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When USA and Nato invaded Afghanistan post 9|11 they then helped form a government made up from warlords and criminals who were the ones responsible for the damage and deaths of countless of people. All that aid went to the pockets of these warlords. Image
The people had lost trust in the corrupt government. It's no secret that large number of army and police recruits were drug addicts. The army still some very patriotic soldiers however it's the leadership and warlords which is corrupt.
The best solution here for the Afghan people is if there is a peace deal between the two parties and fighting stops. But I highly doubt that TB will push for that now that they have made such gains and will have the upper hand in the negotiation table. May Allah bring peace.
Updated map. Taliban as of now have taken control of the 9th provincial capital. They intend to move on to mazar-i-sharif which will be a massive blow to the government as it's a strategic to both sides. If TB take over that would mean total control of the North. Image
Update: Taliban have now captured Ghazi too which means they now control the highways going north and south.

They have also captured the police HQ in lashkar Gah of Helmand another significant gain.

On going battles happening in Kandahar which I think will be overun soon too.
As Ghazni falls and the taliban have taken control of the prison in Kandahar and released hundreds of prisoners, the Kabul gov has offered the Taliban a share in power.

A few months ago the gov had the upper hand in the negotiation table however that's not the case now!
Ghazni governor Daoud Laghmani strucked a deal with the taliban and was given safe passage to leave the city. The people cheered as he left due to him surrendering without heavy fighting.

However the governor was arrested in Wardak as he arrived there.
Taliban have now taken control of Herat and Kandahar (the birth place of the taliban) this is a significant gain for the Taliban and soon I believe they will also overun Helmand as they've already captured the police HQ there.

Keep the people in your duas.
As predicted the Taliban have now captured Helmand.
Zabul has fallen to the Taliban.

Logar is on the verge of collapsing as the police HQ has already surrendered. I believe the governor will do a similar deal with the taliban and surrender and leave to Kabul.
Taliban spokesman says that Paktia is under siege and will soon aswell fall under Taliban control.

I believe a similar surrender from the governor will occur due to them being surrounded.

Reports that Maidan Shahr in Wardak has fallen to the Taliban. Apparently the governor and the troops surrenderred without any fighting.

This means that the Taliban are now less than 30km away from Kabul. Ya Allah protect all those living in afg from any harm. Image
Paktia has now fallen to the Taliban too after fierce fighting between militias and the Taliban.

President Ashraf Ghani has vowed to fight rather than quit and step down.

Taliban have launched multiple attacks on Mazar e sharif where ata mohamad and Dostum are stationed.
Kunar has now fallen to the Taliban. Initially after intense and heavy fighting the village elders convinced the government officials and soldiers and brokered a deal for safe passage with the Taliban.

I believe the same is going on in Nangarhar and will soon fall too
This is significant for the Taliban as some regions in Kunar was a stronghold for ISIS and Taliban struggled battling them previously.
Taliban are already taken control of the western gates of Mazar e Sharif.

Uncomfirmed reports that atta mohamad and Dostum have fled mazar and have gone to Kabul. Yet to be confirmed.
The Afghan army tried to repel the attack in Kunar however being surrounded/outgunned and from pressure from tribal elders they surrendered.

Here you can see Taliban fighters joined by locals marching towards gov builidngs.

Also locals pelted the retreating afg army with stones
Update: Taliban have captured Maimana, provincial capital of Faryab province.

This is after intense fighting there where the local security and government officials and soldiers vowed to fight to their last blood.

They have now surrendered. This is a huge blow to dostum esp.
Balkh is on the verge of a
collapse but some districts therefore heavy fighting.

Daikundi many districts have been overun. Negotiations are taking place for a surrender.

Maidan wardak although in taliban control. Afg airforce are conducting airstrikes

Half of parwan is taken Image
Update: That mazar e sharif has nearly collapsed and militias loyal to dostum and atta mohamad noor are still trying to fight.

Afghan forces have left for Kabul.

The warlords Atta Noor and Dostum who pledged to defend Mazar with their lives have fled to Uzbekistan* apparently. ImageImageImageImage
This is the biggest blow to the Afghan government as of yet.

I now believe Ghani is on the verge of resigning as Kabul is about to get encircled and sieged.

Ya Allah protect the people from any harm and inshAllah no major fighting happens in Kabul.
A civilian is recording the Afghan forces fleeing Mazar e Sharif and towards racing towards the airport.
Update: reports that Laghman and Balkh have now fallen into the hands of Taliban. Image
General Dostum's envoy from Mazar stuck at the border crossing with Uzbekistan. It seems that Dostum and Atta Noor have escaped in a helicopter whilst their envoys are stuck as the gates for the border crossing haven't been opened for them with taliban approaching from behind.
Update: Jalalabad capital of Nangarhar province has been handed to thr Taliban without a battle or a bullet being fired. Image
Update: Biden has upped the deployment of US troops to 5000 to help evacuate diplomats and embassy workers.

Taliban have now launched an offensive at Kabul.

Keep the people of Afghanistan in your duas. Hopefully it's a surrender and not urban warfare.
Update: Power has been cut to the capital Kabul and the city has gone dark.

Heavy resistance from the army in some districts!
Kabul is pitch black. The absolute worst thing would be an all out war in this city of more than 5m+ people atm
Intense fighting reported in Kabul.

Keep the people in your duas.
Update: Daikundi has peacefully surrendered and is now in the hands of the Taliban. Image
Locals gather to welcome the Taliban fighters as they have captured Daikundi which is a Hazara dominant province.
Update: These soldiers and militias of Atta Noor and Dostum who were fleeing Mazar e Sharif were denied entry into Uzbekistan at the port crossing of Hairatan.

These soldiers and millitias have now surrendered to the Taliban.
Update: some reports that Khost may have fallen to hands of the Taliban.

Some districts in Nursitan have also been taken. To be honest there was not much resistance expected from Nuristan and I believe they will surrender very soon too Image
Update: Family back home in Kabul have confirmed that Taliban have taken over many areas in Kabul.

Reports that Ghani will resign and the interior minister has agreed to a peaceful transfer to the Taliban.

The Taliban have agreed they won't fight.
The traffic throughout the capital is catastrophic. The whole country was taken over by the Taliban and I have seen videos of militias of some of the infamous warlords trying to flee but to where I don't know.

I believe China will be the first country to recognise Taliban once they form a government. Image
Taliban being greeted by the locals in Company bazar west side of Kabul.

I am hearing from relatives in Kabul that some people either militias or 'landaghars' and criminals are looting some places and even police stations before the Taliban enter those districts.
In Kabul city workers can be seen painting over pictures of women on the walls before the arrival of Taliban. Image
There's looting going on in some regions of the city where the police abandoned their posts and fled due to the fear of Taliban storming the city but now that the Taliban have promised not to engage in an assault. Police are being sent to govern the areas
Taliban give a stern warning to thieves who are looting and say that that the Taliban won't pity any thieves.
Taliban take down flags which say "Ya Hossein" and replace them with white flags with the shahada.
Update: Many different sources are reporting that Ghani has fled to Tajikistan and from there intends to or has flown to a third country.

Yet to be confirmed
Former Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah states that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country.
Urgent Update: Taliban have ordered their troops to enter Kabul and take control as police and army and the president have fled and there's looting going on in many regions.

One of the biggest bazars was looted. To prevent looting taliban are entering.

Everyone stay at home!!
I don't understand why senior government officials are fleeing because the Taliban have promised amnesty.

People have been intructed to stay at home by the Taliban as many armed people due to looting are causing problems.

Many criminals have gathered in Kabul last few weeks.
Taliban spokesman officially releases a statement sating that initially the Taliban were not planning on entering Kabul but after hearing about the lootings and lawlessness due to security personal and police abandoning their posts. They're now obliged to enter and protect people Image
Not sure exactly which city but a talib fires in the air in celebration and immediately gets slapped by his comrade for doing so.

Good, this is a big problem in Afghanistan and causes unnecessary panic and possible harm due to bullet travelling back down.
Conflicting reports about the Vice President of Afghanistan.

Some sources are reporting that he's fled to Tajikistan or Uzbekistan.

Other sources claim he's in Panjshir valley. Interestingly this was one of the regions which the taliban previously failed to capture decades ago. Image
A video that I recorded a while back of the valley.

This is mainly due to the mountainious region where they act a natural barrier and a fast flowing river which is difficult to cross.

A simple road block via blowing a side of the mountain can halt the Taliban advance
Update: Former Afghanistan President Karzai, formal mujahideen warlord Hekmatyar and Abdullah Abdullah have formed a council and have cautioned for calm and dailogue.

Taliban are rejecting offers of a transitional government and want full power as they march throufh the capital
Update: Taliban have reportedly taken over the Presidential Palace.

This was expected as Taliban have total control over 90% of the country and any requests of transitional government would have not made sense.

Taliban will assume total control in my opinion.

I could be wrong
Update: The reason why Taliban are rejecting a handover via a transitional government is because Ashraf Ghani was supposed to be one of the members involved in a meeting in Doha.

My young cousins who were in the streets have been told to stay at home by the Taliban for security.
In this video @ashrafghani mocks Afghan King Amanullah Khan for fleeing and leaving the country and it's people alone.

He then continues in a passionate roar that he's not one of those who runs.

It's been long confimred now that Ghani has fled the country.
Update: Taliban Humvees are not patrolling the capital and looters and the looting has been stopped in large parts of the capital.

The badri unit of the IEA (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) have been appointed for security of the palace. ImageImage
Update: Taliban are soon expected to declate the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from the presidential palace in Kabul.

My guess is that China and Pakistan will be the first countries to recognise them. Maybe Qatar too
Apparently these are scenes in Kabul airport. Looks like a scene from a movie unreal.
Meanwhile in Herat life goes on as normal and members of the public even stop to take a selfie with t
Another video where people are happy with the security situation. One person says that before even holding a basic phone was risky but now he can walk around with money without the fear of being robbed.

This is echoed by all those being interviewed.
Update: Taliban have assured security to senior government officials and advisors. This includes former Afghan president Karzai, former Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan, former mujahideen commanders Sayyaf and Hekmatyar (once arch enemies of the Taliban)
Another video showing the absolute chaos in Kabul airport where Afghan collaborators with tbe foreign embassies are getting in line to fly to the UAE.

I wonder what pressure and stress the air traffic officers and security must be going through.
Update: Reports of about 1000 taliban troops have arrived in Kabul from neighbouring Logar province to help with security and especially with the looting. Some looters have been arrested in some districts of the Capital. Security situation is improving people back home tell me
Update: Footage of the Taliban in the presidential palace.
Live footage from Al Jazeera showing Taliban in the presidential palace.

(I don't recommend them for any news btw as they are biased)

Cousins tell me that Taliban have said that women can continue with schools and higher education. He mentioned that university are now to be segregated which is great and it stops free mixing and evil.

Hopefully this is true and the case.
Update: Taliban from the presidential palace say that their leaders will arrive shortly from Qatar. Image
More exclusive footage of the Taliban entering the presidential palace. As you can see these are not the leadership in Qatar but elite fighters as some have thermal scopes.

No suprise Al Jazeera was given exclusive rights as Taliban office is in Qatar.
Update: The security situation in Kabul has improved after some thieves and thugs were arrested. People have been told to stay indoors and Taliban soldiers are roaming the streets of Kabul.
Update: The complaint commision of Kabul have said to whatsapp these numbers if the residents are threatened or harrased.

Share this with your loved ones in Kabul

Update: Security checkpoints have been setup throughoit Kabul city and vehicles are being searched for security.

It seems like the Taliban want to send a strong message throughout the capital to the looters and thugs.
It does feel very strange seeing Taliban in those Afghan police cars. Throughout my stays in Kabul these cars would always be around the city and now they carry Taliban fighters.

Those 100s of fighters from Logar seem to be really patrolling the city and showing their strength
Not sure if this is right now or from before as a few hours ago it was reported that there were gunshots near Kabul airport. Was not known who was shooting.

The video shows absolute chaos and security can't be seen anywhere in the airport as sounds of gunshots can be heard.
This clarifies to why it's reported that the Taliban have asked for thousands of their troops to enter Kabul

The security personal and police have fled the cities as yo can see in this video near Pul e Mahmud Khan near Share Naw many offciers have left their clothes and fled.
The official account for Civilian Casualty Prevention and Complaints Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Anybody who has any complaints can message this account or the numbers provided below.

@ccpcciea Image
Update: The chaos is unreal at the Kabul airport as many are trying to board planes without tickets and there are no civilian flights going on atm.

Only American flights are taking place.

May Allah bring peace and calm.
American troops can be heard shouting "move back" to the approaching Afghan civilian who are trying to board planes.

Suprised that there are still US troops in the airport. The US had increased the troops from 5000 to 6000 to help with the evacuation.
Footage of the political deputy head of IEA Mullah Baradar and the spokesman of the negotiation team and leaders watching the taliban enter ther presidential palace.
Some thugs who stormed in to hospital wounded wearing taliban flags proceeded to cause terror and havoc in the hospital and the hospital staff called the mayor and apprehended one of the thugs whilst the others ran in stolen cars.

They were pretending to be Taliban.
Alhamdulillah the hospital provided video evidence to the Taliban and the armed thug captured confesses for his crimes and that leads to 5 robbers getting arrested.

My relatives were telling me hours before that local armed thugs were robbing people pretending to be Taliban.
The Talib in the video sends a strong and stern message to any potential criminals that whether it's dark or daylight that the IEA will bring any looters, burgulars, criminals to justice.

He also tells the public that taliban can easily be distinguished by their appearances.
Update: Disturbing scenes, American troops fire in the air to control the large crowds of civilians who have fled to the airport.
Update: There seems to be calm around Kabul as overnight 100s of new Taliban soldiers arrived to the Kabul.

People are slowly coming back out with some still hesitant. Overall like the other captured provinces life seems to be going vack yo normal.

US still controls the airport
Update: US soldiers are still pretty much in partially in control of the air strip in Kabul.

No civilian flights are flying and people have been urged to leave the airport.
Update: There are reports that several people have been shot and possibly killed or injured by foreign troops could be US troops in the airport.
إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

Graphic update: I won't share any videos or pictures of dead Afghans as I respect the honour of a muslim. But there are several videos showing dead civilians shot by US troops in the airport

This video was from a few hours ago choas
Update: The rest of Kabul seems to be waking up and live seems to be going back to normal. Still not the same level of traffic like every other day but situation seems to be under Taliban control and there's security established around the city.

Keep the people in your duas
Update: Lives seems to be going back to normal pretty much around Kabul. Many of the markets are open and the crowds and traffic has returned again.

The people of so far seem hopeful. Let's just pray that such scenes continue and security remains established around the country
Update: It's now unclear whether the US troops shot directly at the civilians in the airport or whether the civilians died due to a stampede because of firing from the US troops.

5 bodies so far have been taken into vehicles.

May Allah forgive their sins and grant them jannah
Update: The situation in the airport is a total mess. There are no security personal other than the Americans. There are no passenger flights and only US flights taking place.

People are running onto the runway as planes land and fly off. Absolute chaos.
Update: It seems people are flocking towards the airport because of false news being spread that if people are able to board planes that they will be taken to Canada. It's sad how fake news has created this choas.

I think the Taliban will soon take over the airport to calm it
Absolutely shocking if true. Locals are saying that atleast 3 men who had held on the aircraft have fallen.

Ya Allah khair. The people need to get away from the airport. There's no security whatsoever.

The Taliban I believe will soon take over the airport.

This is so sad
Update: Taliban continue to catch theifs and looters who are now apparently using wigs to disguise themseleves as Taliban and trying to loot civilian vehicles.

This was happeneing throughout yesterday and last night and even this morning in some districts. ImageImageImageImage
An example of this was yesterday locals had spotted the local thugs disguising themselves as Taliban and robbing, looting and terrorising the public.

Relatives also confirmed these incident which occured throughout the city.

Kabul was really bad last night.
Western& Indian media are reporting that the people of Kabul are fleeing in terror to the airport due to the Taliban

These reports are absolutely and utterly false. Peoole have flocked to the airport with false news spreading that if they board planes, they'll be taken to Canada
Video showing helicopters being used to clear the pathway for the aircrafts to be able to take off as the people are crowded on the airway strip.
Update: Clearer video showing people at Kabul airport trying tk board a US Air Force cargo plane.

Unreal scenes.
Absolutely shocking and sad video showing people dropping from the plane.

