i get why some people feel differently

there's a scene early in the 2nd act of the film where Chavez claims that most universes give free food,

some people use this as evidence of wokery,
what they're missing is Raimi excoriiates her social justice claim,

immediately after its shown she's wrong & making assertions based on her short lived experience

a rebuttal on wokeness, not a confirmation
effectively showing her naivety
thefederalist.com/2022/05/10/sam… #DoctorStrange2
That's how Dr Strange 2 operates,

whether its the cameo characters, or Dr Strange or Wanda,

characters make claims & Raimi shows how these characters are wrong in their ideas & philosophy

Not a confirmation of them,
this isn't woke, this is Anti-Woke
What I love about Dr Strange 2 so much is that like Winter Soldier & Civil War, its an MCU film w/ dramatic meat on the bone,

Its fun, but also a discussion on the moral cost of sacrifice #DrStrange2 #DoctorStrangeInTheMultiverseOfMadness #mcu #marvel #film #movie @bdomenech
To stop the newest menace,

Strange is tempted to commit an unforgivable act, something other heroes around him are willing to do,

is committing a terrible evil justifiable to stop something worse?🤔
#filmtwitter #comics @loftipixels @ItalianxComedy @erikkain @EthanVanSciver
Scarlet Witch is a villain cuz she cannot bear the sacrifice of losing her kids & is willing to destroy entire realities to get them back

Its toxic feminity, justifying evil for motherly love

the film asks how that might corrupt & destroy the very thing she's trying to recover Image
it flips the ridiculous moral premise of WandaVision,

which applauded her & said she was still a good person for enslaving an entire town

Here Raimi detangles what that means & how that motivation can be so toxic & destructive
thefederalist.com/2022/05/10/sam… #mcu #marvel #drstrange
overarching theme here is: Sacrifice

Strange is facing the hard consequences of doing the right thing & saving the world from Thanos,

How doing good comes at a high cost,

Raimi reminds us: doing the right thing comes at a price, and we don’t always get the happy ending. Image
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness asks: "Are you happy?"

Can you live w/ doing the right thing, or will you commit sins in selfishness to get what U believe is rightfully urs,

Its a powerful message & stands strong against our very modern "me-me-me culture"
I can't help but think this question is to Raimi himself as much as anyone in the audience

Raimi went through the wringer after making Spider-Man 3 & was so burnt that he promised to never work on a super-hero movie again,

like he's asking himself was that journey worth it?
Amazing Dr Strange 2 is as good as it is considering it was in production hell for 6 years

Strange1 director Scott Derrickson, resigned after Disney said his plans for “a no-holds-barred weird, gnarly, scary movie” went against the homogenous MCU formula
Disney also mandated making Wanda Maximoff, Scarlet Witch, the main character.

So angered Derrickson that hes alleged to have yelled at Marvel big boss Kevin Feige, “Why don’t you just call the movie ‘Scarlet Witch’ then!”

boundingintocomics.com/2020/01/12/new… @BoundingComics #DrStrange2
So how'd we get a film that lives much more closely to that Derrickson original pitch?

well that's cuz Feige had the balls to bring on Sam Raimi & allow him the space to direct & largely craft the film the way he wanted to

cinemablend.com/superheroes/wh… #doctorstrange #samraimi #film
if U follow the MCU

this is highly unusual, most MCU productions are studio controlled & directors aren't even allowed to direct their own action scenes & set-pieces

its why MCU is now so formulaic & boring,
but here w/ Dr Strange 2, thats mostly changed
Potentially game-changing turn-around that could save Phase 4

If Disney continues to let great directors have control,

we may see the MCU return to much of its previous popularity & narrative potential
#movies #filmtwitter @MarvelStudios #mcu @rkylesmith @PaulTassi @GenePark
However, if Disney goes back to total Studio control for their MCU productions,

catastrophic collapse of the MCU will continue apace & fans will remember Strange 2 as this 1 shining example of how the MCU could have gone differently

ur guess is as good as mine #film #marvel
However MCU shapes up after Multiverse of Madness, we will always have this great Dr Strange movie,

thematically deep, visually curious, well-acted & directed, & a super entertaining film all-around

