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Major Banks Open to Serving Crypto Clients Despite Banking Failures

1/ Despite recent banking failures, major banks like Santander, HSBC, and Deutsche Bank are still open to serving crypto clients, according to a report by Digital Currency Group (DCG)
2/ The report highlights that some banks are now more willing to engage with the crypto industry due to increased demand from clients. Banks in Asia and the Middle East are said to be particularly friendly towards crypto.
3/ Banks are offering services such as custody, trading, and lending to crypto clients, which is a positive sign for the industry's growth and adoption.

However, banks are still cautious about regulatory risks and the potential for money laundering and fraud.
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With all the negativity in #crypto at the moment I’m glad I’m in $TEL & $DFX 🤝🏻 they are doing it the right way💯

$TEL $DFX $MATIC #Web3 #Staking #altcoin #polygon #GSMA #Fintech #Defi #Crypto #Stablecoins @telcoin @JTQuigley @P4Cap @DFXFinance @CotyKuhn @kevinzhangTO @0xNegi…
Appreciate your $TEL $DFX RT💯 @Lelaye_XRP. Hope your having a great Sunday 🤜🤛 My $TEL sis is on fire 🔥 today!!!!
@pZpWjd4dkw9ZGIG 🤝🏻 is on fire 🔥 appreciate your $DFX $TEL RT💯
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It’s Saturday night #crypto is supposedly done for & going to zero 😂 DB is unfazed why? I know what I #HODL 💪

$TEL $DFX $MATIC #Web3 #Staking #altcoins #AI #100xgem #polygon #GSMA #Fintech #Defi #Crypto #Stablecoins @telcoin @P4Cap @DFXFinance @CotyKuhn @kevinzhangTO @0xNegi
I know @magnifintech knows what they #HODL appreciate your $TEL $DFX RT💯 my friend 🤝
I know @EddieSuarez70 knows we #HODL’s appreciate your $TEL $DFX RT💯 my friend 🤝 those bad a$$ $DFX socks 🧦 will be on the way soon my friend 🔥
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@Telcoinomics keeps growing slowly but surely 165 members 💪 . We are ambassadors for @telcoin & #Telfam growth. If you 💙 #Telcoin, spread the word to grow & expand our community. We lead the way! Join👇🏻

#Web3 #altcoin #polygon #Fintech #Defi #Crypto
@bitlars appreciate your $TEL @Telcoinomics RT💯 Thanks for your support 🤝🏻
@pZpWjd4dkw9ZGIG @ede_jeffry appreciate your $TEL @Telcoinomics RT💯 thanks for the support 🤝🏻
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The big elephant in the room that hardly anyone is addressing: the cost of borrowing versus its availability. Up to this point, the Fed has only influenced the former, not the latter. And the former has not been enough to arrest end demand. 1/N
People and businesses are still borrowing to fund current consumption and investment even if at a higher cost. Even if banks are pulling back loan books and tightening standards, the slack is being picked up in private lending (read shadow banking). 2/N…
The Bbg article applies to LBOs funded by institutional investors via private credit and CLOs, but consumer lending also prevalent throughout #fintech such as BNPL. Asset securitization has played a huge role in expanding borrowing capacity. 3/N
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In 1998, two Stanford students published "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine," in which they wrote, "Advertising funded search engines will be inherently biased towards the advertisers and away from the needs of consumers." 1/ A modified version of Hiero...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
The co-authors were Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin, and the "large-scale hypertextual web search-engine" they were describing was their new project, which they called "#Google." They were 100% correct - prescient, even! 3/
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Following the right founders in #crypto is key

Prof. Dawn Song of @OasisLabs / @OasisProtocol has a background you simply can’t ignore

This is one you need to read⬇️

Mega Thread 🧵

#OasisNetwork $ROSE #BigData #AI #privacy Image
2) Dawn is a world renowned Professor of Computer Science from @UCBerkeley in the US

She has dedicated her career to #blockchain , cyber security, #DataPrivacy and #AI, amongst many other fields

Many believe @dawnsongtweets to be one of the greatest minds in #web3

Here is why
3) To start, Dawn’s educational background:

B.S. from @Tsinghua_Uni - Rank 1 in China
M.S. from @CarnegieMellon
Ph.D from @UCBerkeley - Top 10 in the world

