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#India to experience a very wet phase of weather, usually cool temperatures in the next 10 days with no seasonal #Heatwave which usually strengthen around this time.

A Typical Jan/Feb standard WD is approaching (200 hpa Jet streams dipping too south + CC developing)

1/n ImageImage
Dipping Jet/WD approaching North India + Lower level Cyclonic circulation developing in the plains, Wind discontinuity over central India along with moisture incursion from the seas.
- Scattered #Duststorm and rains to pick up in North #India from 27th April i.e tomorrow

2/n Image
As the Wx systems strengthen, this will result in widespread #Duststorm, intense spells of #rains, #Hailstorm, strong winds across western #Himalayas #Punjab #Haryana #Delhi #Rajasthan #UttarPradesh #Gujarat #MadhyaPradesh #Chhattisgarh this weekend into first week of May.

3/n Image
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Ruins of -Chatoli Masjid #HeritagePunjab

Period : C.17th -18th Cent A.D

Village :#Chatoli near #Rupnagar #Punjab

#PunjabGovt #PunjabTourism @Tourism_Punjab @PunjabTourisms @tourismgoi @CMOPb Image
It lies approx 3 km from #Kurali bus stand

It lies between the #Shivalik foothills of outer #Himalayas and Indo- Gangetic alluvial plains of #Punjab. The structure is situated in a semi- urban setup. Image
The structure was built in the early 18th Century CE.

It is a single-storey structure built on rectangular platform. The structure has a semi-circular arched entrance with a thatched roof and a courtyard in front. Image
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Manakpur Sharif Masjid -
Village Manakpur Near Ropar #Punjab

Period : C 16th -17th Cent. A.D

it lies 4 km from Manakpur Bus Stand

#ManakpurSharifMasjid #Tourism #PunjabTourism ImageImageImageImage
It lies between the #Shivalik foothills of outer #Himalayas and Indo Gangetic plains of #Punjab. The structure is situated in a rural setup. Image
This #mosque was built in 16th century A.D. It is built in Indo-Persian style. ImageImageImageImage
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🧵On the revered #Salagrama which is being transported from #Nepal in order to carve the idol of #SriRama at #Ayodhya

Amongst the valued possessions and hallowed objects of worship in a devout Hindu's home, are the Salagramas, those pebble-like objects, smooth to the touch,
spheroid in shape, and black, red, or mixed in colour. That they are, for the most part, a hereditary possession of the family, handed down from generation to generation, is sufficient testimony to the veneration bestowed upon them by our ancients. Not to be bought or sold,
it is a prized gift or dana, and it is given as a valued gift in some places to the bridegrooms along with the bride. The #salagramasila is considered the embodiment of #Vishnu. Its mantra has Shri #Bhagvan for #Rishi or Drashta, and #Narayana as Devata or the object of
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Road and Rail lines in the Border Regions of Himalayas

Inherently rail lines are more reliable and efficient than roads. As we go up in the Himalayas it is difficult to get speeds above 20 kmph even in fair weather.

In monsoon roads are frequently ..…
..blocked by landslides.

But with its utterly flawed alignments, that too on Broad Gauge, Rly Board has messed up all the ongoing seven projects.

India should go for a trans-Himalayan rail network on MG from north-west to northeast.

China is..

.. systematically building a rail network on its side of Himalayas which along with roads will serve a vast area from Sichuan to the western end of Tibet.

I am working on such a plan of lines in Himalayas in India.


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Second post in the #WildlifeWeek series.