The people need to return back to their homes and leave the airport.

There are no commercial flights from the airport.
Update: People aroud the city are suprised at the current behaviour of the Taliban.

If they stick to their promises and continue like this then it may change people's perspective.

However it's still early days and people still have bad memories.

Security is defo better.
I'm quite suprised at this tbh. I wouldn't have thought the taliban would offer to protect TOLO news station.

The Taliban however know that the international community is watching them and they've said that they don't want to be isolated from the world.

Update: Taliban have detained dozens of opportunists and looters who are using the chaos and security vacuum to loot and steal.
*My own baised and personal opinion*

I believe China will be the first country to accept and recognise the new Taliban government mainly because 'I believe' that China is wants to invest in the resources of Afghanistan in return for investments in infrastructure and energy
Update: Spoke to my relatives and my relatives personally haven't gone to school (wise imo better to wait for the situation to be safer) but they have said that some girls did go and attend school.

Pictures are circulating but i can't speak on their validity

Photo by @jawidomid Image
Update: It seems as if the rumours were true about the vice president Amrullah Saleh retreating to panjshir and trying to form resistance of fighters.

Earlier in the thread I explained how difficult of a terrain the panjshir valley.

This makes sense as to why the Taliban had not taken over the security of the airport.

Seems like the Taliban have stuck to the agreement.
Update: More pictures of thieves beinf captured throughout the city are ciruclating.

For those who don't know Kabul was infamous for having thugs that come from powerful families or those who have families in places of authority.

Robberies were common. Image
Many people especially those who are not living in Afghanistan have been reporting fake news.

News reporter @clarissaward reports from the city of Kabul.

*Disclaimer* CNN are extremely baised and not realiable. I don't use them for information.

I am only showing you this because it's in line with I have been covering in the thread contrary to what the diasporas and those not living in the city have been spreading.

They share no sources but just emotions.
Update: Russian embassy in Kabul have stated that @ashrafghani fled with multiple cars full of money and into a helicopter.

They reported that some cars were left behind as they couldn't fit the cash.
I can't confirm the validity of the Russian news channels as I don't trust those news channels.

However relatives and people in Kabul were speaking of fighting between the president's bodyguards over the cash being left behind.

We should wait and see if this is true.

Sad if so
Update: An Afghan jet was shot down by Uzbekistan for violating it's air space. The pilot ejected and is being treated.
I am not suprised neither am I shocked at the fact that the US soldiers took their dogs with them but left behind those Afghans who had worked with them.

Similarily the UK betrayed Afghan interpretors after promising them refuge.
Getting more information about why so many people have been flocking to the airport.

Spoke to people in Kabul and they confirmed that last night those who were in the country with foreign passports esp US were able to get their family members on board the flights.
Neighbours of my relatives called from the plane saying to look after their belongings and house.

The neighbour a woman with a US passport was able to get her family on board the plane amidst the chaos.

These coupled with fake news of planes going to Canada are factors
False rumours that anyone with visas were able to board planes to US and Canada were being shared.

This was a video of Kabul airport earlier in the day as people lined up to get on to planes whilst no civilian flights were taking place.
As I covered yesterday that the fleeing forces of Dostum and atta Noor were being chased by the Taliban.

They were refused entry to the Uzbekistan border and Taliban have seized all the cars and weapons at Hairatan port along the border of Uzbekistan. ImageImage
Here a Taliban patrol car is asked about the situation in the airport. The Talib says that the Taliban are here to establish security and to serve the people.

The civilian also confirms that people are flocking to the airport due to rumours of US taking people abroad.
Update: Many sources are now reporting that apparently Panjshit valley which previously the Taliban failed to conquer from 1996-2001 has now surrendered to the regime.

This will be a massive win for the Taliban if true

Vice president Amrullah Saleh was last reported to be there
Taliban urge women (doctors & nurses) to return back to work and to have absolutely no fear.

Taliban tell the women that th Emirate needs female doctors/nurses and that they're their sisters and mothers and reassures them to return to work and promises them security and safety.
Update: Seems like taliban have take over the security of the airport whilst the US troops are still in control of the airstrip.

The US held a meeting with taliban and taliban agreed to allow US troops to safely evacuate and leave.
Video showing a taliban soldier firing next to the man on the barrier as a warning shot.

Taliban are serious about establishing security.
Taliban met with sikh leaders and promised and reassured them.

In the recent years there has been a sharp decline in the number of Afghan sikhs as many fled to India, Pakistan or the West.
Taliban spokesman @suhailshaheen1 in an interview says that the Taliban will support the rights of women to work and education.

The conditions being the Islamic hijab and sharia as Afghanistan is an Islamic country.
Update: Uzbekistan report that they have foribly landed 46 Afghan Aircrafts that entered it's air space.

I hope they return these aircrafts as they belong to Afghanistan.
Zarghuna Baloch a woman's rights activist calls on Afghan girls to proceed with education and work as Taliban have promised to cause no harm and protect them. She also debunks the false rumours that Taliban are taking woman and forced marriages.
If anyone is wondering why I have blurred her face that's because of my religion and respect for her.

If someone believes tbe video is not real they can easily search her name and find her unblurred video.

Before anything I am a muslim and I won't post dead bodies neither.
This picture of 100s of people crammed together in a US cargo plane seem like they're from a movie.

My relative's neighbour also managed to get her family on board a plane. She was the only one was the American passport. Her family were Afghan nationals. Image
To some this video may seem funny, strange or childish seeing grown men in bumper cars but you've to remember that there's not many theme parks in this poor country

I recall memories of an old man in his 60s, white beard bumping into my car and with a smile of a kid on his face
Another video was posted previously online when Taliban captured a district and entered the gym.

The video can be extremely comedic especially to those who go to gym regularly. This may be the first time these guys have seen or used the gym.
The US finally admit defeat!

Biden: "The events we see now are sadly proof that no amount of military force would ever deliver a stable, united, secure, Afghanistan. As known in history as Graveyard of Empires"
In the future...

"so grandpa what did you do after taking over the Capital"

The Talib:
I know, I know. I need to stop with these videos and some might find these funny but this is the sad reality of Afghanistan where we lack the infrastructure and facilities.

Many in the developing countries know what gym, theme park, trampoline are like but decades of war = this
Update: It's reported that the US government will only recognise the Taliban if they uphold basic rights of it's people and not harbour any terrorists and upholds the rights of women.

It seems like the US has softened their tone towards the Taliban.
Again in my own personal opinion I believe this is mainly due to the calm behaviour of the Taliban so far and the fact they could have easily stormed the airport but they upheld their deal with the US, which was to not take over the airport untill US personal had evacuated.
The most recent update is a blow to all those who were spreading fake news about the Taliban which has been debunked and refuted even by woman's activits and independent journalists.

If Taliban had committed those then the US would not have adopted this tone.
However it is still early days and we all are watching closely to see if the Taliban uphold their promises.

The International community is watching their every step and Taliban have made very clear that they don't want to be isolated and want good relations with the world.
People around Kabul giving flowers to the Taliban fighters. Popular Afghan Youtubers have also been covering the daily life in Kabul and the people seem happy with the Taliban.
At this stage the price of flowers and roses might increase higher than bullets.
What people fail to understand is that the Afghan people living in Afghanistan most importantly want an end go war and they want peace and stability.

The Afghan public cannot earn money and make a living in a war torn country.

Only warlords and people in power make money in war
Taliban say they have received orders from their leader Hibabtullah Akhundza that all government workers and troops have nothing to fear and the troops who haven't yet surrendered will be given amnesty.

He also assures those who had previously worked with the US to have no fear
Update: Many are suprised that @TOLOnews were able to continue broadcasting with both male and female hosts. They interviewed Mullah Abdulhaq Hemad who's a member of the Taliban's media team. This is contrary to what the western media is showing that women aren't able to work.
Update: Yesterday many sources were claiming that Panjshir was being surrendered to the Taliban. None have been confirmed

There are also videos circulating of Ahmad Shah Massoud's son saying he's in Panjshir.

I personally don't think Panjshir has been taken as explained earlier
Update: Both Turkey and Russia are in talks with the Taliban and other parties in Afghanistan.

The tone from Turkey seems to be soft and friendly. Far different to before where Turkey were to deploy troops and control the airport and help the Afghan government.
Azeri and Turkish peacekeeping troops stationed in Kabul airport to assist with the security.
Update: Locals say unknown armed men had set a fire to Jawzjan's Bakhdi Park facility in Shiberghan City which was a stronghold of Marshal Dostum.

Source @pajhwok ImageImage
Many people online are sharing videos and pictures of the Park on fire and claiming that Taliban are the ones that have set the Park on fire but they have provided no evidence or source.
Update: Women are protesting in Kabul about equal rights and positions in the governmemt.

The Taliban have allowed the women to protest uninterrupted.
Update: Women protesting saying that women should have the right to work, education and have the right to be in politics. They want people to respect and give the women a voice.

The protests were not interrupted. This is new even to the Taliban standards.
Update: Vice President Amrullah Saleh has declared himself the President of Afghanistan and has promised to resist the Taliban.
Update: Interestingly as Amrullah Saleh declares himself the President.

Taliban spokesman @Zabehulah_M33 will have a live press conference at 7:00pm Kabul time. ImageImage
Meanwhile senior delegation of the Taliban led by Baradar Akhund has left Doha and landed in Kandahar.

Reports that a large force of Taliban fighters were waiting to greet them. Image
The convoy for the former Taliban chief of army arriving in Kandahar from Doha.
Highlights from the live stream of @Zabehulah_M33

He ensures that women will have rights work in different sectors including health, education, judicial and more.

He mentions that these will all be done in accordance to sharia as Afghanistan is a muslim country and muslims.
@Zabehulah_M33 also reassures those who had previously worked with the foreigners i.e Americans that there will be no harm to them and the Taliban ensure their safety.

He said that the Taliban want to use their talents and intellect and put them to use in the Emirate.
He also empathised multiple times that the Taliban will ensure that Afghan soil isn't be used by foreign fighters to wage war against others. He said we Taliban won't allow it.

He continued by saying that they wish to form good relations with other countries.
The 313 Badri Battalion who often record HD videos and pictures with high tech weaponry and full military uniforms have taken control of the security situation around Kabul.

They say they want to improve and stabilise the security in Kabul.

These guys do love to pose.
The entourage of the senior Taliban leadership team being greeted by the locals in Kandahar.

I believe they might soon make their way from Kandahar to Kabul.
Another video showing many more locals greeting the Taliban leadership team which travelled from Doha to Kandahar.
Life seems to be returning back to normal in other provinces. This is a picture of a bazar in Ghazni Image
In Kabul the youth and men pray in congregational prayers with Taliban and then sit for a chat.

These scenes are quite different to when the Taliban took over in 1998.

Nobody expected the Taliban to be like this after 20 years of war with the state.
I didn't want to give my personal views but it seems like many people are asking me what I think about the Taliban.

I don't believe the Taliban are angels and neither were the government. Taliban previously from 1996-2001 lost the trust of many Afghans.

However 40+ years of war
Has had a devastating effect on the people and the infrastructure. Millions of people are living in poverty. Literacy rates are awful. There's was security around the country and the people lived in constant fear of attacks either by the taliban or government air strikes.
For me and I can imagine millions of Afghans. The safety of their families and loved ones is far more important than politics. Before we were ruled by warlords who would steal and rob the public's money whilst they lived in mansions. The security around the country was awful.
Now the reality is that the Taliban have taken total control of the country and are about to form a government.

There seems to be temporary peace and the war seems to be at a halt. I have 300+ relatives in Kabul and they right now are safe and without war.
So far the Taliban have not done what everybody including I believed they would and they seem to be keeping up to their promises.

But again it's still early and as @Zabehulah_M33 himself stated that let us show you when we form the government.

I am hopeful that the war is over
Many people especially the diaspora who are living abroad comfortably are speaking out against the current take over of the Taliban yet I ask them what solution do you have now that the Taliban are in power?

Do you want to topple them via another war?

What is your solution?
Just to add that no matter if you are pro or anti taliban at this point that you should regardless post the truth and not propaganda by the western media.

I will continue to post what I consider to be the truth which the western media won't post.
Video showing the moment the Taliban leadership team landed in Kandahar in a Qatar Emiri Air Force plane and are greeted by the people.

For those who don't know the Taliban have had an office in Doha since 2013.
Youtube Channel #Kabulfans interviews a Taliban solider to which he denies rumours of Taliban going door to door and stealing people's wives and daughters.

He says that if that was the case it would be happening throughout the cities and says there's no proof of such a thing.
The Talib says that he's pleading with the people to return back to their jobs but people especially in government posts are not returning.

He says there's a shortage especially in the army and security sector. He says once the new government's formed all of these ppl are needed
Here he gets asked whether girls will be able to go to school with the same dress code and study the same curriculum.

He responds, yes everything will be the same and girls/women can go and study and the study as they're studying.

With the dress he says according to Islam
Just in case those who don't know dressing according to Islam won't affect school girls as much as they already dress according to Islam and wear uniform.

Can't say the same for women in higher education. The dress code for women in cities esp Kabul is different to rural women. ImageImageImageImage
Women in the capital and in some other cities (not all) dress in various ways.

For example 60km away from Kabul the women dress totally differently than the women inside the city.

Even in the capital you see women dress differently. Some with scarves no hair showing others not.
Update: The last remaining Jew in Afghanistan refused to leave the country even though he was told he could evacuate with the US troops and embassy personal.
Suprised the BBC actually posted this but the problem is that the West for some reason want to superimpose their values and culture onto others. Muslims have their own rules and values. Countries like France can ban the niqab and nobody bats an eyelid

See how easily people spread fake news and people so easily consume it. This video has been doing rounds around twitter with people tweeting in shock.

I actually remember this stunt in leciester sq and downing streetd by kurdish activists.


Yet another post that's doing rounds. I am seeing more and more videos from films/stunts or old taliban videos with misleading and false captions.

Nobody is saying the Taliban are angels but atleast post after doing some research.
Update: Russia, China, UAE, Oman, Saudi, Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey have shown a positive response to the Taliban.

Meanwhile Canada says it has no plans on recognising the Taliban government.

The international community are keeping a keen eye on the behaviour of the Taliban.
Unbelievable video showing a taliban and an army officer discussing the times they were involved in a shootout and how the army officer thought he had finished him but when he got there the taliban has escaped.

They laugh and say and now we're here sitting down.
@Zabehulah_M33 when asked about free speech proceeded to take a dig at Facebook for censoring and flagging any Taliban related content.

The Taliban had also set up a helpline for any concerned residents on WhatsApp (Facebook owned) was also removed.

How times have changed lol
People keep on tagging me under posts trying to show me the atrocities of the Taliban. Before doing so please take the time to first research whether the video is old, fake, or real before tagging me. I am just one person balancing work, social and reporting what's going on.

Again nobody was killed and this is an incident where the locals called on the Taliban as these thugs were looting and stealing from people's properties. The Taliban have many times said that they will send a strong message to all looters.
Here looters were punished with the typical humiliation tactic used since my great grandfathers time where criminals have their faces blackened and usually where we were from sat on a donkey and paraded throughout the village.

Here they get ink or shoe polish on their faces.

Looters who were armed were trying to enter and loot the houses of former parliament members who had left their properties in Qala e Fathullah in Kabul . Members of the public informed the Taliban and they were arrested.
Here some people from the outskirts of Kabul have been pretending to be Taliban and threatening and looting. They are caught with drugs on them too. I will explain below this video to why so many looters have come.
The reason to why so many looters and thugs are in Kabul is because many of them flocked to the capital as the rest of the country was being taken over by the Taliban.

My relatives even confirmed that they knew some of the people taking part in the looting.
Many thugs from different districts and areas flocked to the capital and took advantage of the security vacuum created.

They have been robbing civilians and taking people's properties. There are reports of these looters even shooting civilians (need to be confirmed).

Twitter takes a different stance to Facebook. I guess we might see the Taliban praise twitter at the next press conference 🤣
Update: Uncomfirmed reports that Amrullah Saleh's resistances forces have captured districts in the province of Parwan mainly Charikar from what I know.
Update: Another looter caught in Kabul. He is stood up and ashamed infront of everyone.

The public is very angry and annoyed with the looters as they can be heard cursing him.

