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Unauthorised unexplained ground disturbance in the Cuckmere Haven area.
This damage is conducive with illicit metal detecting. Many areas are designated, for instance SSSI, if you believe someone is detecting without permission please ☎️ #Police 999 at the time.
#Illicitmetaldetecting is theft of our #Heritage ,a loss to our knowledge, understanding & any artefact's provenance.
It's damaging not only to the land and environment but to all ethical law abiding detectorists too.

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Tonight I'm out & about with @SussexRuralCops PC King @sussex_police
Patrolling #Heritage & #Rural assets, meeting the local community including this very inquisitive cat !
More to follow #OneTeam
Tweet 1/2 👇
Sadly evidence of unexplained ground disturbance, within one of the holes a ring pull.
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#மெட்ராஸின்பெண்கள் எபி. 01
அன்னை மீனாம்பாள்

தலித் வரலாற்றில் ஒரு முக்கிய நபரான #அன்னைமீனாம்பாள், ஆரம்பகால தலித் பெண் தலைவர்களில் ஒருவராகவும், தலித் பெண்களை அரசியலில் சேர்ப்பதற்கான முக்கியமான வழக்கறிஞராகவும் கருதப்படுகிறார். சுயமரியாதை இயக்கத்தின் (ஈ.வி. ராமசாமியால் 1925
- இல் தொடங்கப்பட்டது) ஒரு வலுவான ஆதரவாளரும், பெண்ணியவாதியுமான அவர், தீண்டாமை, அடக்குமுறை, சாதி ஏற்றத்தாழ்வு ஆகியவற்றுக்கு எதிரான போராட்டத்தில் பெண்களை கல்வியின் மூலம் தீவிரமாகப் பங்கேற்க ஊக்குவித்தார்.
#MadrasinPengal Ep. 01
Annai Meenambal

A pivotal figure in Dalit history, #AnnaiMeenambal is considered to be one of the earliest Dalit woman leaders and an important advocate for the inclusion of Dalit women in politics. A strong proponent of the Self-Respect Movement
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Vintage photographs of Shri Girnar #Jain Tirth, Junagadh, #Gujarat from the British Library

This tirth is dedicated to 22nd Tirthankar Shri Neminath. He took Diksha here, attained Kevalgyan as well Moksh on this sacred hill. 🙏🏼
#Thread #heritage #History #India #Temple
Girnar hill was known as Ujjayantigiri & Revatgiri in ancient times. In #Shwetamber Jain scriptures it is also described as Neminath Parvat & the 5th Tunk of Shatrunjay hill (Palitana). Rajulmati, Pradyumnakumar, Sambkumar, Aniruddha & many saints hv attained Moksha here.
After 3 kms of ascent of 4200 steps comes the entry gate of the main Tunk of Sri Neminath. Mansang Bhojraj Tunk, Melakvasahi Tunk, Sangram Soni Tunk, Kumarpal Tunk, Vastupal-Tejpal Tunk, Samprati Tunk, Chaumukhi Sambhavnath Tunk, Footprints of all 24 Tirthankars etc are found
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Today India celebrates it's 73rd #RepublicDay, Article 51 A in our Constitution includes fundamental duties of every citizen to protect the #heritage and natural environment of the country. Inspired to share 10 #ClimateAction ideas for the next 10 days as part of #AmritMahotsav.
1/10 Heritage structures are inherently sustainable. Realizing their value and re-using them for new uses is a better (carbon sensitive) option rather than demolition.
#ClimateAction #C3Actions #ClimateProIndia #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav @ClimateHeritage @MoHUA_India @C3_NIUA @ICOMOS Image
2/10 Indigenous culture and traditions give many (passive) hints of synchronization with climate.These are IPs which deserve to be cherished,documented for future generations & applied in new building technologies. #ClimateAction #C3Actions #ClimateProIndia #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav Image
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On the banks of Vennar River, in the districts of Thanjavur, lies a small village called Kallaperumbur, home to two temples of antiquity - Brihannayaki Sametha Kailasanathar (A Shiva Temple) and the Varadaraja Perumal (A Vishnu Temple). (1/6)
With the inscriptions found in the dilapidated gopuram of the Shiva Temple (Image 2), we can trace back this temple to the period of Kulottunga Chola of the 12th /13th century. (2/6)
The Temple is a vast complex with sanctums for the Parivara Daivatas including Nruthi, Vinayagar, Subhramnaya and a separate sanctum outside the main complex for the Goddess. A small niche on the outer walls of the Maha Mandapa has a sculpture of Natraja and Parvati. (3/6)
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#NationalMathematicsDay #Heritage #Thread
1/ We have often marveled over the grandeur of these Indian monuments. But did you know about the mathematics in their stunning architecture? 👇
2/ Kandariya Mahadev Temple in Khajuraho is celebrated for the dramatic geometric massing in its lofty towers that create a mountain-like profile.
3/ The number ‘char’ (four) & its multiples figure in at least 22 spots in the designing of Char Minar.
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In memory of the 742th Birth anniversary/Janma Mahotsav of #Jain Acharya Jinkushal Suri ji. He is one of the prominent 4 Dadagurus of Khartar Gachh of the #Shwetambar sect

