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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/11/2022…
Misinformation Is Everywhere, Especially About Past Information - Bloomberg…
#misinformation, #history
Why Smuggled Fossils Are Hurting Paleontology | Science | Smithsonian Magazine…
#SmuggledFossils, #paleontology, #ParachuteScience, #HeritageLaws
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Attacks or accidents? A thread for #FossilFriday!
Several hadrosaurs have been found with serious, oval shaped injuries to the tall spines along the tops of their tail. Some paleontologists have suggested that these are from unsuccessful attacks by tyrannosaurs. But are they?1/11
The two best specimens are a Brachylophosaurus (JRF1002) and an Edmontosaurus (DMNH1493) with strikingly similar injuries. In both cases the bones had begun healing after the injury occurred, so while these may have contributed to the animals deaths they likely weren't the cause.
Both genera were predated on by large tyrannosaurs, so it's possible that these were bite marks from attacks that ended with the hadrosaur managing to escape. Indeed, the shape and size would be roughly congruent with a bite mark from the local tyrannosaur genera.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/22/2022…
Trump Backs Boosters. Clearly, Someone Did the Math for Him. | by Donald G. McNeil Jr. | Jan, 2022 | Medium…

#PartisanPolitics, #VaccinationBoosters, #PoliticalEndorsement, #SwingStates
The Complex Alternative: Complexity Scientists on the COVID-19 Pandemic — SFI Press…

#ComplexityScience, #BookReview, #SantaFeInstitute, #COVID19, #SocialCommentary
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/13/2022…
Inside the multibillion-dollar, Silicon Valley-backed effort to reimagine how the world funds (and conducts) science – Endpoints News…

#ScientificResearch, #ResearchFunding, #FundingFlows
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/31/2021…
How to Create a Health Care Crisis ⋆ Brownstone Institute…

#PublicHealth, #HealthCareSystem, #PandemicResponse
The Risk of Vaccinated COVID Transmission Is Not Low - Scientific American…

#COVID19, #transmissibility, #vaccinations, #InfectionRisk
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/29/2021…
Someone in my home has COVID. How do we isolate safely? - Clean Air Crew…

#COVID19, #IsolationAtHome, #TransmissionRisk, #HouseholdMembers
Differences Between a Secular and a Religious Upbringing…

#SecularUpbringing, #ReligiousUpbringing, #ValueSystems, #differences
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/22/2021…
The Corn of the Future Is Hundreds of Years Old and Makes Its Own Mucus…

#CornVarieties, #PlantBreeding, #bacteria, #NaturalFertilizer, #mucus
The Second Great Age of Political Correctness…

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/20/2021…
Intranasal priming induces local lung-resident B cell populations that secrete protective mucosal antiviral IgA…

#ImmunoGlobulinA, #AntiviralImmunity, #RespiratorySystem, #VaccineEfficacy, #ResearchReport
Bizarre tail weaponry in a transitional ankylosaur from subantarctic Chile | Nature Portfolio Ecology & Evolution Community…

#paleontology, #ChileanPatagonia, #FossilDiscovery, #ankylosaur, #PublicationBackground
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/15/2021…
Well-Structured German Study Shows No Deaths among Healthy German Kids Ages 5 to 11 ⋆ Brownstone Institute…

#MedicalStudy, #germany, #COVID19, #mortality, #children, #SchoolClosures
Fast superhighway through the Solar System discovered - Big Think…

#ArchesOfChaos, #SpaceTravel, #SolarSystem, ScientificDiscovery
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“White People Did Not Exist On Planet Eartt Until 1681.”

“The notion of White People is not derived from biology.”

“White supremacy has been embedded in the United States of America since its founding as a matter of law.”

— Dr. Jacqueline Battalora Image
"The Atlantic slave trade was well under way before there even was such a thing as the “Black Race” or the “White Race,” both previously being a host of various nationalities, ethnicities, religions, cultures, languages, and phenotypical features."…
Never forget or minimize this...

“the system of racialised perpetual hereditary chattel slavery that was developed in the New World by Europeans has NO EQUIVALENT
in history."

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The teeth of a new species of the hybodont #shark, which belonged to the #Jurassic era, have been discovered for the first time in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. #Paleontology #Fossil


(📸: IANS)
The fossils were discovered from the Jurassic rocks in the #Jaisalmer region of #Rajasthan. The rocks are between 160 and 168 million years old.

The crushing teeth represent a new species, named by the research team as 'Strophodusjaisalmerensis'.
The genus Strophodus has been identified for the first time in the Indian sub-continent, and is only the third such record from Asia—the other two being from Japan and Thailand.
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Os mamutes estão voltando!
Embora pareça coisa de ficção-científica, nunca estivemos tão perto de ter espécies extintas andando pelo planeta, e o mamute deve ser o primeiro!
Sege o fio
Arte por @JuliotheArtist
#paleontology #paleonto #BioThreadBR
A chamada desextinção consiste no processo de clonar um organismo extinto. Ao gerar um embrião viável, ele é implantado em uma espécie geneticamente próxima daquela a ser clonada, e, em teoria, isso poderia trazer uma espécie de volta.
Surpreendentemente, isso foi realizado em 2009, quando o íbex-dos-pirineus foi clonado. A espécie, extinta em 2000, foi clonada com sucesso uma única vez, mas, infelizmente, o filhote morreu apenas 10 minutos após seu nascimento. Essa é a única espécie extinta duas vezes.
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To make it also official via Twitter: my first PhD paper came out! We provide a review on the research history of the temporal skull region in tetrapods and how people discussed the evolution of temporal openings from the 19th century until today.
What really baffled our minds was the high amount of terminology introduced for the temporal morphology. Next to the well known "Synapsida" or "Diapsida", and lesser known "stegokrotaphic", there were also mostly forgotten terms like "Anomapsida" or "pseudomonozygokrotaph".
Also the taxonomic content of some of the taxa named after their temporal openings differed over time. For example, did you know that the original Synapsida also included sauropterygians, turtles, and "cotylosaurs", but no "pelycosaurs"?
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We're hiring for several assistant curator and collections manager positions. We're seeking diverse candidates, and we'd love your help spreading the word. #DiversifySTEM 🌈🧵⬇️
Below are a thread of the open positions. If you're part of the #BlackInSTEM #LGBTQInSTEM #NativeInSTEM or other #BIPOCstem communities, could you share or RT? 👀 If you're an interested candidate, we hope you'll apply! 💻
Assistant Curator of Invertebrate #Paleontology or #Paleobotany ➡️…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/12/2021…
World's first dinosaur preserved sitting on nest of eggs with fossilized babies…

#dinosaurs #fossils #paleontology #discovery
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