The thief says "I will never do it again, i ate shit (which is a common way of sayinf sorry in afg)"
Contrary to what everyone else is saying. Girls attend school in Taliban controlled Herat.
Update: Afghan news channel @pajhwok report that some young people demonstrated and raised the national flag. Witnesses say the taliban fire in the air to disperse the crowd and beat some people up. ImageImage
This happened in Jalalabad as discussed days before in the thread(scroll up) as Taliban were approaching the city, this city historically has been very anti taliban.
Update: The Afghan embassy in Tajikistan have reportedly taken down the picture of the deposed president @ashrafghani and replaced it with the vice president who annouced yesterday and claimed himself to be the president. ImageImage
Update: A taliban delegation headed by Anas Haqqani met up with Afghan political leaders and the surprisingly once arch enemies Gulbudin Hekmatyar.

I personally think these guys will be part of the new Taliban government. ImageImageImage
Update: A thief caught stealing is let off with a warning and apologises and promises that he won't steal again.
Update: Those who have been this thread can see when I said Nangarhar is predominantly were very anti Taliban as well as Kunar and Khost (Southern provinces of Afghanistan).

The People have reportedly been protesting and lowering white taliban flags and replacing them with 🇦🇫 ImageImage
Taliban visit the ever dwindling sikh community leaders and reassures them that they will be protected and they have nothing to worry about.

The sikh elder in pashto (always fascinates me) tells other sikhs to freely walk around the city as Taliban have been good to them so far
Update: It's being reported that the Taliban leadership are close to Kabul as they have departed from Kandahar (the city which Mullah Omar (taliban supreme leader) and the taliban originated from).

I suspect that the Taliban will soon announce a leader and form a government
This video is beyong suprising!

Head of military General Nick Carter says that the Taliban have changed and their treatment of women may have improved.

He also dismisses from calling the Taliban enemies of brits and speaks about them in somewhat a praiseworthy tone.
The Afghan Cricket Board in Kabul have reported said that there will be no change in the date if the #ODI series vs Pakistan.

As Taliban spokesman said in an interview that the Taliban love cricket and cricket was around when Taliban were in power decades ago @suhailshaheen1
Some relatives who a few weeks ago were anti-taliban are now joining the taliban as they sit down for a break (in this instance melons and watermelons).

Funny how times have changed. ImageImageImageImage
Update: Video from earlier in the day where locals from Jalalabad took down the Taliban white flags and replaced them with Afghan national flags.

It seems that the youth had demonstrated protests via social. Protests in atleast 3 Southern provinces are reported.
It's reported than the Taliban fired warning shots in the air aswell as at some protestors. 2 people are reported to have been killed and 12 injured.

Not sure if a fight had broken out between a group of protestors and Taliban before hand (unconfirmed).
Beauty salon owners cover up pictures of women from their shop windows in Kabul.
For those who are spreading #FakeNews it's so easy to do so. All you have to do is take the first picture and tweet it.

As for those who are intellectuals and have wisdom and a logic. You would have asked the lady for more information or wait for more info. ImageImage
Many of the crimes that are being reported that are supposedly done by the Taliban are because thugs are dressing like taliban and being armed robbing and looting people.

Scroll up the thread and you will see people who have even resorted to wearing wigs to imitate some Talibs.
Breaking News: UAE has given refuge to the former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his family on a humanitarian basis.

Not surprising as UAE were supportive of Ghani and his government and had good ties.
Update: More US troops have arrived in Kabul to help evacuate diplomats and US citizens.

It seems that the Taliban and the US are in constant talks and negotiating.

It's also likely that the US will work with the taliban government and even recognise them.
Male and Female journalists in Herat meet with Naeem-ul-Haq Haqqani who is the acting minister of information in culture. ImageImage
Update: The area around Kabul airport is still chaotic and many people are still flocking towards it as News of more US troops arriving is giving the locals hopes that they may be able to get to the US or Canada.

The US troops and control the airport.
From YouTube channel (Kabul City)

A side which many of the media won't ever show and that's women who observe the hijab.

In this video this woman says she's very happy with the current Taliban regime. She says crime has reduced, there's security and she was tired of corruption
She says now women can safely walk the streets without any fear and any woman who observe the hijab can freely work

These women hardly get any exposure or have a voice

Mainly because they are shy and due to religious reasons don't mix with the opposite gender.

Also culturally
#FakeNews #Debunked

There videos circulating online on social media with captions that the Taliban are torturing civilians instead these are looters which the public have handed over to the Taliban

Both the public and taliban fighters are punishing them

Here you can see clearly that they are the same people who are shamed for stealing the people's property.

Please stop spreading fake News.

I am just one person debunking this much fake news. It takes time and effort.

#FakeNews #Debunked

This account has purposefully cit the video and hid any logos in the video which would confirm that this is actually a protest of Afghan women in Isfahan who shouted anti Taliban and anti @ashrafghani

This account is fake

Here is the actual full video and here's a link of an article posted by iran International.

This protest happened in Qom (Iran)
Like I have said and countless of people in Afghanistan have confirmed that many people are going around houses of mostly known people or those who used to work for the government and pretending to be Taliban and robbing them and harming them.

Western media: Taliban are stopping girls from going to school.

Meanwhile girls in Afghanistan (Herat) currently:
1st (is an old picture of civilian)

2nd (Taliban)

It seems that everybody loves ice cream. Off topic but Kabul city serves some of the best ice creams I have ever had.

If the situation stays stable I believe we will see pictures of many tourists with ice cream in their hands. ImageImageImage
Update: this video is not real and seems to not be Afghanistan. See how easily even I could fall into a mistake
I won't delete the post and leave it as a lesson and a reminder that we should always be contantly verifying information even though this was posted by reputable source
US general however did meet with the Taliban to negotiate and reached an agreement to allow the US to evacuate their personal and diplomats and those who worked with the US in Doha 2 days ago.

It's just that video is not a video of Afghanistan.

Stay blessed. Image
Update: Multiple sources are now reporting that @ashrafghani fled the country because he feared for his life and believed there were plans that he would have been killed by Taliban.

He also plans to return and supports the peace plans headed by Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah.
@ashrafghani in short says he fled because he wanted to avoid bloodshed and not turn Kabul into Syria and Yemen.

He claims the Taliban were looking for him door to door.

He says if he had stayed what happened in 1996 to Najibullah would have happened to him.
These claims of @ashrafghani make absolutely no sense.

The Taliban had given assurances to Ghani that all senior government members will be given amnesty.

The troops and commanders that surrendered were set free.

Taliban's arch enemies like Islmail Khan were set free.
Even the US troops and diplomats were set free and allowed to evacuate.

I find it very bizzare that the Taliban let go senior officials and commanders and former government officials yet according to Ghani he claims the Taliban were looking for him.

Interesting claims.
Personally know multiple people are making the false claims that their lives are in danger and that the Taliban have threatened them so they can get (special visas) to the US/Canada/UK.

This is actually a very well known tactic used by some unfortunately

The other tactic is to identify as a LGBTQ+ member which some migrants do use and the border control.

Just ask your local Home Secretaries and they can tell you that.

For many the West is an opportunity to make money and live a better life so yeah.
Update: British ambassador to Kabul, Laurie Bristow has told reporters.

"Taliban are supporting UK's evacuation plans"

"It is interesting the Taliban have chosen to support this operation," Image
Similar things have been said by US military officials. It seems that the Taliban are giving the foreign troops freedom to evacuate.

Update: This video is a massive blow to all those who have been spreading propaganda and fake news around.

In this video the Taliban spokesman says that a message has been sent to all of the Taliban to allow the people to raise whatever flag they wish to raise 🇦🇫 , 🏳 or any.
This was in response to the multiple protests done in the southern provinces of Afghanistan as mentioned in the thread above where protestors removed the taliban 🏳 and instead raised🇦🇫

I am very impressed at the response of the Taliban and their tolerence for the time being!
If this is confirmed and turns out to be true then it destroys @ashrafghani claims that he escaped due to taliban looking 'door to door' for him.

The Afghan embassy in Tajikistan has also been quoted accusing Ghani of escaping with large sums of $
This is interesting because the UK had announced that it was cutting it's difect aid to Afghanistan by 78% just a month ago.

Very interesting turn of events.

Senior taliban commander Waheedullah Hashimi explains that the new taliban government wouldn't be a democracy but instead run via sharia as Afghanistan is a muslim country.

He also says that the taliban would hire Afghan soldiers and commanders as they're needed for their skills
Update: Taliban deputy head of cultural commission, Ahmadullah Wasiq has confirmed that the Taliban have recieved reports of ill treatment of jounalists.

Two journalists from, one from @ArianaNews_ and the other from @pajhwok were allegedly beaten by Taliban in Nangarhar [1/2]
Meanwhile another from #KhorshidTV was allegedly beaten in Kabul airport.

Ahmadullah Wasiq also hoped that the media would follow the Taliban’s guidelines which include

1) All publications to be in line with Islamic values

2) Media must be neutral in matters.
3) Publications should be against national values such as inciting ethnic prejudices or religious issues.

He was also quoted as saying

"We want the media to have healthy criticism of us so that the future administration realizes it's shortcomings"

[From @ArianaNews_]
Ahmad Massoud has urged the West to supply their resistance in Panjshir valley with weapons and arms to combat the Taliban

He's hopeful that the west and especially the US would support the movement

I don't think the west will support this as it will be history repeating itself Image
Not suprised one bit that the Taliban still haven't taken over the Panjshir valley yet.

3 days ago I discussed to why it's so difficult to conquer this valley due to it's natural strategic defence barriers.

For those who want to see the valley

Here 👇

I still personally don't believe that the resistance in Panjshir would be able to last long and either they will be defeated or surrender to the Taliban.

Mainly due to the fact that they're surrounded by the Taliban and unless they get aid from the west they can't do much.
Also the people are sick of war and would not be in favour of another resistance and instability and conflict.

Vice president Amrullah saleh and Ahmad Massoud have reported to have taken multiple army vehicles, helicopters and tanks to the Panjshir valley.

Many old stories will be circulated around the web giving the impression that this has happened currently. This was a very well known case where in 2020 the father of the girl had apparently tipped allegedly Taliban fighters who shot her.

Taliban at the time had denied this attack and said this was family dispute.

Now some people at the time were saying her father and some thugs had done this.

Others were saying that her father had gotten taliban fighters.

But you see how western media use headings to misguide
How am I as a one man able to debunk these fake news circulating the web whilst at the same time working a full time job in my office but some people are sitting at home with all the free time in their hands eating up propaganda.

I even manage to debunk one inbetween gym sets 🤣
1st picture is a kid holding the Afghan flag

2nd picture is a kid selling the Taliban flag

I will discuss why the flag issue was such a big and important.

Yesterday there were protests done in Nangarhar, Jalalabad and Khost. Mainly people were removing Taliban flags with 🇦🇫 ImageImage
There were reports of 3 people being killed whilst getting into altercation with the Taliban.

Taliban have claimed that last night they apprehended 12 people and interrogated them and have found out that people were being offered large sums of $ to take down taliban flags.
These reports need to be confirmed though however what's very interesting is that this flag issue has become so important as it was done just one day before Afghan independence day. A day where the national flag is plastered and waved around the country.

Fun fact below 👇 Image
Video showing taliban special forces attending prayers in a mosque in Kabul.

For all the propagandanits you can probably look for a taliban fighter with shoes on inside a mosque and use that as a caption 🤣
#FakeNews was being circulating around twitter this morning about the governor of Logar who surrendered to the taliban, being killed.

He had to do an interview to dismiss the fake news.

Update: Many of the internally displaced people are struggling with making ends meet. They have access to no water nor food as they are living in tents whilst others are slowly going back to their provinces yet faving difficulties.

My family tell me many people are struggling.
Who would have thought that the Logar Governor who just a few days ago we covered in the thread would tweet something like this.

It seems like he like the majority of the people just want peace and an end to war.

Few days ago he was face of resistance.

Ladies and gentlemen, please don't bother making any threats to me. It will do nothing because I am not scared one bit and threats have never worked on me. I myself am a refugee of war and I have made it this far plus I have Allah so don't even bother.

I won't stop posting 🤓
This totally explains the waves of misinformation being reported by Indian media and accounts.

This is a very well researched thread so give it a read

Who would've thought that after the Taliban take over the country that we will see a drop in crime, drug use, violence and corruption!

We are seeing close to no American air or drone strikes which often hit civilians wiping whole families!

We would see no suicide bombings!
Who would've thought that arch enemies would cooperate as we are seeing army officers, pilots, soliders, police and both former and current government officials

I know it's early but we are getting a glimpse of an end to bombings, fighting and war

We Afghans deserve peace 🕊
Funny Update: Twitter has suspended the self procliamed 'president' of Afghanistan @AmrullahSaleh2 twitter account which he made just days ago @AfghPresident aswell as his party acc Afghan green trend @AfgGreenTrend (Basej-e Milli) acc.
Meanwhile former US president Donald Trump has also been complaining about Twitter banning his account but yet allowing Taliban (in particular) @Zabehulah_M33 @suhailshaheen1 to still have access to their accounts as these Taliban spokesman have the most followers in Taliban.
Meanwhile in Kabul the residents hold an extraordinarily long national flag due to independence day
In my own personal and biased opinion I believe this is a waste along with any mass parades of flags especially in a country where most live in poverty. The same applies to taliban
Meanwhile it's reported that fresh Taliban fighters have graduated from Zabul.

Props to them for not getting their white clothes dusty. ImageImageImageImage

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said Afghanistan will no longer be able to access the lender's resources due to a lack of clarity over the international community recognising a government in Afg

Resources of over $370m were set to arrive on 23/08/21
Kabul airport is still chaotic as people gather both sides of the airport. One side is controlled by some peacemaking troops including turkish and Azeri. However mostly US troops with Afghan security forces.

This is a daily occurance. Troops shooting in air to disperse crowds.
Meanwhile on the Taliban controlled (outside) of the airport still has some crowds but it seems to be a lot less chaotic than the inside of the airport.

Yesterday Taliban also shot warning shots in the air to disperse crowds gathering in large to enter the airport.
Update: Remember this picture guys, those Afghans who boarded the US plane without visas or paperwork in the chaos have apparently been dropped off and left at a base in Qatar.

The Afghans complain about the conditions there.

They weren't taken to US.

Taliban joined by some locals held their own parade to celebrate independence day.

Elsewhere in the city the locals also held the national flag 🇦🇫 and no reports of clashes were reported. ImageImageImageImage
Large crowds gathered all around the country waving the national flag. What's suprising is that in large parts the Taliban have been tolarent and have stuck to their promises.

There are reports of the occasional incidents but overall ppl are safely waving
It's very understandable to why so much false information is being reported by the Indian media and accounts that seen to be from India spamming false news.

India had very close ties to the Ghani regime whilst the Taliban gave close ties with Pakistan.
For Afghanistan though and especially the millions that live next to the border with Pakistan.

Good relations between the two countries would mean much more trade and businesses that deal across the border would benefit immensely.

Let's see what happens.
More footage showing Taliban marching as a show for independence day.
I can't believe even once one of the Taliban’s biggest enemies Gulbudin Hekmatyar is even saying that there is alot of fake news and propaganda and that the security situation is good on the ground.

Very few people are scared many are exaggerating to seek asylum to the US etc
I am not a fan of this man at all but atleast he's talking some sense.

The Hizb Islami leader says that Pakistan wants nothing but friendly neighbourly relations with Afghanistan.

He also said that Pakistan has said that previously co-operating with America in Afg was a mistake
Many people around Afghanistan now are worried about work and getting paid and by the looks of it civil servants won't get paid this month.

As expected as banks are in turmoil and some without $. There government still hasn't formed yet and I believe these processes take time.
Funny rant

This man says he was the most anti taliban person but he's since been speaking to people back in afg and they keep saying they're at peace and secure.

He then curses diaspora afghans and asks why do they want to throw fire at the peace [1\2]
He says everyday they're are chanting with slogans and want to destroy the country and bring back war and take it back to when there was looting and corruption.

I didn't want to translate some of the other stuff as the man used vulgar language but the rant was funny.
Maybe this man was influenced by my post 👀

Hahah nah I am joking but this is honestly how most people who have loved ones and families feel.

Nobody wants a bloody civil war and put their children and families in danger.

Diasporas have no solutions

Update: Foreign embassies have made it very that they will be only taking on board Afghans who are eligible (correct documents that they've worked with the US or western NGOs)

Many people have come from other provinces due to rumours that anybody in the airport can go abroad.
Just to make one thing very clear to people who have been following this thread.