These institutions educated the likes of @stevewoz , @ericschmidt, Xi Jinping and many more

#OasisNetwork $ROSE Image
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🧵Идеолог @Rev_Populi свою позицию по оказанию помощи Украине озвучил еще в начале первого срока @POTUS45.
"Мы (США) должны убедиться, что в основном злые люди боятся в основном хороших. Это политика США с 1945 года, в основном, для всех президентов... 1/3
2/4 "...Я говорю, продолжайте идти по этому пути, помогая сделать мир немного безопаснее и свободнее каждый раз, когда мы можем".
Эти слова, адресованные President Donald Trump были опубликованы в журнале Atlantic…
3/3 Хорошие парни, о которых идёт речь - курды и украинцы. Гелернтер еще 6 лет назад призвал поставить им необходимое вооружение. Чтобы zлые парни, аятоллы и путинская сволочь - боялись.
Агенда не изменилась, и главные тренды в Евразии #RussiaIsANaziState #WomanLifeFreedom
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In 2022, India became the 3rd largest economy and crossed 100 unicorn status.🦄

A 🧵on India Unicorns & Exits Tech Report 2022 by Orion Venture Partners.

1/n) Image
After a record-breaking 2021, startup funding declined ⬇️ by 30% in 2022

(2/n) Image
While 2021 saw the highest number of unicorns 🚀 in history with 47 unicorns, 2022 followed 🥈with 24 unicorns.

(3/n) Image
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El expresidente Horacio Cartes, transfirió la totalidad de sus acciones en la firma #Fintech, que opera para las marcas de redes de pago (Pago Express) y (Aquí Pago) a su hermana, Sarah Cartes. Image
Señalan que la transacción ha sido realizada conforme a valoraciones técnicas independientes permisibles bajo las reglas de OFAC.

El actual titular de la ANR, Horacio Cartes ha sido incluido en esta lista de sanción de EE.UU. acusado de corrupción y pago de sobornos. Image
Sarah Cartes, hermana del presidente del Partido Colorado, aparece en informes de inteligencia de #Seprelad sobre los llamativos préstamos que su hermano Horacio le otorgó y cuyo valor son similares al valor total de sus acciones en entidades bancarias. Image
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🤓 Time to get down and techy once more

💸 Today's topic is #Decentralization: what it is, why it's vitally important to the crypto industry and how Chainge is paving the way towards a trustless #Web3 where #blockchain technology achieves its true potential
What does this mean?

In short, with DeFi you are in control and OWN your money (self-custody). On the opposite side, with centralized finance (CeFi) you GIVE UP custody of your assets. So, if the bank or exchange goes poof (for whatever reason), your assets go poof as well.

Self custody translates to the already well-known tagline: "your keys, your coins". When you own your keys/seed-phrase, regardless of what happens to the underlying service provider you can always use them to import your assets into any other self-custodial wallet.
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#programming with a fellow #dev can be more productive than you can envision!
#Containers provide an unparallel lift for #AI and #MachineLearning
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If you thought #Crypto was a rabbit hole, wait till you start learning about the Digital Economy and start understanding how big this digital data revolution actually is!

Fellow Citizens, we are in the middle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
#DEPA #DigitalTrade #FTA Highlighted notes on this Document - Regulating the Digital
Regulating the Digital Economy: Reflections on the Trade and Innovation Nexus - Centre for International Governance Innovation

#DigitalTrade #DigitalEconomy #Fintech #4IR #PaperlessTrade #Finance #OECD #WorldBank #WTO #Reform #Digitalization #UK #DEPA
Notice how the London Corporation blocks comment on this video "The Future of Digital Services Trade"

They dont want the masses of citizens learning about the future of the global system.

They want us scared & divided, But that's why I share my research
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En la puja hacia el financiamiento en cuotas se batallan las Tarjetas de Crédito y las #Fintech.

#MercadoPago acaba de renovar su feature dándole un mayor protagonismo a la hora de proponer crédito en cuotas a sus usuarios, anuncio y sección principal.


¿Cuáles son los BENEFICIOS por sobre las Terjetas de Crédito?

-Diseño: cómo todo en MP, minimalista y útil. Podés ver lo más relevante de forma clara. Cómo el límite, fecha de cierre, etc.

La fecha de cierre se ajusta en dos clics👇

¿Qué cosas son distintas por la mera lógica del negocio del financiamiento Fintech?

