The orc NPC manages to throw a flask of oil onto the Mind Flayer.
The Triton hits the Salamander causing a (homebrew) explosion pushing the Magma Mephit back, which also exploded, IGNITING the Mind Flayer.

And then The Great Goldfish Heist was in motion!

The Cleric casts guidance on the Monk.

The Monk uses Mage Hand (from homebrew training) to grab SYLGAR from next to XANATHAR and, using ALL her movement, absolutely LEGGED IT something like 135ft away.

Xanathar was PISSED, but before the fish was stolen he attempted to petrify the chaos-causing Orc NPC. Who saved!

The Monk was gone, Big X couldn't move as a Legendary Action but attempted another Eye Ray at the orc.
A Death Ray. Dex save. Orc has +1.

Party need to go. Orc leader casts darkness on the Mind Flayer and Xanathar. This is their chance.

They RUN.

Triton Sorcerer/Fighter casts special darkness on themselves, giving cover.

Xanathar angry. His turn, he moves. Doesn't attack because fish loss anxiety.

The party, and all 3 Orcs, escape to Skullport.

Quog the Orc is a hero with his oil throw and saves.

The party find few friends, but give the fish to the Orcs to send back to Xanathar, and then they buy a Giant Fire Beetle.

Then they pay for a teleportation circle to get them back to Waterdeep.

And they plan their next moves. A trip to Amphail, with some investigation along the way.

Fantastic session.

And can't wait for this weekend with their trip to Rassalanter.

#DnD #DnD5e #TTRPG #homebrew

• • •

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More from @Pseudoduck

27 Nov 21
Doing a weird thing with the Xanathar's Fighting Arena.

Players will have their first flashback to it today, but it's the last fight, where they escape.

They'll escape into Skullport, then hopefully find someone who can get them to the surface.

I realised that I wanted to get the players out of it, and was more excited for that than anything.

This is a setup thing. Makes it much easier to do flashback combats.
Playing next week too, which I'm thinking may be a skip forward to their trip to Amphail.

The Triton will need to visit the Manticore Nest in Undermountain, if they want to transport the eggs somewhere safe.
Read 4 tweets
2 Oct 21
Oof, lot to unload from today's #dnd :

They joined the Xanathar's Fighting Pits, and had magical anklet fitted which will alert them when fights are about to occur.

This means that their characters will be level 6 for many of the fights and will essentially do in flashback. M
Monk visited Hlam on the side of Mount Waterdeep and learned various abilities:
Mage Hand
Absorb Elements 3/day
Protection from Energy 1/day

Not overpowered.
Not stepping on toes of other characters. <-- that's the important bit

DM tip: hand out treats to your players, give their characters cool abilities and stuff that they wouldn't get normally through progression.

As long as it doesn't make another character feel like their ability is being stepped on, just go nuts. Make it fun!

#DnD #ttrpg
Read 9 tweets
16 May 21
I need a good pinned tweet, so here is a brief (haha) synopsis of my ambitious "World of Splendors" campaign that uses the Forgotten Realms setting & mixes both official #DnD5e content with homebrew.

#DnD #DnD5e #TTRPG #homebrew
We started with some in depth character creation using Xanathar's Guide to Everything.

Then I began the campaign with the first chapter of "Waterdeep: Dragon Heist" .

The party get together and have to find Volo's friend, delving into a Xanathar's Guild hideout.
After this, they receive Trollskull Manor as payment from Volo and they meet their neighbours.

They visit a temple for a celebration day and, in a hook that will draw the party to the region of "Princes of the Apocalypse", they encounter some sabotaged fireworks.
Read 77 tweets

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