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Some interesting reports coming out of #Afghanistan over the past few days:

- roughly 2,000 #Taliban suicide bombers have been moved to the #Iran|ian border since the end of May.
- #ISKP has also started moving their fighters to northern #Afghanistan, according to sources within an anti-#Taliban group. They are being moved to #Badakhshan, #Takhar and some others.

Apparently, there are both @CIA and #ISI fingerprints on this.
- #Taliban are moving its fighters closer to the #Tajikistan border. Fighters are also moving to the #Badakhshan province, bordering #Tajikistan.

- #TTP have become so emboldened to expand their operations around #Pakistan, including new waliyats in #Balochistan & #Punjab.
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1- Los envenenamientos en colegios de niñas se trasladan de #Irán a #Afganistan

Al menos 80 alumnas de Primaria tuvieron que ser hospitalizadas

Vía @elcorreo_com… Image
@elcorreo_com 2- Tres meses después de que remitiera la oleada de envenenamientos en colegios femeninos de #Irán, el fenómeno ha cruzado la frontera golpea al norte de #Afganistán.

Foto Getty Image
@elcorreo_com 3- Las pequeñas, alumnas de 1 a 6 grado, sufrían náuseas y dificultad a la hora de respirar, lo que se atribuyó a algún tipo de aerosol nocivo. #Afganistan…
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THREAD: Re-emergence of TTP in context of fall of Kabul

After the historical return of Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan in 2021, TTP has strengthened its influence and foothold in Afghanistan. To survive #Pakistan’s continuous military operations, #TTP relocated itself to…… Image
In addition to that #TTP seems to acquire modern #American/NATO weapons against Pakistan that foreign forces left in #Afghanistan. Since #Taliban takeover of #Kabul, TTP has claimed to have united 20 plus militant groups from tribal districts. Hundreds of TTP prisoners were also…… ImageImage
Although officially Afghan #Taliban discourages the fighters to join #TTP’s war against Pakistan and Afghan Taliban distances itself from TTP’s terror activities but lower rank Taliban fighters have contributed in TTP’s war against #Pakistan in one way or the other. Taliban…… Image
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#ISIS-#Khorasan cell leader behind the deadly bombing of #Kabul Airport's Abbey Gate on August 26, 2021 that killed 13 US troops, +170 Afghan civilians killed by the #Taliban, State Department official confirms to @VOANews
#ISIS-#Khorasan cell leader behind the #Abbey Gate bombing "killed in a Taliban operation" per White House spox John Kirby

Kirby descibes the cell leader as "a key ISIS-K official directly involved in plotting operations like Abbey Gate"
Per White House's Kirby, the death of the #ISIS-#Khorasan cell leader "is another in a series of high-profile leadership losses ISIS-K has suffered this year"
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1⃣ #SAT Update ✨

The UN is set to hold an #Afghanistan Envoys meeting with the Secretary-General, shortly.

This will be a one-of-its-kind conference since the takeover of #Kabul in 2021. Recognition of the #Taliban will be on agenda.

A 🧵 Image
2⃣ The announcement came from UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, while she was speaking at Princeton’s School of Public & International Affairs.

Though exact date was not mentioned, but Zalmay Khalilzad wrote on his Twitter that meeting will convene on May 1 in #Doha. Image
3⃣ Amina Mohammed, in her talk, also mentioned another conference of high value being planned.

It will be hosted by Saudi Arabia & convened by the #OIC. The discussion will be on Women in #Islam. Image
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- Jos postaa vaikka #WomensDay tai 2019 vaaleista ja tekstissä on #Jauhojengi'n pomon nimi, postit menevät 2 kävijän jälkeen '#OffensiveContet-tilaan.
- 'Hybridi-tutkija-tohtorit-asialla, koko #Smith -perhe.
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2016 | This #silver rhyton discovered at #Deylaman, Northern #Iran. The inscription as well as leading art #historians identify the #artefact as representing #Durga #Mahishasuramardini