He was born in VS 1337 in #Rajasthan & belonged to the Chhajer clan. He was named Karman

Glimpse of yesterday's celebrations in Derawar, #Pakistan. A group of bards singing stavans in memory of Dada Guru Jin Kushal Suri ji's Janmotsav. These events are being organised in Pakistan by a Sadharmik #Jain from #Delhi in order to revive Jain #heritage there.
At the age of 10, Karman Kumar was initiated into monkhood by Acharya Jinchandra Suri ji in VS 1347 & acquired the name Muni Kushal Kirti. In VS 1375, when he realised that Muni Kushal Kirti had the merit & ability, he endowed the designation of Vachan-Acharya on him at Nagaur.
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16 NOV | An “Academy” for state lawmakers on voter suppression strategies run by #ALEC in July featured a veritable who’s who of right-wingers behind disinfo about voter fraud & assaults on voting rights across the country. from @EXPOSEDbyCMD /1…
An invite stated “13 legislators from across the country” would be in attendance, but materials acquired by CMD don't include attendance list.
The session, led by #darkmoney group Honest Elections Project & organized, hosted, and bankrolled by ALEC./2…
Honest Elections Project aggressively promotes a radical legal theory "independent state legislatures doctrine”- holds state courts don’t have authority to review state election laws & empower heavily #gerrymandered state legis to determine outcomes./3…
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Wada वाडा is a typical Maratha architecture. Big and small, ornate and humble were seen across Maharashtra. This is the wada of Nana Phadnis at #Menavli about 3km on outskirts of #Wai. The wada is recently restored and worth a visit. #heritage
Most large wada had dindi darwaja (दिंडी दरवाजा) large entry gate with a smaller one cut in it for daily use, chowk (चौक) - open to sky quadrangles with buildings on all sides, small stair cases built in the walls
The first chowk in this wada has a smaller murti of Wai Mahaganpati. The diwankhana दिवाण खाना or the hall for audience is typical Maratha with cypress pillars सुरूचे खांब and ornate wooden ceiling.
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#StockMarket #stocks
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#LASAINTEBIBLE|#Psaumes69:29-36«29 Moi, je suis malheureux et souffrant: O DIEU , que TON secours me relève!
30 Je célébrerai LE NOM de DIEU par des cantiques, je l'exalterai par des louanges.
31 Cela est agréable à L'ÉTERNEL, plus qu'un taureau Avec des cornes et des sabots.
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📍 Matamatha,puri

