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The teeth of a new species of the hybodont #shark, which belonged to the #Jurassic era, have been discovered for the first time in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. #Paleontology #Fossil


(📸: IANS)
The fossils were discovered from the Jurassic rocks in the #Jaisalmer region of #Rajasthan. The rocks are between 160 and 168 million years old.

The crushing teeth represent a new species, named by the research team as 'Strophodusjaisalmerensis'.
The genus Strophodus has been identified for the first time in the Indian sub-continent, and is only the third such record from Asia—the other two being from Japan and Thailand.
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Stroke outcome #prognostication

☝️#Stroke clinicians are routinely asked by patients and families regarding prognosis.
🧠The cognitive process underlying prognostication is #complex, poorly understood, and sometime #biased by personal experiences Image

#Fact: Clinicians, even those with expertise in stroke, perform poorly in predicting clinical outcomes
In this case-based study, overall accuracy for predicting death or disability at discharge was <20%😩
#JURaSSIC… Image

☝️Several prognostic #models have been developed to aid prognostication after ischemic stroke
These models #outperform clinician #judgment in predicting stroke outcomes
@GeorgeNtaios Image
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Today I received the most extraordinary #book... I absolutely love it, you should totally buy it too (either for a child you know, or for yourself if you're so inclined). I'm talking about @Dean_R_Lomax's Prehistoric Pets, brand-new from @templarbooks... Image
Prehistoric Pets is thoroughly educational. You look at a familiar pet animal, hear about its anatomy, natural history and wild relatives (goldfish page shown here), and then... Image
... an opening spread with a pop-up feature reveals the animal's prehistoric ancestor (or, at least... relative). Check out this #Leedsichthys, the giant #Jurassic fish! It's brilliant -- well done Dean :) Image
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New Paper: 1st dinosaur from #IsleofEigg! We describe a limb bone, & attribute it to a Middle #Jurassic stegosaur! Thread👇 [1/7] #StEiggosaurus #Fossils #Scotland #dinosaurs #FossilFriday
I discovered the bone on @NatGeo funded #fieldwork in 2017. #IsleofEigg is known for #Jurassic marine reptiles & fish #fossils (found by Hugh Miller & others). It was collected by a team frm @GeosciencesEd & Staffin Dinosaur Museum. #StEiggosaurus [2/7]
The bone was badly eroded, but @MrIchthyosaurus carefully prepared it for the team to study. We combined our expertise in #Mesozoic reptile #anatomy and bone microstructure (#histology), to narrow down the identification. #StEiggosaurus #fossils [3/7]
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Our paper "Ontogenetic similarities between giraffe and sauropod neck osteological mobility"compares the range of motion and neutral pose of the necks of juveniles and adults of extant #giraffes and Spinophorosaurus (Middle #Jurassic #Niger).

THREAD 1/15…
@frco_ortega @PD_Mocho @PLOSONE @mupe_elche @SrParamo @biouned @UNED 2/15 The goal was to test whether there exist ontogenetic-related differences in the range of motion (ROM) and posture of #sauropods. Given there have been many doubts casted on virtual ROM analyses, extant giraffes were used as comparison.
@frco_ortega @PD_Mocho @PLOSONE @mupe_elche @SrParamo @biouned @UNED 3/15 Assembling the virtual skeleton of a newborn giraffe allowed us to reject the hypothesis that articulating bare bones in osteologically neutral pose (ONP) could not predict the amount of intervertebral tissue separating adjacent vertebrae. (Image from @MikeTaylor & Wedel 13)
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