One of my favourite things to do is walk around the “city”.

Had one such walk last night and captured some of the “dying breeds” as I see board after board with names like “9 Sadashiv” etc!

Thanks @kunal_tilak for baptising me on the “Pune Misal” at Badshahi!

#Pune #city
The beauty and the beast!

All the old structures will soon be gone with the wind and replaced by Monstrosities.

Guess it’s all part of the times!
@GodboleSandeep always something that reminds me of you!

#temple #Heritage
Self owned “Mom and Pop” stores are definitely on their way out!

Just hope my profession does not follow that route!

#girni #saraf #nhavi #danewali
The Original “Facebook”

#Pune #gappa
One of the “leading” theatres at one point!

Now on its last legs!

Aala re aala Ganpati Bappa aala!

And one day ends……
But another day starts!

Love love love my city!


• • •

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2 Sep
I feel there are two surgical procedures that have changed people's lives for the better more than anything else in the last 2 decades.

One is total knee replacements. I remember watching so many Aji Ajobas struggle to just move from one room to another as a kid because of bad

Now I see so many people in the 60-80 age group climb stairs and walk on the Deccan Gymkhana ground effortlessly thanks to their new knees!

The other is dental implants. I don't think there is adequate awareness of how life changing they are and hence this thread.
For starters, I would like to share something I have observed over the last one year.

It is sad but true that most "Mothers" in the 60-80 age group are the epitome of sacrifice.

More than anything else their personal health has been neglected.Specifically their dental status!
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30 May
GREAT discussion on "Destiny and Hardwork" in @SandeepMall space right now.

Writing a short thread to share my thoughts on the same.

As @onemanush said, your destiny starts right at birth.

If you are born in a small village in Africa versus a wealthy family in Mumbai,
your life path starts at a very different note.

The overall sentiment seems to be that you write your own destiny. Which is directly contradictory to the the sentiment that your destiny is pre written.

Your destiny is pre written when it comes to life and death!

What happens
between those two points in life is a combination of fortune, very different from destiny, and hard work.

A perfect example where HARD WORK was the only difference in the end point of two individuals is the age old Sachin versus Kambli discussion.

While a perfect example of
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13 May
#thread on the life cycle of a #toothache:

I am often asked the following questions:

1) Why should I see you when I don’t have pain?

2) Why should I get this cavity filled when it’s not hurting?

3) Why do I need a root canal when the tooth is not hurting?
4) Why does my tooth hurt so bad?

5) My tooth was hurting a lot but now it’s ok. Why do I need a root canal? Can’t you do a filling?

6) Won’t just taking antibiotics clean out this infection you are speaking about?

7) Why can’t you finish the root canal in one visit?
8) Why do u need this tooth taken out? Can’t you do a root canal?

I am a big believer in preventive medicine. As such it’s my job to educate the general public about all things teeth.

This is another thread towards that goal!
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12 May

I fell in love with #cricket watching the 1985 Ravi Shastri Audi series!

@sourabhsanyal was appearing for his 10th boards during the VVS series! And got yelled at by his dad because when he asked how was the paper he replied “What’s the score?”

@khurramaziz123 feels
The 1996 World Cup was when he truly started following cricket! That just shows he is a true cricket fan because if there is one tournament I would never expect a Pakistan cricket fan to love it would be the 1996 World Cup!

@khurramaziz123 feels those who not watch Sachin in
1995-98 have not truly watched cricket!
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16 Apr
#thread on Insurance:

Slowly but surely Medical Insurance is taking over health care.

It is the most misunderstood aspect of health care!

For starters, it’s a privilege not a right!

In returning for paying a premium, you MAY get covered for an amount ranging from ZERO
to your policy limit!

It starts with the room rate limit!

If your policy has that, you will be entitled to a room costing 1% of your yearly limit!

That’s not it.

That decides the “package” you are entitled to! It includes everything.

Hospital fees, medicines, surgeon’s
fees etc!

If you choose to upgrade to a better room, now that total package goes up!

Guess who is responsible for the difference?

You are!

Now let’s look at other cost cutting measures the insurance companies might employ!

Some surgeons prefer to have another
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22 Mar
#Thread to discuss medical clearance for dental treatment:

A common misconceptions about dental treatment is that it is not affected by a patient's medical history or vice versa.

"Aho daat tar aahe. Tyacha majhya heart attack/knee replacement/diabetes shi kay ghena"
"Its just teeth. What is the connection with a heart attack/knee replacement/diabetes?"

And then there is the issue of getting medical clearance in writing from their specialist doctor.

I will try to cover most common conditions, associated risks and desired clearance!
1) Diabetes:

Where there is sugar, there are bacteria.

Where there is bacteria, there is infection.

Plain and simple.

So a patient with uncontrolled diabetes is a much increased risk for infection.

What is needed:
1) Current labs. Blood Sugar and HbA1C less than 120 days
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