-CALCULO DEL LIMITE: Estás plataformas utilizan Scorings alternativos en base a tu interacción y datos que le proveas. El consumidor puede sonarle subjetivo y confuso.

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$BioFi is a utility token developed by @Finnovant, Inc. which serves as the foundation for a secure set of solutions that leverage biometric security to provide decentralized finance (DeFi) products and services on the blockchain.
The $BioFi ecosystem utilizes @Finnovant's Say-Tec voice and facial authentication product line, and addresses concerns about safeguarding personal data and preventing exploitation by fraudsters.
The $BioFi token is available through an online ecosystem that contains a variety of secure products that can be easily downloaded, activated, and purchased with the token.
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(1/11) Is #Blockchain an enabler for sustainable future? Fasten your seatbelts as we’re all set to embark on a deep topic voyage. 🧵 Read more at:… Image
(2/11) 💻 #Blockchain is a shared #ledger or repository that computer #subnets may access. It is similar to a #database, but it is secure and #decentralized. #Cryptocurrency systems like #Bitcoin use blockchains to keep a secure and decentralized database of transactions. 🔐
(3/11) 💡Blockchain eliminates a #centralized command structure, allowing #data sharing among parties without needing a centralized system or administrator. It is #secure and #data can't be corrupted or destroyed by anyone with access to the main database. #FinancialTechnology
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Is reducing carbon emissions enough to solve the climate crisis? 🧵

According to SBTi, decarbonizing a company’s value chain in line with science and reaching net-zero emissions by mid-century, is increasingly becoming the minimum societal expectation on companies.

1/4 The Net-Zero Standard stated that companies must decrease their emissions, but they should also remove the residual emissions and go beyond value chain mitigation.
2/4 Companies need to undertake actions or make investments that support climate mitigation outside of their value chains, especially those that generate additional co-benefits for people and nature.
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This is escalating quickly. Want to know what all the $XTP fuss is about ?

Better do some research into @Tap_Fintech , this train is leaving the station 🚂 💨 💨

See below👇🧵 #TAP #QTZ #XTP

$XTP #XTP is the @Tap_Fintech coin. So, who are TAP ?

1) Crypto-fiat exchange service provider & banking platform
2) First crypto FinTech company approved by Mastercard in Europe
3) Proprietary AI technology delivering best prices in real-time

👇🧵 #Fintech #Crypto

4) Over 100,000 registered users, operating in 46+ countries
5) Regulated by Gibraltar Financial Services Commission
6) Insured cold storage of client holdings
7) First crypto exchange service provider to list in UK

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How does measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) de-risk carbon forward contracts? 🧵

#fintech #climate #netzero #carbonmarkets #climatefinance #mrv

Photo by NASA on Unsplash
1/8 Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) is a system used to de-risk carbon forward contracts by providing assurance that the carbon emissions reductions claimed by a project are accurate and reliable.
2/8 MRV systems help ensure the quality of carbon offset projects by providing a standardised and transparent way to measure, report, and verify the emissions reductions generated by a project.
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Flare☀️ FLR tokens are almost there⭐️
Everything you need to know about the FLR Airdrop

🧵Read complete thread below👇
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$XRP $FLR #fintech @FlareNetworks @Ledger @BifrostWallet
How to wrap FLR and delegate WFLR to FTSO providers in Bifrost Wallet?

@FlareNetworks @flaremetrics @BifrostWallet
Exchanges supporting the airdrop
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⚠️XRP Community
- Everything about the FLARE☀️ FLR Airdrop

🧵Thread below👇

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@FlareNetworks $FLR
Reward Epoch Cycle on Flare

✅Wrap FLR and start delegating to FTSO (at TDE)
✅Earn rewards after the 3rd epoch
✅Rewards from the first two epochs will be burned
✅Epoch last for 3.5 days

How to check your FLR Claim Balance?
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⚠️XRP Community
- Everything about the FLARE☀️ FLR Airdrop

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🧵Thread below👇

@FlareNetworks $FLR
Reward Epoch Cycle on Flare

✅Wrap FLR and start delegating to FTSO (at TDE)
✅Earn rewards after the 3rd epoch
✅Rewards from the first two epochs will be burned
✅Epoch last for 3.5 days

How to check your FLR Claim Balance?
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