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As the #Taliban continue to claim moving #TTP fighters to western #Afghanistan, TTP fighters have been confirmed in northern AFG, today the head of district intelligence of the Taliban’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GID) can under attack in #Badakhshah province.
For those unfamiliar with #Badakhshah provincial borders… Image
Another important factor to keep in mind is the #geological value of #Badakhshah province.

This is of key importance to #China’s investment into minerals in #Afghanistan. Image
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Some interesting reports coming out of #Afghanistan over the past few days:

- roughly 2,000 #Taliban suicide bombers have been moved to the #Iran|ian border since the end of May.
- #ISKP has also started moving their fighters to northern #Afghanistan, according to sources within an anti-#Taliban group. They are being moved to #Badakhshan, #Takhar and some others.

Apparently, there are both @CIA and #ISI fingerprints on this.
- #Taliban are moving its fighters closer to the #Tajikistan border. Fighters are also moving to the #Badakhshan province, bordering #Tajikistan.

- #TTP have become so emboldened to expand their operations around #Pakistan, including new waliyats in #Balochistan & #Punjab.
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The #TTP occupation in #Swat is significantly more than is being reported in the domestic media.

Many villages are under TTP control, and search operations have been on-going for more than 5 months.

It is no surprise that the TTP has returned to Swat for us @commandeleven.
For the past 3 years, we have repeatedly informed and warned that the TTP presence was growing and their influence was increasing.

Deaf ears.

We have repeatedly argued against the negotiating table, because it is a sign of weakness.

Why should we negotiate?
The news of Gen. #FaizHameed's deal to hand over parts of #KPK to #TTP, in return for peace for the country - that is accepting defeat and emboldening the enemy.