Interestingly, it gives new insights into the high-quality production of silver icons
Its provenance is taken to be in Eastern #Afghanistan It was looted during the #Arab #Muslim raids on #Shahi and #Zunbil kingdoms of South Eastern Afghanistan in the latter half of seventh century. Its provenance beyond the #Hindu Kush is not surprising as #archaeology attests to
Its provenance is taken to be in Eastern #Afghanistan It was looted during the #Arab #Muslim raids on #Shahi and #Zunbil kingdoms of South Eastern Afghanistan in the latter half of seventh century. Its provenance beyond the #Hindu Kush is not surprising as #archaeology attests to
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Bier-Affäre in Afghanistan - Untersuchungsausschuss klärt auf! Ein #Thread. (…)
Von vielen vergessen & trotzdem wichtig. Heute tagt im Bundestag seit Stunden wieder der #Untersuchungsausschuss zu #Afghanistan. Ich will Euch zwei Geschichten daraus erzählen. Eine lustige - und eine traurige. Erst die lustige. (…)
In #Afghanistan hatten die deutschen Soldaten zeitweise sehr, sehr, sehr viel Bier, Wein, Alkohol. 23.000 Liter. Dabei galt - formell - zunächst die Zwei-Dosen-Regelung: Zwei Dosen pro Soldat pro Tag. Jedenfalls theoretisch. Dann wurde das einem General zu viel. (…)
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#Afghanistan | 🧵

1/ On the evening of Feb 8, at least several hundred people gathered at #Kabul International Airport after rumours circulated of flights to Turkey being arranged for Afghans to support the earthquake relief effort, with all visa requirements being waived. Image
2/ On Feb 19, the Taliban’s GDI released a video showing the ‘confession’ of two #Afghan satirists, Imran Ahmadzai and Sadullah Didan, who were accused of spreading the rumours of the flights to #Turkey, as well as anti-regime propaganda. Image
3/ AW found three posts by Ahmadzai on Feb 8, when the rush to the airport was underway, and he pretended to be among the crowds. All the posts generated a reasonable level of engagement but not at a level likely to have been a major catalyst to the rumours of flights to #Turkey.
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A #Pakistani_delegation lead by the country's Defense Minister& include ISI chief, arrived in #Kabul and met with the Taliban's Deputy PM, Mullah Baradar.
"The two sides discussed the development of bilateral relations, trade, regional connectivity&economic cooperation," TB said.
The #Taliban in the below statement finally disclosed the actual contents of today's meeting with #PAK officials:
"In the meeting, there was a clear&detailed discussion on the security concerns of both sides, the drone flights over our territory& the activities of the militants."
According to @khorasandiary, Pakistani officials had serious talks with the Taliban in Kabul warning them of considering any option if TTP attacks continue.
Meanwhile, a PAK journalist reported about the #assassination of a senior #TTP commander in #Kunar Province of Afghanistan.
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#Explosion in #Kabul:
Quoting #Taliban's Kabul Police spokesman, @khalidzadran01, @KillidRadio reported that today at 10:30am, an IED attached to a private Hilux Pickup Truck was detonated in PD2 of Kabul City, leaving no casualty behind. ImageImage
A video, allegedly showing today's explosion in PD2 of Kabul City:
Pro-Taliban accounts claimed that a #suspect arrested in connection to yesterday's explosion in Kabul, is apparently a bodyguard of the IEA's Deputy Prime Minister, Mullah Baradar. Matiullah, who holds #PAK Driver licence& Nationality card as well, filmed the moment of explosion. ImageImageImageImage
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🧵#OSINT | Taliban raid Kabul hideout

On Feb 13, explosions and gunfire were reported in the Kart-e-Naw area (PD8) of #Kabul city.

The Taliban’s GDI claimed that three ISKP members were killed and one captured as a result of the special operation. (1/5) Image
The GDI released a video of the alleged ISKP raid on Feb 14, which showed various aerial views of the area. Tolo News published a video showing the damage to the residence after the raid. (2/5)

AW used the videos to geolocate the property in an upscale area of Kart-e-Naw: Image
The video shared by the GDI shows Taliban forces actively firing on the alleged ISKP hideout, with no visible return fire. (3/5)

Towards the end of the confrontation, the Taliban threw an explosive device into the building, collapsing the entire front section: Image
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Ve li ricordate, nell'agosto della vergogna occidentale, i tantissimi afghani che presero d'assalto l'aeroporto di #Kabul nella speranza di salire su un volo che li portasse lontano dall'incubo talebano?
E ve li ricordate i
giovani aggrappati alle ali degli aerei, perdere la vita pochi istanti dopo, nel tentativo disperato di acciuffare l'ultima possibile libertà?