Day 2 – Squeals return to the tall wet #grasslands of #Assam !!!
Pygmy Hog is the tiniest, rarest and the most #endangered of all wild #pigs globally. In fact, phylogenetic analysis of the pygmy hog revealed that it belongs to a separate genus, Porcula. It is evolutionarily unique and completely different from #boars, #warthogs, and pigs.
Known to once thrive in the lush tall and wet grassland plains of the sub #Himalayas, they were feared to be extinct in the 1960's but were “rediscovered” in the year 1971.
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Happy #CloudedLeopardDay! #Sunda #cloudedleopards in #Sumatra #Borneo are declining from #palmoil and #timber #deforestation & illegal #poaching The Red List says there are 3,700-5,580 individuals alive (2020). Help them #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
#Cloudedleopards are #wildcats that live in #rainforests from the #Himalayas to SE Asia and southern #China. Considered a 'medium-sized cat', they weigh about 23 kilos. #CloudedLeopardDay #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
Clouded #leopards get their name for their remarkable "clouds" on their coats. Their large paws make them agile climbers and hunters. Their main threat is #palmoil #deforestation. #CloudedLeopardDay2022 Help them and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
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Want to learn about the rocks of Mt #Everest and the #EBC trek? I am a geologist and did a couple of roadside lectures and field observations on my trek; here are some of the cool rocks l found. 1/n #geology #Himalayas #Nepal #adventure #Science #academia #nature
Over 50 million years ago, there was an ocean between India and Eurasia, the Tethys ocean. The ocean closed and the two continental plates collided forming the Himalayas. The Himalayas are still growing today! 2/n
Imagine being pressed between two continental plates! That pressure forms metamorphic rocks that can be categorized into how much pressure was applied to the rock. At low pressure, former mudstones from the bottom of the ocean become slate: grey, flaky rocks. 3/n
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As only 145 days left to celebrate 75th anniversary of Indian Independence and I am starting an an initiative of #Dekhoapnadesh with #philately on the ocassion of #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav
"Rashtrapati Bhawan,New Delhi- Official Residence of President of India #indianstamps Image
#DekhoApnaDesh (see the India) with #philately to celebrate #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav
Day 2 : Kayang - A folk dance from Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh,India #indianstamps #indianphilately Image
Day 3 :Darjeeling Himalayan Railway or"Toy train" runs between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling in West Bengal which is one of the iconic mountain railways of India and in 1999,it was declared as UNESCO world heritage site
#DekhoApnaDesh with #philately #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav Image
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#mustread thread for anyone who wishes to understand #defence in depth & how #Finland is far more militarised & prepared as a society for war than even the #USA .
Much here that #India can imbibe especially in the #himalayas .
Much to learn here .
Imho this is what #India should pick up & implement .
1) Basic military training to all males 18+ in #Ladakh , #ArunachalPradesh,#Sikkim , #Uttarakhand & #HimachalPradesh .
2) Prepositioned places for demolition charges in all critical infrastructure.
3) Prepositioned stocks of small arms including ATGMs & Manpads that can be distributed if required .
4) Bunkers in all major & minor settlements alongwith vehicles for pre-planned escape routes .
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#ChinaFloods Set Alarm Bells Ringing for Dams in Fragile #Himalayas; Experts Explain What India Is Doing and Should Do…

(📸: IANS)
#China's central Henan province received its heaviest rainfall in 1,000 years—Zhengzhou saw 624 mm of rainfall on Tuesday, with a third of that amount falling between 16:00 and 17:00 alone.

The downpour led to massive floods, killing over two dozen people and leading to evacuation of thousands across many cities and villages.

#China #ChinaFloods
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There is a nature crisis in the #Himalayas. This is a waterfall in the higher Himalayan region at 9500 ft altitude. The pic on the left was taken yesterday and the pic on the right was taken exactly a year ago. 🧵
The central Himalayas are facing one of the driest year in living memory. Snow has been scarce & so waterfalls like these that come from water pools fed by snow & glaciers are drying up. People in heavy rain areas like this one have no knowledge of how to deal with water scarcity
This dry weather has also led to massive forest fires across the central Himalayas in both India and Nepal. In areas with monoculture of pines this is even more aggravated. Land is drying up, streams are drying up, rivers have scant flow and glaciers are melting.
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#Thread #1
#Chopta has become a popular #Spring trek with the ancient Tungnath Temple (one of Panch Kedars), snowy peaks, iridescent monals, & rhododendrons.  Here are some info, images, & posts I've gathered over the years. #Garhwal #Himalayas #Uttarakhand #trekking
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#Thread #2 Chopta-Tungnath-Chadrashila Trek

