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$SER has rebounded 35.04% & it's the top 1 gainer invested by Smart Money in 24 hours.

Let's analyze
- Top Smart Money Holders
- Who to follow for smarter #trading?
- Overall activity review of Smart Money

A thread🧵

#Serum #Gems #degen #cryptogems #TradingSignals
2 Smart Meme Pro traders & 2 Smart DEX Traders are still trading $SER.

Jeetsuf.eth & 0x4724 increased their positions in 7 days.

Track Smart Money position changes👇…

#Serum #Gems #CryptoInvestor
Smart Meme traders Jeetsuf.eth & 0x4724 filled their bags at $0.0006987 & $0.0007189.

They now have unrealized gains of at least 41.44% & 37.47% compared to the current $SER price.

It is worth following them to #buythedip👇…

#Serum #Gem #Crypto
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1) #BearMarkets yani #AyıPiyasaları üzerine daha önce iki yazı hazırlamıştım. Ayı piyasalarında düşüşler ani ve sert olmakla birlikte düşüş sürecinde yüzde 10 ve üzeri güçlü tepkiler de görülür.…
2) Bu çıkışların ne zaman başlayacağını bilmek kolay/mümkün olmadığı gibi çıkışın tepki mi yoksa %20 üzeri yükselişle tekrar #BullMarket yani #BoğaPiyasası dönüşü mü olduğunu söylemek bilinemez bir konuda ahkâm kesmektir.

Elbette bir tahmin ve planımız olabilir. Ona gelelim:
3) Temmuz ayının ilk haftasında #DAX Endeksi kapsamındaki bazı hisseler başta olmak üzere aşırı satış yaşandığını düşünerek alım işlemleri gerçekleştirmiştim.

O dönemin gündemi düşünüldüğünde ve çoğunluğun satış yaptığı bir piyasada alıcı olmak stresliydi.
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Un large éventail de consommateurs américains accumule avidement des cryptomonnaies.

Qui sont les acheteurs américains ?
Pourquoi achètent-ils des #cryptos ?
Quelles #cryptomonnaies achètent-ils ?

Les détails 👇
En mai 2022, 17 % des adultes américains possédaient des #cryptomonnaies. Les baby-boomers restent largement désintéressés par les monnaies virtuelles. Les possesseurs de #cryptos sont principalement des personnes à hauts revenus, des milléniaux et des hommes.
Les #cryptos convaincus sont en majorité de jeunes hommes blancs. Mais les propriétaires de #cryptomonnaie viennent de tous les horizons. 25% sont hispaniques, contre 17 % dans la population générale. Les minorités sont en fait sur-représentées parmi les possesseurs de cryptos.
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Bullish or Bearish thread:
1/5: #BTCUSDTperp
Weekly timeframe.
It could find support at 35k over the next few days.
Or, it can dip to the highlight support zone of 29k-31k.

#cryptotrading #cryptotwitter #Cryptothoughts #Bitcoin #BTC #Binance BTCUSDT binance weekly chart
2/5: #BTCUSDTperp
Monthly timeframe.
Double top is visible but the bull structure isn't broken yet.
It can very well find recovery from these zones.

#Tradingview #Binance #Bitcoin #BTC #Bullish BTCUSDT binance monthly chart
3/5: meanwhile these things are also happening @CNBC on the legal side.
#CNBC #cryptocurrencies #ETF #BTC Cnbc SEC approval of Bitcoin Spot ETF - matter of when, not
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Vous êtes beaucoup à investir dans les #Cryptomonnaies sans savoir quand sortir de votre #investissement

Prendre ses profits 💰nécessite de suivre une stratégie préétablie claire mais comment faire ?

👇Suivez le guide👇 Image
Vous vous en êtes peut-être déjà rendu compte, sans stratégie vous n'irez pas loin. 💸 Vous allez vendre trop tôt ou gardez une position perdante. 😡

Il n’y a pas de recette miracles 👼 en #cryptomonnaie, mais il y a quelques astuces pour sortir gagnant sur la durée. ⏳
L'horizon de placement ⏳

C'est le paramètre le plus important. Pour planifier votre stratégie de sortie, vous devez savoir pour combien de temps vous voulez #investir en #crypto.

👶Court terme - quelques semaines
👨‍🦱Moyen terme - quelques mois
👴Long terme - quelques années
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One reason for the market fall is FII selling. But what are they buying?📈

• Voltas
• Saregama
• GMR Infra
• CG Power
• Clean Science
• Bharat Electronics

(Based on FII stake increase by more than 1% from past 2 quarters)

Which one do you own⤵️
Do you think the selling will start in these stocks also and affect their prices?⤵️

#stockmarketcrash #buythedip
What are your opinions about Saregama @sahil_vi & @WealthEnrich? 🤔
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Many people want to jump in to trading. Post 2021 was one kind of a market where #BuyTheDip was the basic theme of the market. That for sure is not working now when markets are tanking.