Ebbene, qualcosa di simile è successo nuovamente ieri notte. Quelle che vedete correre a centinaia,
nell'oscurità di Kabul, sono persone dirette verso l'aeroporto della capitale. Ancora una volta alla ricerca di una via di fuga dall'#Afghanistan.
Si era infatti diffusa la voce secondo cui aerei turchi in procinto di rientrare in patria fossero pronti ad imbarcare
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🚨 👀🇵🇰🇸🇦⚡️🏳️🇦🇫 Royal Saudi Air Force C-130H Hercules (registration 1626) arrived from Kabul & has descended into PAF Base Nur Khan, Rawalpindi.
🚨 🇦🇪⚡️🏳️🇦🇫 ALERT: United Arab Emirates has also evacuated its embassy in Kabul.
🚨💭👀🇵🇰⚡️🏳️🇦🇫 According to our sources, more foreign embassies/staff are set to evacuate Kabul. This development comes after Afghanistan based TTP carried out deadly attack in Peshawar which led to almost 100 deaths.
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1. 🌍|👉 Comenzamos la lista de los #EstadosFallidos de 2022 🇸🇩🇸🇸🇸🇴🇨🇩🇾🇪🇨🇫🇹🇩🇸🇾🇦🇫🇿🇼

🏦🌐👉 El 65% de los países del mundo están en #Riesgo o tienen un #AltoÍndice de ser considerado un #EstadoFallido #Geopolítica

#Hilo 🇪🇸🌐⬇️⬇️ Image
2. 🌍|👉 Para describir un Estado soberano, como #EstadoFallido, se considera, que ha fallado en garantizar el acceso a #ServiciosBásicos 🚿🍞 y #Seguridad 🏦🦺 principalmente a su población #Geopolítica #EstadosFallidos2022

#Hilo 🇪🇸🌐⬆️⬇️ Image
3. 🌍🇾🇪|👉 #Yemen es un país subdesarrollado,​ y es el país más pobre de #OrientePróximo. En Septiembre de 2014, los #Huthíes se apoderaron de la capital #Saná,​ iniciando una nueva #GuerraCivil 🔥⚔️

#Geopolítica #EstadosFallidos2022

#Hilo 🇪🇸🌐⬆️⬇️ Image
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#Afghanistan: Blast + gunfire reported near the gate of the building of the Ṭālibān’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul city.
UNCONFIRMED images circulating on social media show injured or dead people lying near the site of the blast.
At least 3 explosions were reported near the gate of the building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. #Kabul
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#Taliban Spokesman:
"Late today, operations was carried out in Qalacha and Shuhdai Salehin areas of Kabul city on the hideouts of Daesh Kharijites (#ISKP). 7 Kharijites were killed& 7 others were captured alive.
Similarly, 2 Khawarij were captured alive in Nimroz province today." Image
A pro-#TB source:
"3 Daesh militants were killed& 2 women& 3 children were captured alive, from a hideout of the group in Qalacha area of Kabul.
Another operation was conducted against a hideout in Shuhadai Salehin area of PD8. 2 #ISKP members were killed& 2 women were arrested." Image
#Taliban's spokesman provided more details about yesterday's anti-#ISKP raids in #Kabul and #Nimruz provinces:
"Late yesterday in Kabul& Nimruz provinces, a key ISKP network, involved in organizing the attacks on #Longan_Hotel (a place where #Chinese nationals were staying), ... Image
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Ecco perché - anzi, per chi - è un dovere non dimenticare l'#Afghanistan.
Guardate questa bambina, ascoltate le sue parole, capirete che i #Talebani non sono interpreti di un "atteggiamento abbastanza distensivo", ma custodi del Male.
Inizia con una domanda: "È un peccato
essere una ragazza? I Talebani non ci lasciano andare a scuola. Ma le loro figlie studiano in altri paesi. Ci mancano le nostre maestre, la nostra penna, i nostri quaderni. Non vogliamo restare a casa e analfabeti. Vogliamo andare a scuola, studiare ed essere intelligenti".
Sono i bambini le principali vittime dell'oscurantismo talebano. Ieri il giornalista afghano @natiqmalikzada ha raccontato una storia straziante, quella di #MohammadWasim, un bambino di 8 anni residente nel villaggio di Khaniz, nel #Panjshir, la terra di
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The population of #SikhEmpire during the time of Ranjit Singh’s rule was estimated to be around 12 million people.
There were
8.4 million Muslims,
2.88 million Hindus and 722,000 Sikhs.
#Islam (70%)
#Hinduism (24%)
#Sikhism (6%)
Total Area in 1839 was
520,000 km2 (200,000 sq mi) Sikh Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji
Capital was
#Gujranwala (1799–1802)
#Lahore LahoreFort(1802–1849)

