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P2E, NFTs, and gamefi (games that incorporate cryptocurrency and blockchain technology) have all experienced a decline in popularity in recent months. However, there are a number of reasons to believe that these technologies will make a comeback in the future.
The underlying technology is still sound. all 3 are based on blockchain technology, which is a secure and decentralized way to store data. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry, and it's only a matter of time before it's adopted on a wider scale.
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Curious about today’s biggest moves in the #MultiversX NFT Ecosystem?

Let's check out the most relevant stats & the hottest news of the day 🔥

@HomeX_NFT will launch their P&E Game tomorrow at 16:00 UTC 👊 Image
@BHeroLaunchpad opened the KYC phase for @thedreamywhales ☑️
@SagaFestivalNFT published their Tickets prices & specs 🎫
@EGLD_Community hosted a Builders interview with @sense4fit CEO 🎙️
@HighStreetWolf released a strategic Project update ⚒️
@plataNetwork distributed their rewards to the gaming players of their #P2E 🎮
@CollectionistX activated their staking pools live on @xoxnoNFTs
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@BionicOwls, a groundbreaking #NFT-enabled, play-to-impact, and play-to-earn game that is set to redefine the boundaries of inclusivity and engagement in the #web3 space, is building on #SKALE! 🦉🧵👇 Image
@BionicOwls Prepare to step into a world where boundaries blur, where the line between play and impact dissipates, and where players wield the power to shape their destiny. @BionicOwls is not your ordinary game, it is a testament to the untapped potential of the #metaverse.
@BionicOwls With awe-inspiring graphics and a seamless user interface, @BionicOwls transports players to realms teeming with adventure, camaraderie, and limitless possibilities.
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🚀 Missed the $ARB airdrop? No worries!

💰 Arbitrum Nova, providing an incredible chance to boost your earnings. Want to learn how?

🔥 Discover my strategy for the $NOVA #airdrop and maximize your profits. Don't let this opportunity slip away!

Follow this thread 👇🧵#Crypto
🌟 Arbitrum Nova: the roll-up specifically designed for micro-transactions, including NFTs and Play-to-Earn (P2E) activities.

🚀 Developed by Offchain Labs, Arbitrum Nova stands as a distinct chain separate from Arbitrum.

#Crypto #NFTs #P2E #ArbitrumNova Image
📢 Offchain Labs, the brilliant team behind Arbitrum, has successfully raised a staggering $120M in investment rounds from Polychain, Coinbase, Pantera Capital, and other venture capitas.

🚀 This substantial investment signals the growing confidence in Offchain Labs' vision. Image
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No money has been flowing into Web3 gaming

I know i said it, but this time while researching under $1.5 M mcap active gaming projects i was shocked.

Some big names in there, that i never thought could drop so low.

Here's the list, you definitely want to bookmark it: Image
But first, some wise words from the gaming legend himself

Games are expensive to build, low treasury can be fatal for games.

So, this list is high level degen play. Riskiest but could be highly rewarding.

This list is formatted according to my conviction level in descending order.

Highest Conviction = #1 Spot
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//Why Play to Earn Games Crash? 🎮

A question asked by many gamers, investors and speculators. For the most part, the industry has the basics figured out, but what's next?

Here is all you need to know about our approach and how we solved the most prominent issues. #P2E
Full disclosure, we have spent countless hours analyzing different approaches but were heavily influenced by the works of @VaderResearch and @spacepixel in particular.🙌
/3 🛑Problem 1:

Game NFTs can automatically earn X amount of tokens daily. UBI style. #NFT

Coupled with an unlimited supply and the token mint doesn't require any economic buy-in by the player.
Juicy returns but inevitably hyperinflation kicks in and the party is over.
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How to rise in crypto if you have 100 bucks (or less) in your pocket??? 💯

Reading this thread will help you get closer to your goal.🧵
2/ what will help you turn your $100-1000 into $10K-100K?

1. #Testnets

2. #Ambassador programs

3. #NFTs (free)

4. #p2e

5. #crypto jobs

6. What you shouldn't do
3/ 1. For starters, testnets are the simplest and require no investment at all!
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1/ Alpha Issue #10 is live!

It is hard to monitor new projects that are lanching daily, but I got you covered.

And as always market overview which doesn't look promissing.…
2/ Projects included:

@KyberNetwork - Multichain DEX & aggregator on 14 chains

@OpenSuperchain - By collecting and customising data in minutes, Superchain serves as the layer on top of which builders create applications
3/ @TheGrimzs - an early #P2E project that combines blockchain and artificial intelligence.

@hirowallet - The most popular and trusted wallet for apps built on Bitcoin and L2s

@MushuMonsterz - an early GameFi project
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As the Battle of Launches gears up for an intense week ahead, we extend our gratitude to the supporters who are propelling the testing of the forthcoming major Launchpad on the #MultiversX ecosystem.

