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Travelling through #India you can't miss such boulder heaps...

Think of Hampi's ruins (below) or Sravanabelagola (Karnataka), or Mt Abu (Rajasthan)?

#DidYouKnow, such isolated hill/ridge features that jut out from the surrounding plains are called #inselbergs?

#Geo thread/ Geology: inselberg formation at Hampi, Karnataka, India
Derived from German words meaning 'island mountain', #inselbergs are residual features that form across climatic zones.

Yet are most abundant in tropical regions with granite-gneiss outcrops, like those on the cratons across India, as also in the zones marked BCG, CGC, and SGT. Map in the publication, The Indian Peninsula: Geomorphic Lan
Debates rage on how #inselbergs formed, yet most concede they are the result of weathering (breaking down of rocks at site) and erosion (transport of weathered material).

In #India, insolation (heat from sun's rays), rainwater, and rivers have shaped landscapes for millennia. Hampi's boulder inselbergs with the river Tungabhadra snakin
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Latest data from SMS hospital, #Jaipur stated #HydroxyChloroquine was given in ~4300 healthcare workers as prophylaxis. Only 45 contracted #COVID19 and got recovered later. #Hydroxychloroquineworks…
SMS hospital #Jaipur has been declared non-COVID hospital on June 1. Before that the hospital has emerged as a role model for #Rajasthan in managing #COVID19.
Continuous attack is going on to discredit the drug since the beginning. So much thankful to our real Physicians who did not lose hope on #hydroxychloriquine an it's efficacy as a prophylaxis. @MsAnaMcCarthy largest data from India on HCQ prophylaxis is out. Take a look.
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"கையத் தட்டுனா கொரோனா இந்தியாவுல இல்லாமப் போயிடும்" னு #பொணந்தின்னி_மோடி சொன்னதக் கேட்டு… நடந்த அன்றைய கூத்துகள் 👇👇👇
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Kirti Stambha

A 72-feet-high tower built is adorned with Jain sculptures and dedicated to Tirthankara Adinath.

Was built by a Jain merchant Jeeja Bhagerwala during the reign of Rawal Singh for the glory of #Jainism.
@vinayak_jain @LostTemple7
@vanitajain21 @JainMaggii
An 1847 Image of Kirti Stambha by James Fergusson's 'Ancient Architecture in Hindostan'

The tower is built in the Solanki style of north Indian temple architecture that originated in Gujarat and Rajasthan.
@JAIN_24T @prashantkawadia @JAIN_24T @harshasherni @PanditRamJoshi
#Chittorgarh has a history going back several centuries. The Jain Temple near Kirti Stambha was an ancient centre of Jain tradition.

@OGSaffron @devendrabhaiji @IAMPMSM @shhhhcularism @iam_Jitu @AdvaitaKala
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A beautiful scene that belies the lack of modern High calibre #artilleryguns in the #IndianArmy & serves as a reminder that 21 years after the Field #artillery Rationalization plan was drafed to remedy deficiencies exposed during #Kargil they remain diminished.
Thread below
The FARP projection envisaged the acquisition of around 3000 #artillery pieces which were subdivided into 814 truck-mounted guns, 1,580 towed guns, 100 tracked self-propelled guns, 180 wheeled self-propelled guns and 145 ultra-light howitzers.
Some 2819 guns in all.
Out of this projected requirement only the requirement for ULWH ( Ultra light weight howitzers has been addressed with the ongoing acquisition of 145 @BAESystemsInc @MahindraRise M777 155/39 guns.
There is some chatter on an additional 290 gun requirement that remains open.
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'Rajasthan'....Why NOT getting some limelight in #COVID19 context? At a Glance:
- 5119/mil tests
- 66% recovery rate
- 31% active cases
- 2.23% mortality
- 3% growth rate, which needs to be down further.
The state is doing fine so far!! #rajasthancoronaupdate Image
States w/ 1000+ #Covid_19 cases: Sample tested until 31 May & Positive rate(%)
#Maharashtra 14.63%, highest
Trouble: Delhi, Telangana, Bihar & Gujarat, need intervention.
Excellent: Andhra, Karnataka, J& K positive rate below 1.5%.
Good: Rajashthan, Haryana, UP #COVID19India Image
As on 1 June, #TamilNadu added 1162 new cases. Positive rate stands at 9.77%, highest in last 7 days. Recovery 57%, Active cases 42%, mortality is just 0.79%. #TamilNaduCoronaupdate #IndiaFightsCoronavirus @Sheks65 @pibchennai
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Jambudweep is the realm where ordinary human beings live.

