The teeth of a new species of the hybodont #shark, which belonged to the #Jurassic era, have been discovered for the first time in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. #Paleontology #Fossil


(📸: IANS)
The fossils were discovered from the Jurassic rocks in the #Jaisalmer region of #Rajasthan. The rocks are between 160 and 168 million years old.

The crushing teeth represent a new species, named by the research team as 'Strophodusjaisalmerensis'.
The genus Strophodus has been identified for the first time in the Indian sub-continent, and is only the third such record from Asia—the other two being from Japan and Thailand.
Hybodont sharks comprised a dominant group of fishes in both marine and fluvial environments during the #Triassic and early Jurassic periods.

They started to decline in the Middle Jurassic, and became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago.
This discovery marks an important milestone in the study of #Jurassic vertebrate fossils in the Jaisalmer region of Rajasthan, and it opens a new window for further research in the domain of vertebrate fossils. #Palaeontology

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16 Sep
Female octopuses throw objects at males who harass them, a new study has found!


By @kun5k

(📸: NOAA) Image
Opening jars, playing with toys, sneakily escaping from confinements, jetting water to soak people—#octopuses are notorious for such intelligent antics!

Their large brains make them capable of high-order cognitive behaviours, including problem-solving and tool usage.
Now, researchers have come across yet another interesting behaviour among the female octopuses: one which involves throwing objects at males attempting to mate with them!
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25 Aug
The #OortCloud—a shell of debris in the farthest reaches of our #SolarSystem—may consist of more #interstellar objects as compared to local bodies from our own system, as per new research.


(📸: NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle)
It was only two years ago that humans discovered Borisov: the first and only interstellar comet to enter our solar system from a completely foreign star system.

But now, the new study suggests such phenomena might not be too rare!
But if so, why have we only ever seen just one interstellar object so far?

According to study authors, that's simply because we don’t have the technology to see the others yet.
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24 Aug
Astronomers have discovered an #asteroid that revolves around our Sun faster than all other #spacerocks! Named 2021 PH2, it is approximately 1 km wide.

📸: CTIO/NOIRLab/NSF/AURA/J. da Silva
This newly discovered asteroid completes one orbit around the Sun in just 113 Earth days. This is the shortest orbital period of any #cosmicobject in our solar system except #Mercury, which takes only 88 days!

In Pic: Mercury’s solar transit
📸: NASA/Bill Ingalls
This asteroid was initially positioned in the main #AsteroidBelt between Mars and Jupiter but got pulled closer to the Sun by the gravitational influence of inner planets.

📸: CTIO/NOIRLab/NSF/DOE/DECam/AURA/S.S. Sheppard, Carnegie Institution of Science
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23 Aug
#ClimateChange impacts all species through extreme weather events, #habitatchange & #resourcescarcity, and the #Walrus is no different. Declining ice has particularly challenged the survival of female and young walruses.…

(📸: @UMCES/Lee Cooper) Image
#GlobalWarming has led to a decline in the #SeaIce that walruses use to rest and access clam beds. Therefore, these mammals are being forced to crowd offshore, where clams are scarce, and the risk of stampedes is high!

(📸: Capt. Budd Christman, NOAA Corps) Image
Studying #biomarkers at various #foodchain levels is necessary to understand the role of sea ice in the #foodweb. Since clams are an essential part of the Walrus diet, the more they flourish, the more food walruses will have. Thus, researchers use walrus tissues as biomarkers.
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23 Aug
Besides #GlobalWarming, another threat looms over the Thwaites glacier (aka #DoomsdayGlacier): Earth’s natural, internal heat. It has the potential to speed up the melting of this glacial mass! #ClimateChange…

(📸: Alfred-Wegener-Institut/Thomas Ronge) Image
Nestled at the heart of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, the Thwaites glacier is hailed as a global threat due to its size. Its area is equivalent to the Indian state of #Karnataka's i.e., almost 192,000 sq km.

If it melts, it could submerge several coastal areas around the world!
Scientists have long suspected that the Earth’s natural heat comes in touch with the surface of this region.

This is because West #Antarctica is stacked on a tectonic mass that's just 17 to 25 km thick! In comparison, the East side is as thick as 40 km.
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22 Jul
#ChinaFloods Set Alarm Bells Ringing for Dams in Fragile #Himalayas; Experts Explain What India Is Doing and Should Do…

(📸: IANS)
#China's central Henan province received its heaviest rainfall in 1,000 years—Zhengzhou saw 624 mm of rainfall on Tuesday, with a third of that amount falling between 16:00 and 17:00 alone.

The downpour led to massive floods, killing over two dozen people and leading to evacuation of thousands across many cities and villages.

#China #ChinaFloods
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