Let us delve into the pioneers who are helping us drive innovation forward🧵
1/ First up, @arcstake.

This cutting-edge #staking provider has been building advanced cloud infrastructure since 2005.

Offering high-quality and secure services at reduced costs takes a bit more effort and investment than simply just spinning up services in a public cloud.
2/ - Highest resiliency
- Highest security
- Limitless scalability
- Optimized costs

As a result of their #innovative approach, ARC Staking has established itself as one of the leading providers of the MultiversX ecosystem.
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Feb is a month of #Metaverse and #Gamefi with tons of news from Samsung, Sandbox and Google

Pinksale has launched the first live #P2E Game-fi project named @BlocKombat .

Let digging in $BKB👇🏻
[1] What is it

@Blockcombat is a 3D multi-chain #P2E blockchain game that is set to launch on @arbitrum

⚡It is designed to work both on mobile devices & PCs, and is totally interoperable with multiple blockchains

⚡It also runs on multiple blockchains such as $BSC, $CSC
[2] How it work

⚡The @BlockKombat game is powered by a native token called $BKB

⚡Users can use this token to access the Arena, Character, Skills & Weapons store as well as the NFT store

⚡They can also use it to engage in solo, duel modes & participate in tournaments
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The anticipated announcement is here.

In this thread we will touch on the huge updates for EgoVersus: The First Strike and our new partnership with @valibots 🧵
@valibots now have their own unique store within our map "The Mall". The Valibot store is like NO other and truly stands out in the middle of the battle field.
Additionally, our development team is 3D modeling the characters from @valibots collection. Their bada** vali girls will soon be playable in our game.

You will be able to play with these vali girls if you own one of @valibots #NFTs.

Mint link:
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We are pleased to announce our #partnership with @TheFishverse!

Follow the thread for some lucky #giveaways! Let the fishing begin! Image
FishVerse is a revolutionary AAA fishing game that is open-world, decentralized, and built on blockchain technology. 🐠🐡

It brings together millions of fishing and #P2E enthusiasts.🎣
Within the game, players can #monetize by catching and utilizing #NFT fish, competing in tournaments, completing missions, building businesses, and more... All of this is available on any device! 🚀💸💸

What can players do in this game? Image
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Want to up your game in WyndBlast? 👇

• Keep an eye on your opponent's Blast Unit and try to anticipate their strategy. This can give you a better idea of how to counter their moves and set up your own units for success.

• Pay attention to the skills and attributes of your units, and choose ones that complement each other well. For example, if you have a Wynd with strong defensive skills, you may want to pair them with a Wynd that has powerful offensive skills.
• Experiment with different unit combinations and strategies, and don't be afraid to try something new. You never know what might work until you give it a shot!
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Hey anon, still excited about this crazy crypto space?

Have some spare time during Christmas holidays?

Read on for the latest #GameFi related alpha, qualify for potential #airdrops 🪂 and potentially also a #LENS 🌿 handle (for those still missing out)
Intro artwork 🐸Pepe In Christmas Festival🎅 sold already, atm no other choice then right click save 😜

Check out more from @FolkNft art on @foundation - some dope💉 art pieces are still available 👉
#GameFi / web3 gaming seems to become the next meta, and it has not really been affected by the recent events that caught even some of the #smartMoney investors by surprise...
VC investments seem to have been significantly reduced lately, but not for GameFi (on our observations)
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If I didn't make these 6 mistakes in 2021, I would have made 8 figures instead of 7 from #crypto

Here's how I fu*ked up so you can avoid doing the same.
1. Don't Go Too Deep Too Soon

I went deep in 2019 and got rekt when #crypto dumped in the second half of the year and more so with the 2020 COVID crash. It's tempting to go all-in when prices are cheap. Remember, they can always get cheaper, scale in slowly!
2. Spread Your Risk

In 2020 I focussed my buys on #Metaverse and #P2E and it worked out for me but had I diversified into Layer 1s and 2s earlier like $MATIC and $SOL I would have done a lot better. Focusing too hard on one sector limits you.
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@chainlink is one of the most important, yet least understood, pillars of the #crypto ecosystem

It currently serves a vital role for DeFi, NFTs and L1s/L2s, and may ultimately be the unifying layer of #Web3

Here’s why $LINK token has the potential to 50x to 100x


🧵 Image

Chainlink is a “decentralized oracle network” that allows blockchains to connect to real-world data (we’ll explain this in a second)

It has a market cap of $3.6B, FDV of $7.2B and its $LINK token trades at $7.15

During the last #crypto bull market, the price exceeded $50

This thread will cover the following:

• What is an oracle?

• What problem does Chainlink solve?

• How does it work?

• What is Chainlink 2.0?

• Who are the key players in the ecosystem?

• What are its #tokenomics?