That is why in absolute basic, "Understanding Price Action" is must for traders. A Thread...
Price Action Trading is representation of Price in the forms of charts taking in values - Open, High, Low, Close referred to as OHLC Values in Candle or Bar Form. To gauge whether the price is going up or down, we plot the price wrt to time on x--y axis. For eg. #Reliance + Image
This chart tells you what the market is doing and not what you think it should do. Second, you need to understand the time frame on which you are trading. For the simplicity, I will refer to 1 day charts. But traders use charts from 1minute, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1 hour to 4hr...+
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If you are into the financial market( Stockmarket) then this thread is for you. These are some stocks under $500 that you can consider buying, when the general market picks up you can get to make good returns on them. #buythedip #blaqbonez #At22 #GenZ #StocksToBuy #StockMarket
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. ($AMD)- controls the premium pc gaming market and gamers will select this over Intel because the chips are far better at multitasking and it is at an affordable price, Samsung also partnered with them to produce their mobile chip.
The company’s market cap is currently at $135.46B with the stock price at $112.70. The company’s stock is undervalued and when the general market picks up the stock price would also see a spike.
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1/ $BTC is dipping. I see a lot of degens are trying to pick a bottom and go all in. That's not how you buy the dip. Everyone tells people to #buythedip, but nobody explains how. This is how I buy dips on #bitcoin and all my #alts.
2/ I always keep a healthy dip fund so that I can buy major dips like this one. Imagine my dip fund is 50k and I want to buy 5 cryptos in this dip, I dedicate 10k to each. You could dedicate more to one or less to the other. I am just keeping numbers easy.
3/ If I want 10k worth of BTC, but when do I buy? I scale in at support or on breaks of support. When a major support breaks and price settles, I scale in. I might not buy every support if bearish momentum is strong, this is just a rough outline. Image
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The only 8 indicators you'd ever need to find a bull cycle top.
#bitcoin $BTC #buythedip #Crypto

1) RSI
2) Active addresses
3) % balance on exchanges
4) Exchanges net transfer volume
5) Stock 2 flow
6) HODL waves
7) Liveliness
8) Top cap model

Let's dig into this. Thread 👇 Image
#1 of 8: RSI on monthly chart
#bitcoin $BTC #buythedip #Crypto

Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates if an asset is overbought (>70) or oversold (<30).

Top signal: When RSI is nearing a double-top at ~90
Credits: @TechDev_52

Next indicator 👇 Image
#2 of 8: Active addresses
#bitcoin $BTC #buythedip #Crypto

These are unique addresses that were part of recent transactions either as a sender or receiver.

Top signal: When the number of avg. active addresses are much bigger than the previous all-time high.

Next indicator 👇 Image
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The yellow dotted arrow shows the complete move, it advances 0.5 of the channel in a complete move.

The breakout attempt above 50% led to the trap, and is discounted later in the PIVOT to miss the main bottom of the last few pattern moves. Image
Breaking through sets up a new full move and hits $37k, at the stealth point of the price rebound.

It has only walked 0.5 of the move (the discount at 50% and at the PIVOT). This moment is crucial for the Bulls to advance above $44,400 and have a daily close. Image
If this does not happen, the full move must be completed.

The quick turn around after the dip to $40k has a high probability of being Short positions.

Interest at this time in opening short positions should increase as sentiment is in fear and speculators take advantage. Image
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The anatomy of my holdings


Find out what % of my capital I allocate to each one and why.

• Introduction

The TFSA was introduced in SA in 2015. The aim is to encourage savings, in which all growth and income are tax free.

For example:

• No Capital gains tax
• No Dividends withholding tax
• No Tax on interest

Let’s quickly learn👇🏽
• Dividends

It’s important to capitalize on the structure of a TFSA.

What do I mean by this?

The point is to pay no tax, right? However, offshore dividends are taxed accordingly to the laws of that specific sovereign state.

So your dividends from abroad aren’t exempt.
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Investing in SA or US equities.

• How do I decide?
• Where does the market go from here?

Let’s look at historical data, to aid us in making better decisions.

For my case study, I’m going to use the SA TOP 40 (SA40) index Chart.

These are the top 40 companies in SA by market capitalization. 👇🏽…

*picture for visualization purposes only.
My starting data is completely arbitrary, the purpose of the thread is educational and not to give investment advice.

Start: 10 June 2002
End : 10 June 2019

Period 19 years.
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Tardé pero luego de un análisis de los fundamentals (el más riguroso que pude hacer con el tiempo disponible) ayer lleve por primera vez BTC #buythedip

Holding period: Ad eternum. + Image
El libro que me pareció más copado para empezar a entender el sistema fue "The Bitcoin Standard", seguido por "Mastering Bitcoin". + ImageImage
Y ni hablar de contenido en la web + podcasts que hoy es la mejor manera de informarse de gente que mas sabe de cualquier tema. + Image
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1/ Nyt alkaa yhden $TSLA osakkeen seuranta. En ole ollut ostolaidalla 5x osakesplit jälkeen, nyt palasin ostolaidalle. Ostin osakkeen #Nordnet OST tililleni pitkään säilytykseen, en pelatakseni.

Ostohintani oli $768, lisäksi välityspalkkio $9,63.

Tämä ei ole sijoitusneuvontaa. Image
2/ Olen pitkäaikainen osakesäästäjä sekä $TSLA omistaja, sijoitusprofiili HOLDari 😀. Valtaosa osakkeistani on AOT salkussani, mutta 2020 ostin ensimmäiset osakkeeni myös uudelle osakesäästötilille (OST).

Sijoitusmottoni on: Vain veikkaamatta voit voittaa! #pelikoneetkauPOISta
3/ Tarkoituksenani on havainnollistaa, että uskon $TSLA arvon edelleen nousevan, vaikka suuri yleisö ei osakkeen nykyarvostusta pysty ymmärtämään.

Osakkeen arvostuksessa on tärkeätä ymmärtää ero historiallisten arvostuskertoimien (P/E, P/B jne) ja tulevaisuuden odotusten välillä
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