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Ukrspecsystems LLC #Shark aus 🇺🇦, #WarOfDrones 1/6
Ukrspecsystems begann mit der Entwicklung der Shark unmittelbar nach dem Angriff 🇷🇺 auf die 🇺🇦 am 24. Februar 2022. Es dauerte weniger als sechs Monate, um die Drohne in die Luft zu bringen. 2/6
Das SHARK UAV wurde speziell für die Luftaufklärung in der Tiefe sowie Zielerfassung und Korrektur für weitreichende Feldraketensysteme entwickelt, insbesondere für HIMARS. 3/6 ImageImageImageImage
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Amity, as you know, means friendship...Join us as we chart those fateful events on Amity Island as they unfolded over the next few days as #breakingnews items. #Jaws Image
BREAKING: Reports coming in that a #swimmer has gone #missing after a late night swim. More on this #story as it develops.

#Jaws #breakingnews Image
And we've this just in from Amity Island News, an exclusive update on the missing swimmer situation from the chief of police, Martin Brody #breakingnews #Jaws
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Our shocking new report out today reveals how 24 #shark finning incidents were observed on @MSCecolabel-certified vessels in the Western Central Pacific Ocean.
But those observer reports were ignored, so they got leaked to us instead...
🧐 🦈…
We also found evidence of @MSCecolabel-certified fishing boats deliberately setting their nets around schools of tuna associated with live whale sharks.
And we received evidence from observers of @MSCecolabel-certified fishing boats deliberately setting their nets around schools of tuna associated with cetaceans including false killer whales. Again, the observer reports were ignored. (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
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The teeth of a new species of the hybodont #shark, which belonged to the #Jurassic era, have been discovered for the first time in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. #Paleontology #Fossil


(📸: IANS)
The fossils were discovered from the Jurassic rocks in the #Jaisalmer region of #Rajasthan. The rocks are between 160 and 168 million years old.

The crushing teeth represent a new species, named by the research team as 'Strophodusjaisalmerensis'.
The genus Strophodus has been identified for the first time in the Indian sub-continent, and is only the third such record from Asia—the other two being from Japan and Thailand.
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Taronga’s marine scientists, in collaboration with Macquarie Uni & others internationally, are investigating the effects of pulsed electric fields on #shark physiology & behavior to deliver innovative improvements in deterrents to save the lives of people & #sharks. #ScienceWeek
This @ARC_gov_au funded project builds on a previous ARC LP by this team that uncovered information on #shark vision and demonstrated the effectiveness of counter-illumination (light emitting) devices in deterring shark attacks
The new project (late 2020>) will test the effectiveness of existing & improved personal deterrents against attacks from white, bull & tiger #sharks. This should reduce fatalities by increasing device-use, while also reducing the need for indiscriminate meshing/culling programs.
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Taronga scientists also manage the Australian #Shark Attack File (ASAF). This long-term database & resource provides valuable insights on incidents and the effectiveness of possible deterrents. #ScienceWeek….
Research using ASAF data led by Laura Ryan with Taronga’s Dr David Slip, Macquarie University, DPI and UNSW scientists, generated predictive models for #shark attacks in Australian waters based on environmental conditions. .…
This paper identified rainfall & sea surface temperature anomaly as key predictors, and is of great value in designing a potential warning system platform that can allow water users to make more informed decisions before entering the water.
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As Taronga’s Research & #Conservation Coordinator, & a marine biologist specializing in #ConservationGenetics, Dr Jo Day, wears many hats – & most are waterproof! Jo’s work covers many areas & species, including the little-known Port Jackson #shark... #MarineScience #ScienceWeek
Data from GPS and accelerometer tags fitted to Taronga zoo-based Port Jackson #sharks allowed the team to identify resting & active swimming, as well as feeding behaviour.
Using fine and broad scale #MovementEcology data from these Port Jackson #sharks, #MachineLearning models allowed the team to identify these key behaviours in this elusive #marine #shark species.…
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Time for another #TetZoocryptomegathread, in which we examine the backstory to a photo or film said to depict a cryptid, or monster. This time, we’re not looking at a photo claimed to be of a live animal BUT at photos which depict a very dead one: a rotted carcass, in fact…
I am of course talking about the ZUIYO-MARU CARCASS: the large, decomposed body of a sea creature, ‘captured’ by accident in the nets of the Japanese fishing vessel the Zuiyo-maru on April 25th 1977 while they were about 48km off the east coast of Christchurch, New Zealand…
The name ‘Zuiyo-maru’ has been written in several ways in the literature (as ‘Zuiyomaru’ or ‘Zuiyo Maru’, for example). I’m here going to follow the style used in the 1978 report on the carcass (Zuiyo-maru). And the Zuiyo-maru carcass will be called the ZMC from hereon!
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Yesterday, on the 1st day of the UK's #COVID19 lockdown, I started posting a daily #deepsea fact on my instagram (@diva_amon) to help amaze/excite/distract. Will cross-post them here also. Feel free to add comments/questions/etc. & I'll try to get to them #DivasDailyDeepSeaFact
DAY 1: The test used to diagnose #COVID19 & other pandemics was developed with the help of an enzyme isolated from a #microbe found in #DeepSea #HydrothermalVents & freshwater hot springs.
Video: @NERCscience @adrg1.
Fact: @WHOI.
DAY 2: #DeepSea life can be slow. Case in point: the Greenland #shark (Somniosus microcephalus) can live for >400 years & only becomes sexually mature at >150 years old. Yes, it took me a grand total of 2 posts to start talking about sex. I blame @Marahh2o. Video: @oceanexplorer
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Despite a modestly lower headline than expected, and noise from Hurricane Florence, today’s #payroll data continued the trend of remarkably strong labor #markets, particularly when upward revisions and a longer-term view are considered.
Yet, long-term interest rates will react to “the #shark closest to the boat,” which at this point is higher #wages, as this has historically transmitted into significantly higher inflation over time.
But while wage gains are decent today, we think they’re less likely to result in much higher #inflation, unless corporate pricing power shifts meaningfully higher. That’s partly because more of those #wages are likely to be saved, and also due to secular headwinds to inflation. Image
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Good morning Twitter! I move to Australia today! 1 like/retweet of this tweet = 1 thing you (maybe) didn't know about Australian #sharks.
Alright, let's get this party started: First, numbers aren't 100% accurate but anywhere from 170-190 species of #sharks call Australian waters home. That's a lot, seeing as how there are roughly 500-ish species.
According to the Australian Government's Department of Environment and Energy, of those 170-190 species, around 70 are thought to be endemic. Endemic means "native to a specific region or environment and not occurring naturally anywhere else."
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Before she brought French cuisine into America’s mainstream, Julia Child had dynamic career in #OSS in #WWII.
#OSS75 Image
1912 - born in California
1934 - graduated from @smithcollege
Then wrote advertising copy for furniture store in New York City
#OSS75 Image
@smithcollege Wanting to serve her country during #WWII, but too tall to join the military, Julia joined #OSS & became one of 4,500 OSS women.
#OSS75 Image
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