Cannot recommend it highly enough
#film #mcu #doctorstrange #marvel #comics
A strong 8.5 out of 10,
best MCU film since Avengers: Endgame

Strange 2 is going on my top 5 list of fav MCU movies,

Ignore the haters & go enjoy a fun time @ the movies
thefederalist.com/2022/05/10/sam… @FDRLST #mcu @AdamLanceGarcia @TheFirstOkiro #DoctorStrangeInTheMultiverseOfMadness

• • •

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May 10
you guys are going to hate me for this
My latest review for the @FDRLST 🥳

Sam Raimi’s ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Is An Anti-Woke Masterstroke🤯

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the best MCU film since ‘Endgame.’🪄🧙‍♂️
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“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is the latest entry in the MCU & a direct sequel to the 2016 original.

However, Strange 2 is its own thing continuing the themes from the Disney Plus shows “WandaVision” and “What-If.”
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May 9
I like Freddie but I think he is partially wrong,

lumping in autism & ADHD with bipolarism & borderline personality disorder is like trying to lump in cancer with a cold,

these are extremely different disorders & we shouldn't lump them in as all one big thing
I don't have a problem with people with ADHD & Autism find help in online communities, these are people who often suffer not being able to fit in or meet other people like them,

these communities can often be a source of advice & strength & do a lot of good
the problem is when a serious mental illness like Multiple Personality Disorder do get treated as just another quirk,

then these communities can be dangerous & people can learn very damaging things & put themselves & their loved ones in danger
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May 6
Here is my weekly @townhallcom Column ✍️

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was Right: Roe v. Wade was always destined for the Scrap Heap🗑️
townhall.com/columnists/pet… @benshapiro @AbbyJohnson @madelineorr #conservative #elonmusk #abortion #prochoice #roe #RoeVWade #RoeOverturned
May be hard for my friends on the left to hear this,

our whole lives we've been told how important Roe v Wade was in giving women the right to abortion via a right to privacy

But this was fiction, the only question for Roe v. Wade was when it would be overturned, not if.
whatever ur opinion on abortion,

Roe v Wade was objectively bad law built upon the weakest case constitutionally

As RBG predicted,
Roe was always eventually going to be overturned
townhall.com/columnists/pet… #politics #RoeVWade @CathyYoung63 @MrAndyNgo @ConceptualJames @amber_athey
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May 3
I understand why the left are worried about the Roe change,

they need to know this day was always going to come,

Roe on its merits is a terribly weak decision & someday a court was going to overturn it just as Ginsburg predicted
nytimes.com/2020/09/21/us/… #RoeVWade #abortion
this isn't just a right-wing thing guys,

even in the law courses in grad school, this was a discussed open question,

its kinda been quietly recognized the ruling sucked & was extremely vulnerable

which is why if Dems leadership really cared they would have passed some laws ages ago in congress
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Apr 29
a large portion of reporting is just trying to get contact info, there are databases, but they are hit or miss,
TBF with the media's record I understand why people abhor all journos everywhere, but honestly, there are a lot of us that do really want to do the right thing with our stories & sources

I've screwed up & made mistakes,
but never intentionally & I don't plan to change that
there is a sort of wilful ignorance that's popular right now,

you see it in pieces where they talk about a story but don't link to it

Well that extends to some writers as well, thinking that audiences couldn't handle the full context lest it undermine their argument
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Apr 29
a bully wrote this
this article by the new DHS "Disinformation" head is one of the meaner articles in an official publication that I've read in a long time

Look how she disparages fans (who happen to be male) that dare engage w/ her in any way
#dhs #disinformation @ggreenwald @JackPosobiec
why did @WIRED publish this?
this is someone that is just a very mean person
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