1/ The Mata Math is located at short distance of about 2 KMs from Swargadwar Road, Puri, Odisha. The road doesn’t have any name and is also very rough. We went by rickshaw reserving that. We just heard from someone and decided to visit. Just before reaching - ImageImage
2/ the Math the rickshaw took us to temple as he did not know the exact location. The temple has idol of Goddess Kali. We offered puja. From there Mata Math was at little distance. When we reached the Math the main temple was closed. A man was giving Prasadam and we took that. - ImageImage
3/ We came to know that the main temple is about 150 years old. But a devotee of Mata decorated the surroundings. While walking we were astonished to view the numerous colossal idols of deities. We have taken photos of many deities. The walk through was enjoyable. Many swans - ImageImage
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One of my favourite things to do is walk around the “city”.

Had one such walk last night and captured some of the “dying breeds” as I see board after board with names like “9 Sadashiv” etc!

Thanks @kunal_tilak for baptising me on the “Pune Misal” at Badshahi!

#Pune #city
The beauty and the beast!

All the old structures will soon be gone with the wind and replaced by Monstrosities.

Guess it’s all part of the times!
@GodboleSandeep always something that reminds me of you!

#temple #Heritage
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Mahadev is worshipped on #श्रावणी सोमवार #Shravani Somwar as a tradition. #Pune has many heritage Mahadev Temples. This thread attempts to share info about a few of them #KnowPune #heritage
Someshwar Temple in Raviwar Peth is from the 1700s. The complex has many otjer temples in addition to the Mahadev temple.
The Nageshwar Temple in Somwar Peth is one of the oldest temple in Pune. Though rebuilt during Peshwa rule, the temple is probably 700 year old.
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Bhimbetka, the treasure of rock shelters, is believed to be home to many over centuries. One of the residents influenced the name.
What supports this legend are the names of the villages around Bhimbetka. One village is named Pandapur while Bhiyapura is believed to be derived
from Bhimpura. Legend says that the Lakhajuhar forest was once the wax (lakh) palace of the Pandavas.
These rock caves are believed to be the oldest petroglyphs in the world. Some of the rock paintings in the area are very similar to aboriginal rock art found in Australia and the
Paleolithic Lascaux cave paintings discovered in France. Despite there being more than 700 rock shelters, only 12 to 15 are open and accessible to visitors.
The sudden discovery of these caves allow us a rare opportunity to look into the past and the lifestyle of the times. It
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Proud Moment!: Business Development Manager 25-year-old #VaidehiDongre from #Michigan crowned #MissIndia #USA 2021; "This One Is For My Aai", dedicates win to her mother; Says 'It #empower #women of #Indian origin':
Beauty pageant held over weekend.
#Thread @JoeBiden @POTUS
Represented #India immigrants living in #UnitedStates as new Miss India USA. India born #MichiganState University #graduate @UMich @michiganstateu. Arshi Lalani from Georgia declared first runner-up. Vaidehi shared, "I want to leave positive lasting impact on my community and...
Focus on women's financial independence and #literacy." Vaidehi graduated in International Studies. Described journey as “whirlwind”. Mira Kasari got third position. "I've always strived to be role model for young girls, celebrate my rich #SouthAsian #heritage and leave lasting
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The Chintamani Parshwanath Jain Temple in Bhujia Bazar Bikaner preserves 1116 ancient idols made of Panchdhatu (5 metal alloys). Of these-
11th CE - 9 idols
12th CE - 10 idols
13th CE - 63 idols
14th CE - 259 idols
15th CE - 436 idols
16th CE - 339 idols
#jain #jainism #heritage
In Samvat 1633, Akbar's Commander Tursamkhan attacked Sirohi and got to know of the various Jain panchdhatu idols preserved in various jinalays. He knew that the Gold content in these idols was very high, so he captured 1050 panchdhatu idols from various nearby temples of Sirohi
Tursamkhan collected them all and carried them all to Fatehpur Sikri. In the meantime this news reached Karmachand Bacchawat of Bikaner who rushed to Fatehpur Sikri to prevent the idols from melting. Karmachand arrived at Akbar's court with various gifts which pleased the king
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#DidYouKnow #IncredibleIndia #Heritage

Jharkhand's Sohrai Khovai paintings are made by tribal women with natural colours created from different hues of local soil. (1/4) Image
The Sohrai Khovar painting is a traditional and ritualistic mural made by local tribal women during harvest festivals and marriage celebrations.