Is it any surprise that there was a significant uptick in violence from December onwards, when TTP walked away again?
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Questioning the Taliban's claim regarding the killing of Ziauddin, a former acting leader of #ISKP, @TajudenSoroush wrote that according to ex-government officials, he was actually killed on 15 August 2021, while escaping from a prison in Kabul City.
I am going to explain more...
The TB claimed killing of ZIAUDDIN, but the name of the former interim leader of #ISKP who was killed during a prison break in Kabul was ZIAULHAQ alias Abu Umar Khorasani.
The story of his killing was published in the 6th issue of the ISKP's Voice of Khorasan magazine, in Pashto.
Now the question is:
So, who was Mawlawi Ziauddin, who was allegedly killed by the Taliban in Balkh province?
Till now, there is no evidence (in open sources) to show that Ziauddin was the former interim leader or a key commander of the ISKP in AFG.
It is worth mentioning that...
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#Taliban's intelligence provided details about the identities of the #ISKP members who were killed during raids on 17 March 2023 in 3 locations of #Mazar-e Sharif City:
1. Mawlawi Ziauddin, ex-acting-governor of Khorasan Province (acting-head of the ISKP for Afghanistan), who ...
... was currently in charge of the ISKP courts& justice system. Ziauddin also known as Mawlawi Mohammad, was the number 02 leader of Khorasan Province.
2. Abu Umar Afridi, a leadership council member of the ISKP group.
3. Ustad Salman Tajikistani, an expert of IED making&military
Also, some time ago, operations were conducted in #Faryab province, as a result of which all the members of the Khawarij group, who were involved in the attack on the governor of Balkh province& several other attacks in Balkh, Faryab& Kabul province, were arrested.
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Beside the usual propaganda against the Taliban& Arab regimes, the latest issue of the #ISKP's Voice of Khorasan magazine in Arabic, include a long article about the #UN & other #NGOs operating in #AFG.
Pro-government PAK religious scholars also condemned by ISKP in the magazine.
The article named "the most famous" non governmental organizations currently operating in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime as "CARE International, UNICEF, ICRC, NRC, AKDN, Save the Children..." adding that a big compound of the UN located n the Paktiakot area of Kabul City... "the evidence of the maliciousness and heresy of the Taliban and the cooperation of this misguided group with the infidels."
The last paragraph of the article is calling on Afghans to stay away from NGOs& encourage the youths to join the ISKP and fight against the Taliban.
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#Taliban @moiafghanistan's spokesman:
"Today at 11:30 a.m., an explosion occurred at the Shia's Tebyan cultural center in PD2 of Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh province.
One guard of the said cultural center was killed&8 people including 5 journalists&3 children were injured n the blast." Image
@avapress, the media outlet of Tebyan Cultural & Social Center, meanwhile reported that 3 people were killed & 30 more wounded in today's #explosion in #Mazar-e Sharif City.
#ISKP group is the main suspect behind today's explosion that targeted a #Shia center connected to #Iran. Image
The head of Tebyan Center, a pro-Iran Shia Afghan @hosseinimazari, in a statement condemned today's attack in Mazar-e Sharif claiming that the cultural&social center "was attacked by terrorists affiliated with #America& its allies, and nearly 40 people were killed and injured." ImageImage
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#ISKP's Al Azaim media released another propaganda booklet titled: "#Taliban: The proxy worriors of the infidels' intelligence agencies".
The 132-pages booklet in Pashto language is focused on condemnation of the Taliban's relations with U.S., Russia, China, India, Iran&Pakistan. ImageImage
"Iran&Pakistan, as well as Russia, U.S., China, Uzbekistan&other tyrannical countries are happy with the existence of the #Taliban in power. Only #India is apparently unsatisfied&wants to support #TTP, as under TB's regime due to interference of ISI, she can't achieve its goals." Image
IS group is reasoning that contrary to the TB's assumption that it is possible to have an Islamic regime, while your neighbours have democratic, communist& unislamic regimes& you don't care what oppressions on Muslims going on there, the 2 opposing ideologies can't live together. Image
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The latest issue of the IS group's Al Naba weekly is once again dominated by the news of #ISKP's suicide attack on the military section of the Kabul Airport. Beside being the main story on the cover page, the report took 2 other pages of the propaganda magazine. On infographic..., 3 attacks with 52 casualties, have been attributed to the ISKP during the past week, including the above mentioned BBIED attack in Kabul City and two target killings in Peshawar and Bajaur of Khaybar Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.
Al Naba weekly revealed that Abdul Jabar al-Tajiki, who was involved in the 2 high-profile attacks in Kabul, was from #Tajikistan but spent most of his life outside his country. According to the magazine, he was also #rich & could live a luxury life if didn't join the ISKP/jihad.
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#Taliban Spokesman:
"Late today, operations was carried out in Qalacha and Shuhdai Salehin areas of Kabul city on the hideouts of Daesh Kharijites (#ISKP). 7 Kharijites were killed& 7 others were captured alive.
Similarly, 2 Khawarij were captured alive in Nimroz province today." Image
A pro-#TB source:
"3 Daesh militants were killed& 2 women& 3 children were captured alive, from a hideout of the group in Qalacha area of Kabul.
Another operation was conducted against a hideout in Shuhadai Salehin area of PD8. 2 #ISKP members were killed& 2 women were arrested." Image
#Taliban's spokesman provided more details about yesterday's anti-#ISKP raids in #Kabul and #Nimruz provinces:
"Late yesterday in Kabul& Nimruz provinces, a key ISKP network, involved in organizing the attacks on #Longan_Hotel (a place where #Chinese nationals were staying), ... Image
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The main story on the cover page of the 15th issue of the #ISKP's Khorasan Ghag magazine is the firing on Pakistani chargé d'affaires in Kabul. The ISKP called the attack a revenge for the insult of an Afghan woman in the Torkham crossing point, by a #PAK official.
The group ... ImageImageImage
...rejected the TB's claim for arrest of the attackers on embassy, as untrue, and warned the Taliban about further attacks in the near future. The story of an ISKP fighter, describes a warrior from Bajaur, Rezwan, a.k.a. Mawlawi Ihsanullah Shakir, who faught under TTP before .... ImageImage
...joining the ISKP in Nangarhar. He was two times imprisoned by PAK& finally killed in a war front, fighting with US forces/ANSF, in Mamand Valley of Nangarhar.
The magazine also announced 2 upcoming products, a video& a booklet, both focusing on #propaganda against the Taliban. ImageImage
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#ISKP claimed credit for #attack on #PAK_embassy in #Kabul:
"Two Caliphate soldiers attacked the apostate Pakistani ambassador & his guards with machine gun & sniper, while they were in the courtyard of the PAK embassy in Kabul City yesterday, which led to the injury of 1 guard." ImageImage
#PAK envoy's reactoin to the #ISKP claim of #embassy_attack:
"This notwithstanding, the terrorist attack is yet another reminder of the threat that terrorism poses to peace& stability in AFG& the region. We must act resolutely with all our collective might to defeat this menace." Image
More details about the attack on Pak embassy in Kabul City, from @talhaahmad967 on twitter and a photo shared by a pro-ISKP source, showing the building from which the embassy was allegedly targeted: ImageImage
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There are reports about an #explosion inside a #Madrassa, during Congregational Prayer, in #Samangan Province, that resulted in some casualties.
No official confirmation or details are available yet.
Pro-#Taliban sources confirmed the #explosion in a religious school (#Madrassa) in #Aybak City, the capital of #Samangan Province, and blamed the #ISKP for the attack.
According to social media sources, scores of Madrassa students were killed/wounded as a result of the explosion. ImageImageImage
A doctor from Samangan Provincial Hospital, confirmed to @TOLOnews that 15 dead bodies& 27 wounded patients were taken to the hospital from the explosion scene.
No official figures of casualties released yet.
This comes as a suicide attack killed/wounded dozens in Pakistan today. Image
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This report does not deserve any attention from Pakistani side & the response from @ForeignOfficePk is necessary & sufficient. However, it does require some clarification, esp. after a recent dig at Pakistan's nuclear program by POTUS.
So, it is imp. to see who said it & when was it said (timing).