Yes, right now the security situation is better than before and for the first time in decades we have for now temporary peace but don't expect rainbows and flowers.

Afg is far behind the rest of 🌍
Things are not going to improve over night.

A large portion of the population id uneducated and there will be incidents around just like there are incidents in the west.

For example US corrupt cops. Remember George Floyd.

Nobody should expect absolute turn around in one night.
It will take years of education and lasting peace for the country to develop and mosy importantly good relationships with our neighbouring countries aswell as good relations with the international community.

What's most important right now is that there should be no war.
Update: TOLONews have reported that the Taliban have told two female anchors (different channels) to return home.

This was expected and as I said earlier I believe Taliban will not allow the women on national tv. The national tv.

Women in hospitals and schools have no issues.
Taliban have said they will make a decision on the future of these two national tv anchors.

I am not suprised at this decision. As I believe the taliban will soon release some guidelines for workers which have to be in line with sharia.

As @Zabehulah_M33 said the correct hijab
Many people currently don't have jobs especially around Kabul as it's such a populated city.

I don't see how the government can come up with a swift solution for this problem.

They would need assistance from international community which can take months.

This is what war does
Who is going to explain this to the propaganda spreaders. There's too many of them 😀

I mean people would have realised that history has already taught us that you cannot trust the promises of the US.
When will it stop 😫 Image
I just knew DailyMail won't be able to help themselves.

Trendy Taliban!

I've have seen it all now Image
Very important update: It is being reported by Taliban sources that Anas Haqqani is meeting with Panjshiri religious scholars for negotiations and handing over of the province to the Taliban and inviting those in the resistance to the army.
Mullah Zaeef who was the the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan before the US invasion of Afghanistan confirmed this as he said that @Zabehulah_M33 in his last broadcast said that Taliban don't want war.

He said Taliban are meeting with elders and scholars from Panjshir.
This would make sense tbh as Panjshir is totally surrounded and I don't think the US will fund the resistance and therefore Ahmad Massoud is not his father and therefore I believe that he will join the taliban.

Unless he's got backing from Tajikistan and other foreign players.
Absolutely shocking video!
I am amazed and shocked at how that poor young baby is passed ovwr barbed wire and the way the baby is handled by the US soldier.
Update: Taliban sources claim that the German Ambassador to afg had a meeting with the deputy head of the political burea of IEA and the ambassador promised to continue with humanitarian aid.
Kabul city at night. Such a beautiful city scarred by decades of wars.
I just couldn't stop laughing that my kidneys hurt ImageImage
Jokes aside but Afghanistan did win the seat in 2020 however I highly doubt the UN would hand over the seat to the taliban. Could you imagine the news articles lol Image
Kabul resident says that there is nothing wrong and he's very content & happy with the arrival of the #Taliban

He says ppl go out of their way to greet the taliban and to have a chat.

He says these taliban are a shadow of the taliban of the past

Says they have changed by 1000%
Taliban spokesman @suhailshaheen1 says that women don't have to wear burqa but only the hijab.

I believe he answered these questions very well.

Most westerners don't understand that hijab in Islam is an obligation just like earning money for your family is an obligation on men.
For those who don't know what a burqa/buqra is.

Taliban say women don't need to wear this but instead have to qear the hijab.

Women in rural areas wear this burqa mostly.

Some women in my family wear this in the village because they say they feel safer and don't get harrased. Image
Other women in the family don't wear this and instead observe the hijab.

It all depends on the person. I remember one female relative was very upset that a guest had borrowed her buqra. She said she dislikes travelling without it and men seeing her face.

Key word: by choice
This resident says that the traffic towards the airport is crazy and it's pure chaos.

He says the chaos has been caused by the people who don't have the paperwork but are taking electricity bills in hopes of going to US/Canada.
He says everyone knows that only those who have worked with the Americans can go but those who have even sweeped the buildings/offices are now claiming to have worked with Americans so they can go

He says others are opportunists who are ruining it for those who do have paperwork
Video showing a taliban fighter slapping a man wwaring the Afghan flag.

I expected such incidents even though the leadership said that people were free to carry the flag and most parts of the country no incidents were recorded but some foot soldiers will get out of order.
These sort of incidents will happen and I expect to see more of them as foot soldiers acting on their own.

This was the case with the Afghan police and army too. This is the case everywhere in the world.

However Taliban need to form a government asap and investigate these cases
The problem is that if someone is sincere they would post both side of the stories however if you notice many accounts on here only focus on the minor negatives and never cover the positives.

Truth is widely majority of the people freely carried flags and celebrated.
Moral of the story: Never trust or help invading foreign troops. They'll end up using you and once they have no need of you they'll just leave you behind. Happens every single time. Image
Update: Pentagon press secretary John Kirby says:

"there's been no hostile interactions between the Taliban and our forces or of American citizens getting through."
Update: The airport is still in absolute chaos as people are pushing and shoving each other and women, children and men are getting trampled.

I am hearing from relatives that nobody is listening and people without documents are making it impossible for those with to get through
Update: New Zealand's foreign minister said on Friday that the country will provide Afghanistan with $3 million in humanitarian assistance.
Western Union suspends it's services to Afghanistan. This is a very bad situation as this was the only service I would use to send money to relatives as would mullions of Afghans. This is going to greatly affect many of the poorer citizens.

A display from the Taliban special forces. Notice how they're not holding the typical AK47s but what it looks like are M16s. Looks like the Taliban are putting use to the US weapons they've captured.
Update: What's a shock to the Afghans who boarded US cargo planes without any documents is that they are being sent to countries like Uganda and Qatar to stay in emergency shelters and not US.

Those Afghans were expecting US/Canada but now their living conditions are poorer
The situation in Kabul airport which could have been avoided if it wasn't for the blunder of the US and foreign forces and the fake news circulating that people are able to go to US is overshadowing the stability in the rest of the country.

This shooting in the air is now common
How would the ones spreading propaganda saying taliban are going door to door and stealing women explain this?

In the video the woman curses at these fighters and calls them 'wild savages from mountains'.

She says if she had a gun she would shoot them in the head.
British not US troops come face to face with some Taliban fighters. ImageImage
@PBS Newshour showing British troops trying to control the situation in the Kabul airport.
This footage taken by someone I know showing how people celebrate independence day infront of Taliban soldiers. Taliban did nothing and watched.
#Taliban in #Kabul show the dozens of vehicles and weapons seized and reassure the public that not even a bullet has been misused
Taliban addresses a large crowd of ethnic minorities and the public in #Balkh which was Dostum's and Atta Noor's stronghold. He says that both of the warlords don't need to bow their heads to Jews, Christians and enemies of Islam and should come back to Afg with honour.
Update: Mobile credit cards which are used to top up credit for internet and minutes are getting more difficult to find and the prices are going up as many can't afford it.

I have been using the Ding app and website to topup credit for family in Kabul.…
Update: Unconfrimed reports that the resistance forces have re captured pol-e-sa in #baghlan which interestingly is the province neighbouring #panjshir where Amrullah Aaleh and Ahmad Shah Masoud's soon are stationed with many troops and weapons.

A map to help those unfamiliar ImageImageImage
Update: Khalil Haqqani bounty $5 million who is the uncle of Sirajuddin Haqaani bounty $10 million ( one of Deputy leader of the Taliban) delivered a sermon to a large crowd in Pul-e-Khushti mosque.

The man the USA has wanted badly is in Kabul giving a speech. ImageImageImageImage
The $5 million dollar man Khalil Haqqani causally walking the streets of Kabul. Looks like the US soon might have to take him off their most wanted list as he is a senior in Taliban.
Resistance commander in #Baghlan Abdul Hamid Dadgar has taken over a district and reports of multiple taliban cassulaties are surfacing.
What's really interesting is how so much of the media aswell as some Afghans are so interested in a flag than economics, security & an end to civil war.

Many influences (abroad) & social media groups are instigating protests over 🇦🇫

Funnily the flag has been changed many times Image
Whilst people are protesting about flags and being flag social activists. The ordinary Afghans in the streets are battling poverty. Many of the internally displaced are finding it difficult to make ends meet

Food and grocery prices are going up. The working people are struggling
A question to those spreading fake news.

If the Taliban are as you guys claim 'butchers', 'predators', 'uncivilised', 'violent towards women' then how are women able to protest and in some instances even curse Taliban without getting harmed?

Door to door theories in the mud
Whilst western media is reporting that the taliban are using force to disperse crowds in the airport. Here's a video showing US troops using tear gas on people gathering in the airport.
Another district deh-e-salah falls to in the hands of resistance militias in #baghlan

I expect the taliban to send reinforcements but i doubt a high level engagement will take place as negotiations between the taliban and the massoud camp. Image
Still chaos at #Kabul airport
Kids to say the equaliavent of "Long live the Islamic Emirate" and say they want peace and security.
Taliban fighters say they're headed towards #baghlan and fighters are present in Charikar and Jabalsaraj and he says there is no presence of the enemy there. I expected this from the taliban. They are right now being reserved as they want to avoid a battles.
The resistance in reality cannot match the numbers and power of the taliban. They have far fewer soldiers and weapons and are surrounded. I truly believe the resistance forces of massoud are using these victories as a bargaining chip in the negotiation table.
However (personal opinion) I genuinely believe that the so called resistance forces are playing with fire. If they continue ambushing and attacking taliban then I truly believe that the taliban will sent their special units in the thousands to crush the resistance.
There are uncomfirmed reports that the resistance forces killed 15 taliban fighters however the exact number of taliban killed is difficult to determine as that's the case with the taliban.

If true then I truly believe that the taliban will be soon in #baghlan in the 100s/1000s
Update: Many reports of taliban special units are moving towards andarab one of the districts in #baghlan captured earlier by the resistance. There are reports of heavy armed convoys heading towards there right now. If these reports are true then it might be a heavy fight.
My prayers go to the people of #baghlan may Allah protect the civilians over there from any harm.
This is why I never co operate with or assist or trust any of the western media. I mean I knew they use fake news and propaganda but this is just unbelievable.

#nosources #unverified #absolutebullshit Image
Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar has arrived in Kabul and likely to form the new government. Mullah Baradar is a co founder of the taliban along with his brother in law Mullah Omar. Mullah Baradar will likely be the new 'president' whilst Akhunzada will be the 'supreme leader'. ImageImage
The fact that the western media is so focused purely on kabul airport is because their fake news has been getting debunked and they're losing the very small credibility they have.

However, most importantly is because the rest of the country is pretty much safe and secure.
I won't doubt it if an account titled this video: "Taliban dressed as British soldiers use violence on Afghans in the airport".

Seriously though the Afghans should not expect anything from the foreigners. They don't care about them and will leave them in Uganda or Qatar.
Education ministry from Khost said that universities were to re open very soon.

Also many schools are reopening aswell. This is Aryob Public School which is an elementary school in Kabul. Girls and boys are taking their exams. Image
Update: Very well known Taliban accounts are now mourning the death of their comrades who were ambushed by the resistance whilst negotiations were taking place. One of the talib killed had recently gotten married and now taliban want to seek revenge. Things could get ugly.
Update: Taliban have released 100s of political prisoners in Uruzgan. ImageImageImageImage
Update: A senior taliban has promised the safe exit of New Zealand nationals. Not suprised as it was just recently that the Kiwi foreign minister appeoved humanitarian aid of $3 million to Afghanistan. Image
Update: Employees at the governors office in #Nangarhar have all returned back work. ImageImageImageImage
#KabulAiport seems to be a mess as you can see in this video from yesterday. The amount of people gathering everyday is insane and most of them don't have any documents.
As you can see people are still handing over kids to foreign troops over barbed wires. These scenes would be common untill the deadline for US troops to leave by 31st August. After that kabul airport will be back to normal supposedly.
After Heshmat Ghani, brother of former Afghan president @ashrafghani pledged his support to the Taliban. I wonder if Ghani will also follow the footsteps of his brother or be given a role in the new government.
Update: The acting governor of Kabul Mullah Abdul Rahman Mansoor met with Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah to discuss the security of the residents in Kabul aswell as ensuring security throughout the capital.

I believe these two will play a role in the new government. ImageImage
Taliban commander adressing what it seems like soldiers that had fled to Iran about coming back and reassuring them they are perfectly safe and the sons of the country and our brothers.

He asked them to come back safely to their homes and families and serve in the army.
It's no secret that the foreigners used Afghanistan as a testing ground for their weapons. I can't believe some people actually thought the foreign troops were in Afghanistan to make it a better place when they are struggling to make their countries good

More pictures showing people returning back to work in the governors office in #Nangarhar ImageImageImageImage
A meeting between senior memebers of the the previous government and local elders and ethnic minority leeaders is taking place in Kabul where they are likely to pledge their support to the taliban
@pajhwok reported that the resistance leader Ahmad massoud has given Panjshir leaders a plan to resolve issues with the Taliban. Tribal and religious leader from panjshir met with the taliban.

No surprise as explained before. They cannot fight the taliban and win in. ImageImage
It's only delusional supporters who acrually believe that the so called resistances actually has a chance. Their numbers are estimated to be below 5000 whilst taliban numbers are estimated to be over 200000

Taliban want to avoid a battle because international community is 👀
I mean you don't have to believe me just wait for time to tell. I don't need nationalists and tribalists to comment that resistance will liberate the whole of Afghanistan.

They were saying the same when I was covering the Taliban takeover days ago.

Numbers and facts don't lie
Also there are rumours of disagreements between the massoud camp and amrullah saleh's camp.
Update: Multiple reports that Ahmed Massod has swore allegiance to the Taliban via a phone call and panjshir will be handed to the taliban. I will wait for this news to be confirmed but this is the biggest news if true right now.
Update: The 100s troops that had fled to Iran have now accepted the Taliban's promises and will return to their homes.
Update: Khalil Haqqani a senior taliban leader announces that the son of the 'martyr' Ahmad Shah Massoud with all his cabinet has given bayah to the taliban.
Some Taliban elements might not be happy with this as there's bad blood between these two sides for years but it seems that the taliban leadership want to establish total control and start forming a government as soon as possible.
I wonder if this news is confirmed further how the resistance fan boys will react. Because one day it's there can be no co operation with the 'savage' taliban and they need to be fought.

Then when their leaders make a peace treaty and join all of a sudden it's praises....
Like I covered yesterday that Panjshir leaders were meeting with taliban to come to a peaceful resolution whilst many resistance fan boys were rooting for war lol

Update: Sources close to the massoud camp are denying that an agreement has yet reached however there are talks of an all inclusive government. Still I believe sooner or later both sides will publicly and officially announce it. Let us all wait
and see
Reportedly large number of Taliban convoys are headed towards #andarab #baghlan
Apparently women are not safe under the Taliban regime
We will see these scenes daily untill foreign troops leave (31st August supposedly). Legit saddens me seeing my people in this state
I do pray that the taliban and massoud camp really do make peace and as soon as possible. I don't want another Afghan to lose their life. The soil of Afghanistan is drenched with the blood millions. Unlike those who call for war, I make duaa for peace. InshAllah إن شاء الله
A woodhouse next to #Kabul zoo has caught fire. I have been to this zoo countles of times and I pray that the people and the animals are safe.
Images of the fire raging ImageImageImageImage
Update: Taliban say they have captured the #Bannu district in #baghlan from the resistance fighters. Local sources also said that some fighters were killed and some captured alive by the Taliban. Taliban in the video also claim they have advanced into deh-e-salah.
Taliban remove concrete blocks around gov offices. The significance of this is that now there's no need for these as there's no war. Image
Update: Anas Haqqani a senior taliban from the leadership meets up with the Afghan national cricket team captain hashmatullah shahidi aswell as other players. Image
Update: Pictures showing civilians from #andarab fleeing their homes as a 3000+ taliban convoy are headed towards them. This was after some militias ambushed and killed apparently 15 taliban fighters yesterday. ImageImage
Update: As the situation around the airport keeps is still bad and there's choas there, the security of the airport has been handed over to the special forces 'badri 313' unit. ImageImage
Gul agha Sherzai a former governor of #Nangarhar governor, former presidential candidate and the present minister for border and tribal affairs, Gul had pledged his support and allegiance to the Taliban. In the video he can be seen holding hands with Khalil Haqqani.
Update: The governor of Kandahar as announced that the taliban will be given an official unifrom. This is good as this will stop looters and bandits from pretending to be taliban in traditional clothes. Image
Taliban fighters take selfies and pictures in the infamous #Paghman Hill Castle.
The security situation in Afghanistan has improved except for the airport which is still in US control. The people of the country feel safe, no bombings, fighting or casualties like before.