Mount Meru is at the centre of the world surrounded by Jambudweep.

See the thread.


@vinayak_jain @YoungJainsIndia @bahubali09
@truejainology @Charmi_Ankit @SarikaJainBJP
An early 19th-century #painting depicting the map of Jambudweep.
1810 CE cloth painting from #Gujarat.

Jambūdvīpa continent has 6 mighty mountains, dividing the continent into 7 zones (Ksetra).

The 3 zones i.e. Bharat Kshetra (India), Mahavideh and Airavat are also known as #Karma Bhoomi as the practice of austerities and liberation is possible.

Work of Art showing from 17th century CE Manuscript of 12th-century Jain text Sankhitta Sangheyan

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The Golden Jain Temples of #Rajasthan
Pic 1. Soniji Ki Nasiyan Ajmer
Pic 2. Shri Falna Swarna Jain Tirth

See the thread


@vinayak_jain @YoungJainsIndia
@truejainology @bahubali09 @_bhaarratpati @sourabh806 @LavanyaBallal
#India ImageImage
Soniji Ki Nasiyan #Ajmer

Greatly revered by the Digambar sect of the Jains, the temple is dedicated to Lord Rishabhdev.

The 5 Kalyanakas of Lord Rishabhdev could be displayed in Golden models.

@SarikaJainBJP ImageImageImageImage
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The Three Jewels of #Rajasthan

1. Ranakpur Jain Temple
The Jain temple rises to three stories supported by 1,444 carved marble pillars. Notably, no pillar has similar designs and are in fact truly unique.

@sourabh806 Image
2. Dilwara Temple, Rajasthan
It is a short distance from Mount Abu, #Rajasthan’s only hill station. The temples are popular not just for its religious value but are renowned for beautiful and artistic marble carvings.

@Charmi_Ankit Image
3 Rishabhdeo Ji
This temple was considered to be one of the four main religious institutions of Mewar, ruled by the Sisodia Maharanas of Udaipur, as stated by Chatur Singhji Bavji:

"Ekling Girirajdhar Rishabdev Bhujchaar
Sumaron Sada Sneh so, Chaar Dham Mewar"

@truejainology Image
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Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas, is famous for its rich culture. But what makes the state distinctive and popular is its cuisine. Rajasthanis love their food and it is evident in their preparations. Dal Bati Churma maava kachori are the most famous dishes of Rajasthan Image
Gujarati cuisine is that of the state ofGujarat, in western India. The typical Gujaratithali consists of rotli, dal or kadhi, rice, and shaak (a dish made up
of several different combinations of vegetables and spices, which may be either spicy or sweet). Image
Kachri ki chutney is famous in Haryana. This chutney is made from vegetable called Kachri that is locally grown in the state. Kachri is a wild variety of cucumber & looks like watermelon. Kachri chutney is made from ground kachri, garlic, onion, other spices & yogurt. Image
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Thread: #prithvirajchauhanjayanti

2001: Bandit/Parliamentarian #PhoolanDevi (#Bundelkhand, #UttarPradesh) ki!!ed by Sher Singh Rana.
2004: Sher Singh Rana escapes #TiharJail. Travels #Kolkata-#Dhaka-#Kabul, #Afghanistan.


To bring back the remains of our Maharaja #PrithvirajChauhan.
Who was #PrithvirajChauhan?

The ruler of a Kingdom stretched from #Rajasthan to #Gujarat to East #Punjab with twin capital cities; #Ajmer and #Delhi - 1178 CE to 1192 CE.