The statement was made by Morozov Igor Nikolaevich & comes at a time when #Russia is being targeted for instigating nuclear war & for making threats about use of nukes against #Ukraine in the #RussiaUkraineWar.
Moreover, this allegation was made after an incident was reported where #Pakistan had allegedly supplied artillery ammunition to the Armed Forces of #Ukraine a couple of months ago. #Russian response to this was very negative to say the least. Another incident that fed into...
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#Clash between #Taliban& #ISKP in #Kunduz City:
Taliban reportedly raided a hideout of suspected ISKP members, in Bandar-e Khanabad area of Kunduz City, today morning. Armed clash continued for a couple of hours in the area.
Pro-TB sources claimed that 5 ISKP members were killed.
A video from today's incident scene in PD2 of #Kunduz City.
Source: Copied from SM
#Kunduz Police:
"Today morning, based on a reconnaissance report, the IEA security forces launched a special operation on the hideout of the armed men belonged to Khawarij group (#ISKP) in Sarak-e Naw area of PD2 in Kunduz city. After an armed clash, all 5 of them were killed."
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1. Time for a status update on #IS.

We’ve been collecting and analysing #IS comms and chatter continuously for the last few years.

This is what the short- (50-day) and long-term (200-day) rolling averages look like for #IS attacks as of 10 October 2022.
2. In #Syria, after a three-fold decline across 2020/21, #IS’s reported activities have been hovering at roughly the same level since last summer.

Note that there was a fleeting surge after the #Ghwayran prison-break, but nothing sustained.

See tweet #12 for caveat.
3. In #Iraq, #IS’s network is seemingly in a similar place.

These days, less than half as many attacks are being reported on average compared with this time in 2020 and 2021.

See tweet #12 for caveat.
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Recently, I received UNCONFIRMED info about two new developments on PAK-controlled side of the Durand Line:
1. Since couple of months, ISI handed over a number of the old training camps, located on Durand Line and used by AFG Taliban in last 2 decades, to some #ISKP loyalists ... Image
... The WAK Mosque&Kaaj Course attacks, were reportedly examples of this new project.
2. In KPK, the nephew of late Jamil al-Rahman, named Hayatullah, alongside Sheikh Aminullah are busy with the re-establishment of a #Salafist org. similar to Jumat-ul-Dawah ila Quran wal-Sunnah.
If confirmed (true), the above details showing that the #ISKP, either in the current shape or mutated, will gain more strength&momentum against the Taliban in the near future.
I want to still emphasize, that the ISKP group, in short/mid term, will not be a replacement for the TB.
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#Taliban arrested Faizullah, a resident of Faryab Province&an ex-member of the #ISKP, who reportedly wanted to rejoin the group.
His confession reveals that the ISKP has a very organized&strong countruwide intelligence network, that is tracking even the ex-loyalists of the group.
Faizullah admitted that he was an ISKP member in Jawzjan Province& after his surrender to the republic govt., spent a couple of years in Bagram prison.
He was released on 15 August 2021 from prison& escaped to Iran. After 7 months, he was deported to AFG. On arrival in Nimruz,...
...he was contacted by the ISKP to re-join the group. After meeting with an ISKP focal point in Nimruz, he was refered to Herat, where he met with Omar Farooq.
Farooq sent him to Kunduz& there he was asked to bring his family too. Then he was arrested by the Taliban's GDI agents.
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Morning session in the largest hall of Kaaj education center in #Kabul where students, mostly girls +boys; gathered for university entry exam practice. This report details how mostly #Hazara minority shia Muslim Afghans were targeted; at least 23… /1
Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman for Taliban interim govt, condemns the attack. Human Rights Watch has noted that #Hazara Afghans in #Kabul have been repeatedly attacked by #ISKP and that Taliban Govt security and medical assistance had been inadequate. /2

