#StevenDonziger, a US attorney, classmate of Barack Obama at Harvard law, gave up everything — literally everything — to take on Chevron on behalf of the Cofan people of the Amazon in Ecuador. #FreeDonziger gregpalast.com/facing-prison-…
An Ecuadorian court ordered Chevron to pay $9.5 billion, finding that the oil giant's Texaco operation had illegally dumped 16 billion gallons of deadly oil waste. It’s been a decade, and Chevron still hasn’t paid a dime. #BigOil #Pollution #ClimateChange gregpalast.com/facing-prison-…
But @SDonziger has paid big time: For the last two years, he’s been under house arrest, longer than any American in history never convicted of a crime. #FreeDonziger gregpalast.com/facing-prison-…
But weeks ago, @SDonziger was convicted of contempt by a judge who denied him a jury. (The Constitution? Faggedaboudit.) And on October 8, this contemptible judge will sentence Donziger, and could put him behind bars. #FreeDonziger gregpalast.com/facing-prison-…
Who was the prosecutor? Not the US government, but Chevron’s law firm. The first-ever criminal prosecution by a US corporation.

Say what?

I can’t make this up! gregpalast.com/facing-prison-…

#FreeDonziger #StevenDonziger #BigOil #Pollution #Environment #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis
Chevron also went after journalists, in one case, filing a complaint against the BBC TV reporter that broke the story that Chevron had destroyed key evidence in the case. I was that reporter. Here’s the story, broadcast by BBC.

• • •

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7 Aug
#FreeDonziger: This is the first ever case in which we have a corporation acting as a criminal prosecutor — a prosecution that is blatant retaliation for a successful lawsuit against them. This, by itself, is deeply, deeply, dangerous. gregpalast.com/facing-prison-…
#FreeDonziger: Chevron set out to destroy @SDonziger, to make an example of a human rights lawyer that dares take on the petroleum pirates. gregpalast.com/facing-prison-…
And if you think I take this personally — yeah, you bet! I do because the same corporation tried to get a reporter fired for reporting on their obstruction of justice and their poisoning of the Amazon jungle. That reporter was me.
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27 Jul
Just spoke with @BarbaraArnwine, who was arrested along with @RevJJackson, @RevDrBarber, and 36 others attempting a peaceful protest to petition #KyrstenSinema’s support for the filibuster, which is stopping the passage of the #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct. gregpalast.com/jesse-jackson-…
I’d like to ask @SenatorSinema why her Senate office is not in a federal building but in a private building where trespass laws can be used against people trying to meet with her. @Sen_JoeManchin has pulled the same trick.
Years back I was in #Arizona reporting on the GOP Secretary of State removing more than 100,000 Hispanics from the voter rolls. It was only through the efforts of @RevJJackson, @BarbaraArnwine and our friends at @SuVotoEsSuVoz that thousands of those removed were re-registered.
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21 Jul
We can’t understand the tragedy of #Haiti, how it became our Hemisphere’s basket case, without understanding who put Haiti in the basket: the colonial and financial powers who locked the nation in political-economic shackles for half a millennium. gregpalast.com/us-cannibals-i…
In 1791, Toussaint Louverture led the world’s one and only successful mass rebellion of the enslaved that, in 1804, birthed the founding of the sovereign nation of Haiti. gregpalast.com/us-cannibals-i…
#Haiti was the first nation to pay reparations for slavery — to the slave holders. Annually, even past World War II, impoverished Haiti paid France a total of $21 billion for the lost income of the slavers. forbes.com/sites/realspin…
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2 Jul
Here’s another way to defeat the vote suppressors…become a citizen!

There are nine million green card holders eligible to vote if they take citizenship.

Take a look at this chart with the number of citizen-eligible green card holders in swing states…

If green card holders had taken citizenship and voted, Stacey Abrams would be Governor of Georgia, Beto O’Rourke would have crushed Ted Cruz, and Hillary Clinton would have won the Electoral College on roller skates. gregpalast.com/for-july-4-dep… #July4 #July4thChallenge
So, Mr. & Ms. Alien, what do you say? Or were you not bothered by Trump putting kids in cages?

You’ve been paying taxes to Uncle Sam all these years. You’re even liable to the US military draft. The only thing you can’t do is vote.

#July4 #IndependenceDay #IndependenceDay2021
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28 Jun
88 #Georgia GOP operatives used lists created by True the Vote out of #Texas to challenge the votes of 364,000 Georgians.

True the Vote's major funder is #Wisconsin's Bradley Foundation, the new #KochBros, who've dedicated $2 billion to right-wing causes.
True the Vote's 88 Georgia proxies had originally challenged the counting of these voters' ballots in December, just three weeks before the Georgia Senate run-off race. ajc.com/politics/eligi…
Many of these voters had already mailed in their ballots and were unaware of the attempt to prevent their counting.
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25 Jun
How can the Republicans get away with challenging 364,000 #Georgia voters on totally bogus grounds? #SB202 has another poisonous clause to deal with that...
Counties, who previously had final say over voter rolls and the counting of ballots, must now accept the challenges. If not, the State Elections Board can dismiss local voting officials. #Georgia #SB202 gregpalast.com/uncovered-ille…
The newly constituted state board is, according to the new law, under the control of Governor Brian Kemp and legislative leaders, all Republicans.

Watch my full conversation with @LeeCamp:

#Georgia #SB202
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