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Looking at a little Strategy: 🧵

I hope putting out my game plan will help other get ideas on how to do a strategy for investing to maximize returns.
1/ I am finally getting comfortable with my strategy. I have a set amount now that I am contributing to each of my portfolios for #biotech, #tech and #crypto. My plan is to use the any rallies to fade some of the companies I want get rid of that disappointed me.
2/ Then I want to use that cash to accumulate more of the companies I like. The max tax loss I can take for a year about $3,000. That would reduce my taxes and get me back about 25% or $750 in tax savings. It will work out like getting some cash back on those losers.
3/ I plan to harvest those tax losses and hold my winners for the long term so I can get the cheapest tax benefits all around for my strategy. I plan to continue to contribute until the bear market is over. It could be a while.
4/ I picked my top 5 companies for each of my 4 science themes. For my #AI/#ML in Biotech theme, I came up with this plan.
1. $RLAY = accumulate
2. $EXAI = accumulate
3. $ABCL = accumulate
4. $RXRX = accumulate
5. $SDGR = hold
6. $BLI = fade
5/ For my #Genomics theme I came up with this plan. My #3 spot is open as I really don't like any of the other public #CRISPR companies. I wish Mammoth would go public.
1. $BEAM = accumulate
2. $NTLA = accumulate
3. ? Maybe $VERV on a realistic price
4. $NVTA = accumulate
5. $PACB = accumulate
7/ For my Cell Engineer which encompasses #Synbio and #iPSC, My plan is:
1. $SANA = accumulate
2. $DNA = accumulate
3. $IPSC = accumulate
4. $TWST = accumulate
5. $FATE = accumulate
6. $CRBU = fade
7. $CDXS = fade
8/ For my last science theme of Targeted Therapies, it include #TPD and #Pathways. My strategy is:
1. $BPMC = accumulate
2. $KYMR = accumulate
3. $MRTX = accumulate
4. $GLUE = accumulate
5. $RVMD = accumulate
6. $ARVN = fade
7. $ERAS = fade
8. $CCCC = fade
9/ For my #tech portfolio, I am building around 3 key themes with #fintech, #automation and #EV. I have a 4th theme for #crypto, but that is its own separate portfolio. My plan there is to just keep going with stable coins $BUSD until the crypto market bottoms.
10/ For my #Fintech themes, I built around:
1. $SHOP
2. $SQ
3. $AFRM
accumulating all them as I contribute and balance this portfolio for tech.
11/ For my #Automation theme, I am going with:
1. $PATH
2. $PLTR
3. $U
These are my smallest positions so where I would buy next.
12/ For my #EV theme, I went with:
1. $LCID
2. $RIVN

I have 80% going into my tech names and 20% of my tech portfolio going into income stocks as a volatility hedge.
13/ I think that is where I stand. I am using any big rallies to lighten up on the names that failed me and using any big sell offs to add to the names that impress me.

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Jul 23
The 3 T's of Solid Tumors: 🧵

When it comes to solid tumors, they have 3 attributes that make them significantly harder than liquid tumors for therapies. They are Targeting, Trafficking and Tumor Microenvironment (TME).
1/ Targeting becomes the first issue with solid tumors. In liquid tumors, you usually have immune cells like B cells that are the cancer. They grow out of control and create Leukemia and Lymphoma. These cells typically have a few very clear antigens on them.
2/ For B cell driven Leukemia and Lymphoma, they have clear antigens like CD19, CD20 and CD22. These antigens are specific to just B cells. You can kill all the B cells in a person, and they will have a normal life with IgG therapy to boost their immune system.
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Jul 20
Right now, #Growth with #biotech, #tech and #crypto is the rising tide that lifts all boats. This is a good time when things are ripping higher for an investor to do a good assessment of what is working and what is not. You can use these rallies to get rid of what isn't working.
Its the best time when things are rocking to do this assessment and make any changes. I don't recommend selling winners, but losers can be jettisoned for cash for any future pullback. You can be sure one will come eventually for you to buy more of the winners cheaper.
I used this rally to do a bit of changing in some of my strategies. I jettisoned $COIN as I have too much #crypto so I replaced it with a little bit of income for stability and a hedge. I did that in my tech portfolio.
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Jul 20
Let us skip the obvious bubbles in the #CRISPR stocks into this biotech rally and focus on where there is still real value you can buy into any down days.
I love the #AI/#ML in biotech space. All of $RLAY, $EXAI, $SDGR, $ABCL and $RXRX are super cheap. I think they could all be accumulated into any selling.
I love the #CellEnigneering space. I think $SANA and $IPSC are super cheap still. I would throw in $TWST and $FATE as cheap.
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Jul 10
#Oncogenetics Part 3:

This will cover Tumor Suppressor and Onco-Genes.
1/ Now we covered the DNA repair genes that validate the integrity of the DNA, we can look at the growth pathway genes that move the cell through the growth cycle into mitosis.
2/ There are two sets of genes with the Tumor Suppressor Genes and the Proto Oncogenes. The tumor suppressors act like the breaks. They are there to prevent the cell from moving through the cycle until they get a signal to allow it to do so.
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Jul 10
#Oncogenetics Part 2:

Genomic Instability.
1/ When it comes to cancer genetics, I am sure we have all heard of Onco-genes or Tumor Suppressor genes. There is another set of critical genes in controlling cancer that most people haven't really heard about.
2/ These are the genes that control the many proteins and enzymes that regulate the integrity of the DNA itself.
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Jul 10
#Oncogenetics Part 1:

This will be an introduction with the biology of oncology. Then I plan to get into the genetics. I will then come back and do a walkthrough example of how genetics drive the development of a tumor.
1/ Cancer doesn't start with just 1 mutation. It is an accumulation of mutations over time. It starts with just one cell that develops a mutation which gives it an advantage to grow.
2/ That cell replicates faster than other cells around it or it replicates when its not supposed to. As it continues to divide, it will eventually gain more beneficial mutations which move it down the path toward cancer.
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