#US mission in #Kabul "strongly condemns" the attack targeting univeristy students. /3

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Dozens of students were killed& wounded in an #explosion in #Kaaj educational center in #Shia settled Dasht-e Barchi area, in PD13 of #Kabul City, today.
#Taliban's interior ministry confirmed the attack but didn't provide details about the casualties. #ISKP is the main suspect.
"The suicide attacker killed the security guards in the alley& the gate of the Kaaj educational center and injured 2 officials inside the center, with Small Arms Fire, before detonating his suicide vest in a classrooms where the trial University Entrance Exam was taking place...
...Unfortunately, dozens of students have been injured& martyred. Most of the wounded are girls.
Um ul-Banin Asghari, my sister and the sisters of Ustad Mukhtar Modaber& Tahir Rezaei, the security guard of Kaaj Center, are also among the martyrs," a victim's brother posted on FB.
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#FactCheck :
The number of #ISKP attacks in AFG remains in the same level, before& after the Taliban's takeover of Govt. If we compare the numbers for the last two years (Last year of the Republic "229" & First year of the TB "244"), it is showing a slight increase under TB Govt.
Regarding the "geographical spread" of the ISKP, I want to say that, it is also a sheft from one to other zone or province in AFG, rather than an overall increase or spreading. E.g. under the Republic Govt, since its establishment, the ISKP group had claimed attacks in a totoal..
... of 17 provinces, while after the Taliban takeover, this number is the same (17 provinces).
The number of ISKP claimed attacks could be different on the DB of the group compared to my records, as they sometime counting components of the same attack, as separate attacks.
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Thread: 5 September 2022: Day 194 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: #Russia's "main effort in #Ukraine almost certainly remains its Donbas offensive", rather than reinforcing against the counter-offensive in Kherson. Moscow has had "the most success" in Donetsk recently, but it is still advancing only 0.5 miles per week. Image
Horseshoe theory in action: "Progressive International" leader supporting the nationalist protests in #Czechia and their #Russia-friendly demands to cease support to #Ukraine and restore economic relations with Moscow. Image
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We’ve spent 3 years in #Swat monitoring the movement & activities of the #TTP here.

Keep in mind, I am a resident of Swat & have access to places & people who others don’t.

There are 3 types of #TTP operational in Swat currently.
Type 1: The Criminal Element

There is a criminal element operating in #Swat for many years since the #TTP was defeated in 2009. This element follows the same physical attributes of the TTP, but are involved in kidnappings & murders.
Type 2: The Original #TTP Swat

When the TTP was an occupying force in #Swat from 2007-09, they were brutal in their punishments & torture, to the extent that the TTP Swat chapter was expelled from the overall structure.
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1. The attack on #Kabul Cricket Stadium is as yet unclaimed, but it’s worth noting that, as of today, #ISKP has been inactive for 13 days in a row.

That’s the longest period since September 2021, when it was gearing up to launch the most intensive campaign in its recent history.
2. This summer’s slump has seen #ISKP become somewhat sidelined as an issue in #Afghanistan.

This graph shows mentions of the keyword “Daesh” on #Taliban social media since mid-2020.

Note how things peaked in Q4 2021 when #ISKP was at its most virulent.
3. We’ve also seen a slump in official #ISKP media releases (as in, those published through #IS’s Central Media Diwan).

Importantly, this lull hasn’t been reflected in the activities of #ISKP’s less globally prominent Pashtu and Dari media offices.
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