Economically many are struggling. Finance ministers and previous gov officials fled.
Prices of the many food items have gone up especially items which are imported. The people are reslly struggling. I will be looking forward to how the Taliban tackle these serious issues.

The US has also frozen the foreign resveres for Afg. Foreign aid cut or reduced by many.
We have debunked many times that people are free to walk the streets & they feel safe and secure ofcourse there are still some fears from people on what the taliban might do but women are walking the streets safely. This is from our sister in Kabul
Update: #BREAKING Taliban have passed #Charikar and heading towards #Panjshir. They have apparently given the resistance 4 hours to surrender. Large number of humvees and rangers and fighters.
Update: local sources and many have reported that the resistance militias have been recruiting locals and sending reinforcememts to deh-e-salah and panjshir.
Taliban spokesman adresses a crowd near the airport and tells them to stay in Afghanistan and not go with the Americans with their heads bowed down. He said it pains him to see his brothers and sisters in this plight. He urges the people to stay with their honour.
Interesting interview by Abdul Qahar Balkhi with Al Jazeera. He acknowledges the lack of trust between the taliban and the public. He also addressed that their priority is disciplining their own ranks.
The media are spreading propaganda that people are fleeing for their lives. For days i've been covering that people are flocking to the airport due to rumours being spread that foreign countries are accepting anyone, people want to go abroad because of financial opportunities.
When I cover what the actual people on the ground in Afghanistan feel and are saying. I then get labelled as a terrorist and various other names not that it has any affect on me but I just want people to see how the media twist the narrative and spread propaganda.
Just look at how insincere and disingenuous these verified accounts are. Most of the people near the airport don't even earn $2 dollars a day and then we get #fakenews and propaganda being spread. Image
Taxi driver from #Kabul says:

There's peace and security everywhere.

No road blocks.

No thugs/theifs or those who used to harass women.

Taliban don't bother the people at all and are in their posts.

Women are safer now and can walk freely as long as they wear the hijab.
Update: #Taliban have ordered for 'drug addicts' to be gathered and sent for treatment including women/children.

Taliban have sent a stern warning and are looking for those who sell and distribute the drugs.

About 1 million Afghans suffer from drug addiction (mostly heroine).
Video showing members of the public apprehending alleged looters who were stealing cars and bikes and selling the parts. In the video the child robber says he was forced by the older roobers to steal cars and bikes. These thiefs will be handed to the taliban.
Not much is being reported on the Panjshir-Taliban as it's about to be a battlefield. It seems that negotiations between the Massoud and Taliban camp have not stopped. This video was from earlier, militias from baghlan and panjshir gathering.
This image taken from a popular video which has been circulating twitter is actually an old clip from a event called 'Ahmad Shah Massoud' day where many supporters annually gather to celebrate. This is an old clip from years ago
Girls attending school in Khost. May Allah make protect them from any harm. They along with the new generation of boys are the future of the country. If there's no war then we will get a generation of educated people. إن شاء الله
A tajik senior commander also known (conquere of the North)
Qari Fasihuddin will be in charge of the #Panjshir situation. ImageImage
Kundoz* a typo on my behalf and not Khost.
It seems that Qari Fasihuddin jas been given orders from the Taliban leadership to advance.

Keep the people of Afghanistan in your duas. Unfortunate that more sons of the soil will be injured or lose their lives in this war. Image
I see many people are making the comparison between the resistance in the esrly 2000s and the resistance 2.0 currently.

There isn't much of a comparison. Ahmad Shah Massoud had many more fighters and had routes of resupplyment and wad backed by the west. This is not the case rn ImageImage
I also predicted days before that Panjshir valley will be the last district and Taliban will face a lot of resistance. However I believe the Taliban outnumber the 'resistance' fighters heavily.
Conflicting reports from #Panjshir

Pro Taliban sources claim that have captured 4 outposts.

Pro resistance sources claim to have ambushed and killed dozens of Taliban.

All unconfirmed, this usually happens at the start. We have to wait for verification.
Pro resistance sources are saying that they have managed to destory a bridge in Dosakh cutting the supply route to the taliban and trapping many fighters. These reports are all from the pro resistance accs and yet to be confirmed ImageImage
Many accounts are reporting casualties on both sides and the numbers as usual are unrealistically high. These accounts don't seem credible and no official posts have both done by both sides. This is a battlefield and reporting will be very limited.

Everyone should just wait..
Update: Taliban have taken three districts in #baghlan which previously the resistance fighters had taken. Bannu, Deh-salah and Pul-e-Hisar.
Update: Taliban have sieged #Panjshir and are at the entrance of the province. Taliban are still calling for surrender.
Like I said many sources were spreading exegerrated numbers of casualties without any sources and it seems that they were all not true. Taliban have also reported that the salang pass is free and fighters have surrounded #Panjshir
Not sure if it's a video from yestersay or today but it shows Amrullah Saleh playing volleyball in #Panjshir. He's still in the province it seems
Update: Taliban special badri 313 forces stationed at checkpoints and around Kabul airport. In one picture a taliban soldier is looking directly at US troops. ImageImageImageImage
Taliban thank New Zealand which was the first country to send humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.
Since Taliban have enetered Kapisa. I won't be surprised for some fighters to visit this popular spot which is a side of a mountain just filled with sand. Here in this video I was exhausted and couldn't go any higher.
Here's another view of it. Next time I should used a sledge and roll down it as someone suggested
As you can see it's just pure sand. My hands did burn because of the hot sand.
Update: Taliban have reportedly said that they'll not extend the evacuation and that all US and UK troops to leave the country by 31st August.
The assistant governor of Herat's office is open for people to come and resolve any issues. These pictures were taken yesterday. ImageImage
@Zabehulah_M33 addressed elders and clerics of the 'loya jirga' and asked them to help bring the people who have gone abroad back.

He reassured them to come back to their country and to live here in pride and dignity [1\2]
He also said he's saddened to hear of the plight of his brothers and sisters in Qatar where many are struggling with the heat and lack of facilities. He also said many others who have gone to foreign lands are complaining of the prison like conditions.

He urged them to come back
It seems that the outrage of the flags has died down as quick as it started just days before independence day of Afghanistan. Here are some Afghan national flags aswel as the white flag of the Taliban in the conference 'Loya Jirga'. Image
Unfortunately the kabul airport choas has left this one taliban security in a bad situation. The man seems to have lost his voice shouting at the people around the airport. He's also not well and says these people cannot be controlled and don't listen
In all seriousness the situation in Kabul airport has been a disaster. A source from Kabul emergency hospital has said that since the beginning of tje choas 15 people have died and 150 have been injured from the choas.
I am still waiting for this news to confirmed and she didn't state any sources 🥴.

300, reminds me of the movie 300
Taliban in the district of deh-e-salah where previosuly 15 Taliban were ambushed and killed apparently are now firing shells and have said they have taken control of the district whilst fighters are marching towards panjshir
Taliban in this video also state that the resistance fighters tried to blow this bridge in andarab #baghlan down and trap Taliban tanks and vehicles but they failed and have fled to the mountains. He says Taliban have taken control of these districts in baghlan.
The local civilians mostly women and children fleeing the conflict zones in #baghlan

The man asks, "what request do you want to ask from the government".

She replies, "What can we ask from the government, if the government was any good we wouldn't be in this situation".

Update: seems that the taliban have executed the resistance comamnder Arifi Lang along with his militiamen who were captured on the outskirts of panjshir

It looks like the Taliban won't give amnesty to resistance militias unless a peace deal is negotiated between the elders.
Taliban guard wearing new uniform at the Herat governor's headquarters. It's possible that this may be the new unifrom which the governor of Kandahar annouced that the taliban will be wearing. ImageImageImageImage
A rule of thumb, never trust foreigners Image
Update Iran has returned all the weapons which were taken by the fleeing Afghan soldiers back to the Taliban.

Iran also has resumed fuel exports to Afghanistan. It seems the Taliban have a good relationship with Iran for now. Image
Update: Some taliban accounts are reporting that there coukd possibly some negotiations taking place between Massoud and the Taliban

This would make sense as Taliban have Panjshir surrounded and reports taliban units with night vision and thermally copes have moved into the area
This is not a video game or a bollywood movie as fans from both sides love to paint

This is real life and it seems that the resistances have failed to halt the Taliban advancement into the Panjshir province

I see a negotiation deal succeeding before an all out war

إن شاء الله
The facts are;

The 'resistance 2.0' don't seem to have any backing from the west.

Their supply routes have been cut off.

They don't have the weapons which the Taliban have.

They're extremely outnumbered.

They've neen negotiating for days.

Both sides don't want war.
The Taliban have also managed to capture the three lost districts in #baghlan

This is a war which the resistance know they cannot win (ofcourse fan boys believe anything is possible).

If negotiations do fail then there will be casualties on both sides but sadly end of Massoud.
Therefore make dua that both sides avoid the fighting so that no innocent civilians are killed or harmed.

Afghan blood has become too cheap and both sides could benefit with a peace deal and a unified government.

Otherwise it's going to be alot of casualties.
We'll see what happens and I will wait until an official source from both sides confirms or openly declares it.

There's still hope for peaceful negotiations. I personally believe they might actually negotiate and I've the same stance for days
This is a video which I took of the football staidum in #Panjshir

Panjshir really is beautiful and it would be a shame to see this region destroyed by war.
Here's another video which I took a while ago of the beautiful #Panjshir valley. I pray that one day I could take some non Afghans to explore this beautiful land.

As you can see this valley is surrounded by mountains and there's only way in and out.
Update: Taliban say they've taken control and cleared a section of the airport where previously many people would've gathered outside the airport.
Update: Taliban appoint finance minister, intelligence chief and an acting interior minister in Afghanistan.

It said Gul Agha would be the finance minister and Sadr Ibrahim would be the acting interior minister.
Update: @Zabehulah_M33 asks the US to stop encouraging people on leaving the country especially those who are educated, the doctors, engineers etc and urges the people to stay and serve their countries rather than wasting their talents abroad and being working normal jobs abroad
@Zabehulah_M33 mentions that Taliban are working and negotiating to solve the #Panjshir issue. He says that's the issue itself is not that big of an issue and Taliban are urging them to surrender the weapons and vehicles they have taken and not to use them for personal use.
Update: @Zabehulah_M33 says that the supreme leader of the Taliban Hibatullah Akhundzada will make an appearance very soon.
@Zabehulah_M33 also denies the rumours of Pakistani Taliban being in Afghanistan and says that Afghan soil won't be used for any attacks on foreign lands.
@Zabehulah_M33 also denies the rumours of door to door searches of any former military or intelligence officers and says that the Taliban have promised amnesty to all.
@Zabehulah_M33 also mentioned that banks will open tomorrow and that media, education and health sector have already started and are functioning well.
Update: The police chief for central Uruzgan province said that a process for clearing landmines in the province will start soon.

Such an important thing. I have family member who have lost their lives/legs to landmines. I pray that this is launched in every province of afg.
The road works for the Kandahar-Kabul highway has started. This maybe the first time in decades where roadworks can continue and workers can work freely without the fear of aiestrike or IEDs.

We haven't heard much of the situation in #Panjshir which could be a positive thing as this could mean negotiations are taking place and an all out war hasn't started. I am confident that the Taliban and Massoud camp will reach and agreement hopefully.
Taliban ex prisoners return to the infamous #Bagram base where many prisoners were tortured and beaten. The brother @Moazzam_Begg was also kept and tortured in #bagram prison. The Taliban in the video show the conditions which prisoners were kept in and the torture they endured.
@Zabehulah_M33 said regarding the Panjshir issue is that Taliban have been in talks with the commanders, tribal elders and clerics and he's 80% sure that the issue will be resolved without a war.

He says Taliban don't want a war and will try their best not resolve this issue.
Zabiullah Mujahid mentioned that he wishes this issue was resolved quickly and that the resistance forces return to Kabul with honour.

He said Taliban forces have Panjshir surrounded from Baghlan, Badakshan, Takhar, Nuristan, Laghman and Golbahar is also under Taliban control.
Since I am the self elected twitter minister of tourism of Afghanistan. I will show you a video which I took of Golbahar.

It's a beautiful region where families can come and have a picnic by the water and sit under the shade of trees. The water is just beautiful to dip in.
Kabul city at night
The Taliban leadership including the Deputy of the Taliban Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar met up with the the special envoy of the Qatari foreign minister Mutlaq bin Majid Al-Qahtani. Image
The Badri 313 special forces

What's intriguing about these special units of the Taliban is that they don't look like your 'typical' taliban. They have shorter beards or stubbles in some cases and they are well equipped with thermal optics and night vision. They love making vids
I can't seem to stop myself from comparing them to the Mexican cartels in particular the CJNG (check the video below). They also love to dress in their uniforms and have ridiculous and have sophisticated weapons and very good video shoots. ImageImageImageImage
This cartel also often release videos and pictures of their fighters who are often better equipped than the Mexican military. It would be interesting if somehow through social media somehow these cartels influenced the image of the Taliban (my theory) 🤓
Today my female relatives from all around the city went to the house of my auntie who passed away to give their condolences and they said they encountered no problems travelling from province to province. Nobody bothers nobody and the security is good. This wasn't the case before
My heart hurts seeing the conditions of these people #KabulAiport
A girl got the highest score in the Kankor exams in Afghanistan.

According to the NEA, around 179,930 students took part in Kankor around the country this year. Image
Update: Negotiations are still taking place between the Massoud-Taliban camp. Here's a video supposedly showing Taliban in Panjshir
A sigh of relief for many of the poorest Afghans.
Bachesh yak video mara khu begi

Amrullah Saleh in #Panjshir showing the world how tough he is. Pretty sure the taliban will be hiding after watching this.
Update: Taliban have publicly executed 2 child kidnappers and rapists after 3 days of trails. Afghanistan suffers heavily from child kidnapping and abuse. The public executions by hanging were done to send a message.
A rickshaw which was stolen 2 and half years ago was returned to it's owner after he asked the Taliban. He mentioned that previously he had gone to the police and government but they failed to help him. This is not something new. The only way to get help is by having connections
During the Taliban rule from 1996-2001 sexual abuse of boys carried a death sentence and many child predators fled the country.

There are many articles which state the US government was told to turn a blind eye to the sexual abuse of boys by powerful government commanders. Image
Former Taliban ambassador to Pakistan explains why people are running to the airport even after the Taliban have promised amnesty to all and says the Taliban haven't killed anyone since taking Kabul.
#BreakingNews an explosion and gunfire reported in Kabul airport. Reports of multiple casualties
Update: Reports of US marines part of the wounded. This is after a few days of warnings of a possible ISKP attack both from US, UK and Taliban sources.
Various pictures and videos of the injured which I won't share. Keep the people in your duas please.
Update: Reports of a possible second attack, all civilians warned to evacuate the airport!
Long distance video apparently showing the attack on Kabul airport.
Update: a second explosion reported in Kabul airport. This seems like a coordinated and planned attack. May Allah protect the people. So far reports of 10 people killed and many injured
Absolutely heartbreaking videos of dozens of people killed and piled on top of each other. The gate just before the explosion was packed with people.

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ
This whole tragedy along with the dozens killed being trampled in Kabul airport could have been avoided if there were no foreign troops in the airport. This whole airport and visas situation has been a nightmare. I can't imagine what the families of those killed are going through
Update: Taliban leadership have condemned this brutal attack and there are reports that ISKP could be responsible however they haven't release a statement. The Taliban said the attack happened in the American controlled side of the airport. US troops also from the casualties
Update: Dozens of Afghans have been killed whilst many others injured and in critical conditions. 4 US Marines also reported to have been killed.
Please tell your families and loved ones to stay away from the airport. There could be future attacks. Also these foreign troops don't care about the honour of our women. Just look at how they treat women. Where are the women rights activists now?
Why have the women rights activist gone silent now?
The west are only concerned about their casualties. Whilst accorsing to this 12 US servicemen were killed whilst over 60 Afghans and counting have been killed.
Update: Reports of another explosion in Kabul. This would make it the 5th explosion today. Ya Allah protect the people of Afghanistan
Video apparently showing one of the explosions in Kabul.
Gunfire and fighting reported in Darluman #Kabul.

