1/ When I first looked at $LYXE I wasn't blown away. Big mistake, this #metaverse and #NFT crypto is an absolute gem. Now I have my second chance and I won't waste it.

I've shared my LYXE entries already, I've gone bigger at 17. This one is a 3-6 month hold.

2/ Lukso is a #blockchain for #NFTs using ETH 2.0 proof of stake. At least it will be when the mainnet comes out. It is dipping right now because the mainnet was delayed. Delays are good, it means they aren't rushing out something that doesn't work to keep people happy.
3/ It also means that paperhands have gifted me prices I thought I would never see again, thanks 😘

Why is Lukso so good?

First, it gives you an identity in the metaverse that you can take from MV to MV, even on different blockchains. Some other cryptos do this.
4/ Lukso uses what they call "virtualization" to turn physical assets into NFTs. This means you can bring something physical onto the blockchain as an NFT. This also means that you could bring physical objects into the metaverse.
5/ Lukso says it allows brands to create tokenized communities. Honestly, I find this statement confusing. So I did some digging for examples, and I found a few.

Lukso enables fashion brands to create and sell digital clothing that can be used in the metaverse.
6/ At first this sounded weird, but think about it. Nike wants to release sneakers that you can wear in the metaverse. People are crazy about sneakers, ever heard of sneaker heads? Nike could create and sell those sneakers on Lukso because it provides the infrastructure to do so.
7/ Fashion is a $1.4 trillion industry, so when it moves into the metaverse, I want to be ready. I believe Lukso is the on-ramp for fashion to the MV. In fact, it has already started with this digital fashion piece selling for 100 ETH on Lukso

8/ Fashion in the metaverse will be huge. Look at all the people showing of Rolex's and Lambos on twitter. Crypto people are new money, and if there is anything new money likes, its flashing gaudy stuff to show off how rich they are. There is certainly a market for it here.
9/ The tokenomics are great, a tiny 15m supply until mainnet. 30% was sold in private sale, will be unlocked at mainnet launch. Which means things could dip at launch, but that is 6 months away according to the article below. Until then, no VCs to dumps!

10/ The team for Lukso is absolutely amazing. @feindura author of ERC 20 and ERC 725 and lead dapp developer of Ethereum. @m_h_d_v co-founder of Dematerialized, creator of EY Innovation Lab. Along with expert advisors
11/ I've shared my plan for LYXE before. I bought a big bag at 17 today. I have some reserves to buy at 12, but I am not convinced it reaches there.

Do your own research, none of this is financial advice. I am sharing my plan and that is all.

12/ I also heard that @RaoulGMI is looking into LYXE which is big. He is the reason I got into RFOX, another metaverse project I am in that is giving huge returns.

13/ Lukso is dipping, so after you do your research, if you like it, just consider that it can go lower than where its at now. I am ready to average down.
14/ Clarification. 3-6 month is minimum hold. I plan for this one to be held for years!
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More from @LadyofCrypto1

25 Nov
1/ Last week I wrote about #Metaverse and #PlayToEarn cryptos decoupling from $BTC.

Every day that goes by, that is looking more and more like reality. Will it last? I am hopeful, but not convinced.

2/ This chart shows $MVI, which is the Metaverse index, an index of several MV cryptos overlaid on a $BTC chart.

Since the end of September MV has decoupled from BTC. This was due to Zuckerberg changing FBs name to Meta. News based decoupling is common and not noteworthy. Image
3/ From the 10th of November, things have become strange. We are seeing a true decoupling. Last week I thought it was momentary and things would reset. One week later the gap is only getting bigger.

Is it permanent?
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23 Nov
1/ This is the first in a series of articles on gem hunting. I'll start with the easiest way, launchpads (LPAs).

Some say that LPA #cryptos aren't gems because of presellers price dumping, but I got a lot of good #PlayToEarn and #Metaverse gems for LPAs. They're πŸ’Ž imo.
2/ You need to be aware of vesting schedules, so you can plan for dips when presale holders dump. This info is on the LPAs telegram.

If you don't know what a LPA is, it's a service that promotes and launches cryptos. Holders of the LPA crypto get presale prices.
3/ You can find gems by visiting a LPAs website and looking for projects that are launching. You won't be able to get in presale if you don't hold the LPA, but nothing is stopping you from getting in after public release.
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19 Nov
1/ $BTC is dipping. I see a lot of degens are trying to pick a bottom and go all in. That's not how you buy the dip. Everyone tells people to #buythedip, but nobody explains how. This is how I buy dips on #bitcoin and all my #alts.
2/ I always keep a healthy dip fund so that I can buy major dips like this one. Imagine my dip fund is 50k and I want to buy 5 cryptos in this dip, I dedicate 10k to each. You could dedicate more to one or less to the other. I am just keeping numbers easy.
3/ If I want 10k worth of BTC, but when do I buy? I scale in at support or on breaks of support. When a major support breaks and price settles, I scale in. I might not buy every support if bearish momentum is strong, this is just a rough outline.
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18 Nov
1/ @theartieverse is the #playtoearn project I am most excited for.

Why? First, the investors:

- Winklevoss twins
- Chad Hurley (YouTube)
- Manuel Bronstein (Roblox)
- Mark Pincus (Zynga)

When billionaires invest in a #gamefi project. It's got my attention. #P2E
2/ It's not just their investors. They've developed revolutionary tech that allows you to embed AAA level games anywhere, like in this tweet, and you could play it instantly. No app, no download, no data intensive streaming like Googles failed Stadie. This is something new.
3/ The big issue with many P2E games is that they look like they were programmed by a 14-year-old kid in 2010. Artie is different. They've been building for three years, their team comes from Riot Games, Activision, Infinity Ward, Zynga, Disney n more.
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18 Nov
While $BTC is dipping #Metaverse and #PlayToEarn are pumping this week.

Get used to it πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Games have had full-fledged gaming coin economies since before Satoshi dreamed up #Bitcoin.
Look at Runescape, the economy is arguably more complex than that of any #GameFi economy to date. It's had several periods of inflation and deflation over Runescape's 20 year lifespan. Chart below tracks from 2008. Source:
Games like CSGO have an economy built around loot boxes and skins. Secondary marketplaces exist, third-party gambling sites, charting and price tracking. Even this market has peaks and troughs, 2021 saw a huge pump precipitated by a reduction in supply, followed by a dump.
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17 Nov
1/ This is a rough break-down of how I played $NAKA. I did some stuff right, some stuff wrong. Some got me hate, some got me love. I was just being honest throughout. No shade on $NAKA, I think they are decent long term.
2/ The first phase was the entry and rally. This was easy money. Pic below is from memory, it gives you a rough outline of how I played it. Example starting investment $5k. By the time the dip started I put 5k in and had 12.5k out. Maths done in my head, it might be off. Image
3/ This part I did not do as well. I bought the dip at 3.1, which did nothing for me. I sold all at 2.9 because the Evergrande FUD had me convinced the market would dump and I could buy back cheaper. Two days later I warned everyone about token unlock dumps incoming. Image
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