• What’s the potential value of #LINK?
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I'm embarking on my journey to review some #p2e games.

@ImperiumWars is the first of them.
There is no any game now. Currently, you only can read their whitepaper + do some tasks to be eligible for their free NFT mint.
Namely to serve as their twitter bots liking and retweeting and saying how bullish you are on it.
When and if the game is released, you will be able to join one of the few Empires with 1800s setting:

🇫🇷 French Empire
🇺🇸 American Empire
🇨🇳 Chinese Empire
🇷🇺 Russian Empire
🇹🇷 Ottoman Empire
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#VagaChain thread - financial investors / speculators view:

For investors, $VAGA, the native currency of #VagaChain is pretty interesting my opinion. Lets start with basic aspects:
► Great tokenomics:
Only around 40 mio $VAGA will be circulating at mainnet launch on 6th December 2022. Over time the max. circulating supply will be 80 mio $VAGA. Total supply will be 200 mio $VAGA. Low supply is good for price development imo.
► Usage of the network:

1) #VagaChain is not a theoretical draft on the paper. It brings real utility and impact into the economic world with a real product that fits the market needs. Its the same in another way as @Ripple is. Both are independent of bull or bear markets.
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[THREAD xExchange Analysis/ #MultiversX

Hello everyone, today we attack a big piece. 

MultiversX took 1 year to create this new Dex and we understand why ! 

I am not going to represent the improvements, we are going to see further

 #ExploreMEX2 (Disponible en Français🔽3/?) @beniaminmincu @lucianmincu...
I advise you ABSOLUTELY, to read this thread via the medium article, it will take you 10 min against 30 here, I just count on you to share it as much as you usually do and to come and comment your feedback, thanks a lot 💛
Vous pouvez retrouver l'article en français sur @EGLD_Community via ce lien, la majeur partie est traduit en automatique, ça se lit bien, mais c'est pas du grand art désolé !
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Looks like Sony recently filed a patent and plans to use NFT technology with Playstation. We need a #P2E Tekken!

That may be a long way off, so let's talk about what is happening in NFT & Crypto Gaming TODAY. A thread...
1/ My goal with this thread is to create a growing resource for games. ***I will add a short video of each game in this thread for easy scanning.***

Please feel free to comment with games I've missed. I find some of the best gems are hidden in the comments of threads like this.
2/ First, I want to cover the Top 10 gaming projects by total transactions over this past week, according to @Gameverse_

I'll give a brief summary with video demos of each of these in order... Image
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A thread on why those who loves PvP battlers should own at least one!

@KILLAz_NFT is a browser-based PvP battler releasing on Nov. 3rd👀

EVERY SINGLE (20,000) asset is uniquely playable. Here I am loading up a fighter I own.

#NFTGame #P2E
Preview of the Crash City "metaverse" created for KILLAz to hang out, chat, and challenge each other to battles!

There are multiple POIs, including a bar, nightclub, marketplace, help desk, and zoo.

This space will be continuously improving as the game develops.

Chat with your friends and wager your $KILL token in battles against them in the middle of the club!
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Why MOST Play-to-Earn games are doomed to fail. A thread.

#crypto #cryptocurrency #p2e #p2egaming #tokenomics
Over the past few years we have seen a lot of P2E games fail. Some characteristics are an initial pump lasting a few weeks followed by an inevitable downtrend all the way to 0.

One example being @BombCryptoGame last year.
There are few fundamental problems with most of these games. Namely;

- the game does not have to be in the blockchain in the first place

- it is not fun to play the game (nobody would play had it not been for the crypto rewards)

- target market limited + huge supply pressure
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A new project aiming to deliver stable #passiveincome and #P2E is coming to the Binance Smart Chain.

@WarFiP2e is on track to have their pre-sale on the 29th & 30th of September, with the full launch on track for the 2nd of October.

Let's discover what they have to offer 🧵👇 Image
There are 2 ways to earn with WarFi.

1 - Enlisting a Soldier 🪖

2 - Playing their FPS game 🔫🎮
Option 1 of 'Enlisting a Soldier' is a very familiar concept if you've ever seen or read about Horde or Spring Game.

You will simply possess a decaying NFT which you will need to maintain in order for it to continue producing rewards.
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#LBRD is a Strategic Investment Game called P2E3.0 that allows you to skip the Ponzi and focus on social interactivity and fun⚔️🔥
Today we will introduce more details on a thread🧵👇
#NFTGiveaway #P2E
Our product concept is “Blockchain for Communications.”
We are setting out to develop a product where you can enjoy discussing it with your friends.
The more friends you play with, the more fun you have.
#gaming #NFTCommunity…
We have got a same question so many times.
How will the team escape from a Ponzi Scheme? 💦
You can understand from this article how we strategize and prevent the Ponzi with the Utility Token’s Hyper Inflation👀
#p2e #ponzi #NFTs #LBRD…
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