Update: reports of a 6th explosion are surfacing and unconfirmed reports of 100s of ISKP fighters infiltrating Kabul.
Update: US General says that they and taliban have been exchanging intel to prevent an attack to occur. It seems that whoever was responsible used the choas around the airport to sneak in.
Gunshots can be heard in the background in #Kabul
Update: Supposedly ISIS #ISKP have taken responsibility for the attack on Kabul airport.

May Allah severely punish these scum responsible for the deaths of over 60 innocent Afghans. ImageImage
Update: Another powerful explosion reported in Kabul.

Update: Reports of the last powerful blast being a controlled detonation by the Americans. Some are claiming that they could be destroying their ammunition/vehicles.

My family in Kabul described it as an earthquake.
Footage of the airport after the brutal attack. It's disturbing.
@Zabehulah_M33 in an interview mentioned that the Taliban want good relations with all their neighbours including China and that Pakistan was a good neighbour.

He mentioned that Taliban will also ask the US to unfreeze their reserves and that economic situation will change soon
For Afghanistan to prosper it's vital for it to have good relations with it's neighbours especially Pakistan. Many locals and small businesses depend on the daily trade which occurs inbetween the borders. Regardless of the previous policies & hostilities between the two countries
If Afghanistan is to become a stable economy then it must ensure that it doesn't have any foreign policies which will make it's neighbours hostile towards them.

Not only Pakistan but also Turkey which is another powerful muslim nation.
After the world war 1 and 2 and over 60 million people dying the Europeans and the US put their differences aside and now have a coalition and trade with each other.

Whilst nationalists from both sides wish for the downfall of another, we make dua for unity between muslims Image
Update: It is reported, all US/NATO troops left and evacuated and that Taliban will be handed control of the airstrip. Alhamdulillah now the choas can stop at Kabul airport.
Update: Taliban have issued a uniform to all police in Kandahar. This will make it easy to identify the taliban and make it harder for people to pretend to be taliban and rob people. Image
Update: now that the airport saga is coming to an end, the focus will shift towards panjshir. Massoud camp and the Taliban have failed so far with any negotiations and it seems likely that there will be clashes between the two groups. Some fighting is reported in Kapisa
Taliban entering the Kabul airport. Image
Afghanistan historically has never been very friendly with invaders. In 1989 the soviets withdrew and in just today the last NATO troops left the country. Afghanistan is once has been liberated from foreign invaders. The problems aren't over yet. Rebuilding and stability is key ImageImage
The official account of the British Embassy in Kabul seems to have deactivated their account @UKinAfghanistan ImageImage
In case some diasporas stil don't understand and are protesting for foreign troops to come back to Afghanistan. This is just one of the countless reports. Not just Australian forces but NATO forces where they would 'hunt' civilians for points. One soldier killed an entire family.
The 'Kandahar massacre' is just one story which was investigated and after this solider broke into 3 homes, 16 people, nine of them children, were dead and five wounded. Some of the bodies were set on fire.

This is what some of the diasporas were protesting for. Foreign troops Image
Uodate: Taliban spokesman @Zabehulah_M33 announced

All female employees of the Ministry of Public Health both in provinces and the capital are informed to resume their jobs. The Islamic Emirate has no issues with them starting their jobs. Image
This man who has lived in Kabul for last 10 years says in the last 20 years the security situation hasn't been this good. He says for the first time he's able to walk past evening. He said in last 10 months he's been robbed at gun/knife point for 7 galaxy mobile phones.
It seems more people have suffered these phone robberies than I expected. This was a big problem especially in Kabul. I know someone who lost their life over an iphone in Kabul. May Allah have mercy on his soul.
Update: Seems like the taliban have moved more units towards panjshir from neighbouring provinces. Panjshir seems to be surrounded.
Many eyewitnesses in Kabul have reported that after the brutal suicixr attack done by ISKP, the American troops started firing at the crowd in the panic. This would explain the ridiculously high number of casualties. Many different people are reporting the same thing.
Update: Western intelligence warning of another possible attack by ISKP on the Kabul airport.
Taliban spokesman ZM annouced that the Taliban will ban drugs. Tbr last time in 2000 when the taliban banned drugs and the growth of poppy. There was a major decline and a similar thing is happening now. The price of heroine will go sky high and demand.

Update: Turkish president says Turkey is willing to sign a military agreement and help Taliban bring reforms if requested.
Update: some sources reporting that Taliban supreme leader Hibatullah Akhundzada has reached Kandahar for a while now. He is likely to appear very soon. Image
Video showing thousand of Afghans in a US base in Qatar waiting in line for food.
Update: Dostum and Atta Noor who fought the taliban and then fled now want to approach the taliban for talks.
Update: Apparently Taliban have cut off the telephone and internet services in the Panjshir province to stop rebels from communicating with each other.
The new unifrom for the police task force in Kandahar has been issued.
The billions worth of US lost equipment badically now in Taliban hands. The maintenance however of some of equipment would be difficult for the Taliban so I expect some to be sold to other countries. This would also explain the many M4s and night vision goggles on the badri 313 Image
Update: Huge explosion reported in Kabul and possibly towards the airport area.
Pictures emerging of the explosion. Ya Allah protect the people. Image
Could possibly be due to ISKP as there was intel and warning of a possible attack.
Video showing a possible rocket attack.
Another angle of the video showing the rocket attack.
إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ
Update: A child has been killed and 3 injured so far due to a shell dropping.

May Allah forgive them and grant him al firdaus.
May Allah humiliate and destroy those responsible behind this attack.
Update: reports that the strike could have been a possible US drone strike intended to target ISKP members.
Update: The intended target was reportedly a car carrying multiple suicide bombers and it's believed they were eliminated but also a residential house was hit and 6 civilians including children were reportedly martyred.
The US have been known for years to carry out these type of strikes without hesitation or taking in regard the possibility of civilian casualties. They targeted ISKP fighters in a residential area. The civilian deaths because of US strikes must stop at once.
Make dua for the civilians killed please
Taliban critisize the US over the drone strike which killed 6 innocent civilians.
Unit 01 who stayed behind and served as security for the foreign forces especially in the airport burned all weapons and ammunition before leaving with the US forces 2 days ago.
The Taliban badri 313 unit can be seen patrolling and stationed around Kabul city. Their presence around the city has increased after the ISKP attack on kabul airport and intel of possible future attacks.
Dozens of aircraft now under taliban control after the US forces evacuated.
Taliban forces inside of the Kabul airport. Tomorrow the whole airstrip will be in total Taliban control.
What's interesting is that these taliban fighters some whom have left their families in provinces far from Kabul are working to secure the capital without being paid. Many complain about being sleep deprived and even hungry as the economic situation is not the best atm in afg.
I wonder if once a government is formed that will there be a backlog of payments to civil workers.

I know the taliban have said that women who aren't able to work will be paid whilst they're are at home but will civil servants aswell as taliban fighters will be paid?
Meanwhile Taliban have operated another helicopter in Kandahar and a taliban soldier seems to be dangling from the aircraft as a form of training. ImageImage
The first flight of the infamous black hawk helicopter flying over tbe governor's office in #Kandahar

Taliban previosuly failed to fly the black hawk choppers.

Fun fact: Taliban now have more black hawk choppers than 85% of countries. What they lack is engineers and pilots
Taliban issue a statement that the sale of military equipment or transport of it is banned and those caught involved will be severely punished. Image
Update: A very large convoy of taliban reportedly heading towards #Panjshir
Another video showing large nunber of vehicles and troops heading towards the valley.
Funeral prayers for the 10 innocent lives lost including the two young boys due to the savage and careless US drone strike.

May Allah widen their graves, forgive their sins and grant them al firdaus.

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ ImageImage
Ghanimah from #Kandahar airport.
Update: clashes between massoud resistance forces and the taliban reported in Panjshir.

Telecoms to the region has been cut so i don't expect many vids to emerge of the clashes.
Update: video from the supposed clashes, taliban fighter says they have managed to capture a checkpoint from the resistance fighters. He says 2 talib have been killed and 2 injured whilst cliaming to have killed 14 resistance fighters and injured 12-13. Numbers to be confirmed
Update: Fighters from neighbouring provinces samangan moving towards panjshir. It seems the taliban will most likely engage in a full scale battle with the resistance forces once the 31st Aug deadline is done.
Video (possibly from yesterday or before) showing taliban fighters amassed on the outskirts of panjshir province.
Update: The deputy director of political affairs, Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanikzai has reassured Afghans that those with the valid documents can go and travel abroad with dignity and peace of mind once commercial flights resume.
Panjshir resistance was given a week to surrender whilst at the same time negotiations were taking place. Some reports that Massoud was asking for senior positions in the gov aswell as partial implementation of sharia which taliban rejected. Negotiations seem to have failed.
Taliban reports that the operation to capture panjshir has begun. Thousands of taliban fighters have been amassing and have surrounded panjshir.

Guerrilla warfare and road blocks with mines and IEDs likely to slow taliban approach. The roads are very slim in the valley.
Resistance millitias likely to have nests on top of mountains. As shown in this pic (could be old).

In the end Taliban are likely to overun and overpower the limited number of resistance fighters. Massoud and Amrullah saleh likely to flee via helicopters if that happens. Image
I personally don't believe the resistance can defeat the taliban. Those resistance fanboys usually believe so because of emotional attachments but the facts are they are surrounded, outgunned and outnumbered.
The west not likely to help them.
Taliban badri 313 forces face to face with the last remaining US to leave the airport by tonight as 31st August is the deadline. The airstrip will be fully under taliban control. ImageImage
Update: The deputy of the military commission Qari Fassihuddin Badakshani is leading the battle in Panjshir. This tajik commander is known as conquerer of the north.

Battles have been reported in Khavak inside of Panjshir province. It's an extremely mountainpus region. ImageImageImageImage
Update: Taliban forces have also clashed with resistance fighters in jabal saraj where previously resistance fighters had taken up positions. Past jabal saraj and Golbahar lead directly to the Panjshir province Image
A large convoy from Laghman earlier also went towards panjshir.
Update: The very last of the foreign troops left the airport and taliban have taken control of the airport.
Update: many shots of gunfire reported in Kabul as foreign troops left Afghanistan. Could possibly be shots of celebration
Update: Footage from Kabul showing gunfire in the air (possible celebrations). It's nearly 1 am
More footage from Kabul showing celebratpry gunfire(not wise at all as bullets can drop back at civilians). Relatives in Kabul all were concenred and funnily I provide them info the quickest.
Update: yes these gunfire are from Taliban and locals firing in the air in celebration of foreign troops leaving.

Family in Kabul thought a war had broken down in the streets of Kabul.
More gunfire from inside of Kabul airport. Taliban are celebrating the departure of the last foreign forces from Afghanistan
Residents of Kabul are not going to be sleeping tonight. This is what it sounds like in Kabul right now.
Update: Taliban have now taken full control of the Kabul airport and have entered it. Gunshots can be heard in the background and it's past 1 am.
Video showing more gunfire near the airport. It seems the Taliban are celebrating their victory over the foreign troops in the expense of the sleeping citizens. I am sure nobody is sleeping tonight 😅
Update: Announcement by speakerphone in celebration of foreign troops leaving Afghanistan. I presume these celebrations will spread to other provinces too.
I don't know what kind of a machine gun that is but the firing rate is insane. Crazy scenes from Kabul airport.
Just look at how beautiful Kabul looks at night. Also, check the celebratory firing in the background and see some tracer rounds zip through the night sky.
Look at those tracer rounds in the night sky.

I take it today 31st of August will mark the annual celebration day by gunfire around Afghanistan.
Taliban commander urges Taliban fighters to not fire in the air so to not damager the property of muslims and the airplanes.
Badrir 313 taliban forces enter hangers previously under US troops control at Kabul airport
Ghanimah from Kabul airport. Image
Celebrations and rooftop chants at Kabul past 3 am. I was right about the people not sleeping tonight lol Image
Taliban prostrating and thanking Allah for the total withdrawal and defeat of Foreign forces.
Taliban badri 313 forces outside of Kabul airport can be heard screaming and telling taliban fighters to stop shooting.
More celebratory firing.
Fireworks in the night sky of Kabul.
This picture will be remembered in history, as the last US soldier leaving Afghanistan. Image
@Zabehulah_M33 Mujahid accompanied by the badri 313 forces arriving at Kabul airport for a press conference.
Another video taken from the live of @TGhazniwal showing a US aircraft left behind and @Zabehulah_M33 in the background waiting to give the press conference.

Who else thinks this plane might get featured in the background for the conference 🤣
All getting ready for the press conference. I still believe we might get to see the abandoned US plane in the conference for salt in the wounds. Image
Wikipedia have announced Taliban as the winners of "War in Afghanistan (2001-2021)"

Just take a look at how many countries were involved in Afghanistan.

However this victory came at a cost of hundred of thousands killed and even more injured. ImageImage
So the US plane did actually get featured in the conference hahaha. Also @Zabehulah_M33 urged the Taliban to be gentke with the nation. ImageImage
Update: Mullah Baradar is on his way to Kabul from Kandahar. This could mean that a new government will be announced soon.
A large crowd of people gather in Khost to celebrate the NATO and foreign forces leaving Afghanistan. The Taliban also held funeral prayers to symbolise the defeat of these forces. The coffins were empty.
People also gathered in sharana sq in Paktika to celebrate the departure of foreign forces.
A large crowd is also gathered on Nangarhar with the Taliban singing nasheeds to celebrate departure and defeat of foreign forces.
Similar scenes in Kunduz singing of nasheeds to celebrate the defeat of foreign forces.
Large crowds also gathered in Kandahar. As I predicted last night that these celebrations would spread to other provinces. One of the Taliban's main argument was the presence of foreign troops. ImageImage
Update: Taliban clashes with the resistance fighters had left one house destroyed in Golbahar and casualties from sides reported.
Similar scenes of celebration with both the public and taliban singing and doing takbirat in Herat
@Zabehulah_M33 is on national tv and radio giving a speech. If you understand dari or pashto you can watch the live conference with the link below.

@Zabehulah_M33 says the reason for the foreign forces to come to Afghanistan was to establish a base to infiltrate other countries and to plunder the natural resources of Afghanistan.
Sources reporting that forming of new government has been discussed with the possibility of Mullah Baradar being the foreign minister.

Mullah Yaqoob(son of Mullah Muhammad Omar) the defence minister.

Sirajuddin Haqqani the interior minister.

Yet to be confirmed.
@Zabehulah_M33 says Afghanistan faces many economical challenges and urges traders and businessman to work and invest. He also said many countries have shown interest in investing in Afghanistan without affecting the sovereignty of the nation.
@Zabehulah_M33 says that Taliban want good relations with everyone and even the defeated US. He also says that the general amnesty has been given to all previous soldiers, commanders and those who worked with foreign forces. He says everyone must unite in the rebuilding of Afg
Scenes of celebration from Kandahar whilst the Taliban leadership is on it's way to Kabul from Kandahar to announce the new government.
Taliban have managed to fly more helicopters over Herat. It seems that more pilots are returning back to work. Image
US troops with the help of Afghan troops Unit 01 destroyer many helicopters before fleeing. These sellouts destroyed what could have been used by the Afghans.
The press conference at Kabul airport showing and highlighting the US plane left behind. Tell me I didn't call it hours ago 🤣
Celebrations across the country as foreign troops have all left Afghanistan.
Update: Taliban sources are claiming to have captured some areas in Panjshir and in particular the khawak pass where yesterday clashes between taliban and resistance fighters was reported. Fighting also has resumed right now.
Watching on the ground vids aswell as interviews, one thing that becomes clear is that some of these taliban fighters are working 24/7 and sleeping rough and sometimes on an empty stomach. In another video an airport security talib also had a drip on his hand. It's fascinating ImageImage
This could explain the sudden collapse of the previous as many soldiers were not paid well and didn't have motivation whilst the taliban fighters believed in a cause and that was to drive the foreign troops out whilst previous gov soldiers didn't have that cause. Interesting....
Taliban inside what it looks like the C-130J transport aircraft. Image
Update: Taliban are in talks with Qatar and Turkey over the management of Kabul airport.
Celebration continue in Afghanistan and the IEA flag was raised in Logar.
Update: Taliban sources claim to have captured the frond in Kotal-e- khawak from the resistance fighters. Casualties reported on both sides. Image
Anither iconic picture from Kabul airport. Image
I've heard that kids in the streets are already selling IEA flags as a business. One thing about Afghan street kids is that they're very sharp and persuasive sellers. It's unfortunate that poverty has led them to work at such an early age. ImageImageImageImage
Video showing taliban successfully managing to fly a helicopter left behind by the US forces whilst waving at the crowd below.
Taliban also successfully operated a Mi-17 chopper in Herat Image
Taliban and some locals in Logar did a prostration of thankfullness and weeping that the foreign occupation of Afghanistan is over. Some weeping over lost brothers/comrades others out of happiness.
Video showing how the American and Afghan Unit 01 forces damaged the helicopters before evacuating Kabul airport.
Taliban riding his tricycle around Kabul airport. Looks like he cares about global warming
Another clip showing the taliban in what it looks like a Mi-17 helicopter.
Footage from another angle showing the IEA flag being raised in #Logar
Another 'friendly' environmentalist cleaning the streets.
Tour de Kandahar
Kabul city's head of security for second district sits down and solves disputes of the public. Here's a debt dispute is being settled. The Taliban's ability to resolve disputes quickly in this style gained them many supporters in the decades. Gov court system was very slow.
Taliban security forces catch another looter who was in the airport stealing a gun and an M4 rifle. General Mobin says he already bears scars from previous looting which members of the public possibly gave him and he also has tattoos. He will be trailed with the rest of looters.
The main concern for mostly young people is the prospects of jobs and opportunities in Afghanistan.