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Weddings in different cultures of India.

Traditional Bengali weddings have four parts: the bride's Gaye Holud, the groom's Gaye Holud, the Beeye and the Bou Bhaat.
The wedding ceremony is known as 'Biya', in the Assamese language. Like all major traditional Hindu weddings, an Assam wedding also has pre & post wedding ceremonies
Kashmiri weddings are very unique and are celebrated with lots of zeal. Jammu and Kashmiri brides look extremely gorgeous in their traditional wedding dress which is usually Sharara or a suit along with a head wear known as Tarang.
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Are districts in #Maharashtra at its peak in terms of new #coronavirus confirmed cases?

Plotting the daily new cases with a moving average for a 7 day period.

Lets #StayHome and all be #CoronaWarriors!

@aparanjape @CafeEconomics @MulaMutha @MakrandParanspe
Plotting this for #Gujarat
.. and for #Tamilnadu
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Don’t we all love fun facts about wildlife? In our #WildAboutFacts series, we bring you some striking images and facts about the animals around us. Let’s begin the series with #Leopards.

Join the discussion and post your #leopard images!

Image: Vinay NP #NiFHiveFeature

#Leopards are actually the smallest among the genus of big cats. These elusive #cats prefer to hide in trees or in caves during the day.

Image: @rajivkalsi #NiFHiveFeature

#Leopards are not picky about their food and feed on a wide range of animals. They crouch low and sneak on their prey before attacking them.

Image: Arjun Guha #NiFHiveFeature
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#SupremeCourt hearing on petition by #ArnabGoswami begins.

For #Congress-ruled states, Sr adv Kapil Sibal, Vivek Tankha, Manish Singhvi appear although Goswami's petition is yet to be admitted for hearing or notices issued.
Sr adv Mukul Rohatgi commences his arguments on behalf of #ArnabGoswami, starts with narrating the facts of the #Palghar lynching.
Rohatgi laments killing of two sadhus in #Palghar by 200 men even though 12 policemen were present there.

"It is shocking somebody took a video of the sadhus being lynched while the police is standing by & is virtually complicit," adds Rohatgi.
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Who hates #Hindus so much to kill #Sadhus & steal the gold ornaments of #Temple ?

It was #lockdown & how did 200 people gather on the highway?

#Sadhus were going to #Rajasthan to attend a funeral & they were stopped by the mob and they pelted the stones & toppled their vehicle.
A forest guard called the police & then the whole battalion of police came
It was not just 1 or 2 police who were there.

There was whole police battalion & still they handed over the Sadhus to lynch mob & watched them die a brutal death.
Then it took 2 days for the police to take action as initially they tried to push it off as news of some villagers who caught thieves and killed them.

Indian express published it as 3 thieves beaten to death by villagers in Palghar dist of #Maharashtra.
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A state-wise analysis
- Underlying dynamics of the epidemic, the human factors and interventions that have resulted in the trends for each state - 10 states covered in this thread
- Reading the plots
Our customized epidemiological simulator for India-specific questions & the modelling parameters
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In #Bhilwara 1,06,856 households & 5,33,786 people have been surveyed. 149 are high risk cases Of Influenza Like Illness(ILI) and 3317 are normal ILI symptoms. Out of these 133 are people who travelled from abroad. #Covid19 #Rajasthan #Lockdown21
Over the next two days 1948 teams of medical & other departments will reach 4,22,358 rural households in #Bhilwara & survey 21,64,311 covering 88.15% people. #COVID19 #Rajasthan @rohitksingh
So far hotels, hostels and resorts I #Bhilwara have been taken over and 1511 number of #Quarantine rooms have been established and total number of 14,411 beds are available at the moment. In govt hospitals there are arrangements of 200 isolation beds and 35 in Pvt hosp. #COVID19
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Updates from #Rajasthan : Workers moving across bordering cities have started walking towards their villages as there is no transport; being asked to provide health certificates on the boarder. No health facilities nearby. @CMOGuj @CMORajsthan @PMOIndia
50 male members of the Ujala samooh families set out from Ahemdabad on foot due to lack of transportation. There's no access to food either. Now they are stuck in Himmmatnagar, don’t know where to get tested for any probable symptoms. @CMOGuj @CMORajsthan @PMOIndia
Many daily wage workers and their families are struggling despite the government's relief orders. There are families in Salumbar’s Malpur, who have not received any relief package and have no savings to survive another few days. @LabourMinistry @PMOIndia
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Visuals from #Rajasthan

