When I started this account 5 yrs ago, I chose a cover photo of a Yazidi woman freed from ISIS, removing the black body bag she was encased in to reveal her colorful dress below. It’s so poignant.

Today #AfghanWomen all over Twitter are doing the same 🇦🇫

So many vibrant women and so many rich and colorful cultures erased… Image

• • •

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13 Aug
I had a student from Afghanistan a few yrs ago. When he’d come to my office, despite the noisy hallway, we’d have to leave the door open. He explained that since being kidnapped by the Taliban and being tortured in a room for two weeks, he can’t be in a room w a closed door.
He lived w roommates, but he could never close his bedroom door because the panic would immediately overtake him. It had been years since his family had paid the ransom and negotiated his release- the physical scars had healed, but the invisible scars were much deeper.
At the end of the term he brought me a wool scarf. He asked his father to send it. A beautiful traditional Pashtun color and pattern. He was such a lovely young man. Two weeks. Two weeks is what it took for the Taliban to ruin the rest of his life.
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24 Jul
It should come as no surprise that I receive messages w death threats consistently. I just ignore them.

Now I get messages with personal information about my daughters.

You’re mad at me for making Islam ‘look bad’, when it’s your actions that make your religion look like filth.
You make a Islam look like a religion for barbaric, murderous monsters who resort to threatening children because you’re incapable of accepting that someone speaks up against the atrocities done in the name of your Allah every single day. You are the worst enemy of Islam- not me.
I don’t need to be here to ‘make Islam look bad’. You do that daily when you murder ppl for denouncing Islam- hack them to death in the streets w machetes like…like what? What else does that? No animal or group of humans I can think of. I can think of no example worse than you.
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3 Jul
#Canada will not put trans men in men’s prisons because it is unsafe for them, but it allows trans women in women’s prisons.

Does anyone care that it ‘s not safe for women? Or do we only care about ppls safety if they identify as men?
As usual, it is the most vulnerable women that are exploited and demeaned by their society.
“But among those making the move were killers, serial sex offenders and child rapists who now have a home among biological women.”

Sex offenders? With women literally imprisoned w nowhere to run? Really? How is this even real life.

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26 Apr
It’s alive and well. You just haven’t noticed. Feminists across the world are fighting battles you’ve never seen in the West.

They’re imprisoned in #Iran for removing their hijab. They’re imprisoned in #SaudiArabia for driving or pushing for the abolition of laws against women.
They’re fighting for laws that protect women and value their lives in #Kuwait, where men who ‘honor kill’ their sisters and wives get a perfunctory three years in prison.
They’re in the streets of #Pakistan literally risking their lives to say ‘stop raping us’.
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24 Apr
This is why I get so upset at Western support of misogynist constraints on Muslim women. There are many girls who are in a tug-of-war between two world views. Your support of hijab pushes girls further into an honor and shame culture they could potentially escape.

#FreeFromHijab Image
As I’ve said in articles and interviews, first-generation girls like me are now getting the same msgs inside AND outside the home. There’s no reprieve. At least in my day, there were feminist icons to show us why purity culture was toxic. Today those icons support our subjugation
The above excerpt is from Prey by @Ayaan
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5 Apr
I will engulf myself in PTSD triggers to bring you this thread. I hope you care enough to bother scrolling through.

Women in #Iran, #Afghanistan, #Pakistan attacked w acid because of ‘improper’ hijab.

Look at their faces.

A sixteen year old girl in #Canada is strangled to death by her father and her brother because she didn’t want to wear hijab.

Look at her sweet face. Sixteen years old. Killed by her father and brother. Over hijab. Hear that. Feel that.

Fifteen girls were left to burn to death in their school in #SaudiArabia because they weren’t wearing proper hijab.

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