If the Taliban want the youth to stay and invest in the future of the country they must ensure that they try their absolute best to improve the economic situation in Afghanistan.
Having said that we do have to understand that the previous regime have left no foundations for the taliban to build on. Billions of dollars were wasted because of corrupt politicions.

Taliban have to actually start all over again. They will need help of international community
I am not a dreamer but a realist. I know things aren't going to change over night. The economic situation in Afghanistan won't change in one night.

What the country needed firstly was end of war. With stability and security we can attract foreign and domestic investors.
Our natural resources are enough to stabilise and run our economy. We just didn't have secruity to mine and export those resources.

I do believe that many of the countries especially Qatar, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi, China and others will invest heavily in Afghanistan.
If even the aid we recieve from foreign countries is used properly and unlike the previous regime where even the aid was misused then there's hope for Afghanistan and ofcourse if the people follow the way of Allah then success only comes from Allah.

In sha Allah.
With the departure of American forces also puts an end to decades of imprisonment and torture of up to 5000 prisoners in #bagram the largest US base in Afghanistan. Many innocent people were taken in here without any trails and they never returned. #EndofaDarkEra ImageImageImageImage
Update: Taliban have made gains ij the Panjshir belt and have secured several checkpoints. Reports of resistance casualties being reported by pro Taliban sources.
Taliban seem to have organised their units and now have maby helicopters that are functional.
Update: Taliban seem to have captured the district of shotul شتل in Panjshir and captured armored trucks, tank, and ammunitions.

Heavy clashes reported in Golbahar with reports of taliban forces advancing.

Taliban seem to be advancing from different directions into Panjshir.
Update: The deputy head of the Taliban's political bureau, Abbas Stanekzai said that the new government will be announced soon without the participation of former senior government officials. I guess they were there for consultation.
Meanwhile accounts from India are reporting imaginary numbers. The exact same message is being copy and pasted by bots. Do you guys remember the 800 taliban casualties which was being reported before fighting had even started a week ago lmao 🤣
Update: A huge convoy arriving at the Kandahar airport. Taliban supreme leader Habitullah Akhunzada is about to arrive at the airport.
Oh my days a continousl convoy of hundreds and hundreds of vehicles and humvees arriving. Taliban Supreme Leader Habitullah Akhunzada is somewhere in the convoy.
The convoy just keeps going and thousands of taliban fighters can be seen in the video.
It keeps going. US tax payer money being well spent.
Helicopter possibly a US black hawk also flying above the convoy.
TV anchor asks @suhailshaheen1 if Taliban have offered amnesty/safety to ppl then why is everyone fleeing

If US annouced that whoever wants to come to to western counties to come to Delhi Airport then 100,000s in 3 hours would leave. Does that mean they're scared/terrified
Update: Graphic videos and pictures are now circular which I won't share of the ambush attacks in Panjshir. Casualties on both sides however the massoud camp are suffering heavy loses. A northern alliance commander was also killed in shotul. Taliban outnumber resistance greatly.
Another video earlier from the military parade in Kandahar showing the many humvees. Taliban also clearing rumours that these trucks and weapons were being sold these Pakistan. He says these are just rumours and propaganda.
Update: Taliban sources say that Taliban fighters from Badakshan ambushed and took some checkpoints in the Parian district of Panjshir. Fighting is reported from all sides of Panjshir. Image
As mentioned before the clashes in Panjshir are mostly done in the mountains where checkpoints and nests have been set up by the resistance militias. A full scale war hasn't broken yet. The battles so far are to take control of hilltop-to-hilltop. Thermal sniper units from TB too
The fighting will intensity when Taliban breach the valley and reach the more populated districts. Currently fighting is reported on 4 different sides of Panjshir with Taliban making advancements. Even in Golbahar the fighting is between the mountain posts.
As expected resistance fighters will definitely use road blocks and IEDs to halt the taliban advancements. This is why the fighting has resulted mostly in mountain warfare. Resistance fighters don't stand much of a chance as they're pushed from multiple sides.
Idrees Momand who was previosuly a pilot for the Afghan army had fled to Kunar with this US black hawk helicopter 🚁 in a safe location. He has now returned the helicopter and possibly could be one of the pilots flying the black hawk helicopter seen in multiple videos. Image
Heavy artillery earlier in the day was heading towards Panjshir. It seems that the intense fighting will begin tonight and tomorrow.
Update: Picture from this morning showing a resistance outpost on top of a mountain in Panjshir on fire after being hit by a shell. I suppose those arterily units were used. Sunrise at Panjshir was around 5:25am and currently it's 6:03 am there. Image
Update: Throughout the night 11 checkpoints were captured and taliban sources claiming dozens of casualties against the resistance of fighters.
Casualties on the taliban side is being reported but the reports are inconsistent. Mostly they seem to be accounts from Indian and the numbers don't make sense at all meanwhile resistance millitia casualties are being reported @TOLOnews.
Update: The female breakfast TV hostess for TOLO returned but this time with an abaya and hair covered rather than the usual lose scarf.

This will become the norm in the coming weeks as Taliban have said women can work as long as they observe the hijab.
The Taliban appointed provincial education commission department chief "We are not against the education of boys and girls of all age" the only condition that they observe the right hijab.
Update: A taliban source has told Aljazeera that a new government is likely to be annouced tomorrow on Friday after the jummah prayers likely.
Update: More resistance checkpoints captured by the Taliban on top of the mountains.
Update: Women in Herat did a protest asking for the rights of women to education and work. Strange times we live in to think that women are able to protest in Taliban country. ImageImageImage
Update: The biggest money-changing market Sarai Shahzada is to open on Saturday. This is good news for those struggling to get money from banks. Image
Whilst on the other side which doesn't get shown in the media. Women came out to support the Taliban holding the IEA flags. ImageImage
[I removed the music in the video]

Video showing American troops destroying equipment before evacuating. They couldn't destroy everything as Taliban still have thousands of US vehicles.
Update: Taliban sources have posted this picture with the caption of friends in Panjshir. Not sure where exactly in Panjshir this is. Image
Update: In Uruzgan the construction of a 152km road had started. Image
Update: Western Union to restart their services for Afghanistan. Just a shame that their exchange rate and fees are high. Nevertheless, a relief for many I am sure.

Update: Heavy fighting between the taliban and resistance fighters. Taliban are advancing and the fight to take anaba district is on. Image
Pictures from Kabul, it's safe to say that nobody will be cheating in the volleyball game as Taliban watch the game. ImageImage
Update: Taliban sources are reporting resistance millitia casualties including 3 commanders. The highest figure being the son in law of the governor of Panjshir.
It's really difficult to update the resistance side of the fighting. Many fake accounts primarily from India are quoting unrealistic numbers of taliban casualties aswell as pro resistances accounts tweeting old videos of battles in Yemen/Iraq or using fake captions.
Videos circulating in pro resistance accounts saying the resistance has fired many rockets (BM40) towards Taliban positions. Can't speak on the validity as same accounts have previosuly posted fake and old vids but oh wells.
Taliban are reportedly inflicting casualties on the resistance fighters due to their thermal sniper unit. Remember if you go up 2 weeks ago in the thread, I mentioned taliban have position of thermal scoped weapons. The mountainous terrain and night time fighting screams thermal.
As well as many taliban accounts and sources constantly referring to the 'laser team' which I believe are the thermal/night vision sniper units. The fighting is going on from 4 different fronts and taliban are saying they're confident they will take panjshir very soon.
A video from the YouTube channel Kabul lovers of the women marching in the streets of Kabul in support of the Taliban.
A video showing resistance fighters on top of mountains in Panjshir.
Taliban fighters in the mountains of Panjshir.
Video showing the ridiculous amount of vehicles in a military celebration parade in #Kunduz
Update: Heaving fighting reported in Panjshir. Gruesome videos are being leaked of resistance casualties. Taliban leadership have banned videos of the fighting and casualties hence why there have been very few vids. Rumours of helicopters in Panjshir flying out unconfirmed.
Update: A plane carrying officials from UAE and 60 tonnes of food and medicinal supply has arrived in Kabul. Alhamdulillah Image
Update: Reports that one of the resistance leaders or both have fled. These reports are yet to be confirmed. However, one thing does become very clear that pro resistance accounts highly exaggerate and post old vids. This was yesterday whilst Saleh's tweets seem desperate . ImageImageImage
The thing is that we have to be objective and not just tweet out of emotions and be fan boys. The pro resistance accounts make very wild claims about 100s of casualties and upload fake videos when exposed they delete them really quickly. We will just let time tell who's on truth.
Update: Reports of many districts have fallen to the Taliban in Panjshir. More convoys of Taliban were also headed to Panjshir. Some Taliban accounts are saying they are not rushing in and taking caution clearing each area as they progress. The valley is being surrounded. Image
Update: Conflicting reports that Panjshir has fallen to the Taliban whilst other taliban sources are saying the battle is still raging and resistance are under heavy artillery fire. We just have to wait for official confirmation as much fake news gets spread in these times.
Update: Taliban sources are now saying that Ahmad Massoud has fled #Panjshir
Update: #BreakingNews Taliban sources are now celebrating the takeover of Panjshir and claiming that Panjshir has fallen.

Three days ago I did say that Massoud and Amrullah Saleh are likely to flee by helicopters if Panjshir falls. Image
I still won't believe it until an official from the Taliban announces this news.
Update: It seems like many districts have fallen to the Taliban but the provincial capital has still not fallen. Taliban are very close and are currently under fire from resistance fighters entrenched in a last stance. Reports that in other districts resistance have surrendered.
Update: Celebratory gunfire in Kabul possibly due to the reports of Panjshir haven fallen. No official statement from the Taliban yet.
Update: Taliban sources are now claiming to have captured the Panjshir police headquarters.
Update: Taliban spokesman has asked the taliban to not shoot in the air as it could harm civilians.
Update: TOLOnews reporting that Amrullah Saleh is still in Panjshir. This is getting very interesting. Still no official news from the Taliban leadership.
Some earlier footage from the celebratory firing in Kabul. Taliban accounts are now condemning this behaviour and asking fighters to prostrate rather than shoot in the air.
Update: it seems that the Taliban had initiated a surrender order which was refused by the resistance and now heavy battle for the capture of provincial capital has begun. May Allah protect the civilians.
Like I said unless a Taliban official announces it we just have to wait. During these times much excitement and premature announcements are made. Time is the only true teller.
More footage of the celebratory gunfire from the Taliban in Kabul.
Update: Taliban official spokesman @Zabehulah_M33 condemns the aerial shooting Image
More footage of the celebratory firing.
Update: The deputy of the Taliban and son of Mullah Omar, Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob condemned the celebratory firing in the air. He said anyone firing will be dealt with legally and punished.

It's really great that someone in such a senior position condemned this behaviour.
Update: The women protest in Kabul, demanding higher positions was shut down with tear gas being fired in to the crowds. Posters were snatched and ripped also. Women are demanding higher roles and gov positions.

It seems the Taliban won't be tolerating these protests no more.
Update: Panjshir is now under siege and even pro resistance accounts and taliban sources are reporting heavy clashes.

Reports that yesterday the massoud camp was again given the option of surrender which he refused and he said he won't ever surrender.

The war has intensified.
Update: The largest cash exchange in Kabul sarai shazada has opened now and relatives Alhamdulillah were able to go and recieve money.

The exchange rates currently Image
I have blurred the video because awrah of the women was showing and for their protection.

A video from protest where tear gas was used. Women cam be heard screaming that we demand our right whilst others are screaming down with the taliban and other slogans.
The son of Mullah Omar and Taliban deputy leader, Mullah Muhammad Yaqoob on the aerial firing.

This is good news for all residents if fulfilled. Image
Another video Taliban commander can be heard telling the women that there's no problem and they will be heard on a speaker and a woman walks up and snatches the speaker from his hands and starts shouting chants at the taliban.

This kind of behaviour won't be tolerated by Taliban
The number of protesters is very small and these protests are well organised. Many feminists and women rights activists are urging women to protest as the world is watching the taliban so they will be limited in their response.

However, I don't believe this will continue..
Yes, even I am suprised at the very soft approach of the taliban to these protesters so far as many women can be heard chanting "d*ath to the taliban" but I personally don't believe taliban will further tolerate these sort of protesting even if the world was watching.
Taliban's main priority is to establish order and show the world that they can control the country.

Not all women are protesting and they know that anytime potential fines or even jail time could be issued possibly or worse.

These protesting groups are very small and organised
So far it's not just women who have been struggling with the economic side of not being able to fully work yet as government is still being formed however the men know they don't have the luxury of these sort of protests.

The taliban soft approach won't work on the men at all.
I say it how it is without being emotional or delusional. I am a realist, I don't believe the Taliban leadership will tolerate this type of disorder.

I can even see women guards being appointed in the future, similar to the previous government to handle women side of things.
Update: Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed and previous head of ISI is reported to be in Kabul after being invited by the Taliban. This would make him the highest ranking official to be in Afghanistan. Previously both Afghan and Pakistan government were hostile towards each other. Image
Whilst Afghan government and Indian government were very close. This won't be the case in the future anymore. Taliban spokesman @Zabehulah_M33 and @suhailshaheen1 has many times praised Pakistan and have said they are a good neighbour.
I seriously don't believe India will have the same leverage or even support in Afghanistan anymore under Taliban rule. That relationship will shift to Afghanistan and Pakistan being good allies alongside with China. China will be another major player because of Afg resources.
Correction* current head of ISI.
Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed head of ISI (Pakistan) and envoys from Russia, Qatar, Turkish, UAE are to meet Taliban deputy Mullah Baradar and Taliban supreme leader Habitullah Akhunzada.

I take it this is with regards to the formation of new government.
Update: Taliban have taken over Shotul district in Panjshir. Taliban are reporting that they are moving into provincial capital bazarak and clearing mines and IEDs along the way. I said it weeks ago that the resistance fighters will do this to slow the taliban advancements.
Update: Taliban passing through a gate entering Panjshir which was previously occupied by resistance forces and now controlled by the Taliban.
A young Afghan girl with a message to other Afghan girls. Interesting
Taliban driving past a tank abandoned in the middle of the road in Panjshir.
Taliban capturing arterily and tanks in Panjshir. Not sure about the functionality of these as they could be old.
Update: The ministry of higher education has asked universities to follow gender segregation rules set by the government. ImageImage
Weeks ago I said that resistance millitia will blow up the side of the mountains to slow the taliban advancements. In this video mines had been planted in an attempt to bring down the side of the mountain and fully block the road.