Men, women , children come out on streets of Jaipur to support unsung heroes of our society

In the backdrop of iconic hawa mahal chant slogans #CoronaBhagao

#JantaCurfew #JantaCurfewChallenge

#Covid_19india #CoronavirusPandemic
Visuals from walled city of #Jaipur

While a woman beats thali from the jharokha (lattice window) of her house, daughter and pet joins in .

#Covid_19india #COVID19outbreak
#ThaliBajao #JantaCurfew
In #Jaiour #JantaCurfew brings joint families together .

Entire family comes out together on their doorsteps to beat the thali.

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The National Crime Records Bureau (#NCRB) published the annual Crime in India Report 2018 recently. #DALITWOMENFIGHT's @elite_dalit and @_senpai_i explains what it says about crime and #atrocities against #DalitWomen and children. #TalkCaste #SCSTPOA
As per the NCRB data 2018, the total number of crimes and atrocities reported against the Scheduled Caste is 42793. In these 42793 cases, the rate of filing of chargesheet is 81.3%, while the pendency rate is 27.5%. #DALITWOMENFIGHT #TalkCaste #NCRB #SCSTPOA
The high number of chargesheets being filed also negates the false notion that most of the cases filed are “fake” & out of “revenge”. It’s extremely important to remember that these are only those cases of atrocities which are reported.The actual number is much higher. #TalkCaste
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In order to contain the spread of #CoronaVirus, there will be complete lockdown in #Rajasthan from tomorrow, except for essential services, till 31st March. All offices – govt and private, malls, shops, factories will be closed & public transport services will be shut down too.
A core group has been set up headed by ACS Home to look into all the problems faced by people during the lock down period. This core group will also ensure the poor & deprived face no scarcity of rations & food items. It will ensure compliance of all orders too.#राजस्थान_सतर्क_है
The beneficiaries of social security pension will be given two months pension by the first week of April. Our effort is that nobody should face any financial problems in the state due to #CoronavirusOutbreak.
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Basit Ahmed Khan, 17 yr old youth from Kupwara #Kashmir who was working as a waiter in #Jaipur was allegedly beaten to death after a fight broke out with his co worker.

Rajasthan police has arrested one accused under section 302 & 307 of IPC and detained two others
Sufiyan, who was accompanying Basit at the time of attack on Feb 05 night tells DH, "There were 8 other waiters in the car who hit him on his head over a small argument of opening the car gate".

Sufiyan had lodged FIR at Harmada police station in #Rajasthan

"Basit, 17 yr old, had recently cleared his 11 grade exams with a strong desire to join army just like his father Late Khursheed Ahmed Khan", his uncle tells DH outside the mortuary at SMS hospital.

The body has been sent to Kupwara his hometown in an ambulance @DeccanHerald
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#Threads Collating National Protests Against #CAA_NRC_NPR
Scheduled On 30 January 2020, Thursday
24x7 | Shaheen Bagh | women led protest
24x7 | near Khureji Petrol Pump, Khureji | women led dharna
24x7 | Seelampur-Jafrabad, in front of Al Taj Dawakhana
24x7 | Inderlok Metro Station
24x7 | Turkman Gate, Chandni Chowk
24x7 | Jamia Millia Islamia Gate 7
24x7 | Brijpuri Pullya, Mustafabad
24x7 | Kardampuri Chowk, opp. Yamuna Vihar
24x7 | Chand Bagh, near Gokulpuri Metro Station
24x7 | Sri Ram Colony, Ramleela Ground, near Hanuman Mandir, Khajuri
24x7 | Gandhi Park, Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar
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