A quick thought or two on David Frost speech in Lisbon, which you can read here -- it's not that long.

He says the NI Protocol is broken, is hurting Good Friday peace deal etc....but neglects to say that this was clear UK Govt choice/1

He says a "hard #Brexit" was "essential" to free the UK -- this is true -- but it was also done at the expense of Northern Ireland. It was a choice - @theresa_may chose a different path/2
@theresa_may So it's more truthful to say -- to quote Kate Hoey, a Brexiter from Northern Ireland, that the province "sacrificed" for a clean-break Brexit. /3

@theresa_may It is also worth recalling that even AFTER sacrificing Northern Ireland, @BorisJohnson and David Frost then rejected pleas by Unionists to mitigate this by doing a veterinary deal with the EU, as Edwin Poots requested in a letter in Summer 2020 /4

@theresa_may @BorisJohnson So whilst Frost might be correct that the EU failed to make it work when it had the chance (these easements coming tomorrow should have been the starting point in Dec 2020) the situation in NI is a function of the UK govt's deliberate choice /5
@theresa_may @BorisJohnson It now wants, to coin a well-worn phrase, to "have it's cake and eat it" by going back to relitigate how the UK can leave NI in the customs territory of the EU (de facto) to avoid a border...while having no border to speak of GB-NI/6
@theresa_may @BorisJohnson Indeed Frost explicitly says (as he requests the EU take a super-special approach to the GB-NI Irish Sea border) that the UK will not have EU-level border checks on its own borders!! /7
@theresa_may @BorisJohnson This is UK's perfect right, but bit cheeky -- to put it mildly -- to think that doesn't register in Brussels, on the day we're asking for a super light-touch border in what is effectively a back door into EU single market /8
@theresa_may @BorisJohnson The rest of it was to be expected -- though surprisingly needy-sounding for a proud, sovereign nation when it comes to the EU being nasty to us and wanting #Brexit Britain to fail (welcome to 'fight club, as regular readers will recall).../9
@theresa_may @BorisJohnson It's also quite rum to threaten the EU over the risk of non-friendly future relations...while implicitly threatening to unilaterally imperil Ireland's place in the single market, which will be viewed as a pretty hostile act in lots of Chancelleries, not just in Brussels./10
@theresa_may @BorisJohnson Anyways, no doubt this is all for show... common sense will prevail and landing zones will be reached.

That means big fixes on both sides. Maybe a re-writing of Article 10 on state aid, maybe even a governance mechanism that has arbitration Swiss-style...and reduced checks/11
@theresa_may @BorisJohnson I'm not saying the EU should go there...though I think they should seriously consider it.

But equally, this Frost speech is a pretty odd way of going about getting them there. ENDS

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12 Oct
Lord David Frost @DavidGHFrost speech on #Brexit #NIProtocol EU-UK relations is live here /1

@DavidGHFrost ON EU-UK relations reached a “Low equilibrium, a somewhat fractious relationship...it need not always be like that. Fixing NI protocol is a prerequisite for getting to that better place.”

Linkage with NI Protocol fix and better relations../2
@DavidGHFrost Despite problems with Paris: "Always look to have a constructive relationship with France"/3
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6 Oct
So @BorisJohnson will use #CPC21 speech to define 'levelling up'...but can it be more than a slogan? Can he change the social and economic geography of Britain?

If you fancy going beyond the bloviation, check this five-part series by brill @FT writers/1

@BorisJohnson @FT We look at four big areas, and interrogate if there is the money, the ambition and the courage to make a difference

- Net Zero
- Skills revolution
- Science Superpower
- Immigration reform

Each throws up a unique set of challenges, but each has real possibilities/2
@BorisJohnson @FT The question -- and the one that I found much more debated at #cpc21 fringes than the polices themselves -- is whether @BorisJohnson has the chops to deliver them in a joined up way. To govern strategically and not -- as @MichaelBarber9 calls it -- "government by spasm" /3
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5 Oct
So @GeorgeFreemanMP is talking at #CPC21 event on #brexit and regulation. He wants “convergence” for existing industries so boardrooms won’t leave. And “divergence” for future industries…without asking why what works for one, wouldn’t work for the other?? /1
He says he backed remain because no-one in Life Sciences wanted to #brexit, but now sees deregulatory future “dynamic, agile” etc.

E-scooters data test bed is his example. U.K. sets standard and then export internationally…but to what standard? 🤯/2
He then lionised the Medicines and Medical devices regulator @MHRAgovuk and it’s boss June Raine for delivering #Covid_19 vaccine. Not mention of why cutting 20%-25% of MHRA jobs /3

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2 Oct
“I don’t think there will be much risk at Christmas time,” member of @BorisJohnson administration tells @ft…but that’s the kind of complacency that has industry wondering if govt really gets how tangled up things are - globally and domestically. So… /1

So as Alan Williams of @daviesturner freight forwarders explains, #COVID19 totally scrambled the world supply chains by shutting down bits of the economy in different orders. The result is a nightmare of rising costs and congestion. /2
Look 👀 at those shipping rates… 14 times pre pandemic levels. And shipping times doubled. So big chance Christmas lights start arriving in January …lots of summer stock landed late. /3
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28 Sep
Fascinating (and telling) discussion being chaired by @CER_Grant at #LabourConference on how Labour would rebuild relations with Europe with @hilarybennmp @lisanandy @JennyChapman ...and how quickly it collapses into 2017-style cakeism /1
@CER_Grant @hilarybennmp @lisanandy @JennyChapman So @lisanandy says not realistic that labour campaigns on rejoining customs union and single market...and @JennyChapman wants to rebuild the relationship 'bit by bit'...but doesn't want to engage with the 'ratchet' that leads to a 'Norway for Now' relationship./2
@CER_Grant @hilarybennmp @lisanandy @JennyChapman Then @hilarybennmp talks about Ukraine agreement as a template -- but that's an agreement predicated on a state moving towards membership.

And as all three dodge specifics, the discussion collapses into an appeal for "good will and flexibility" from the EU. /3
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27 Sep

Can Boris Johnson change the face of Britain?

Don’t dismiss the idea — he could be in power for a decade, and has big plans. But does he have the chops to deliver?

Major five part ⁦@FT series all this week. Stay with me/1

@FT It's easy to dismiss @BorisJohnson but do so at your peril...he's a political alchemist and opportunist, who wins 80 seat majorities when no-one thought that was possible.

But the first two years of his premiership have been sucked up by #Brexit and #Covid-19. But what now?/2
@FT @BorisJohnson Recall the dreadful "levelling up" speech last July that everyone trashed on left and right that, as one senior Tory tells me and @GeorgeWParker was delivered because “the PM just wanted to say something — anything — about levelling up” /3

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