Update: Taliban sources have claimed to have captured 5 of the 7 districts in Panjshir and fighting is reported in Rokha district in Panjshir. Reports of hit and run tactics targetting a taliban vehicle resulting in 2 taliban casualties are circulating. Image
The main taliban convoys are not entering these districts instead smaller special forces and sniper units from the mountains are clearing areas to minimise casualties. The roads are blocked off with mines and this is why the advancements is slow and calculated.
Taliban tank firing at resistance militias in the mountains of Panjshir.
Update: A number of trucks (25) have been confiscated by the taliban as smugglers tried to smugglers millitary equipment and others goods in to Pakistan in the Paktika province. Talivan leadership weeks ago issued a ban on export of all metals and millitary equipment ImageImage
Update: 30 tons of food and medicinal supplies have arrived in Afghanistan from the nation of Bahrain. May Allah bless them alhamdulillah. Image
Update: Taliban are now claiming that they have captured 6 out of the 7 districts in Panjshir. Fighting on going in the provincial capital. Negotiations could also possibly be on going as Massoud Jr posted on his Facebook that's he's willing to talk to Taliban with conditions. ImageImageImage
Like I said will really tell who was telling the truth & who was lying and spreading propaganda.

From the start every person with an ounce of intellect knew that massoud camp would have never won this war. The resistant was hoping for western backing to survive and that failed.
Who remembers @PanjshirProvin1 and other pro resistance accounts tweeting that they would never negotiate with the 'terrorists' and that Taliban have been driven out of Panjshir and other provinces.

Now that US and the west refused to help the resistance, that tone has changed
Resistance 2.0 was never going to win and this is why.
Update: Multiple sources reporting that the official spokesman for the NRF (resistance forces) has been killed in Panjshir. If true this would be the biggest casualty for the resistance so far. Image
Resistance fan boys are now deleting their comments. They were attacking me and calling me a liar for saying that Taliban were in Panjshir. They for some reason believed that Taliban were driven out with 1000s of casualties. Now the governors building is under battle.
Update: Taliban sources are now claiming victory of the governors office and saying that provincial capital of bazarak has been conquered. I will personally wait for taliban official spokesmen to announce it.

The war might be over and if not will be over regardless.
Update: Reports of Ahmed Massoud's deputy, General Abdul Wadud has also been killed in battle. If true another major blow for the resistance. ImageImage
Update: NRF have now confirmed the deaths of these high ranking members.
Update: Reports that commander Gul Haider Khan and General Munib Amiri were also killed fighting the Taliban.

Ahmed Massoud's decision of fighting has led to people who his father stood side by side with to be casualties of War. General Wadud was nephew of Ahmad Shah Massoud.
A few days ago, Taliban senior official had annouced that negotiations had been sucessful with Massoud(misunderstanding) and even praised Ahmad Shah Massoud which not everyone was happy with.

Then war mongerers and Amrullah Saleh concinced him to go war
Update: Multiple reports that Amrullah Saleh has fled Panjshir to Tajikistan whilst Ahmed Massoud in still in Panjshir in a safe location.
Update: Another very close aide and friend of Ahmad Shah Massoud, Mohamad Registani was wounded in battle. There are some reports of him dying from his wounds. This needs to be confirmed by NRF accounts. He was a very high ranking commander. This is again a massive blow. ImageImage
Update: Taliban have now completely taken control of Panjshir and have raised the white flag of IEA in the provincial capital. The war of Panjshir is over.
Taliban capture 3 helicopter in Panjshir left behind and possibly damaged, I believe this is the same stadium.

Resistance 2.0 was never an actual resistance. Only delusional fanboys believed that it was a reflection of the northern alliance resistance. I won't tag all those accounts that were tweeting delusional stuff because I know even now they know. ImageImage
Update: The whereabouts of Ahmed Massoud and Amrullah Saleh is unknown currently. They coukd either have fled the country or have taken refugee in the mountains. Time will reveal the truth.
Update: @Zabehulah_M33 in a press conference announced that the war was over.

He mentioned that those involved in aerial firing were arrested and their weapons confiscated.

He said Taliban will be given unifrom and nobody will be able to search people/car without uniforms.
@Zabehulah_M33 Mujahid also said that technical staff from Turkey, Qatar and UAE are working to resume international flights.

He also said that representatives from countries were being invited for the announcement ceremony of the new government which will happen very soon
@Zabehulah_M33 when asked about Panjshir, Taliban tried their best to resolve the issue through dialogue and peace however that failed and taliban were forced to act to eliminate the threat secure a united country. Every country has that right to protect their sovereignty.
@Zabehulah_M33 was asked that foreign countries which invest in third world countries often assert economic and political dominance. He said would this be the case in Afghanistan.

He said we fought for decades to be independent and nobody can force us or force us.
@Zabehulah_M33 said the apologised to the people of Panjshir for the siege and telecoms being cut to the region in order to remove the militias there.

He said the proud people of Panjshir are our brothers and integral part of our country.
@Zabehulah_M33 said that Afghanistan was in a difficult economic situation and urged countries especially muslim countries to continue with the medical and food aid.
@Zabehulah_M33 when asked about women protesting

He urged both men and women not to protest as Afghanistan has just come out of a crisis and war. He said the government hasn't been established yet and wait for an appropriate authority to handle any issues. He urges patience.
An interview in underway with Qari Fasihuddin a senior taliban tajik commander to clear the false rumours shared yesterday about his death in battle in Panjshir.

Previously, ministry of defence of Afghanistan had tweeted false claims about the death of him in 2019. ImageImage
The live interview of Qari Fasihuddin where he clears rumours about his death or casualties of Taliban. He said the enemies use these tactics to lower the morale of the Taliban and to increase morale in their ranks.
1 thing to note and I have covered it many times in the thread is that Qari Fasihuddin was so successful at conquering nothern provinces including Panjshir due to him being a northerner himself (Badakshan) as a tajik he knows the people and the terrain. He previously crushed ISKP
There is a reason why this was was labelled as the most powerful and dangerous shadow governor of the Taliban by the ministry of defence of Afghanistan.

I believe he will be given a very senior role for his feat winning the war in Panjshir.
Update: Ahmed Massoud's audio message from his Facebook.
Update: The ministry of higher education presented hinours to the top performing students including the number one performing student a girl named salgi baran. Senior Taliban officials were present. ImageImageImageImage
The governor of Kunar Usman Turabi says that we must treat the widows and children of both the Taliban and Afghan army killed in battles. He says we shouldn't make a distinction between the orphaned children. Both sides have lost loved ones in the war and to be united.
A robber was caught red handed stealing tyres so the taliban presented him with a tyre necklace and paraded him in the city. He still has his hands. ImageImage
The resistance fighters who surrendered were given travel money to be able to travel and go home safely.

Dare I say this but what do you guys think would have happened if the roles were reversed for example when taliban surrendered to northern alliance in 2000s.....dashte leli.
Taliban commander reassured the people of Panjshir that nobody has the right to stop them or to search their homes. He urges them that the IEA guarantees their safety and well being. He asks them to tell the people who have retreated to the mountains to return to their homes.
2001 up thousands of taliban surrendered to the northern alliance and US troops as they were promised that they would be spared.

Instead over 2000 of the taliban prisoners were killed by various brutal methods including suffocating hundreds in containers & buried in mass graves
Wikileaks on the massacre of thousands of surrendered Taliban prisoners who were promised that they would be spared by the Northern Alliance. Image
Large number of 'resistance' millitias surrendered to the Taliban in Panjshir, many of them coming down from the mountains.
The resistance ambushed and killed dozens of taliban whilst negotiations were taking place. I will give massoud the benefit of the doubt as I believe those men who ambushed taliban were loyal to Amrullah Saleh. This was a mistake which led to the defeat

The outermost concrete walls of the US embassy in Kabul. Image
Update: Hundreds of protesters are demonstrating in Kabul mainly due to the head of ISI visiting the taliban in Kabul along with envoys from other countries. Demonstrators holding banners saying "Pakistan leave Afghanistan". Similar protests are being organised in other countries ImageImage
These protests are also about the recent media articles particularly from India & Iran state affiliated media Tehran Times also reported on the possible intervention or Pakistan in Panjshir. Quite surprised about Iran reportin this as Iran generally has alright relations with 🇵🇰 ImageImage
So far though other than propaganda and fake news and even video game footage being spread by mainly Indian media, no credible source has reported on Pakistan's involvement in Panjshir.

Panjshir fell because Taliban heavily had outnumbered the resistance and outgunned heavily.
Personally though I don't believe the people will be able to protest like this for too long. Even in the previous government regime such protests were difficult to do as police would crack down on protesters.

I believe Taliban will do the same as soon as new gov is announced.
One thing to note though is that these protestors are not many maybe 100s, not mass protests as some media are reporting.

Majority of Kabul residents are more concerned about the economic situation currently as they await for a government to be formed and for Jobs to restart
Yep, as I stated Taliban won't tolerate these protests as they are now firing in the air to disperse crowds. Reports that Taliban are now shutting these protests down are emerging. Also, some of the protesters were pro resistance and protesting for Taliban takeover of Panjshir.
From my own personal view I do believe that if protests continue then it may get ugly.

In the previous government protests would also get shut down and batons and sticks were used aswell as arrests being made.

I believe we might see the same. Taliban are not pacifists.
My personal view and predictions are not just baseless. Many protests in the West are shut down by the police in a very unpleasant manner.

For example this was police charging and hitting protestors in France about a year ago.
Similarly if we look at how police crack down on protesters in various different American States you can clearly see what I'm saying is not far fetched.
One of the more recent protests which turned violent which I personally saw with my own eyes were the protests a few months back in London.
I don't believe all protestors in Afg are being influenced by diaspora but some definetely are being told by diaspora activits in twitter spaces, clubhouse and other similar sites where some organisers are encouraging ppl to protest and even inciting violence.

by @Shush78486120
Taliban official General Mobin tries to calm some female protesters and reassures them that Panjshir is our soil and our own people and that we won't give an inch to Pakistan yet they scream and shout at him. To be honest General Mobin has always been calm and composed mostly.
Funnily this whole protest mainly is based on Fake News circulating of Pakistani jets and drones attacking panjshir when in reality it was a video game ARMA 3. It did look very realistic truth be told. Also clips of US jets in Wales were circulating too
I mean this video clip from a game can so easily fool anybody including me. This is why whenever a video is posted or sent to me I have to verify it with multiple sources and teams to post it.

We live in a generation where Fake News travels in seconds across the globe.
Also generally for some Afghans the relationship with Pakistan has never been great.

Afghan and Pakistani government were always hostile towards each other with each country backing groups that opposed the government on both sides.

Tensions have always been there to start with
However, now the Taliban will definitely maintain very good ties and relationship with Pakistan as opposed to the previous government which had very good ties with India.

This information is for my non Afghan and Pakistani followers who don't know why there's tensions
Having said I don't want people to think that these two nations are absolute enemies who engage in wars. There are skirmishes here and there due to border disputes however mostly trade between the countries is daily esp in torkham.

Pakistan also hosts millions of Afg refugees. Image
The tensions are generally between politicians groups and both sides supporting oppositions for their own national interest.

These type of hostilities have been present and the durrand line is a discussion of it's own

However, both countries need good ties and trade to prosper
Update: @Zabehulah_M33 is to give a press conference in a short while to announce something major.
Taliban spokesman @Zabehulah_M33 has announced a caretaker government.

Prime Minister (PM) = Mullah Hasan Akhond

1st Deputy PM = Abdul Ghani Brother,

2nd Deputy PM = Abdul Salam Hanafi

Defence Minister = Mullah Muhammad Yaqoob

Interior Minister = Sarajudin Haqqani
Foreign Minister = Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi

Finance Minister = Mullah Hedayatullah Badri

Minister of Education = Noorullah Munir

Chief of Army staff = Qari Fasihuddin
Update: @Zabehulah_M33 Mujahid said that Habibtullah Akhundzada will be the supreme leader and commander of the faithful overseeing the government.
The full list of names. ImageImage
The recently appointed Minister of intelligence Ahmadullah Wasiq confirms that the official name for Afghanistan will be "The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan".

When asked if women will be given any roles, he said there are still some roles which haven't been confirmed.
Update: The full list of the interim government annouced by @Zabehulah_M33 ImageImageImage
For those wondering who the new head of state is?

Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund was a comrade and close friend of Mullah Omar as seen in the only possible picture with him.

He served as Foreign Minister and Deputy PM during Taliban control 1996-2001. ImageImage
In the previous few days, Taliban spokesmen had said that they wouldn't appoint any previous government officials in senior roles.

For Taliban they won the war and in doing so they would have reserved those seats for their own. Many seniors appointed played a role in 1996-2001
I believe now that the 'interim' government has been announced the lesser roles will be given to other members.

In my personal opinion I believe there was no way the Taliban could have risked internal differences within their ranks if those senior positions were given to others
I believe now the Taliban will crack down on the protestors and arrests will be madr.

Taliban likely to focus on security and economic ties with international community.

The west also don't want to isolate them in case they only rely on China and become hostile towards the west
Updated picture of the new Head of State of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund. These pictures were now shared by Taliban. The previous very few picture of him were old. Image
Update: The first official statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan by the supreme leader Hibatullah Akhunzada since the interim government was revealed. ImageImageImage

• • •

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Sep 2
£313 course on how to make sox figures and have a second wife meanwhile asking for donations himself.

They did a video in a nice apartment with a luxury car and this will be enough to entice the ignorant and the foolish. May Allah protect us.
The biggest problem we have as a community is that we never learn from the mistakes of others.

These types of pipe dreams get recycled non stop but we as a community have this mentality that we must suffer personally to learn from the mistake. Fear Allah and leave shortcuts.
Even previously the same people have been involved in scandals to do with money but I don't have permission to disclose that information or expose it but wallah earn your money halal way and stop taking shortcuts. Rizq is from Allah and if it's meant to be then it will be.
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Sep 12, 2021
What is the issue of Taliban and the 'Salafis'?

There have been reports circulating that Taliban have shut down salafis madarasas specifically in the Northern cities of Afghanistan.

Firstly, the term salafis is used by and many groups are referred to as such by the media too
If one was to do a simple Google search then you would find that many groups including AQ, ISIS, Al Shabab and various other groups in Syria/Iraq have been labeled as 'salafis' and a 'salafist' movement.
Yet many of these groups differ with each other and fight amongst each other.

In Afghanistan many of these groups have been present from the past and their ideology have been spread to parts of the country.

Therefore, many make the mistake and label each group as one entity.
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Sep 10, 2021
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Brunei Darussalam, D.P.R. Korea, Papua New Guinea, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Vietnam and Yemen.

What do they all have in common? 🤔
None of them have any women I ministrial positions. I understand why the muslim countries might not but I am just not sure why the non muslim countries have decided not to have any women.

So why do some muslim countries don't have women in ministerial/ governor roles?.....
To understand this we have to go back to the history of Islam and the sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ.

The Prophet ﷺ came with Islam at a time where women had very little to no rights and were treated very badly around the globe. His message was clear.....
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Sep 9, 2021
You know what makes me really happy is that so many countries especially muslim countries have been sending aid to the poor nation of Afghanistan. Even those who hate Taliban know that Taliban are not known for stealing money or aid. This aid I am sure will be given to the poor.
This wasn't the case at all with the previous government commanders, warlords and senior officials. Their palaces are still present.

Mullah Omar was the supreme leader from 1996-2001. Take a look at his house which was hit by a drone strike. The same with Taliban seniors.
This is exclusively due to the difference in ideologies. The Taliban ideology differed greatly from the governments.

A good example is that for years and currently Taliban fighters fought without getting paid. Some sold land to fight because they believed in their cause.
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Sep 9, 2021
It's unfortunate that this has happened in the situation that it did. It will definitely hurt people's emotion as he was a national hero for many.

It would have been better if when things settled everybody could talk about flattening all graves whether it's Mullah Omar's or...
My grandfather's or anybodys. Graves aren't important one bit instead we should be more upset about the civilians that were killed in the fighting or those injured. That's the main heart break. The people inside the graves are no more and their souls with Allah.
Personally I have spoken to a couple family members about flattening the graves of some family elders and many people got emotional and upset. The sunnah is clear on the matter and I hope one day our people actually get away from this. Our graves should look like graves of sahaba
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Sep 8, 2021
A very brief refutation of this clip which has been clipped out of context.

In this extended clip, the Minister of Education mentions that some people come and do degrees for the name of it to show their statues in society, not with intentions of that I'll help Islam or muslims
Then he goes on to say that some people in western countries seek an education and degrees with the intention of helping and developing their countries.

He then says proceeds to invite all LADIES and then guys to come with that same intention of helping their country and Islam.
Meanwhile, the context of the clip that's going viral becomes very clear.

He was highlighting the importance of Islamic knowledge and saying it's superior to other knowledge in the moral sense as muslims. He encouraged muslims to seek non Islamic knowledge and help the country.
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