The primary activity is the trek to #Tungnath , the highest Shiva Temple (3600 meters). You can hike further up to Chandrashila Top (4000 meters). This post was written by @aloketweet who went with me.…
#Thread #3


The trek is a great place to spot #HimalayanMonals the state bird of #Uttarakhand 

Here's a post with more pics.…
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One in four hydropower project sites along the Himalayan Rivers are likely to face severe damage from earthquake-triggered landslides, according to a research. #UttarakhandDisaster #earthquake @nivedita_Him @yamunajiye @Upadhyay_Cavita @Indian_Rivers @hridayeshjoshi
The research was conducted by researchers from the University of Potsdam, Germany, who compiled damages to 41 hydropower projects after Nepal’s 2015 #earthquake, and used that data to estimate earthquake-triggered damages to projects in other parts of #Himalayas. @yamunajiye
The model developed by the research team took into account the combined effect of ground shaking (Peak Ground acceleration) & river steepness (Mχ) and was applied to projects in Indian, Nepalese and Bhutanese #Himalayas.
@yamunajiye @hridayeshjoshi @nivedita_Him @Upadhyay_Cavita
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Geological, historical & geophysical observations show that the entire Himalayan arc is poised to produce a sequence of great #earthquake. Human catastrophe likely to be unprecedented. The abstract is scary to the point. @yamunajiye #Uttarakhand #Himalayas… Image
It is estimated that due to the average rate of convergence between the Indian and Asian plates, every year adds additional strain on the Main Himalayan Thrust (MHT) that needs an Mw =7.3 #earthquake for release. @yamunajiye @RaajSonak
As per a review of earthquakes in the #Himalayas in past 1000 years; over the past 500 years, there haven’t been enough big earthquakes (Mw = 8 and above) to ease the accumulated strain in large sections of the Himalayan arc. 
#earthquake @yamunajiye
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I refuse to give up, yes it’s been tough
but I am holding my grounds in the toughest battle field #himalayas

Help me influence I seek in every lifestyle because if we are in it together I see the light at the end of the tunnel

Help me ☘️
a) participant with us (register at for regular updates)
b) organise small scale clean ups wherever you are
c) Ask local authorities to dispose solid waste properly (start by visiting dumping/landfill/recycling units nearby)
e) help us reach out to maximum number of travel agencies & travellers
f) Don’t litter and stop people from littering around
g) Make gatherings (weddings, birthday parties etc sustainable & eco friendly)
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One more #hydropowerproject proposed in the #Himalayas in #HimachalPradesh

The 210 MW Luhri Stage-I Hydro Electric Project located on river #Satluj #IndusBasin

On Nov 4, 2020, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the investment of Rs 1810.56 crore for this #hydropowerproject in Shimla & Kullu districts of Himachal Pradesh. It will generate 758.20 million units of electricity per year.
This project is being implemented by the Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited (SJVNL) on Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (BOOM) basis with active support from Government of India and State Government.
#hydrpowerproject #Himalayas