The colours used are made from naturally available soils of different colours in the area of Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand. (2/4)
For example, black manganese is used for black while kaolin makes for the white colour. The geru obtained from iron oxide and yellow colour from ochre earth are used for highlighting elements. (3/4)
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#DidYouKnow #Heritage

Performed by wandering peddlers in Andhra's villages, the ancient art of 'Tholu Bommalata' literally translates to "the dance of leather puppets". (1/5)
In #AndhraPradesh, puppets are fashioned out of translucent, coloured leather for the ancient art of tholu bommalata (the dance of leather dolls). (2/5)
Manipulated from behind with two sticks, these puppets are projected on a small screen. Earthen lamps are arranged so that the size, position, and angle of the puppets change with the distance of the light. (3/5)
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Science behind Gowtram Genetics - Do you know why every time you sit in a puja the priest asks you for Gowtra? What is Gowtram system? Why do we have this? Why do we consider this to decide marriages? Why should sons carry the gowtram of father, why not daughter?
How/why does gowtra of a daughter change after she gets married? What is the logic? In fact this is an amazing genetic science we follow.
Let's see the science of genetics behind gowtra systems.
The word GOWTRA formed from two Sanskrit words GAU (means cow) Trahi (means shed)
Gowtra means cowshed. Gowtra is like cowshed protecting a particular male lineage.
We identify our male lineage/gowtra by considering to be descendants of the 8 great MahaRishis (Saptarishis + Bharadwaja MahaRishi). All the other gowtras were evolved from these only.
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#Catalunya és un país extremadament ric en #patrimoni #arqueològic #protohistòric. Molt més que altres nacions reconegudes arreu pel seu patrimoni i que, a més, l’estimen, el valoren i en viuen, com poden ser el cas d’#Anglaterra o d’#Escòcia.

(little heritage phil...) Image
El patrimoni protohistòric d'aquestes altres nacions, tot i ser extraordinari és, al costat del nostre, de putxinel·lis. I, malgrat això, ells l’han sabut convertir intel·ligentment en un actiu cultural i econòmic (òbviament, Image
sumant-lo a la resta del seu #heritage d’altres èpoques) mentre que nosaltres, sempre capaços de les majors de les proeses, l’hem sabut convertir (no era pas fàcil, atenent a la qualitat del que tenim entre mans...) i el vivim com un problema. Image
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This afternoon, I met with the three indigenes of Ekiti State who were recently honoured with the Presidential Award for @officialnyscng Corps members. I am glad that in their various Places of Primary Assignment (PPA) they demonstrated #leadership, #compassion, and #diligence...
- values that define us as Ekiti people.

These young people went beyond the call of duty and made us proud. Kolawole Toba Gabriel focused on maternal and child #mortality, and helped to address questions of #poverty that contribute to high mortality rates in Adamawa State.
In Bauchi State, Ayodele Olubusayo Abidemi did a lot to improve the learning environment in the community where she served by renovating three blocks of classrooms, and assisting #school children.
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Boris Johnson rules out return of Parthenon marbles to Greece… #GLAM #culture #heritage #repatriation
British Museum is world's largest receiver of stolen goods, says QC…
Geoffrey Robertson says it should ‘wash its hands of blood and return Elgin’s loot’. #GLAM #culture #heritage #repatriation
Greece’s culture minister, Lina Mendoni, branded Elgin a “serial thief” who used illegal tactics to take the marbles.… #Greece #culture #heritage #repatriation #GLAM
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