimeTrades1 it's alive now! 🎉 Many thanks to him for the spiritual friendship we share in every sense :) I'll try to explain what those lines
Let me introduce the story of it, it all started with eureka moment, it was a very normal day.. then boom! right after I've reached out to Blair, and told him what I've found. His reactions were amazing, we tried to digest all kind of information at once. It was actually hard!!
Firstly, light blue line is "Positive Wave" which represents trend changes when its crosses "0" (zero) line. Secondly yellow line is "Time Speed" which is also considerable in terms of volume, trend direction and power. Dark blue is "Negative Wave" which represents changes.
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18 Jul
We're sitting at the edge of big fall.. Approx. in 48-72 hours it will happen suddenly! Any support is invalid. #BTC #Cryptocurrency #Astrology #Bitcoin
Starting from 20/21 July until 21 October there will be huge bear market if we look at this in broader scope which means macro cycles, in this cycle there will be micro bull / bear cycles as well as of now this is our first layer in analysis. #astrology #cryptocurrency #Bitcoin
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6 Jul
There is two important topics that we need to examine;
1) $BTC's natal node placements which is cause of all events in Gaian / Demiurgic matrix.
2) $BTC's price movement when Saturn is applying or separating to nodal axis.
#astrology #crypto #cryptocurrency #saturn #nodes #BTC
The topics mentioned in this flood are highly deep. We cannot understand Saturn/Nodes in just one flood or book. Maybe its not suitable for Twitter because of its limited space but I wanted to share this with you. I don't have Medium yet, sorry for the long thread. #astrology
Nodes are very spiritual / occult points in my point of view. North node basically represents the dharmic way of living, its a nourishing - gifting energy, blessing power of life. South node is where you coming from, it is karmic way of living and its a disciplinary energy.
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