*Pl note the word BOOM

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The secret of physical #immortality is one of the deepest occult secrets of the Light forces that has never been revealed to anybody who has not reached a certain vibrational frequency, a certain inner purity and a certain degree of dedication to the Light. Image
The Portal…
I will now reveal to the surface population as much as it is wise to reveal.
Physical #immortality is reached through a certain conversion process, which is done by the right combination of three factors: Image
The #Archons and the rest of the #Cabal never understood this process in its entirety, but are searching for immortality nevertheless. They only have fragmentary understanding of the process which they stole from #MemphisMisraim masonic lodges.
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For the last many years, mountains have witnessed an increased spate in trekking activities. Mass trekking activities have resulted in the deterioration of the mountain ecosystem. From Mt. Everest to Valley of Flowers, waste mgt is the new challenge for the hills!
#Trekking has been immensely famous amongst the youth residing in mega metropolises and other urban hubs of the country. Seeing it as a good economic opportunity, organizations have begun mass trekking activities which are proving to be fatal for the fragile #mountains!
#Himachal has been struggling to keep its remote and hilly areas clean. With increased trekking activities, plastic waste is a new problem for the villagers. But, organizations like @healinghimalaya have taken it upon themselves to address such a crisis!…
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Study Estimates Global Ice Loss of 28 Gigatonnes Since 1994; #Arctic Worst-Hit - by @MrigDixit…

(Image credit: NASA/Joe MacGregor) Image
Melting and refreezing of ice around the globe is an annual natural phenomenon, but owing to the gradual rise in global average temperature, the cycle is no longer marked by just the seasonal variability.

Over the last few decades, the accelerated irreversible melting has been a prime indicator of #globalwarming and is posing a massive threat to the entire world in the form of rising sea-levels.

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Large charismatic birds with disproportionately large beaks and distinctive calls, #hornbills are the #farmers of our #forests. Today’s #WildAboutFacts series focuses on these feathered foresters.

Join us & share your hornbill images!

Rufous-necked Hornbills
📷Sarbajit Ghosh

There are 62 #hornbill species in the world, with 32 in #Asia and 30 in #Africa.

#India is home to 9 of them including the #GreatHornbill, the #MalabarPiedHornbill and the #RufousNeckedHornbill.

Malabar Pied Hornbill
📷 @samyak15

Several #hornbill species have a distinct #casque on their upper mandible. #GreatHornbills have a prominent #yellow and #black casque.

📷 Keya Das
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Kashmir has always been more than a mere place. It has the quality of an experience, or a state of a mind, or perhaps an ideal #Kashmir #KashmirTheHeaevOnEarth
Surreal landscape of Village Lathong, Surankote which is bound to mesmerize you....
#MesmerizingKashmir #KashmirTheHeaevOnEarth
#Kashmir Image
Beautiful lush green meadows. Bal - Padri Trek from Bhadarwah to Bhalessa
#MesmerizingKashmir #KashmirTheHeaevOnEarth
#Kashmir ImageImageImageImage
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Welcome back to another episode of the #WildAboutFacts series. Today, we are taking over your feed with pictures and #trivia of one of the most alluring creatures from the #wild, the #RedPanda.

Join us, share your #photographs of the #Firefox of the #Himalayas.

📷Sourav Mondal

Its distinctive fur has earned this species monikers such as #Firefox, Firecat, or Fire-coloured Cat. Arguably, the #RedPanda is the only true #Panda, as the #GiantPanda, which is believed to be closely related, belongs to the #bear family.

📷Senthil Murugan

Around half of the #RedPanda’s natural habitat lies in the Eastern #Himalayas#Nepal, #Sikkim, northern #WestBengal, #Bhutan, and #ArunachalPradesh.

Its remaining home is in northern #Myanmar and a few provinces of central #China.

📷Ramshesha N
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🇮🇳 #India's government has remained silent about the potential fallout from clashes with #China's 🇨🇳 army in a disputed border area in the high #Himalayas

The most violent confrontation in decades between the two countries claimed 20 soldiers' lives, according to the Indian army
The border between #India 🇮🇳 and #China 🇨🇳 where the recent clashes took place, is known as the 'Line of Actual Control'

It was established following a war between the two countries in 1962 that resulted in an uneasy truce

France 24's @MandakiniGahlot tells us more ⤵️
#India 🇮🇳 said no shots were fired during the clash, but #China 🇨🇳 has accused Indian forces of carrying out “provocative attacks” on its troops

Experts say the countries are unlikely to head into a war, but that easing tensions will be difficult

More ⤵️
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