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Courageous #HumanRights lawyer @SDonziger is finally free today, after 6 months of confinement — punishment for winning a $9 billion judgment against Chevron.… #FreeDonziger #StevenDonziger #BigOil #Pollution #Environment #Amazon ImageImage
I hope it’s final, because Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, the petroleum industry's black robed Putin, is on a crusade to muzzle the man who exposed Chevron's poisoning of the Amazon.
Let’s get some heat on New York’s corporate senators Gillibrand & Schumer to block the nomination of Chevron Consigliere Jennifer Rearden to the federal bench. And let's flood the White House with the demand that @SDonziger be given the Medal of Freedom.
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Human rights lawyer, @SDonziger, was given a 6 month sentence—punishment for winning a $9 billion judgment against Chevron. As he approaches the end of his sentence, we've collected all the video clips we've published over the past 21 weeks. #FreeDonziger…
“This is a corporate criminal prosecution, orchestrated by Chevron, financed by Chevron, carried out by a Chevron law firm, before a Chevron-linked judge. It’s that simple.” ~ @SDonziger #FreeDonziger
“Chevron is trying to criminalize its opponents as a way to get away with the environmental crimes they committed in Ecuador.” ~ @SDonziger #FreeDonziger
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Some big things happened at last week’s hearing in the corporate prosecution of @SDonziger: A 2nd Circuit panel heard arguments about whether the appointment of a private law firm as special prosecutor (Rita Glavin & oil industry-linked Seward & Kissel) was unconstitutional. 🧵
Donziger’s attorneys argue Rita Glavin needed to be supervised by DOJ, and if not, it violates @SDonziger’s civil rights. In this moment from the hearing, Glavin says she has worked with the FBI — but tries to wiggle out of admitting @TheJusticeDept has not supervised her. Uh oh!
In fact: The United Nations has directed Biden and @TheJusticeDept to drop the charges, to #FreeDonziger, and to investigate this travesty!
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Boiling it down:

Rather than pay rightful $9.5bn judgement, upheld in the
Chevron has implemented a ‘KILL-STEP’ STRATEGY to vilify
nd destroy the messenger, STEVEN DONZIGER.
‘Kill Step’ typically involves accusations of fraud and is designed
to intimidate advocates into withdrawing, leaving victims defenseless
and unable to continue with their case.

But Steve would not be cowed…
And yesterday,
@Chevron, in a wholly private prosecution, succeeded in incarcerating Steve
in the jail for an alleged misdemeanor.
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BREAKING: #HumanRights lawyer @SDonziger was admitted to the federal prison in Danbury, CT, today.
The Court of Appeals denied @SDonziger's request for bail yesterday — despite the ruling of the judges of the United Nations Human Rights Council Working Group on Arbitrary Detention ordering his immediate release. #FreeDonziger…
#StevenDonziger has been sentenced to prison for 6 months — punishment for winning a $9 billion judgment against Chevron for destroying the Amazon with oil sludge — and is currently appealing his conviction. #FreeDonziger…
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I am in New York today, filming @SDonziger, whom the United Nations' human rights justices have identified as America's political prisoner and ordered his release.

Read the full UN ruling here:…

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#StevenDonziger's crime? Acting as the successful attorney in a suit against Chevron oil, who poisoned the Cofan people of Ecuador’s Amazon. #FreeDonziger…
Tomorrow, @SDonziger faces sentencing and could be given up to 6 months in a federal prison. I will be in the court room. Stand by for our report... #FreeDonziger
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BREAKING: Highest U.N. Human Rights Body Rules U.S. Government Must Release @SDonziger from “Arbitrary” Detention and Compensate Him for Legal Violations #FreeDonziger…
"The charges against & detention of @SDonziger appears to be retaliation for his work as a legal representative of indigenous communities, as he refused to disclose confidential correspondence w/ his clients in a very high profile case against multi-national business enterprise.”
"The appropriate remedy would be to release Mr. @SDonziger immediately and accord him an enforceable right to compensation and other reparations, in accordance with international law.”… #FreeDonziger
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Chevron set out to destroy @SDonziger, to make an example of a human rights lawyer that dares take on the petroleum pirates. But the oil giant also went after journalists... #FreeDonziger…
In one case, filing a complaint against the BBC Television reporter that broke the story that Chevron had destroyed key evidence in the case. I was that reporter — and survived with my job after a year of hearings.
I’ve gone way out of my way to get Chevron/Texaco’s side of the story. I finally chased them down in Ecuador’s capital, Quito. I showed them a study of the epidemic of childhood leukemia centered on where their company dumped oil sludge.…
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Look at his face. Emergildo Criollo, Chief of the Cofan people of the Amazon in Ecuador. Determined, dignified, in war paint, bare-chested...… #FreeDonziger 🧵
It was in 2007, when I found him in his thatched stilt home in the rainforest. Criollo told me his 3-year-old had jumped into a swimming hole, covered with an enticing shine. The shine was oil sludge, illegally dumped. His son came up vomiting blood and died in the Chief’s arms.
I followed Criollo to the courthouse in the dusty roustabout town of Lago Agrio (Bitter Lake) where, with a sheaf of papers, he sought justice for his son.…
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#FreeDonziger: This is the first ever case in which we have a corporation acting as a criminal prosecutor — a prosecution that is blatant retaliation for a successful lawsuit against them. This, by itself, is deeply, deeply, dangerous.…
#FreeDonziger: Chevron set out to destroy @SDonziger, to make an example of a human rights lawyer that dares take on the petroleum pirates.…
And if you think I take this personally — yeah, you bet! I do because the same corporation tried to get a reporter fired for reporting on their obstruction of justice and their poisoning of the Amazon jungle. That reporter was me.
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#StevenDonziger, a US attorney, classmate of Barack Obama at Harvard law, gave up everything — literally everything — to take on Chevron on behalf of the Cofan people of the Amazon in Ecuador. #FreeDonziger…
An Ecuadorian court ordered Chevron to pay $9.5 billion, finding that the oil giant's Texaco operation had illegally dumped 16 billion gallons of deadly oil waste. It’s been a decade, and Chevron still hasn’t paid a dime. #BigOil #Pollution #ClimateChange…
But @SDonziger has paid big time: For the last two years, he’s been under house arrest, longer than any American in history never convicted of a crime. #FreeDonziger…
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We are please to announce we are co-hosting this rally in NYC for @SDonziger.

Join Steven's supporters on Monday, May 10 at 8:30 am.

Steven is a champion for environmental justice and human rights. His trial for a misdemeanor contempt charge (that has resulted in him enduring over 600 days of house arrest) will begin 5/10.
Steven’s real “crime” was taking on Big Oil and winning a $9.5b judgment for the indigenous people of Ecuador whose lives and lands have been destroyed by Chevron.
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