Poorly written provisions in the #InfrastructureBill could regulate #crypto out of existence & make felons of everyday users. Here are a few of the thousands of exciting #blockchain projects that could be impacted by unworkable regulation. (Sharing, not endorsing) #DontKillCrypto
#Bailbloc is an app that redirects a small portion of your computer’s unused processing power towards mining Monero. It then exchanges the Monero for USD, and donates the $$ to a rotating list of bail funds in the @bailfundnetwork every month: bailbloc.thenewinquiry.com/about.html
.@GCASCollege is the world’s first debt-free degree granting college owned by faculty, staff, supportres, and graduates, powered by its own crypto-token, GCASy: gcas.ie/mission-vision…
Holly+, an online instrument created by artist @hollyherndon, is owned and managed by a decentralized organization built on blockchain technology that equitably distributes profits to all its members: decrypt.co/75958/holly-he…
.@Filecoin is a blockchain-powered cloud storage service that allows users to bypass Big Tech and government surveillance/censorship of the content they store and share online: crowdfundinsider.com/2021/03/173423…
.@sci_hub_ is a freely accessible decentralized database of more than 85,000,000 research papers, used by more than 500,000 people every day. After its account was frozen multiple times by Paypal, it now primarily accepts donations in crypto: sci-hub.se/donate
After the Nigerian government froze the bank accounts of @feminist_co, a grassroots group that coordinated vital financial support for anti-police brutality protests in Nigeria in 2020, the group turned to bitcoin for donations: blocknewsafrica.com/nigerian-prote…
.@AttentionToken aims to bring transparency and equity to the world of advertising; it pays publishers for their content and users for their attention, while providing advertisers better returns for their ads: basicattentiontoken.org/#how-it-works
The insurance startup @ArbolMarket uses blockchain-powered decentralized weather data from Chainlink to provide cheaper and more efficient insurance to small and medium sized businesses: chainlinktoday.com/arbols-paramet…
The research group @p2pmod is experimenting with blockchain-powered innovations that democratize and decentralize the “Collaborative Economy”, i.e. the companies and organizations that facilitate peer-to-peer resource sharing, like Wikipedia and Airbnb: p2pmodels.eu
.@Polkadot is a decentralized web project that will allow users – not some centralized authority – to be in control of their data and identities. An initiative of the @Web3foundation.
.@StellarOrg is a cryptocurrency that allows remittance senders to avoid the exploitative fees (sometimes as high as 15%) from services like MoneyGram: marketrealist.com/p/stellar-good…
No shadow bans, no selling user data, no manipulative advertising. The messaging platform @pan_quake will enable users to create, collate, and communicate messages quickly and easily without the BS. Powered by non-financialized blockchain.
.@Crearynet is a social network for artists and creators (and their fans) that enables direct creator-to-buyer sales. An algorithm distributes tokens constantly to authors and curators as rewards according to community user votes.
.@alice_si_ is a decentralized social finance platform that helps impact investors, governments and nonprofits cut transaction costs and fund social and environmental projects while transparently and publicly tracking the impact of their fundings.
.@WordProofio addresses plagiarism and false content online. The company offers tools that allow users to timestamp content and bring transparency to the changes made to websites over time: wordproof.com/customers/
.@BKmicrogrid is an energy marketplace for residential and commercial solar panel owners, sourcing excess solar energy to neighbors and community members, upending traditional energy pricing and reducing community carbon footprints.
.@session_app is an end-to-end encrypted messenger powered by blockchain. It minimizes sensitive metadata and is designed and built for people who want absolute privacy and freedom from any form of surveillance.
Grammy nominated @superposition was the first to debut a song via a blockchain-based platform called The Song That Owns Itself. The platform is an “experiment in distributed content ownership” and reimagines how rights to art are managed:
The @nytimes recently ran an experiment focused on using blockchain to bring transparency to the sources/histories of photographs in online news, from capture to publication: nytimes.com/2020/07/06/ins…
Pressland, a project created by career journalists, aims to map global media production in real time and fight fake news. The project indexes and verifies data, stores it on a blockchain network, then distributes it to partners and clients: pressland.com/technology.php
Defend the promising digital future that #decentralization might bring at DontKillCrypto.com

And, let us know in the replies: what are some of the inspiring social justice-focused blockchain initiatives you’ve heard of or are excited about?