Court language
Spoken #languages in #SikhKingdom #SikhEmpire

Punjabi (dynastic)Punjabi dialects (Saraiki, Hindko, Pahari-Pothwari),Kangri,Dogri,
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#Taliban's spokesman for #Kabul Police HQ:
"Moments ago, in Taimani area of PD4 in Kabul city, #kidnappers tried to abduct an Afghan businessman.
A clash took place between the security forces& kidnappers. As a result, four kidnappers were killed and the businessman was rescued." Image
Pro-Taliban sources released a photo, that allegedly showing the rescued businessman in Kabul: Image
The Taliban's spokesman for the ministry of interior released a short video clip of the victim (businessman), who is telling the story that how he was freed from the kidnappers in PD4 of Kabul City.
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Day 305 of the war and welcome to another daily thread with all the news on #Ukraine's attempt to rid their country of Russians

Today there may be fewer updates than usual (sure you understand why!)

Lots of news yesterday. catch up here
First today sad news from #Kherson which has had a terrible 24 hours.

After the murder of 8 civilians when #Russia shelled the central market area, news now that 3 soldiers helping to demine formerly occupied areas have been killed.
One of the Kremlin's explosives blew them up.
How stupid are the occupiers?

Trying to raise the spirits of locals and spread propaganda in #Melitopol.
Except the Russians cannot even spell the town's name correctly - this says "Miletopol"🤡🤡🤦
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According to a decree of the #Taliban's supreme leader, the #Ulema_Council for #Faryab Province was established with the following structure:
1. Sheikh Hayatullah Halim (Chairman)
2. Mufti Mohammad Hasan (Deputy)
3.Mawlawi Khair Muhammad (Member and Admin/Finance focal point)...

4. Mufti Sayed Najibullah (Member)
5. Mawlawi Abdul Nasser (Member)
6. Mawlawi Makhdoom Hafizullah (Member)
7. Mawlawi Abdul Qahir (Member)
8. Sheikh Sayed Mubasher (Member)
9. Mawlawi Faizullah (Member)
10. Mawlawi Sayed Maruf (Member)
11. Mufti Zia-ur-Rahman Rasikh (Member)...
12. Mufti Abdul Wadud (Member)
13. Mawlawi Jan Mohammad (Member)
14. Mawlawi Abdul Qayyum (Member)
15. Mufti Abdul Manan (Member)
16. Haji Abdul Aziz (Member)
17. Mawlana Abdul Karim (Member)
18. Mohammad Alam Kohi (Member)
19. Haji Mohammad Arif (Member)
20. Haji M.Azim (Member)
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The mercenaries who are planning/carrying out explosions in Mosques, Madrassas, Hospitals& similar targets& name it  Istishhadi Operations, are neither Afghans, nor Muslims&not even humans. Fighting against them, in any possible way, is the holiest& greatest #Jihad...
The evidences acheived from the failed attack against Eman Mosque showing that the leadership& coordination center of destructive ops in AFG, shifted from #Kabul to #Dushanbe. In recent few weeks, the attacks against Eman Mosque, PAK embassy&Chinese Hotel, all were carried out...
... by the same group of #Tajikistani nationals, under leadership of a Tajikistani terrorist. A heritage of occupation to our oppressed nation is the production& import of some groups, that are mainly #targeting #mosques, imams, worshipers, holy places, #religious_leaders& so on.
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This great op-Ed reminded me of the story of the #ISK director of recruitment being caught in a night raid. He used to work in a directorate of agriculture in Nangrahar during republic days and had hosted me at his office a few time. I got to know that he had been detained 1/
A few months later I saw him walking around in my #Kabul office. Awkward about how to bring it up, over tea I hinted at the rumour of him being picked up in links with ISK and he told me the story. Muslimyar (Head of Senate) had sent someone to him to lease them gov arid land 2/
When he refused to break the law and give out the land, the person told him that he would regret it. The same night, a helicopter descended outside his house and the zero units put a bag over his head and flew him to Kabul 3/
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