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13 Oct
NEW: Today nearly 50 leading human rights organizations launched HowToStopFacebook.org the first major grassroots campaign in the wake of Frances Haugen's testimony. We're calling for an investigation & a data privacy law "strong enough to end Facebook's current business model"
.@FrancesHaugen & other Facebook whistleblowers have shined a light on the way that Big Tech's surveillance-driven recommendation algorithms are at the root of these company's societal harms. The data Facebook collects on all of us is the fuel that powers those dangerous machines
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New Facebook whistleblower shines light on algorithmic harms. The solution is privacy legislation that makes Facebook’s surveillance driven business model illegal. Congress can and should pass a privacy law strong enough to kill Facebook. #facebookdown #facebookwhistleblower
Last night, the whistleblower behind a series of Wall Street Journal articles about Facebook revealed herself in interviews with 60 minutes and a number of major news outlets. wsj.com/articles/the-f…
Frances Haugen, a former member of Facebook’s civic integrity team, correctly points to algorithmic-amplification-that’s-maximized-for-engagement as being at the root of many of Facebook’s harms.
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The next 24 hours are crucial for #cryptocurrencies. This is the plan to get the House to fix deeply broken provisions in the #InfrastructureBill: we've built a scoreboard, and we need you to contact your rep if they haven't spoken out. >> DontKillCrypto.com/#scoreboard #DontKillCrypto
On 9/30 the House will likely vote to pass the #InfrastructureBill, but this isn't the end of the story. #Crypto isn't dead. On the contrary, this is a golden opportunity to form a much bigger, bipartisan coalition in support of a #decentralized internet.
Because of the 40,000+ #DontKillCrypto calls already, both Republicans and Democrats are calling to fix this unworkable legislation. Your rep should join them. You can see if they have + contact them at DontKillCrypto.com/#scoreboard
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29 Sep
#Crypto Update: the House is scheduled to vote on the #InfrastructureBill this Thursday 9/30. This is a crucial opportunity to get your representative on the record in support of a #DontKillCrypto fix and a decentralized future. Contact your rep at DontKillCrypto.com/#scoreboard
We're actively updating the scoreboard at DontKillCrypto.com to reflect which representatives support a fix for unworkable legislation. This is the best moment possible to ask your reps to join them. The plan for the next 48 hours is to do a big push.
EVERYONE: Use our scoreboard to see if your rep has made a public commitment. If they haven’t, use our easy tools to contact your rep now. If they reply, let us know at Team@FightForTheFuture.org. Then, make sure your friends and collaborators do the same by the morning of 9/30.
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NEW: #Librarians are under attack and we need to make a big stink between now and 10/4. Unless the US Copyright Office hears from enough of us, librarians will be fired and fined up to $30,000 for sharing resources copyright trolls don't like with patrons. fightforthefuture.org/actions/defend…
Our friends at @library_futures have a great writeup on what's going on with the extremely problematic #CASEAct to make this even a thing.

We've made it easy to send in your comment and spread the word at fightforthefuture.org/actions/defend…

"Increasingly, libraries are under attack from private sector interests that want to replace the library card with a credit card, and this harmful move to limit what resources people are allowed to learn about at their library is the latest dangerous step." - @LiaHolland
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20 Aug
THREAD: Imagine if all of these activists & marginalized people could never be financially deplatformed by governments or big banks. That’s the future we’re fighting for w/ #DontKillCrypto — there’s no #Cryptocurrency unless we stand up & demand the things #crypto can get right.
#OnlyFans deplatforming sex workers is only the latest in a long and impressive line of those major corporations have tried to destroy by cutting off their ability to earn or access $$$ cnet.com/news/onlyfans-…
Amnesty International's bank account was frozen by Indian authorities after publishing reports on human rights violations under the Modi government. cbsnews.com/news/india-amn… Image
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